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Thread: Shirley Yeung = hottest TVB actress?

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    Shirley Yeung is so pretty, as a Chinese girl. Shirley Yeung has a cute personality and you are wrong by mixing that up with Sze Kei's appearance, those are two different things, when you mention "she sometimes looks cute depending on make-up and lighting".

    Shirley Yeung is a lot more beautiful than caucasian women, those women that are not Chinese have chubby thighs, and wear fake things from top to bottom.

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    [QUOTE=jadebunny9;866901]Surely this thread has got to be a joke.

    Shirley Yeung is pretty, Sze Kei is hot in real life, does not need to use fake things like women who are not Asian, to appear falsely hot.

    Surely, you have got to be a joke, "Shirley is cute, but NOTHING near hot". You are probably the one who is nothing near hot.

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    Sze Kei Yeung is hot and sexy, a Chinese Asian girl who has an amazing personality.

    Shirley Yeung is one of the hottest tvb actresses. Szi Kei is both cute and hot.

    You are rude for saying that 'Shirley is neither cute or hot (Sze Kei Yeung). Do you have a mental illness, like you are a Chinese girl living in the US, and you are whitewashed and racist against your own Chinese women? Sze Kei is more beautiful than women who are not Chinese, who do not look sexy like Sze Kei. You owe an apology to Sze Kei Yeung for saying, "she doesn't even got the body to be hot", you are so mean and racist towards your own race, without any reason. The problem is not on my side.

    Caucasian women are jealous and racist of Chinese Asian girls being more beautiful. Women cheerleaders (who are not Chinese) have fat thighs, elephant asses, wearing extra thick padded push up bras, using digital alteration, digital enhanced breasts in pictures and videos, ugly figures, and elephant noses, ugly faces. Chinese Asian girls like Shirley Yeung are more beautiful than those caucasian women cheerleaders.

    Your San Francisco Giants, which have nothing to do with Sze Kei. I have better judgment than you do with your "San Francisco Giants".

    Sze Kei Yeung has a waist of 23 inches, which is 6-10", slimmer than caucasian women in general, women cheerleaders have a waist of 29-34" and use fake stats (waist, 24", 27", 25",), weigh 145, 135 lbs (which is okay) and use fake stats (112 lb), digital and try to copy the Chinese Asian look.

    You are wrong that Sze Kei is very average looking. 5 ft.4" is perfectly average height, depending on which country you are from, and Sze Kei is not even caucasian. Sze Kei's height is average height, and that is different from the way she looks.

    Avg. height for a woman is 5 ft.3, 5 ft.4, and for a man, 5 ft. 8.5", and is a good thing and not a bad thing.

    Having a baby face has nothing to do with his question, Skinny faces that look like horses on women models with 50 lbs of makeup (who are not Chinese) look ugly and do not look hot. Shirley Yeung is cute and pretty, and is different from some other women who are cute. Sze Kei has slanted eyes like beautiful Oriental women. Some women in the west try to copy that look by drawing their eyes in photos to make them appear slanted.

    Bernice Liu has a baby face too and you are biased towards Bernice Liu because she probably has friends who are caucasian. Linda Chung is more beautiful than caucasian women, using fake things, but Shirley Yeung is prettier than Linda Chung.

    Just because someone is a model does not necessarily mean that person is attractive at all. Models can be photogenic sometimes, but may not be attractive, women models (not Chinese) wear fake things from top to bottom. Chinese women are slimmer than caucasian women, and that is not just my opinion. Men are supposed to be taller than women. Men are supposed to be significantly taller than women. A person still has to look beautiful in the first place in order to be "tall and beautiful", having a taller height has NOTHING to do with looking attractive. Tall is NOT the same as thin, tall can be thick, thin or medium and that is a fact.

    Sze Kei has sexy Asian legs that are much hotter than women who are taller or not taller than her with (long chubby thighs, ugly shaped long legs) and chubby butts, and it true. A woman's legs still have to look nice, still have to look hot in the first place in order to be hot?! Having LONG legs have NOTHING to do with looking attractive, unless the legs look nice in the first place. A person still has to look appealing in the first place regardless of their height in order to be sexy, obviously.

    Sze Kei is hot, very hot Chinese girl hotter than "model hot". Women models who are not Chinese wear fake things from top to bottom and are not beautiful like Sze Kei.
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