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Thread: Bordertown Wanderer (cont.)

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    Default Bordertown Wanderer (cont.)

    Bian Cheng Lang Zi
    Bordertown Wanderer
    by Gu Long

    Translated by BluLotus:
    Chapter 33 - Perish Under The Saber
    Chapter 34 - Master of The Hall of the Godly Saber
    Chapter 35 - A Highly Skilled Senior
    Translated by Ren Woxing:
    Chapter 36 - That Stage Which is Life
    Chapter 37 - The Prodigal Son Returns
    Chapter 38 - The Lady of the Plum Blossom
    Chapter 39 - Love as Deep as the Sea
    Chapter 40 - New Hatred Piled on Old
    Chapter 41 - Heroes' Impasse
    Chapter 42 - The Road to Ruin, the Severing Blade
    Chapter 43 - The Descendants of an Aristocratic Family
    Chapter 44 - The Two Heroes of the Ding Family
    Chapter 45 - Benevolence and Hatred are Resolved
    Chapter 46 - Love is Eternal (END)

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to bring this translation back up. This translation was originally started by bliss. And if I am not mistaken, it is still ongoing..? The last update was a few months back, but bliss never said anything about stopping. I think he is busy with his life right now so he probably has no time to do this or maybe he has and he is just holding out on us! jk. =P

    Anyways, bliss has the Prolouge - Chapter 32 completed, which can be found here:

    I am not sure if there are other translations up on other sites that goes on further, but spcnet is the only place I come to view wuxia translations. So, what I see here is up to chapter 31 competed; therefore, chapter 32 shall follow..?

    I could not wait anymore and decided to try to read the Chinese version on my own. My reading and writing of Chinese characters is very very very limited. So I have to constantly use the Chinese > English dictionary to understand. Then I thought, why not just type it out as well and share it with others who cannot read Chinese. But be warned, it takes quite a while for me to read it, even longer to translate and type down.

    This is just unedited crappy version of mine, nothing compared to bliss' work. So, I apologize ahead of time for all the errors. I tried my best, haha. =)

    p.s. Just wanted to share this with others. Sorry if someone else is already doing this, but I do not see any active ones. I will take this off if so or at request.
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    Default Chapter 32 - Little Li's Flying Dagger

    Darn, lol...

    Thanks, littleli.

    I didn't know it was up because there wasn't a link for it on his first post. I'm working on 33 right now, should be up in around 2 days or less, will be posting up by full chapters.

    Thanks again.
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    thanks blulotus for continuation of the translation.

    Chapter 32 was the last chapter translated by bliss ( although not mentioned in the first page, it is available in the last page of the link mentioned above ). Exact link

    Looking eagerly forward for chapter 33..

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    Hi BluLotus,

    Bliss is still posting occasionally. I'm not sure what has been his current progress with the bordertown translation, but spcnet have the latest of his works apart from his personal website.

    Also, long time no see, we used to spam it up so much together with LTD and others.

    Welcome then to the translation teams.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Yea, I checked his website as well, but it is behind what he has on spcnet.

    Yup, it has been a while! How did you think we got our posts into the thousands!? haha =P

    Thanks, I will see what I can do to help.

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    Default Chapter 33 - Perish Under The Saber

    Ok, finally finished chapter 33, enjoy.

    Chapter 33 - Perish Under The Saber

    It was early in the morning, the chillness of autumn covered the area.

    Cui Nong woke up. She woke up very early, but then she noticed there was no one beside her. The billow still had the warmth of Fu HongXue's breath, but where was he?

    A feeling of loneliness and fear suddenly swelled up into Cui Nong's heart and sunk it. She still remembered the words Fu HongXue said last night, "There are things you never want to do, but actually must do."

    She accepted what he said. Regardless of who one is, in one's life, there will always be one or two things one never wants to do.

    Now, she finally understood what Fu HongXue's words really meant.

    Cui Nong remembered what he said, "I don't want to go, but I have no choice but to go."

    The wind blew at the window. Her face was pale.

    The wind was really cold.

    She just blankly listened to the sound of the wind outside the window. She was not crying, but her whole body was shivering.


    A milky white fog had risen, there were still dewdrops on the grass from last night. A snail came out from between the fields through a dirt trail.

    Fu HongXue was walking on the dirt trail, his hand tightly grasped onto his saber. His left leg would take a step as his right leg would slowly drag along.

    It was a jet black saber, but he had a very pale face.

    Fu HongXue thought, "I don't want to go, but I have no choice but to go!"

    He was not crying either, but his heart did ache; it ached, it hurt, and it was such a harsh feeling. But it was different this time, he did not suffer deeply. Because this time, it was not Cui Nong who left him, it was him who left Cui Nong.

    Fu HongXue thought, "...I only know that after being apart from you for twelve days, I never want to be apart from you again."

    He did not feel sorry think about these words because at the time he said it, he really did mean it.

    It was a time when he was at his weakest. When a person is at it's weakest, he will often say things he never would have thought he would say.

    At that time, he really thought he needed her. Because she made him feel dignified and confident, she made him believe that he was not a nobody.

    Then his emotions gradually calmed down.

    Afterwards, he remembered a few things. He remembered her past, her occupation, and her vanity. He remembered how she quietly left him that one day. But the one thing he remembered most vividly was the time when the young cart driver was hugging her and walking into an inn. What have they been doing for the past thirteen days? Were they also...

    At the times he embraced her soft and silky body, he felt a bit disgusted.

    Fu HongXue thought, "...those are matters of the past, why can't we just forget about them together?"

    Now, he finally understands. There are some things that can never be forgotten. The more you want to forget about it, the faster it comes back to haunt you.

    Then, he could not help but remember the scene when she slapped the young cart driver to the ground.

    Fu HongXue thought, "Perhaps later, she will quitely leave him again because she lacks righteousness and is heartless after all."

    Suddenly, all the love had turned into hate because his life is only filled with enmity and hatred after all.

    Fu HongXue thought, "Let alone, I can't even support her; much less, the matters I have to go do, she cannot follow. So, even though I left, it is good for her too. After two years, I doubt she would be able to bear watching as the amount of money slowly dwindles."

    If a person wants to find an excuse for oneself, it is quite easily done. If a person wants to forgive oneself, that is even easier.

    He has already forgiven himself completely. If Cui Nong had never came back, perhaps he would have suffered for the rest of his life, but she did come back.

    His emotional wound had already closed up and turned into a scar, a hard and insensitive scar.

    Fu HongXue thought, "Since she is going to leave sooner or later, why don't I leave first then?"

    The chillness of autumn was penetrating, but the colors of autumn was even more.

    The mountains in the distance were the colors of dried up yellow, the colors of the forests were the same. Under the gloomy sky, it was a very mystical and crisp scene.

    Fu HongXue slowly walked over. Although he is walked slowly, he never stopped because he knew Hero Manor was right behind the forest.


    The Hero Manor resembled it's master, both were hanging on the brink of old age.

    The walls seem to have been decorated by paintings of fishes, but even paintings could not defeat the passing of time. The wind was blowing at the window sill, continuously making a "ge ge" sound.

    The sunlight come in through the window, and shone directly on the iron axe. An iron axe that weighed 63 catties.

    Xue Bin was holding his hands behind his back, standing under the sunshine and staring at the iron axe.

    But to him, this was no ordinary iron axe. It was his partner; it had accompanied him through thick and thin, and has fought hundreds of battles with him.

    Thirty years ago, this iron axe accompanied him into the dragon's den, fought through the tiger's cave, and swept across the mountains. Now, the iron axe still resembled what it looked like thirty years ago; still shining and full of vigor.

    But what about the axe's master?

    Xue Bin brought his hand up to cover his mouth and started to cough gently. The sun was shining onto his body. Even though the sun had just risen, but to him, it was as if the sun was already setting. He compares himself to a sun set because it signifies the passing of time; therefore, like a sun set, his time in life has already passed.

    On top of the jujube table, there is a rolled up piece of paper. This was a letter he received through a flying pigeon from a former subordinate from the city.

    He now knows that both, his friend and his son, have perished under the saber of a youngster, and his name is Fu HongXue.

    Xue Bin certainly knows that this is not his real name, but he is certain his surname is Bai.

    The saber the Bai family used was jet black; the scabbard was jet black, the hilt was jet black.

    Xue Bin really understood what kind of a saber that was. He has seen the exact same saber with his own eyes before. A saber that can kill three top martial artists in a blink of an eye.

    At this moment, he still had a scar from a saber wound, which can be seen from his throat down to his navel. If it was not for his luck and for how the opposite party had exhausted his energy, he would have been cut into two pieces. Even after ten years, whenever he remembers the scene of when the saber slashed down, he cannot help but break out in cold sweat. Sometimes, he would wake up with a start due to a nightmare. Because in his nightmare, there would be a person with the exact same jet black saber coming after him, then the person would slash down and split him in half.

    And now, this person has really come!

    The iron axe is also avoiding the light.

    He rolled up his sleeves, tightly grasped onto the axe handle, and swung.

    He once used this axe in the Shansi Mountains to kill thirty bandits. But now, this axe seem to feel so much heavier; at times, he could not even use all 108 stances. He was still determined to try.

    The hall was very spacious. He brandishes his iron axe and moves his body. In an instant, only the shadow of the iron axe filled the hall. The sound of the wind created by the iron axe was tigerish. Looks like there was still some strength left in him after all.

    But he knew that he was not as strong as he wanted to be. At the 78th stance, he was already taking labored breaths. This was only practice, if he really fought a powerful enemy, even 10 stances would be very difficult.

    He gasped for a breath and laid down the iron axe.

    There was wine on the table, he was gasping for breath as he sat down. He poured himself a full cup and drank it down.

