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    Once upon a time, Yang Li, the third son of Yangs' Reigning Hierarchy and last in line for Kingdom's Ruling Dynasty, used brooding alone and chose pondering lot, beside River Yangtze. Because rocky Area and due risky Tide, the place often deserted by Travelers or overlooked by Pugilists while always neglected by Passersby also disregarded by Natives. Whats more, landscape rather hazardous and atmosphere quite inauspicious. Which suits the moody fourteen years old. You see, he wondered why his Father the Lord Yang sending him off, at the age of ten to faraway Training Camps and distant Military Borders. Not that close to the Sire, who either busily working at Court or dreamily indulging the Harem but he longs for Home and loves his Mother, plus missing elder Brothers. Yang Xiao, the Heir actually wrote steady and comforting letters whenever new Shift while Yang Yong the Spare voluntarily send frequent news or notes, wherever the Location. Of course, there were visits but Short because strict schedule and holidays yet Rush, due disciplinary program. At this point, based in Western Border Camp, basically furthest Mark from Palace and practically most toughest Drill of Kingdom. That period also saw Yang Li reaching teenage Puberty, if not hitting full Maturity. Felt cheated of Paternal Attention and believed robbed from Maternal Care, absent Sibling and lacking Companionship, the Lad certainly wrathful and understandably resentful .


    One hot Summer day, sitting at favorite spot and on his fifteenth birthday, Yang Li read his elder Brother's special Greeting, which touching and through the second sibling's long Message, mostly exaggerating. Once done, stretching himself and reclining against Stone. The flatness good support and its natural effect very cooling. Also very hidden from View and easily overlooked by Onlooker. However, Privacy disturbed and Solitary, intruded. He alerted, and is startled, when a girl around his age, or maybe slightly younger, appeared scantily clad from only Heaven Knows where and about stripping off. Before Yang Li to raise Protest or Object, She Stripped And Jumped.


    He didn't mean to spy, but heck, what if she in danger or worst, close to drowning? After all, the Yangtze River is, geographically, Sea of Kingdom. And the surrounding, oh how can girl dressing like that wandering carelessly and undressing like this without thinking safety or checking thoroughly?! The Kingdom might be peaceful and perhaps most civilized but still, occasionally there are Crimes and unknown Perils, giving facts that strange Realms existed, not to mention unusual Zones. Yet she swam freely and floated easily against Current, kicking and splashing the Water like.... Bloody Hell, she's nude, so stop looking!

    But Bloody Shit, simply because he Cannot. After all, to move Away means come to Sight and she might Scream while himself has Reputation to maintain. Don't forget, Moral and Taboo. On the other hand, closing his eyes and pretending nothing happened, are what Big Brother used and loved to quote, Bollocks!

    The Little Mermaid, manner of introduction and fashion of description, finally got out of the River. As she stepped away, minus Fishy Tail that is, Yang Li tried not stare but ah... Damn. Too. Late! She being Wet and He feeling Hot!! Now imagine, Porcelain skin with delicate feature. Straight dark and long hair, gorgeously built according to maiden form if not fully voluptuous or developed adult female. Himself just but shot to manly and impressive Height while Weight all but muscled and packed up. If standing or Joining together, he towering and enveloping her but sometimes, ahem Size doesn't matter, enough said. Fortunately for him and luckily for her, Yang Li familiar and accustomed, with Harem. Growing up watching his Father polygamous undertakings and exposed to daily Seduction, having witnessed every Temptation, honestly boring sensation but this open experience, both arousing and thrilling. Frankly, if he Man about town or Lecher on prowl, The Little Mermaid lying on her back but before dirty Fantasy turns perverted Reality, Yang Li told his Hormone go take Hike.

    Presently Girl all clad up, unlike earlier stripping show. Her only accessory, a tiny flower plucked from the wild bushes to put onto hair. The layers, neither overly rich nor plainly poor, but quality material. Overall, common air and middle class. If properly adorned and stylishly fashioned, Little Mermaid will become Pretty Lady and shall courted to be bedded... Whoa, hold it!

    Yang Li blinked bemusedly and saw in time, she disappeared into Woods among Trees....


    He followed her, but prudent distance and with good intention. Although unnecessarily, judging from the way she skipped gaily and hopped playfully but nevertheless, he felt compulsory to Send her home, so to speak. You know, whenever case Boy meets Girl, or vice versa, there bound to have something happened halfway, be Fateful episode or Destined event, leading to either Ever After, or Whatever End.


    Fourteen years old Fan Lihua gasped, when several men came out to block her path. She let out a scream, and these men snickered lustily. Suddenly, there speedy movements and she gasped again, between stunness and confusion. Next thing the latter knew, and that bunch aware, a guy leaped surprisingly out from nowhere, landed in middle heroically shielding Maiden in Distress and boldly confronting Villains of Scene. Judging from Movements and Skills, he must be a Pugilist, but then again the Stances different and his Feats unusual. The men despite numbers, are not his match. However, Fan Lihua didn't stay on during Fight waiting to applause Champion or worship Knight. Not an ungrateful person, but this late and been delayed. As gesture of Thank You, her hand went to the tiny flower. As fights broke off and eyes met across, Fan Lihua threw Flower over. He caught it neatly and watched she left hurriedly. Cliché yet time still, witnessing classic Display and men stood, lost with Moment.


