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Thread: OT: Searching for passionate translators! On-going paid wuxia translation projects

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    Exclamation OT: Searching for passionate translators! On-going paid wuxia translation projects

    Hi I am new here! I'm looking for freelance Chinese translators who are really passionate about the wuxia genre. Currently, my team and I are translating a Wuxia game into English. (based on many different wuxia novels such as from Jin Yong) We are hoping to promote Classical Chinese and wuxia cultures through these authentic wuxia games! And also we have many other on-going translations & localization projects too!

    So do you want to earn money for translating wuxia stories?
    Depending on the quality, we will pay you starting from $30 per 1000 words.

    If you are interested I have included a sample below I would like to see translated so I can get an idea of your translation abilities.
    And please feel free to contact me
    Thank you very much!

    Also if you have played online wuxia games, it's a big plus!
    If you have written fanfic wuxia stories, it's a plus too =)
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    At a glance, I'm a bit curious, as you have put proper names under the 'nouns' section, including things like 'Wudang'. I can't imagine actually 'translating' Wudang into English, any more than I can imagine translating, say, Shaolin into 'Young Forest'. It'd be a butchery of a pre-existing, relatively well-known proper name.

    Did you want translations to be posted here or emailed, incidentally?
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    I think you are meant to contact him/her via the email provided.

    Han Solo

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