    He realized his alcohol tolerance had also deteriorated. Before, he use to be able to drink ten big cups. Now, only after drink three, he was already feeling tipsy and his face had already turned red.

    An old servant with white hair and a hunchback slowly walked in.

    He was originally Xue Bin's childhood classmate, he has been with the Xue family for almost 60 years.

    In his younger days, he was quite capable. He also wielded a heavy iron axe that weighed 30 catties, and has killed a few outlaws himself.

    But now, not only did he have a hunchback, he had a bad waist and all his muscles were already sagging. Moreover, he had asthma and could not take a few steps without stopping to gasp for air.

    When Xue Bin sees him, he cannot help but feel he is looking at himself.

    Xue Bin thought, "The years are so ruthless, why are the years so ruthless?" He was sighing in his heart and asked, "The matter I asked you to do, is it done?"

    Actually, he did not have to ask this because he knew, better than anyone else, that the Old Servant was very loyal and devoted to him.

    The Old Servant replied, "Master, the horsekeepers, the maids, and the older female servants altogether are 35 people. They have all been dismissed and have been given 520 silvers each. This should be enough for each to start a small business and live a lifetime."

    Xue Bin nodded and said, "Very good."

    Old Servant replied, "There is still 1,532 silvers left in the storehouse."

    Xue Bin replied, "Very good. You can take it all with you."

    Old Servant lowered his head and replied, "I...I will not leave."

    Xue Bin asked, "Why not?"

    The Old Servant's face was full of wrinkles, there was no expression. He deeply replied, "I am 68 this year, where else can I go?"

    Xue Bin did not say anymore. He knew they were alike with no where to go.

    The wind was blowing through the Chinese parasol trees in the courtyard. The world seem to be full of unceasing sorrow.

    Xue Bin suddenly said, "Come, you should come and have a drink."

    The Old Servant did not decline. He slowly walked over and poured his master a cup, then poured himself a cup. His hands were trembling.

    Xue Bin looked at him and was filled with pity. Maybe he was not feeling pity for the Old Servant, but rather for himself.

    Xue Bin said, "That's right, I remember you are 68 this year because we were born in the same year."

    Old Servant lowered his head and replied, "Yes."

    Xue Bin said, "I remember when you first arrived here, I was only eight years old."

    Old Servant replied, "Yes."

    Xue Bin sighed deeply and said, "60 years, 60 years have passed in a blink of the eye, time really do fly."

    Old Servant replied, "Yes."

    Xue Bin asked, "Do you still remember the number of people you have killed in this lifetime?"

    Old Servant replied, "20 to 30 in total."

    Xue Bin asked, "What about women, how many have you played with?"

    The Old Servant revealed a happy expression from the wrinkles around his eyes and replied, "That I'm not sure of."

    Xue Bin smiled and said, "I also know about you and the maid you brought back the previous year, don't think I didn't know."

    The Old Servant did not deny it, he smile slightly and replied, "That girl is no good at all, but just a moment ago, I secretly gave her 120 silvers."

    Xue Bin laughed and said, "You're always not stingy with women, this I also know."

    Old Servant replied, "This I learned from you, Master."

    Xue Bin laughed and said, "The number of people I've killed is more than you, and the number of women I've played with is no less than you."

    Old Servant replied, "Of course."

    Xue Bin said, "Therefore, we can say that we have lived long enough."

    Old Servant replied, "More than enough."

    Xue Bin said, "Come, let us toast."

    They have only drunk two cups.

    As the third cups were filled, they saw a person slowly enter the courtyard.

    A person with a very pale face carrying a jet black saber.

    The Chinese parasol trees have not even pass it's autumn phase yet.

    Fu HongXue was standing under the Chinese parasol tree, his hand tightly grasping onto his saber.

    Xue Bin was staring, staring at the jet black saber, but unexpectedly, his facial expression was serene.

    Fu HongXue suddenly asked, "Your surname is Xue?"

    Xue Bin nodded.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Big Xue was your son?"

    Xue Bin nodded again.

    Fu HongXue asked, "19 years ago, that..."

    Xue Bin suddenly cut him off and replied, "You don't have to ask anymore because the person you're looking for is definitely me."

    Fu HongXue stared at him and asked, "Definitely you?"

    Xue Bin nodded, suddenly sighed and said, "It was snowing really hard that night."

    Fu HongXue's pupils contracted and asked, " still remember what happened that night?"

    Xue Bin replied, "Of course, I remember everything."

    Fu HongXue said, "Tell me."

    Xue Bin replied, "When I arrived at the Plum Flower Temple, many people were already there."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who were they?"

    Xue Bin replied, "I could not tell because everyone had covered their face, we didn't even speak to each other."

    Fu HongXue became silent.

    Xue Bin said, "I know they didn't know who I was either because that day, the weapon I brought wasn't this iron axe, it was a sly-headed broadsword."

    Fu HongXue said, "Continue."

    Xue Bin replied, "We were hiding under the snow for a long time, it was freezing to death. Suddenly, I heard someone announced that everyone has arrived."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Was it Ma KongQun who said it?"

    Xue Bin replied, "It was not! Ma KongQun was inside the Plum Flower Temple drink wine."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who was the person that spoke? How did the person know exactly how many people were going? Was the person one of the host?"

    Xue Bin smiled mysteriously and replied, "Even if I knew, I would not tell you." He quickly continued, "After a period of time, the Bai family members came out from the Plum Flower Temple. All of them were intoxicated and looked quite happy."

    Fu HongXue clenched his teeth and asked, "Who was the first to strike?"

    Xue Bin replied, "Concealed weapons and projectiles were used first, but it did not work."

    Fu HongXue asked, "And then?"

    Xue Bin replied, "And then everyone rushed in, Ma KongQun was the first one into the fight. But he suddenly turned away and slashed down at Bai TianYu."

    Fu HongXue's face was full of grief, he clenched his teeth and said, "He could not get away."

    Xue Bin dully replied, "Whether he got away or not, it does not concern me."

    Fu HongXue dully said, "You shouldn't think about running away either."

    Xue Bin replied, "I don't plan on running away at all, I have been waiting here for you after all!"

    Fu HongXue asked, "Do you have any thing else to say?"

    Xue Bin replied, "Only one." He raised his cup and drank, then said, "The way we handled this matter was not straightforward and upright, but if we were to go back 19 years right now, I would still do the same."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why?"

    Xue Bin replied, "That Bai TianYu cannot be considered a person."

    Fu HongXue's pale face suddenly turned blood red, his eyes have also turned red, with a hissing sound, he said, "Come out."

    Xue Bin asked, "Why should I come out?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "Get your iron axe."

    Xue Bin said, "There's no need for that." He suddenly smiled peculiarly looking towards the Old Servant and said, "It is time."

    Old Servant replied, "It is time."

    Xue Bin asked, "Do you have any thing to say?"

    Old servant replied, "Only one." He suddenly smiled and said, "That Bai TianYu cannot be considered a person!"

    After these words were said, Fu HongXue flew towards them like a swallow, but he was too late.

    Xue Bin and Old Servant had already fallen down, they had fallen down laughing.

    A knife was stuck in each of their chest. They were very sharp knives. Their hands were grasping onto the hilt of the knives.

    The wind was blowing through the Chinese parasol trees. The wind cannot be stopped, vengeance cannot be stopped either.

    However, there is a way to end vengeance. It is as simple as a slash.

    Xue Bin had used his own knife, he had used it to slash away this 19 years of enmity.

    Now, nobody will ever seek him out for vengeance again.

    Even Fu HongXue cannot!

    Fu HongXue was staring, staring at the two faces of the dying men. They were still smiling and seem like they still had something to say to him.

    Xue Bin then asked, "We have lived a full life, what about you? Do you know why you live your life?"

    Is it for vengeance?

    Should this vengeance really be carried out?

    Xue Bin repeated, "The way we handled this matter was not straightforward and upright, but if we were to go back 19 years right now, I would still do the same!" He said, "Jie Ru was originally mine, but Bai TianYu used his power and wealth to steal her from me. Why would I want to lie? Don't tell me you've never heard of what type of a person your father was? If so, I will tell you, he was a..." He stopped, then repeated, "I only have one thing to say and that's Bai TianYu cannot be considered a good person!"

    Xue Bin's words, Liu DongLai's words, and Old Servant's words, they were like a big wave smashing into him one by one.

    Why would they want to say these kind of words?

    How come all of them said the exact same things?

    Fu HongXue refused to believe it.

    Deep down, he always considered his father to be like a god, he always thought others had the same point of view.

    But now, he suddenly felt an unspeakable fear in his heart because now, he also started to doubt.

    Why were there so many people from the Martial World with such high status risk everything they had just to go kill him?

    Is there anyone who can answer and explain this?

    Fu HongXue could not.

    He was standing there, staring at the corpses and his body started to tremble again.

    The wind blew towards the corpses and the white hair on top of their heads swayed with the wind.

    They were already old men, but their actions were unforgivable, they had to be killed.

    Fu HongXue believed what he was doing was right, but the started to doubt again. He was originally born to take vengeance, vengeance was what he lived for.

    But now, he had no idea what to do.

    Should he forgive them?

    If this vengeance was really not to be carried out, what would be the meaning of his existence?

    The faces of the deceased had already stiffened, the frozen smile on their faces looked very peculiar.

    Their eyes were originally emerged, but now they looked like they were submerged in tears, crying.

    But how can the deceased cry. What was flowing out of their eyes were not tears, it was blood. Blood was flowing out from the corner of their mouth and the seven orifices on their body. It was a purplish black colored blood.

    That color of blood did not look like a human's at all. Even if a ghost was to bleed, its blood would not be as dreadful as that.

