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Thread: Why Jin Yong?

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    Default Why Jin Yong?

    Well since im sure there alot of Jin Yong fan / But why do you like his novel and series adaption?

    I like his Adventure on a Hero that start out with no KungFu

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    Because he created unforgettable characters such as Fang Daxiong, Qin Boqi/Qin Baiqi (there are 2 ways to pronounce his name), and SILVER LEAF Han Qianye.
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    Initially it was just because I discovered his works first, and I couldn't find an English translation of anything by Wang Dulu. But now I really like Jin Yong's characters and stories. They're a lot of fun to read.

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    Because of HSDS86
    You do know that it is just fiction, dont you?

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    He incorporated a broad spectrum of characters into all of his works. Even his minor characters were memorable. The classic serials his novels spawned still draw fond memories in people's minds.
    As to which ones they are -- subjective, of course.

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