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Thread: Gackt might come to your country! So long as you fill this?

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    Default Gackt might come to your country! So long as you fill this?

    The Gackt Dears Japan fansclub is considering to set up a fansclub for overseas fans. They are currently conducting a survey to see what we overseas Gackt fans would like. So, if you like (me i LOVE Gackt-sama!!!! ), then take the time and fill this questionnaire up!!! Hurry!!! the faster we move, the stronger is the possibility that we Gackt-sama in all his God-like glory!!!!

    Here's the link:

    Move move move!!! answer answer answer!!!

    Gackt-sama's eternal love slave

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    Already filled this out! Hopefully one day, he can meet Dears from all over the world.

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