    Could this be their way of trying to stop Fu HongXue?

    Fu HongXue was still tightly grasping onto his saber, but his palm had started to break out cold sweat.

    At this moment, he wanted to rush out of here, to quickly leave this place behind, the faster the better.

    But right when he turned around, he saw Ye Kai.

    That relentless soul, Ye Kai.

    Ye Kai was staring at the deceased on the ground, he had an unusual expression on his face. Ding LingLin was standing far behind them, not daring to even take a glance.

    It is not that she has never seen a dead person before, it is just that she has never seen a dead person that looked so dreadful.

    Fu HongXue said, "You've come again."

    Ye Kai nodded and replied, "I've come again."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why do you always have to follow me?"

    Ye Kai asked, "Is this a place where only you're allowed to come to?"

    Fu HongXue became silent. But this time, he did not mind running into Ye Kai.

    Because when he saw Ye Kai, his loneliness and fears suddenly lessened by a great deal. He really did not mind running into Ye Kai at all because everytime he sees him, his loneliness and fears would lessened.

    But he will never admit to it.

    He did not want a friend, he did not want others to sympathize with him or pity him.

    The bells on Ding LingLin's body was making a "ding ling ling" sound. At this time, in this place, the sound was not only not pleasing to the ear, it made one's heart vexed.

    Fu HongXue could not bear it any longer and asked, "Why do you have to carry these bells around?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "You can carry as many bells as you want too, I don't ask you why you do things."

    Fu HongXue became silent again. He always felt lonely whenever he spoke. Normally, he would have never spoke in the first place.

    Now he had nothing else to say; therefore, he began to leave.

    Ye Kai suddenly said, "Wait."

    Normally, Fu HongXue would have not stopped, but this time he did, not only did he stopped, he also turned around.

    Ye Kai said, "These two were not killed by you."

    Fu HongXue nodded.

    Ye Kai said, "They did not commit suicide either."

    Fu HongXue asked, "They didn't?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Absolutely not!"

    Fu HongXue was astonished because he knew Ye Kai was not a person who just speak nonsense. He said, "But I saw how they stabbed their chest with my own eyes."

    Ye Kai replied, "Even if these two knives did not kill them, they would have died anyway."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Because they have been poisoned long ago."

    Fu HongXue excitedly asked, "Was the poison in the wine?"

    Ye Kai replied, "It is a very powerful and very strange poison."

    Fu HongXue asked, "If they had already taken poison, why would they still stab themselves?"

    Ye Kai slowly replied, "Because they did not know they were already poisoned."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Someone else poisoned them?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Most definitely."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who?"

    Ye Kai sighed and replied, "This is something I can't figure out."

    Fu HongXue was silent. He knew if Ye Kai could not even figure this out, there was most likely no one else who would be able to.

    Ye Kai said, "The person who would be able to put poison in Xue Bin's wine must be someone who is very familiar with this place."

    Fu HongXue agreed.

    Ye Kai said, "Xue Bin knew you would come to look for him, he had already accepted his fate, that's why he dismissed everyone from his household."

    Fu HongXue agreed. He had seen many of them on his way to the manor.

    Ye Kai said, "If the culprit was familiar with this place, he must of fully understood the situation, he must have know Xue Bin was definitely going to die."

    Fu HongXue agreed, anyone would have agreed to this reasoning.

    Ye Kai pondered, "Xue Bin was definitely going to die, so why did he have to poison the wine as well?"

    This did not make any sense.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Maybe Xue Bin poisoned himself?"

    Ye Kai replied, "That's impossible."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why?"

    Ye Kai replied, "He would not have to do more than what's needed."

    Fu HongXue said, "Maybe he was afraid he would not have a chance against me!"

    Ye Kai replied, "If he wanted to kill you, of course he would not stand a chance. But when a person wants to commit suicide, there are countless opportunities."

    Fu HongXue did not fully agree, but he could not deny it either. He could have not given Xue Bin the opportunity to commit suicide with his knife, but he would never have done so.

    Ye Kai said, "Most importantly, Xue Bin would not have this kind of poison."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why not?"

    Ye Kai replied, "He has always considered himself to be a strong and courageous person, someone who has never used hidden weapons or projectiles, he detest those who use poison the most. Being the kind of person he is, why would he use poison to commit suicide?"

    He did not give a chance for Fu HongXue to speak, he quickly continued, "Let alone, this type of poison is rarely used because it is so precious and dreadful. Regardless of putting it in wine or water, it is colorless and tasteless, it cannot even be detected by silverware."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You recognize this type of poison?"

    Ye Kai smiled and replied, "Of all the different kind of poisons in the world, there are very few I can't identify."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Is this the type of poison that can only be detected by using ancient jade?"

    To test for poison, most would use silverware, but ancient jade is used only during special exceptions.

    Ye Kai replied, "So you also know of this method."

    Fu HongXue coldly said, "I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to poison, but in this world, there aren't that many poison that can kill me."

    Ye Kai smiled, he knew Fu HongXue was not boasting.

    Princess Bai Feng was the daughter of the founder of Devil's Cult, naturally, she should have been an expert in poisons. But how come her son was killed by being poisoned?

    Fu HongXue has never used poison before, he also has never seen a person die from being poisoned. But the methods on how to detect poisons, he definitely knew of many.

    Even though he had the knowledge, he lacked the experience.

    Fu HongXue asked, "So your deduction is that Xue Bin would never have put poison in the wine."

    Ye Kai replied, "Of course not."

    Fu HongXue said, "Since others already knew that he was going to die, the wine did not need to be poisoned."

    Ye Kai replied, "That's right."

    Fu HongXue, "Then where did the poison come from?"

    Ye Kai replied, "I've been thinking about that, and there's only one possibility."

    Fu HongXue listened.

    Ye Kai continued, "The culprit must have been afraid that Xue Bin might spill some secrets in front of you; therefore, before you arrived, they wanted to poison him to death."

    Fu HongXue said, "But at the time I arrived, he wasn't dead yet."

    Ye Kai replied, "That's because you arrived very quickly, and he just happened to die very slowly."

    Fu HongXue said, "By the time I arrived, he had already drunk four to five cups of wine."

    Ye Kai replied, "The wine was poisoned a long time ago. Xue Bin had waited a while before he started to drink; therefore, the poison in the wine had already started to disperse."

    Fu HongXue said, "That's why the first few cups he had, the poison was already very weak."

    Ye Kai replied, "That's right."

    Fu HongXue continued, "That's why when I arrived, he was still alive."

    Ye Kai replied, "That's right."

    Fu HongXue continued, "That's why he was able to tell me so many things."

    Ye Kai nodded.

    Fu HongXue continued, "But he didn't tell me anyone else's secrets."

    Ye Kai replied, "You should think about it again."

    Fu HongXue slowly walked out, he was walking against the desolate autumn wind in the courtyard.

    The Chinese parasol trees were already getting old.

    Fu HongXue was pondering, then slowly said, "He told me they were all waiting outside the Plum Flower Temple for a long time, then someone suddenly announced everyone has arrived."

    Ye Kai's eyes lit and and replied, "How did the person know everyone has arrived, how did the person know how many would arrive? Because the only one who should have known this was Ma KongQun."

    Fu HongXue nodded.

    Ye Kai said, "But Ma KongQun was still in the Plum Flower Temple drinking wine at the time."

    Fu HongXue said, "That's what Xue Bin said."

    Ye Kai asked, "Then who was the person who announced it?"

    Fu HongXue shook his head.

    Ye Kai asked, "Xue Bin didn't tell you?"

    Fu HongXue's facial expression was like the Chinese parasol trees blowing in the autumn winds, it was desolate, then he slowly said, "He said even if he knew, he would not tell me." His heart became heavy because he remembered another thing Xue Bin said, "Bai TianYu cannot be considered a person."

    He never wanted to think about these words again. But one of the biggest flaws of humanity is that a person will always think about things he should not think about, things he never want to think about.

    Ye Kai was pondering and said, "The culprit must have been the same one who announced "everyone has arrived" that night at the Plum Flower Temple."

    Fu HongXue did not say anything, but Ding LingLin could not wait and said, "It has to be."

    Ye Kai said, "He must of found out that Xue Bin knew his secret and feared he would reveal it to Fu HongXue; therefore, he had to go and kill him to eliminate a potential informant."

    Ding LingLin said, "But he actually misjudged Xue Bin because Xue Bin is a type of person that values the code of brotherhood amongst friends."

    Ye Kai replied, "Xue Bin and him must have been really close friends, that's why even though his face was concealed, Xue Bin was still able to identify him through the sound of his voice."

    Ding LingLin said, "Right."

    Ye Kai continued, "So if he came here himself, Xue Bin would have known about it."

    Ding LingLin asked, "Could he have asked others to come to carry out the deed?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Such a secretive matter, who can he ask to help him do it?"

    Ding LingLin said, "It must be a person that he trusts the most."

    Ye Kai asked, "He could not even trust a friend like Xue Bin, who else can he trust?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "His wife, his son, his brothers, all of these relations are closer than friendship."

    Ye Kai sighed and said, "It's a pity there's no one left here from the Xue family, we can't even ask for a lead to follow."

    Ding LingLin, "Although everyone from the Xue family has left, they are all not dead."

    Ye Kai nodded, walked towards the wine cellar to smell the wine and said, "This is really great wine, it has been aged for many years, but it was just opened recently."

    Ding LingLin said, "You don't have to show off, I know you're quite knowledgeable when it comes to wine; in face, you're quite knowledgeable when it comes to most things."

    Ye Kai replied, "It's only a pity we don't know who the wine steward was for the Xue family."

