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Thread: What's with all the Stephen Chow bashing?

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    Default What's with all the Stephen Chow bashing?

    Is he really a cold blooded monster like the industry is claiming?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ View Post
    Is he really a cold blooded monster like the industry is claiming?
    There's always been such stories circulating, but I think it's never gotten to the point when multiple industry people start bashing him altogether. Makes people wonder if he's really misunderstood, or is it the case of 无风不起浪.
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    I don't think Stephen Chow is cold blooded slave driver, but from his interview, he gave the feeling of being eccentric and bipolar.

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    I thought his "serious" image outside of movies was an act.

    I guess not.
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    A few of them seem like they are just riding along. I'm sure he's not a great person to work with but aren't all perfectionist that way???

    Personally love his sh!t. They can say whatever they wish, doesn't change anything IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiang bao View Post
    I thought his "serious" image outside of movies was an act.

    I guess not.
    I am not his fan and also not sure whether all the bashing is true, but if he wasn't serious about business, he wouldn't where he is right now.

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    I know someone who Stephen Chow tried to pick up at a bar. She didn't have very good things to say about him.
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