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Thread: Which do you prefer?

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    My 2-cents

    1-- I prefer to see remakes of old series once in a while (not one new remake every year). I was very excited when I saw LOCH 2003 because it brought back many nostalgic memories of when I first watched the 1980's TVB production. But I'm also always on the look out to see if there is any new wuxia stories that look promising.

    2-- 1980's TVB productions are much better than China productions once you adjust for the "technology advancement" factor. It's like money, the value of the 1 million in 1980's is more than 2 million in modern day.

    A good example is Star Wars. Episode 1-3 have amazing graphics, lovely scenery, LARGE armies.... but it's just no comparison to Star Wars 4-6

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    The 'a straight guy can't tell if another guy is good looking or not' part
    ahh i diddnt mean that literally ,but i would say I cant tell about 90 percent of the time besides obvious ones like models,andy lau,ect, even some models I look at them and I say they look goofy but my sister or some other girl says they are not bad,and the ones I think and say he looks clean cut,they would say ewww.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsieu View Post
    I think TVB and China series each has their good and strong points.They both have good and bad series/remakes.We should base our opinion on the best of the best,"Top Gun".these are purely my opinion I know everyone has thier own likes dislikes and of course not every series is perfect.I am referring to more current sereies/remakes as we are on the subject of new series/remakes.

    Goes to mainland china for obvious reasons.

    Though I don't expect everything to be logically correct,but seeing a sect or army with 25 students/soldiers/ect(china) just walking around or when they travel compared to 5 students(TVB) gives the scene a sense of realism to me.The heads of the female nuns shaved as opposed to just slapping on a nun hat,stuff like that(production value), china series does a better job of than tvb.
    I don't care too much about this. This is not important to me.

    3.Fight scenes
    the china fight scenes are just more exciting and better choreopgraphed ...the use of computer graphics is fine as long as it is done well.I was particulary impressed by blood stained with royal blood 2007.i like the wire fu as long as they arent flying in the air like superman to go somewhere,superhuman jumping or running is fine.
    I like HK fight scenes better as they use less special effects and tend to be in slower motion and more hand fight.

    4.Acting and script
    China tends to be a bit more serious while tvb has a bit more humour.I think a mix of the two is the best.Alot of people like state of divinity 96...but comparing that to chinas 2001 version.I just could not stand the acting in the tvb version(I think it was more of the script) ...the little sister was particulary bad.The actors in TVB seem more bland to me for some reason as if they are just reciting their lines.TVB was great pre 88...TVB had some superb acting and script back then.
    I like TVB/ATV better since the storyline moving as the faster pace and better dialodges and they are very important to me.

    This one is obvious,its depends on the viewers musical taste.The only music that I pay attention to is the music within the scenes...the trailers ect,have no effect on my opinion of the movie,but when I am watching and a musical score can affect the scene.They both have their own great soundtracks.
    ThemeSong/SubThemeSong/BackgroundMusic of HK series during the 70s and 80s are the best of the best. Even they aren't as good as they were, they are still better than china's Them/subtheme/backgroundMusic. I just like the cantonese song better than mandarin song even with the same song. I think the cantonese language just sounded better than the mandarin language.

    I really like the following 2 subtheme songs from Book and Sword 1976.
    I hope TaiSeng will eventually release all those Adam Cheng old series. The ThemeSongs/SubThemSongs/BackgroundMusics of those series are so good.

    This one for fun and is purely subjective
    6.Girls!!!!sorry I dont rate guys I am straight and cant tell if a guy is good looking or not.
    For me they both have great looking girls but I prefer the ones from mainland china,ren ying ying for xajh 2001 wow.

    My one true gripe is china can extend a scene/series too long...and TVB too short.
    As for look, I prefer the HK artists over Mainland artists as I am used to it more. I like the HK make ups and costumes more than mainland's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsieu View Post
    ahh i diddnt mean that literally ,but i would say I cant tell about 90 percent of the time besides obvious ones like models,andy lau,ect, even some models I look at them and I say they look goofy but my sister or some other girl says they are not bad,and the ones I think and say he looks clean cut,they would say ewww.
    That means you can tell. Just that your opinion is different from your sister's and that other girl's, but, it's still valid.

    As the saying goes, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'
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