    Ding LingLin said, "As long as he doesn't die, there will be a day when we find him, this isn't a problem at all." Ding LingLin started at Ye Kai and continued, "My question is why you care so much about this matter, how is it related to you?"

    Fu HongXue suddenly turned his head, started at Ye Kai and said, "This matter has nothing to do with, I've already told you long ago that I don't want you to meddle in my business."

    Ye Kai smiled and replied, "I don't want to meddle in your business, it's just that I'm a little curious."

    Fu HongXue sneered, he did not give Ye Kai another glance and began walk out.

    Ding LingLin suddenly said, "Wait, I have question to ask of you."

    Fu HongXue continued to walk away, walking ever so slowly.

    Ding LingLin asked, "What about her?"

    Fu HongXue stopped in his tracks and asked, "Who are you talking about?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "The girl who always has her head lowered, the one who has been following you from behind."

    Fu HongXue's face suddenly tensed up.

    Then he turned around and continued to leave without ever looking back.

    End of Chapter.
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    Thank you for a great translation.

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    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    No problem, bro!

    Anyways, it's not edited, so excuse any grammatical errors please. haha =P

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    Great! Thanks for continuing this. Always loved this story.
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    No problem, I also love this story; hence, I had to take it into my own hands to try to read it! =D

    I will have Ch. 34 up by tomorrow or the next day. I have not had time to read and translate due to a midterm today and a press release due Thursday.
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    Default Chapter 34 - Master of The Hall of Goldy Saber

    Ok, here's another chapter. Sorry it took longer that I said, a lot of things came up. The next chapter might take about the same time, I have an analysis report due.

    Anyway, enjoy. =)

    Chapter 34 - Master of The Hall of Godly Saber

    The midday's daylight was unexpectedly dark, it gave off a sense that it was really dusk instead.

    Ding LingLin was staring at Fu HongXue's lonesome back. She suddenly sighed, "You're right. Cui Nong should not have come back to look for him. Because this time, he's the one who's leaving her behind." She shook her head and continued, "I originally thought he was slowly becoming more and more human, but who would have known that he was still like his old self, which couldn't even be considered a thing."

    Ye Kai replied, "Of course he's not a thing. He's human."

    Ding LingLin said, "If he had even a little bit of humanity in him, he would not have left such a pitiful girl behind."

    Ye Kai replied, "Because he is human, that's why he must leave her."

    Ding LingLin asked, "Why?"

    Ye Kai answered, "Because he believes that he his been wronged, his heart must carry a very burden right now. If he continued to be with Cui Nong, he would only suffer more."

    Ding LingLin said, "So he would rather have someone else suffer."

    Ye Kai replied, "Actually, this is painful for him as well, but he must leave anyway."

    Ding LingLin asked, "Why?"

    Ye Kai asked, "Since Cui Nong can leave him, why can't he leave Cui Nong?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "Because...because..."

    Ye Kai asked, "Is it because Cui Nong is a woman?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "Men should not bully women in the first place."

    Ye Kai said, "But men are human too." He sighed, forced a smile and said, "Women's biggest fault is how they don't treat men as human beings, as equals. When a man suffers hardship because of a woman, he deserved it. But when a woman suffers hardship because of a man, the man deserves to die."

    Ding LingLin's lips pursed up into a smile and said, "But men originally do deserve to die." Ding LingLin suddenly embraced Ye Kai and whispered into his ear, "As long as you're still alive, it doesn't matter if the rest of the men in this world died off."


    The autumn wind is desolate, men is even more desolate.

    Fu HongXue was walking slowly. He knew that there will be no one, with their head lowered, following him from behind ever again. But this did not matter because he has always been alone. But for some reason, his heart felt very empty as if he had lost something. At times, he could not help but to turn his head towards his back to have a look. The road behind him was very long, he has traveled a long way by himself. But the read ahead was even longer, did he really want to continue to travel by himself?

    Fu HongXue wondered, "Where did she go?"

    In this miserable autumn wind, what is she up to? Is she crying by herself or has she found another obedient youngster again?

    Fu HongXue felt like his heart had been pierced by a needle again. He was the one who left her this time, he really should not be thinking about her, he really should not be suffering again. But he was thinking about her and he was suffering. Would someone else feel the same way too? He was the one who made someone else suffer, how come he was suffering too?

    Even if he knew where she was right now, he would not go look for her again.

    He wanted her to suffer the same way he had suffered. But what good would this do?

    During times when no one was around, even Fu HongXue could not help but cry. But before he started to cry, he heard the sound of weeping.

    It was coming from man, his weeping was very loud and full of grief.

    A man would rarely cry like this; unless, it was because he had just lost his wife.

    Although, Fu HongXue has never liked to meddle in other's business, he could not help but think that this was strange. However, he would never go to take a look; on top of that, he would not even ask what was wrong.

    The sound of weeping was coming from the woods. He just continued to walk away slowly from the woods.

    The person was still crying, but at the same time mummered on and off, "Hero Bai, why did you have to die? Who was the one that killed you? Why didn't you give me an opportunity to repay a debt of gratitude?"

    Fu HongXue suddenly stopped and turn around.

    There was a man wearing mourning clothes, he was kneeling down in the forest, and in front of him, there was a table. On top of the table, there were paper dolls used for rituals; furthermore, there was a paper saber. The saber was made with white paper, but it had been painted black.

    The man looked like he had a very strong personality, someone who would not cry so easily. But here he was, weeping with full of grief. He picked up the ritual dolls and saber from the table and lit them on fire. One can see that his eyes were still full of tears.

    Fu HongXue had already walked over. He quietly stood on the side as he watched.

    The person watched as the ritual dolls cremated in the fire. He poured a cup of wine into the fire, then poured himself a cup and drank it. He murmured, "Hero Bai, I don't have anything else I can offer, I only hope that your soul in heaven will never by lonely."

    Before he finished saying these words, he had already started to weep bitterly.

    Fu HongXue waited for him to finish crying before he called out, "Hey."

    The person turned around with a start, startled to see Fu HongXue.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who are you crying for?"

    The person hesitated, but finally replied, "The person I'm crying for is a man with an indomitable spirit, a hero who is unparalleled in this generation, it's only a pity that youngsters like yourself would not know who I'm talking about."

    Fu HongXue's heart was beating really fast, he could not control himself and asked, "Why do you have to cry for him?"

    The person replied, "Because he is my savior. In my life, I have never received kindness from others except for him. He saved my life before." He sighed, "20 years ago, I use to be an escort guard. I had guarded a very important package passed here."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Right here?"

    The person nodded and replied, "Because it was such an important package, I had a very heavy burden on my shoulder and could only think about getting it to the destination. But because of this, I had forgotten to go to the Hero Manor to notify Xue Bin that I was passing through."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So anyone that passed through this area had to notify him first?"

    The person replied, "Anyone that passed through this area was required to go to the Hero Manor to notify Xue Bin first. Then, they had to pay their respects and drink with him. Afterwards, you will receive a little travel expense for the road ahead. He believed others will look down upon him if he didn't require this." His eyes flared with anger and sneered, "Because he was considered a hero around here, no one dared to offend him."

    Fu HongXue said, "But you actually offended him."

    The person replied, "That's why he brought his iron axe, which weighed 63 catties, to give me trouble."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What did he want you to do?"

    The person replied, "First, he wanted me to leave my package behind; then, he wanted me to go back to the escort house to invite the headmaster, and return to the Hero Manor to kowtow and apologize."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You weren't willing?"

    The person replied, "I, Zhao DaFang, did not mind kowtowing or apologizing, but this package had to be delivered or the reputation of our escort house would be damaged."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So you ended up fighting?"

    Zhao DaFang sighed, "It's a pity that his axe, which weighed 63 catties, was really overbearing, I couldn't match up against him. In his rage, he wanted to hack me in half." His facial expression changed to that of excitement and quickly continued, "Fortunately, it was at this moment that the hero I mentioned before was passing by. With a single move, he had already stopped the attack and asked what was going on. After he understood the situation, he rebuked Xue Bin and told him to immediately let me go."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Then what happened?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Of course, Xue Bin was quite reluctant and still wanted to fight. But in front of this hero, Xue Bin's iron axe that weighed 63 catties seem to be made of paper."

    Fu HongXue's heart started to beat really fast again.

    Zhao DaFang sighed, "Honestly speaking, I've never met another who's martial arts were as high, nor as generous and righteous as him. It's only a pity..."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What's a pity?"

    Zhao DaFang sadly replied, "It's only a pity that such an indomitable spirited man was met with such harm that led to an inexplicable death." His eyes began to fill with tears and said, "It's a pity that I don't even know where his tombstone is. Every year on this day, I would come here to offer a memorial service for him, thinking about his heroic days gone past, how he benefited me; thinking of these things, I can't help but start to cry."

    Fu HongXue tightened his hands into a fist and asked, "What was his name?"

    Zhao DaFang miserably replied, "Even if I mentioned his name, youngsters like you would not know who I'm talking about."

    Fu HongXue demanded, "Say it!"

    Zhao DaFang hesitantly said, "His surname is Bai..."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Master Bai from the Hall of Godly Saber?"

    Zhao DaFang asked in amazement, "How did you know?"

    Fu HongXue did not reply, he tightened his fists even more and asked, "What kind of a person was he actually?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "I just told you a moment ago. He's a man of indomitable spirit and is the most extraordinary hero from the Martial World within the past hundred years."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Is it only because he saved you, that's why you're calling him a hero?"

    Zhao DaFang sincerely replied, "Even if he didn't save my life, I would still say the same things about him. In the Martial World, who doesn't know the heroic name of Master Bai from the Hall of Godly Saber, who doesn't admire him?"

