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Thread: Scam Emails?

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    Default Scam Emails?

    Have you received scam emails before?

    I have before and I just delete them.

    I don't think this is legit because it's too good to be true.

    Dear [my first name],

    I would like to offer you a challenging and well-paid employment opportunity. An International Marketing Research Organization recruits self-motivated and reliable individuals, willing to take part in well-paying research studies conducted for leading US and international businesses. Your opinion as a consumer is important for the success and profitability of many business ventures. That is why they are ready to pay generously for what you think.

    You can earn from $300 to $550 a week for participating in online surveys, focus group discussions, and product/service evaluations. Become part of our Marketing Research Organization and earn:

    from $5 to $100 for participating in on-line surveys
    from $30 to $150 for participating in product/service evaluations
    from $50 to $250 for participating in virtual focus group discussions

    For your work, you will need just a computer with Internet connection and a valid e-mail address. You will decide when to work and which surveys to take while enjoying the comfort of your room. If you like the job, you can keep it as long as you want!

    If you want to become one of our survey takers, please write back and I will send you more information.

    Carla Baker

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    those spam emails are nothing compared to the viagra ones i receive everyday

    but yea, definitely look fake. dont give ur info
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    Just don't give out info to unsolicited emails and you'll be fine.

    I think most people have gotten phishing emails before. I've gotten ones that say my bank account has been terminated due to data loss/inactivity/another dumb reason and asks for my ID and password to "recover the data." I guess some people actually fall for them, but they are pretty easy to spot.
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    SHSS, you did the right thing by ignoring that crap. Neither would I fall for tricks like that. Especially given the current great depression, most things we need to work hard for it. These come easy offers doesn't seem realistic to me.
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    I get them a lot and I delete them.

    If the offer looks too good to be true, then there's a likelihood it could be fake. And banks would never ask for your log in b'cos they already know about your details on their system.
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