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Thread: Recommendations for a Romance Korean Drama?

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    Default Recommendations for a Romance Korean Drama?

    I've been looking for another kdrama to watch, but I'm a really picky person.
    I'm looking for something like My Girl and Goong. C:

    I'm good with J-dramas too... Hehe

    Thank you in advance! <3

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    for japan i strongly recommend nodame cantabile. its the only jdorama that i really liked

    for the older (korean) ones, try full house, kim sam soon or sassy girl chun hyang. the newer ones aren't so good

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    Prince's First Love is like Goong because it's a about a prince falling for a regular girl.

    There's the first royal prince, the son of a millionaire who knows nothing but money and thinks the world revolves around him. The second royal prince is Mr. Perfect who only cares and goes after his success and accomplishment. And between these two comes along a penniless girl who's nothing much of a kind but only full of faults except that she has a huge jolly heart and passion for life. Set in the world-renowned beautiful places and resorts, "First Love of a Royal Prince" takes a look at these three young people's story of finding their dream, true happiness as well as their true love. Numbers of exotic places like the stunning blue sea of South Pacific and the ever so white snow field of Sapporo (Japan) will spread before your very eyes.

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    I would recomended Korean drama "boys over flowers" and Japanese drama. absolutely boyfriend.

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