    Fu HongXue said, "But..."

    Zhao DaFang snapped, "Those who don't admire him are the rude and unreasonable evil-doers. Hero Bai hates the wicked as if they were his enemies. If he saw any kind of shady business going on, he cannot help but to step it." He continued, "For example, that Xue Bin would definitely hate him and spread malicious rumors about him behind back, but..."

    Fu HongXue's ice-cold heart suddenly became hot. He did not hear anything Zhao DaFang said afterwards because at this moment, he could not hear at all. His heart was filled with the desire of vengeance again, even more intense than it was before.

    Now, he finally understood what kind of a person his father was. Now, he firmly believed that vengeance must be carried out for his father, and any sacrifice would be worth it. His hatred towards those that murdered his father, to those that slandered his father's name, was worse than before; especially towards the Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses.

    Fu HongXue vowed to find Ma KongQun, he swore that he would never forgive that murderer. He suddenly asked, "Have you ever heard of Ma KongQun?"

    Zhao DaFang nodded.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Do you know where he is?"

    Zhao DaFang shook his head. His eyes went from Fu HongXue's face to his hand, the hand which was grasping onto a saber. The jet black saber; the scabbard is jet black, the hilt is jet black. This was a saber Zhao DaFang could never forget. He jumps suddenly and ask, " it possible...are you..."

    Fu HongXue replied, "I am."

    He did not say another word. He just slowly turned around and walked out of the forest.

    The autumn wind was blowing outside the forest.

    Zhao DaFang was staring at Fu HongXue like a fool. He suddenly ran out, stopped in front of Fu HongXue, knelt down and loudly said, "Hero Bai has shown me great kindness, although he has passed away, but have to give me a chance to repay his kindness."

    Fu HongXue replied, "No need."

    Zhao DaFang said, "But I..."

    Fu HongXue replied, "No need." He continued, "The words you just told me a moment ago, that has already repaid your debt."

    Zhao DaFang said, "Perhaps I can inquire news about that person with the surname Ma."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Even though I'm no longer in the escort business, I still have friends in the Martial World. They are well connected and can get news rather quickly."

    Fu HongXue lowered his head to look at his hand that was grasping the saber, he suddenly asked, "Where do you live?"

    The house was very simple, very clean. There was a portrait of a person on the snow white wall. It was not a very good portrait, but it was very expressive. It was a portrait of a fiery, middle-aged man with a white beard. He was standing upright, slightly looking up outside a forest. He was wearing a purple satin brocade gown, and his hand was holding a saber, which hung by his belt; a jet black saber. There was an incense burning table in front of the portrait. A wooden ancestral tablet with the writing 'Spirit of the benefactor Hero Bai' was on top of it. This was Zhao DaFang's home.

    Zhao DaFang was a person who knew how to show gratitude, he had the courage and uprightness of a true man. He left to go gather news for Fu HongXue.

    Fu HongXue was sitting by an aspen table, staring at his father's portrait. His father was holding onto the same exact saber; the scabbard was jet black, the hilt was jet black.

    Fu HongXue has been here for four days. And for these past four days, he would just sit here idly and stare at the portrait. His body was ice-cold, but his blood was hot.

    Fu HongXue remembered, "He's a man of indomitable spirit and is the most extraordinary hero from the Martial World within the past hundred years."

    These words were good enough. The pains he had suffered, the sacrifices he had made, with just these words, it was all good enough. How could he let his father's soul in heaven think that he was an unfilial son. Regardless of the price he will have to pay, he was determined to wash away this blood debt.

    Night had arrived, he lit a lamp and lonely sat by himself.

    These past few days, he had already forgotten about Cui Nong. But at this moment, he was sitting by himself on this lonely autumn night. The wavering flame resembled Cui Nong's glance.

    He clenched down on his teeth and tried his best to not think about her. Before his father's portrait, to think such a thing was simply wrong and shameful. Luckily, at this moment, he heard footsteps from the outside the door.

    This was a very quiet house in a very secluded alley, other people would not come here. The person who came in was surely Zhao DaFang.

    Fu HongXue immediately asked, "Any news?"

    Zhao DaFang lowered his head and sighed.

    Fu HongXue said, "I've already waited for four days."

    Zhao DaFang rubbed his hands and replied, "If you must go, at least wait until tomorrow to go."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Because someone is coming tonight."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of a person?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "An eccentric person."

    Fu HongXue knitted his eyebrows.

    Zhao DaFang excitedly replied, "Not only is he eccentric, one can say he's simply mad. But he is actually the only person in the world who can get news and information the fastest."

    Fu HongXue hesitated and asked, "How do you know he will come?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "He said it himself."

    Fu HongXue asked, "When did he say it?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Three years ago."

    Fu HongXue knitted his eyebrows again.

    Zhao DaFang said, "If he said this 30 years ago, I will still believe that he will come tonight. Even if his legs were cut off, he would crawl to get here."

    Fu HongXue coldly asked, "What if he was dead?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Even if he was dead, he would have instructed someone to bring his coffin here."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You really trust him?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "I indeed trust him because he has never broken a promise before."

    Fu HongXue slowly sat down.

    Zhao DaFang suddenly asked, "You never drink wine?"

    Fu HongXue shook his head. As he was shaking his head, his heart started to ache faintly.

    Zhao DaFang did not see his pain, but smiled and said, "But that lunatic is a drunkard. I started aging two big jars of good wine for him two years ago."

    Fu HongXue coldly said, "I only hope there's actually a person who will come drink this wine."

    Two big jars of wine were already placed on the table.

    It was now deep into the night, the sound of the night watchman can be heard faintly from a distance, it was already 3.

    It was already 3, but nobody had arrived. Zhao DaFang just sat there with an easy conscience, not anxious at all. He really was a man that truly trusted his friends.

    Fu HongXue just sat where he was motionless, he did not even ask any questions.

    Zhao DaFang could not bear the silence any longer, smiled and said, "Not only is he a lunatic and a drunkard, he is a lone thief, but I've never met anyone else who's more reliable than him."

    Fu HongXue continued to listen.

    Zhao DaFang continued, "Even though he is a thief, he only steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He's actually quite poor himself."

    Fu HongXue did not think this was strange at all. In fact, he has met a person like this before, he heard that Ye Kai is this type of person.

    Zhao DaFang said, "His surname is Jin, everyone calls him Jin FengZi* now because his real name has been forgotten over the years."

    *Jin = gold, Feng Zi = lunatic/madman/crazy; therefore, his name means Golden Lunatic.

    Fu HongXue had already stopped listening because he heard the sound of footsteps from the alley. The sound of the footsteps were heavy; moreover, it was coming from two people.

    Zhao DaFang also listened, but immediately shook his head and said, "It's not him."

    Fu HongXue replied, "You said that he was a lone thief, always coming and going freely."

    Zhao DaFang said, "The lone thief's footsteps would not be so heavy."

    Fu HongXue acknowledged that this was rational, but just time, the footsteps had stopped right outside the door.

    This time, it was Zhao DaFang that knitted his eyebrows. There was a knocking sound coming from the door.

    Zhao DaFang knitted his eyebrows and muttered, "It's not him, he never knocks."

    He had no choice but to go check by opening the door.

    There were two people outside the door, carrying a very big coffin.

    The darkness of the night was very dense. The autumn stars were hanging very up high in the sky, their starlight dimly shone on these two people's faces.

    Their faces were very ordinary looking, both had ordinary clothes on and were wearing straw sandals. Anyone can tell from their faces and clothes that these two were poor laborers.

    One of the man asked, "Your surname is Zhao?"

    Zhao DaFang nodded.

    The same man continued, "Someone asked us to deliver this coffin to you." As soon as they put the coffins down, the two men turned around and quickly left with a sense of fear.

    Zhao DaFang originally wanted to pursue, but after looking at the coffin, he stopped. He just stood there staring at the coffin, his eyes starting to tear up and sadly said, "I have said that if he was dead, he would have instructed someone to bring his coffin here."

    Fu HongXue's heart also sunk. He did not have much hope for waiting, but he did have hope. Now, there was no more hope. He saw Zhao DaFang's sadden state of losing a friend, he did not feel at ease about this matter either. It is only a pity that he would never comfort others. He suddenly wanted to drink.

    The wine was still on the table.

    Zhao DaFang mournfully sighed, "Looks like there really will be no one to drink this wine."

    Someone loudly replied, "It would be really strange if no one drinks it."

    The voice was actually coming from the coffin. A sound of "peng" came from the coffin and the cover opened up. Then, a person jumped out from inside the coffin.

    He had a full beard on his face. His upper body was bare, but he was wearing a pair of satin pants with a red flower embroidered on it. He was also wearing a pair of brand new boots.

    Zhao DaFang laughed and said, "You lunatic, I knew you couldn't die."

    Jin FengZi replied, "Matters of death, we can talk about it after drinking these two jars of aged wine."

    Right after he jumped out, he had already opened the seal on one of the wine jars and started gulping down. Fu HongXue was sitting right next to him, but Jin FengZi did not even glance at him, it was as if there was no one else in the room. Jin FengZi did seem a little insane, but Fu HongXue was not mad at all because he often treated others like this too.

    With just a single breath, Jin FengZi had already gulped down half of the jar, he only stopped because he had to take another breath. He laughed loudly and said, "Good wine, it really is good aged wine. I didn't come in vain after all."

    Zhao DaFang asked, "If you wanted to come, just come. Why did you have to play this kind of joke?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Because I was too lazy to walk on my own."

    These words were really quite clever and also a bit insane. But as he was saying these words, a sense of anxious fear showed in his eyes. Therefore, he brought up the jar of wine again and was about to take another gulp.

