This isn't really news (I dunno when the interview occurred), but it's a pretty candid interview.

For those who can't understand Chinese, I'll summarize the interview. I only saw it once so I may have missed some details.

This TW celeb said when she was younger, before she was famous, she went to HK to try to start a singing career. She met with the boss at a bigtime record company. She describes the boss as in his fifties, but is handsome and looks about 40. He basically came out and told her something to the effect of "Do you really think all those super stars got famous because of their talent alone? You need someone to have your back." He told her that either she gets with him and he makes her famous or she has to return to TW. He listed a number of female artists who were A List because of him (presumably because they slept with him) and surprised her because she would have never guessed.

She said that if she said yes, then she would have likely become very famous quickly because this guy was really good at promoting his stars. But then she decided to say no and went back to TW.

So who might this guy be? She said that probably people would not recognize his name but he has a lot of power.

It can't be Albert Yeung since he's pretty well known and he's certainly not handsome.