    But Zhao DaFang had already held onto his hand.

    Jin FengZi asked, "What are you doing, can't bear to part with this wine?"

    Zhao DaFang sighed, "You don't have to hide it from me, I already know you're in some kind of trouble."

    Jin FengZi asked, "What kind of trouble?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "You must have offended someone; therefore, to hide from him, you hid inside a coffin."

    Jin FengZi stared at him and loudly asked, "Why would I want to hide from others? Is there anyone that Jin FengZi fears?"

    Zhao DaFang just closed his mouth. He knew he would not be able to find anything out right now. Plus, even if Jin FengZi was in really big trouble, he still would never speak of it in front of a stranger. He just remembered that there was a third person in the room. He smiled and said, "I almost forgot to introduce you to this friend of mine, he's..."

    Jin FengZi cut him off and said, "He's your friend, not mine." Before these words were even finished, his mouth was already back on the jar of wine.

    Zhao DaFang forced a smile at Fu HongXue and said, "I told you he is a lunatic."

    Fu HongXue replied, "This lunatic is very good."

    As soon as Jin FengZi finished, he placed the jar on the table, stared at Fu HongXue and asked, "What's so good about this lunatic?"

    Fu HongXue did not pay any attention to him.

    Jin FengZi suddenly laughed and said, "This guy is interesting, really interesting..."

    Zhao DaFang pulled his sleeves up quietly, forced a smile and said, "You still don't know who he is, he's..."

    Jin FengZi cut him off again and asked, "Why wouldn't I know who he is?"

    Zhao DaFang asked, "You do?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "As soon as I entered this room, I had already known."

    Zhao DaFang was surprised and asked, "How did you know?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Even if I don't recognize the person, I can still recognize this saber. I've been around the Martial World for all these years, was it all for nothing?"

    Zhao DaFang stiffened his face and said, "Since you already knew who he was, you shouldn't be so impolite."

    Jin FengZi replied, "I just wanted to test him."

    Zhao DaFang asked, "Test him?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Others say he is a monster, he must be stranger than me."

    Zhao DaFang asked, "How is he strange?"

    Jin FengZi raised one of this legs and replied, "I've heard that he can endure anything. As long as you're not his enemy, you can slap him across his face and he would not retaliate."

    Zhao DaFang put on a serious face and said, "It's best you don't test this."

    Jin FengZi laughed and replied, "I might but a lunatic, but I'm a living lunatic; therefore, I am still able to hear all kinds of news."

    Zhao DaFang immediately asked, "What kind of news?"

    Jin FengZi ignored him, but turned towards Fu HongXue and asked, "Do you want to know where Ma KongQun is?"

    Fu HongXue tightened his fists and asked, "You know?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "I know a lot of things."

    Fu HongXue had already tensed up and his voice had turn hoarse, he asked, "He....where is he?"

    Jin FengZi suddenly closed his mouth.

    Zhao DaFang rushed over, grasped his shoulder and asked, "Since you already know, why don't you tell us?"

    Jin FengZi asked, "Why do I have to say it?"

    Zhao DaFang replied, "Because he is my benefactor's descendant and also my friend."

    Jin FengZi replied, "I've already said it before, he's your friend, not mine."

    Zhao DaFang asked, "Are you a friend of mine?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Yes, because I am still alive. You should understand what I mean by this."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Is it because if you say it you will die?"

    Jin FengZi shook his head and replied, "That's not what I mean."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Is it because there's a condition before you can say it?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "There's only one."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What is it?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "I want you to go kill a person for me."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of person?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "A person I never want to see again."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You were hiding in the coffin because of him?"

    Jin FengZi admitted.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who is this person?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "A person you don't know, someone who doesn't owe you any gratitude nor have any hatred towards you."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why would I want to kill a person like that?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Because you want to know where Ma KongQun is."

    Fu HongXue looked down toward the saber in his hand, he was always like this when he was contemplating.

    Zhao DaFang could not help and asked, "Why do you want to kill this person?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Because he wants to kill me."

    Zhao DaFang asked, "He's able to kill you?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Yes."

    Zhao DaFang's countenance changed and said, "There aren't that many who has the ability to kill you."

    Jin FengZi replied, "Those who has the ability to kill him are even less." He stared at the saber in Fu HongXue's hand and slowly said, "This saber is the only thing in the world right now that can kill him."

    Fu HongXue began to grasp tightly onto his saber.

    Jin FengZi continued, "I knew you would be unwilling to kill him, nobody would be willing to kill a complete stranger."

    Fu HongXue grasped onto his saber even tighter.

    What Jin FengZi said was right, no one would be willing to kill a complete stranger.

    But those 19 years of hatred were like a poisonous herb, it had slowly taken root into his heart. Even though it was planted by others, it still had already taken root.

    One is not born with hatred, but if hatred has taken root into one's heart, there is nothing in this world that can pull it back out.

    Cold sweat started to flow down Fu HongXue's pale face.

    Jin FengZi looked at him and said, "Yuan QiuYun was not your enemy, you didn't even know him, but you ended up killing him anyway."

    Fu HongXue suddenly raised his head.

    Jin FengZi lightly said, "Regardless of who takes revenge, one will unavoidably kill the wrong person, and that wrong person is usually just a innocent bystander."

    Fu HongXue suddenly asked, "How do I know for sure that I will find Ma KongQun after I kill this person?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Because I said so."

    He has never broken a promise before, this even Fu HongXue had not choice but to believe.

    Even at this crucial moment, when someone is trying to kill him, he still has not forgotten the appointment he made three years ago. This really is not an easy matter.

    Fu HongXue lowered his head again, stared at his saber and said, "I only want to ask one more question." And asked, "Where is this person?"

    Jin FengZi's eyes lit up.

    Zhao DaFang was unable to hide his happiness. He was their friend, he only wanted them to work it out on their own and get along.

    Jin FengZi said, "If you head north from here and go about 45 miles, there will be a small town. And in that small town, you will find a small wineshop. At dusk tomorrow, that person will definitely be there."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What town and which wineshop?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "If you head north from here, there's only one town. And in that town, there's only one wineshop. You'll definitely find it."

    Fu HongXue asked, "How do you know this person will definitely be there?"

    Jin FengZi smiled and said, "I told you I know a lot of things."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of person is it?"

    Jin FengZi hesitantly replied, "A man."

    Fu HongXue said, "There are many type of men."

    Jin FengZi replied, "This man is a very strange type. You just have to take a look at him and you will know that he is not like any other."

    Fu HongXue asked, "How old is he?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "He's around 30 to 40 years old, but he actually look really young at times. No one can really tell how old he is."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What is his surname?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "You don't need to know his surname!"

    Fu HongXue said, "I have to know his surname, only then will I be able to ask him if he's the one I'm supposed to kill!"

    Jin FengZi said, "I'm asking you to go kill him, not make friends with him."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So you want me to just strike when I see him?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "It's best to not even say a word. You can't let him be aware of your intent to kill him."

    Fu HongXue said, "I can't kill a person like this."

    Jin FengZi replied, "You must certainly kill him like this; otherwise, you might possibly die in his hands." He smiled and asked, "If you died in his hands, who's going to carry out vengeance for Hero Bai?"

    Fu HongXue was silent for a long time before he slowly said, "No one would be willing to go kill a complete stranger."

    Jin FengZi replied, "I've already said these words."

    Fu HongXue said, "I've already promised you to go kill this person, I just don't want to kill the wrong person. Therefore, you should at least describe his appearance a little clearer."

    Jin FengZi thought for a bit and replied, "This person does have a few special points about him."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What's different about him?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "His eyes look like those of a wild animal, only a wild animal would have eyes like his."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Anything else?"

    Jin FengZi continued, "He eats very slowly and chews very attentively. It's as if after this meal, he doesn't know when he'll be able to eat again; therefore, he cherishes food very much."

    Fu HongXue said, "Go on."

    Jin FengZi continued, "He'll never drink by himself, but he will still have a pot of wine in front of him."

    Fu HongXue was listening.

    Jin FengZi continued, "There will also be a stick stuck in his waistband."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of a stick?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "It's just an ordinary stick make out of aspen. It's probably around 3 feet long."

    Fu HongXue asked, "He doesn't carry any other types of weapon on him?"

    Jin FengZi replied, "Never."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So this stick is his weapon?"

    Jin FengZi sighed, "It's probably the scariest weapon I've ever seen in my life."

    Zhao DaFang smiled and suddenly said, "That cannot compare to you saber though. In this world, there's certainly no other weapon that can compare to your saber."

    Fu HongXue was staring at his saber, then he raised his head to look at the saber in the portrait. He could not let this saber be scorned by others, he could not let this saber fall into anyone else's hands.

    Jin FengZi looked at his expression and said, "Now you ought to know what type of person he is."

    Fu HongXue nodded and replied, "He is indeed a strange person."

    Jin FengZi said, "I guarantee that after you kill him, there's actually no one who would care."

    Fu HongXue replied, "Perhaps only I."

    Jin FengZi said, "Once you find Ma KongQun, he should be the only one who should have cared."

    Fu HongXue replied, "What everyone has said is wrong. From what I can see, you're the most clear-headed of them all."

    Jin FengZi laughed. He picked up the jar of wine while he was laughing, then drank it all down into his belly.

    Zhao DaFang smiled and said, "This person's greatest advantage is that whenever he's supposed to be sober, he's drunk, and vice versa."



    Jin FengZi was drunk. He had fallen asleep and was snoring on top of the table.

    Fu HongXue muttered, "I should sleep for a bit."

    Zhao DaFang said, "You've already heard, but that person will not be easy to deal with."

    Fu HongXue was staring at the saber in the portrait. He revealed an arrogant smile and slowly said, "But in this world, I don't believe that a stick will be able to deal with this saber."

    He really did not believe.

    Bai TianYun did not believe it either when he was alive, that is why he is dead now.

    A stranger should never be trusted because they are often the most dangerous.

    End of Chapter

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    Thanks BluLotus for continuing this translation. This story is as exciting as ever.
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    Many thanks for the translation continuation! It is very awesome.
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    Thanks for the translation! I love this story. Can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder if the stranger is Ah Fei...

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    I was wondering if it were Ah Fei. I think he had the tendency to eat slowly and savor his meal, and also to eat a ton of food at a time because he cant be sure when he will find more food while living in the wild. But Ah Fei also picked food based on nutritional value rather than taste. The stick weapon kinda makes me believe that it isnt Ah Fei.

    Either way, the next chapter looks interesting
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    Sigh, why do I get the feeling that the whole worshiping Hero Bai rigmarole is another flagrant fake... kindof like Zhu Changling and Wuji. It was just too coincidental and convenient... and well stereotypical...

    Btw BluLotus, thanks for sharing your translation with us! Even though you put a disclaimer in an earlier post about the "rawness" of your translation, I find it already very readable and "clean". Thanks!
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    Yeah, I get the same feeling too. It's just too good to be true; therefore, it's a setup! haha, maybe. =P

    And is the stranger going to be Ah Fei? Maybe, maybe not. We'll find out sooner or later. I'm half way through the next chapter, it should be up later tonight/middle of the night.
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    yeah man...thanks a lottt

    looks like AhFei is here...

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    Default Chapter 35 - A Highly Skilled Senior

    Ok, here's the next chapter, tried to get it up asap, but I fell asleep last night.

    And no problem everyone.

    @yeongwee: I try my best to be grammatically correct and without spelling errors, but that's pretty much it. haha

    Enjoy everyone, I'm off to class. =)

    Chapter 35 - A Highly Skilled Senior

    There was a stranger. The people from around here have never seen him before, they also have never seen another person like him before.

    He looked very handsome, very clean; someone that should have been welcomed everywhere he went. Moreover, he was quite young, his skin was very light and his body was very toned. He did not carry any weapon on him, people should not have been frightened by him, but he actually was a very frightful person. His silence was very frightful; not speaking cannot be considered absolute silence, but it is the absolute silence that is frightful.

    He has been sitting here for a long time, not only has he not spoken at all, he has not even moved. This should have been unbearable to do, but he actually seem relaxed. It was as if he did this all the time and it was natural for him.

    There was wine on the table, but the wine has not even been touched. Perhaps the wine was not ordered to be drunk, but ordered to be looked at. Whenever he looked at the bottle of wine, a sense of warmness appeared in his indifferent eyes.

    Could it be that this bottle of wine was making him reminisce about a friend?

    He was wearing very plain clothing, but it was very clean. His waistband matched the color of his clothes, a stick had been casually inserted in it.

    The stick was also not frightful, but the most frightful thing were his eyes.

    His eyes were very bright. Even though a lot of people have bright eyes, his kind was different. His kind of eyes were like a bright light that can see into the darkness places in your heart. Regardless of who gets looked at by these eyes, this person will feel as if all the secrets he had would be revealed; this kind of feeling was really unbearable.

    He ordered another bowl of noodles. He had already started to eat the noodles, but he ate very slowly and chewed very carefully; it was as if this was the best bowl of noodles he has ever tasted, as if this would be the very last bowl of noodles he would ever eat.

    The hand he was using to hold the chopsticks was very stable, his fingers were very long, but his fingernails were cut very short. Just as he was eating his noodles, Fu HongXue walked in.

    As soon as Fu HongXue walked in, he saw this stranger. But he suddenly realized that this stranger's eyes were already staring at him, as if he had already known that someone would walk in.

    Being started at by these eyes, Fu HongXue's heart started to feel an unspeakable fear. He had never felt anything like this before. It was as if he had ended up at a dark and unfamiliar place, only to find that there was a wolf waiting for him all this time.

    He intentionally avoided looking at the stranger again and slowly walked in. His hand that was grasping onto his saber grasped even tighter, he was ready to draw it out.

    The stranger was still casually sitting where he was. Fu HongXue knew he could strike at his throat anytime he wanted, was very certain. But at this moment, he suddenly lost his grasp on his saber and lost all certainty.

    Although this stranger was casually sitting there, he was actually a highly skilled martial artist. His position exhibited the strictest defensive position, it was flawless without a single opening.

    Fu HongXue has also never been in this sort of situation before. He walked even slower, with his left leg first and his right leg slowly following. He was waiting for an opportunity.

    The stranger was still staring at him and suddenly said, "Please sit."

    Fu HongXue stopped involuntarily, not knowing whether he should sit or not.

    The stranger used his bamboo chopsticks to point at the seat opposite him and said, "Please sit."

    Fu HongXue hesitated, but unexpectedly really did sit down.

    The stranger asked, "You never drink?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "I don't drink right now."

    The corner of the stranger's mouth suddenly turned into a strange, but happy smile, he slowly said, "It's been ten years..."

    Fu HongXue was listening, but he did not understand these words.

    The stranger slowly said, "For ten years, nobody has wanted to kill me."

    Fu HongXue's heart skipped a beat.

    The stranger stared at him and slowly said, "But you're actually here to kill me!"

    Fu HongXue's heart skipped another beat. He could not figure out how this stranger knew what he was here for.

    The stranger was still staring at him and asked, "No?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "Yes!"

    The stranger smiled and said, "I can see that you're not a person who would tell lies."

    Fu HongXue replied, "I don't know how to tell lies, but I do know how to kill people."

    The stranger asked, "You've killed many people?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "Many."

    The stranger's eyes contracted and slowly asked, "Do you think killing is amusing?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "The people I've killed were not killed for amusement."

    The stranger asked, "Then why did you kill them?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "I don't have to tell you."

    The stranger's eyes revealed a sense of sadness, he sighed, "Good, everyone has their own reasons for killing, it's something that others don't need to know about."

    Fu HongXue could not help, but asked "How did you know I was here to kill you?"

    The stranger replied, "You have a murderous aura."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You can see it?"

    The stranger replied, "You cannot see a murderous aura, but there are people who can sense it."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You're one of those people?"

    The stranger replied, "I certainly am." His eyes seem to be looking at a distant place, then said, "It's because of this ability that I am still alive today."

    Fu HongXue said, "Indeed, you are still living."

    The stranger asked, "Do you really believe you can kill me?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "There's no one on earth who cannot be killed."

    The stranger asked, "You're certain?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "I'm not, and will not be."

    The stranger smiled. His smile was both peculiar and mystical. It was like a warm, spring breeze that would blow by in a severe winter and melt away the snow.

    The stranger said, "I like you."

    Fu HongXue replied, "But I still have to kill you."

    The stranger asked, "Why?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "No reason."

    The stranger asked, "You still want to kill without a reason?"

    Fu HongXue's eyes revealed a sense of suffering and replied, "Even if there was a reason, I still cannot tell you."

    The stranger asked, "Is it because you don't have a choice, but to kill me?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "Yes."

    The stranger said, "What a pity."

    Fu HongXue asked, "What's a pity?"

    The stranger replied, "I haven't killed anyone in many years."

    Fu HongXue remarked, "Oh?"

    The stranger replied, "Because I have a principle, if you don't want to kill me, I won't have to kill you."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So if I want to kill you?"

    The stranger replied, "Then you will certainly die."

    Fu HongXue said, "Perhaps you'll be the one to die."

    The stranger replied, "Perhaps..." It was only now that he looked at the saber Fu HongXue was grasping onto, then said, "Looks like your saber is going to be very fast."

    Fu HongXue replied, "Fast enough."

    The stranger said, "Very good."

    Then he suddenly started to eat his noodles; he ate very slowly, chewed very carefully. One hand was holding onto chopsticks, the other was supporting the bowl. It looked like as soon as Fu HongXue drew his saber, he would be able to split the stranger's head in half.

    The stranger simply did not have any way to resist and retaliate.

    But Fu HongXue's saber was still in the scabbard. The scabbard looked even more black under the setting sun, but the hand that was grasping it looked even paler.

    He has now drawn yet because in front of this stranger, he suddenly did not know where to strike from. It was as if there was a tall wall hindering his sight, blocking him from seeing where to strike.

    The stranger no longer looked at Fu HongXue, but said, "Killing is not an interesting matter, but being killed is even more senseless."

    Fu HongXue did not say anything because this stranger was not talking to him.

    The stranger slowly continued, "I've always disliked those that killed without a reason, especially youngsters. Youngsters should not for this sort of habit."

    Fu HongXue said, "I'm not here to listen to you preach."

    The stranger unenthusiastically said, "The saber in your hand, you can draw it out anytime you want."

    He continued to eat the last of his noodles, his mannerism was still quite relaxed and natural.

    But every muscle and nerve on Fu HongXue's body had tensed up. He knew it was already time to draw out his saber, but once this saber is drawn out, between the two of them, one will fall!

    The winehouse suddenly became empty. Everyone had already quietly slipped away, there was not even a person to light up the lamps. The setting sunlight illuminated through the windows, a very desolate sunlight.

    Fu HongXue seem to have still been sitting there motionless, but he had actually already prepared himself; he had already focused all of his energy into his right arm. The black saber was only 3 inches away from his pale hand.

    The stranger still had his stick in his waistband, a very ordinary looking stick made out of aspen.

    Fu HongXue suddenly reached for his saber!

    No light flashed off the saber. That is because the saber was never fully drawn out.

    At time time Fu HongXue was reaching for his saber, a body suddenly flew in from outside. He simply dodged and the body fell down right next to him.

    The body was of a tall person. His upper body was bare and he was missing a pair of boots, but he was wearing a pair of black satin pants with a red flower embroider on it.

    Jin FengZi!

    This person was not only a lunatic, he was also an eccentric lone thief. But now he looked like a pile of mud on the floor. His whole face revealed pain and suffering, his whole body was scrunched up, he could not even get up.

    Why did he suddenly show up! How did he end up in this state?

    How can Fu HongXue still draw his saber?

    The stranger had already finished eating his noodles and placed the chopsticks down onto the table. This sudden change of event did not even shock him. He did not even blink, but just stared at the door.

    Another person had entered through the door.

    Ye Kai! That relentless soul, Ye Kai.

    The stranger stared at Ye Kai, but his indifferent eyes suddenly revealed a sense of warmness.

    When Ye Kai was looking back at him, his facial expression was very respectful and prudent. He has never been so respectful towards others.

    The stranger suddenly asked, "He's your friend?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Yes."

    The stranger asked, "What kind of a person is he?"

    Ye Kai replied, "The kind that are easily deceived."

    The stranger asked, "Someone who casually kills people?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Absolutely not."

    The stranger asked, "He has a reason to kill me?"

    Ye Kai replied, "He does."

    The stranger asked, "Is it a very good reason?"

    Ye Kai replied, "No, but it is a reason that is worth forgiving."

    The stranger said, "Good, that's enough." He suddenly stood up, smiled at Ye Kai and said, "I know that you like to treat, so I'm going to let you treat me once today."

    Ye Kai also smiled and said, "Thank you."

    The stranger had already started to walk out.

    Fu HongXue suddenly said, "Wait a moment."

    The stranger did not wait. He was not walking very fast, he was not taking not steps either, but he was suddenly already outside the door.

    Ding LingLin was standing outside the door. She watched as the stranger walked past her, but suddenly said, "I'll give you these bells as a present." At the time she was saying the second word, she had already sent 3 bells, which came from the golden ring she was wearing on her wrist, towards him.

    The bells originally were making sounds. But after she released them, they became silent. They were silent because the speed they were traveling at was very fast, they were going straight towards the stranger's back.

    The stranger did not turn around, he did not dodge, he did not even try to catch the bells. He still continued to walk onward, still not walking very fast. The strange thing was, these three bells were traveling faster than the stranger, but they were never able to reach him, they were always 4 to 5 inches behind his back.

    Suddenly, he had already walked away tens of feet.

    The silent bells gradually started to make a "ding ling ling" sound as one fell after another onto the ground. The bells were only seen on the ground due to the light reflecting off their golden surface, but the stranger had already disappeared.

    Ding LingLin stared blankly, even Fu HongXue was staring blankly.

    Ye Kai was still smiling, and this smile showed a sense of unspeakable reverence and admiration.

    Ding LingLin suddenly ran over to Ye Kai, held onto his hand and asked, "Was that person actually a ghost after all?"

    Ye Kai asked, "What do you think?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "I don't understand."

    Ye Kai asked, "How come you don't understand?"

    Ding LingLin replied, "There shouldn't be a person like that in this world, but there also shouldn't be a ghost like that either."

    Ye Kai smiled.

    Fu HongXue suddenly asked, "He's your friend?"

    Ye Kai replied, "I hope so because as long as he regards me as a friend, I'd be willing to do anything for him."

    Fu HongXue asked, "You knew I had to kill him?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Barely found out."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Therefore, you immediately rushed here?"

    Ye Kai asked, "Did you think I came here to save him?"

    Fu HongXue smiled bitterly.

    Ye Kai sighed, "I know your saber is very fast, I've seen it. But in front of him, before you can even draw your saber out, his short stick would have already pierced your throat."

    Fu HongXue did not stop smiling bitterly.

    Ye Kai said, "I know that you don't believe it, but that's because you don't know who he is!"

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who is he?"

    Ye Kai replied, "He isn't the fastest person in this world, but that's only because there's only one person who is faster than him."

    Fu HongXue remarked, "Oh?"

    Ye Kai replied, "You're not the person who's faster than him."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who is?"

    Ye Kai's face once again revealed a sense of reverence, which came straight from the heart. He slowly said four words, "Little Li's Flying Dagger!"

    Little Li's Flying Dagger! These four words itself gave off an indescribable magical power, so much that it could turn your blood hot and leave you breathless.

    After a long time, Fu HongXue finally let out a breath and said, "Could he be that Ah Fei?"

    Ye Kai replied, "There is only one Ah Fei in this world; there was none like him in the past, and I doubt there'd be one like him in the future."

    Fu HongXue grasped onto his saber tightly and said, "I've always known that he used a sword."

    Ye Kai replied, "Now, he no longer requires the use of a sword. Because in his hands, that short stick has become the scariest sword in the world."

    Fu HongXue's complexion became paler and asked word by word, "So you came to save me?"

    Ye Kai replied, "I didn't say it like that." He did not give Fu HongXue a chance to respond and continued, "Do you know who this person on the ground is?"

    Fu HongXue replied, "He said his name was Jin FengZi."

    Ye Kai said, "He's not, there simply is no one called Jin FengZi in this world."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Who is he then?"

    Ye Kai replied, "He's called Xiao DaZi."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Xiao DaZi?"

    Ye Kai asked, "You've never heard of Xiao DaZi before?" He smiled and continued, "Of course you haven't heard of him, you've never been to capital before. Anyone that has been to the capital would know that no opera star can compare to Xiao DaZi."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Opera star? Could it be that he's a performer in an opera?"

    Ye Kai smiled and said, "He's actually a genius, his talent allows him to be whatever he wants to be."

    Fu HongXue stared blankly again.

    Ye Kai said, "This time, he pretended to be someone keeping a promise; moreover, he pretended to be a hero from the Martial World; his performance was quite remarkable."

    Fu HongXue had no choice but to acknowledge that this play was indeed quite remarkable.

    Ye Kai said, "This play is called 'Pair of Snare', it is from Yi DaJing's collection of rare books."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Yi DaJing?"

    Ye Kai nodded and bent down to take a small book out from Jin FengZi's body.

    The small book had tiny characters densely written on it: 'Three, have someone take you there in a coffin and say, "There's no one to drink the wine." After you have heard this, jump out from the coffin, laugh and say "It'll only be strange if no one drinks this wine." Afterwards...'

    Merely reading to this point, Fu HongXue's pale face already showed a sense of shame and anger, it even flushed a bit.

    He finally understood what was going on. All of these developments were just a set up for him, someone had already prepared this long ago! From the moment he saw Zhao DaFang in the woods, he had already stepped into this trap. And the ending was going to be the end point of a stick, a stick that can pierce anyone's throat in this world!

    Jin FengZi was still lying on the ground groaning, it sounded very painful. He did not know who lit the lamp, but the light shone on his face and showed it was ashen gray. The corners of his eyes and mouth would not stop twitching, his entire face had twisted into a distortion.

    Fu HongXue finally raised his head and said, "The Yi DaJing you're talking about, is he the Iron Hand Gentleman? I would've never guessed there'd be a gentleman like this."

    Ye Kai replied, "The world is full of hypocrites after all."

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why did he want to do this?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Because he wants to kill you!"

    Fu HongXue suddenly realized he did not even need to ask why.

    Ye Kai said, "But he knew that your saber was very fast, and there are very few people in this world who are faster than your saber."

    Fu HongXue could not help but remember the stranger. The bizarre, but respectable stranger who had a relaxed and calm manner about him. With just this, there was no one that can be compared to the stranger.

    Fu HongXue thought, "Can he really pierce my throat before I can even draw my saber?" He really could not believe it, he was unwilling to believe it. He wanted to chase after the stranger, he wanted to see who was really faster. But he already knew he had no choice but to acknowledge this fact. His hand that was grasping onto the saber was trembling.

    Ye Kai was staring at Fu HongXue's hand and sigh, "Perhaps right now, you still don't believe he is faster than you, but..."

    Fu HongXue cut him off and shouted, "Whether I believe is or not is my own matter, my matters and you are completely unrelated!"

    Ye Kai forced a smile.

    Fu HongXue continued, "Therefore, you don't have to bother with this matter."

    Ye Kai could only force a smile.

    Fu HongXue asked, "Why do you continuously follow me in secret?"

    Ye Kai replied, "I'm not."

    Fu HongXue asked, "If you weren't following me, how did you find out about this matter?"

    Ye Kai replied, "Because I saw Yi DaJing at the market."

    Fu HongXue said, "A lot of people have seen him."

    Ye Kai replied, "But I was the only one who knew that it was Yi DaJing. I knew because he should not have been there; moreover, he was not his usual self dressed in exquisite clothes, but had actually dressed up as a commoner."

    Fu HongXue said, "This matter does not concern you either."

    Ye Kai replied, "But I couldn't help but think that this was strange."

    Fu HongXue asked, "So you followed him?"

    Ye Kai nodded and said, "I followed him for two days, but I kept a distance. I didn't want to follow too closely because he's sly like a fox."

    Fu HongXue remarked, "Humph."

    Ye Kai continued, "I was already aware that he had invited Xiao DaZi from the capital to come; therefore, I decided to change it up a bit and follow Xiao DaZi instead.

    End of Chapter
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    Thanks for the wonderful translation Blulotus! Much appreciated!

    Awwww...nice to see Ah Fei making a short appearance here. He's really cool & calm as always. Hope we get to see more of him later.

    Ye Kai is really a nosy dude but I do like his humor. I want to see him in action though. Wonder if there will be a showdown btw him and FHX. Not likely I bet...sigh...oh well!

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