    Seeing they failed to subdue the guy, and shamefully beaten up instead, villains begged Mercy and pleaded Leniency. Yang Li flashed his Authority Mark and told them off to Camp. He further warned, if didn't comply, there be Troop hunting them down. The bunch performed kowtowing deed immediately and promised to clean up act by joining his Army. Once alone, Yang Li eyed the Flower before smelling it. Whether it's fragrance or her scent, he can't tell for sure. Then he looked up and focused that Direction.


    If he never appreciated Trainings before, is grateful and so thankful now. Yang Li picked up her track, and went after the trail. The footsteps guided him into nearby village and the latter no problem passing as Commoner and blending with Crowd. Guy tried to locate Girl but Life Course never runs smoothly, Ladies and Gentlemen. Also the saying No Pain, No Gain. Since late Evening and Night fast approaching, like or not, Yang Li has to go back Camp before Dark.

    I will find You, even if Forever or until end Universe!


    Two days later, during Break, he returned to search but she nowhere seen. Well, if there Determination there be Commitment, so he shall come again for third time. Fourth, if must. Then fifth and by sixth, Yang Li getting desperate and growing agitated, Surely she cannot vanished into thin Air! Agitation gave birth to Torment, What if something happened...?! What if she being....?!! Being... right in front of him?!! Wait!!!

    The guy almost couldn't believe his eyes. She walked past, steps gentle but movements brisk and stepped into an Outlet, went straight behind the Counter. He surveyed briefly, and realized a Family Establishment. His focus soon shifted as Patrons and Customers, especially Gentlemen from underage to overage, sought her attention despite there Staff at hand and Attendant on duty. She entertained them politely and didn't notice him. Yang Li behaved idly, still unseen by her and edging closer, more or less understood these Blokes, interested to Pursue rather than making Purchase. Girl, or Proprietress, neither reject nor accept but cleverly talking Business and nicely sealing Deal, instead. How she managed Them and maintaining Account at a go, quite impressive, in his eyes at least. Unfortunately, time is pressing and cannot stay long, so he did what any Rival would have done in order to know the latter better. The Informant who else, but nosy Trader and his Target, fellow Competitor.


    Has no idea what the stuff bought or that procured, but got all needs. Her name Fan Lihua and still fourteen but is fifteen next Autumn. The Fan family consisted of Couple and Daughter. The Deceased Parents meant her entering Business and inheriting Property, which adequate and comfortable, to last for Life. But Yang Li not interested in Wealth, own Xinjiang Estate and Mansion Yang in North, ten times or more worthier, than her Business and Establishment combined. His only bother is Girl's Age and sole trouble are these Eligible Bachelors, and not-so-single Chaps. On other hand, fourteen years old Maidens are not marriageable. According to Kingdom's Law, legal age for Female is Sixteen while Male, Betrothal and Matrimony at Seventeen. Coming to age, Fifteen years old fairer sex allowed and encouraged to perform Engagement with the opposite gender.


    He didn't approach her ideally but confronting the latter abruptly when she out doing chores, which middle of a busy street. Fan Lihua recognized him “You!”
    “Aye. We haven't been properly introduced, Jiang Feng greetings to Miss Fan” he lied easily and gestured simply to which she demanded, “How do you know my Surname?!”
    “After that day, I searched all over for you and make inquiries based on description. My efforts, arrange today's Meeting”
    “Well, thank you for help on that day. Been through that path all my life and nothing happened but on that day....” Fan Lihua trailed off, realizing herself revealed bit much. He watched her eyes narrowed before masking it neutrally. She is streetwise, Yang Li conceded and while at it, dawned him that Fan Lihua always at his Haunt, only their path never crossed until that day, day where he Spied her. Who else Been and has Seen before, Man cannot tell indignantly but he can vow possessively, none whatsoever after this.
    “Pardon me, Master Jiang but I need to be off now” Although Guy carried decent air and good manner of Gentleman, nevertheless Fan Lihua detected hint of Deception at close. She grew up among Commoners, and sometimes acquainting with the Pugilists, so able spotting differences and reading countenances. He knew she beware of him and though next move not in plan, still went for kill.
    “Stripping and Jumping into Yangtze River?” question out casually and result immediate effect. Her face scarlet and is temporarily speechless. His voice change deliberate, “How else you think I came to Rescue so fast? Shall we walk together and talk now?”
    “Are you threatening me?” brave composure and cold tone.
    “No Miss. I saved you once, at least owing me one. Meantime, do you remember this?” Yang Li withdrew something from the sleeve layers and Fan Lihua saw it was the tiny flower, which dried up and already died. “It was silly of you to keep it”
    “No more foolish than yourself, swimming like The Little Mermaid. Such indecent Exposure and thoughtless Leisure could lead to Rape. If am one of those Men on that day, myself robbing your Innocence then and seizing the Virtue there” What he said true and she failed to argue.
    “All I ask now, is we spending moments together, briefly, since am to off soon too”
    “Who are you?”
    “Jiang Feng”
    Who. Are. You?
    “A Scholar awaiting to sit The Examination. If pass, you to be an Officer's Bride instead of Commoner's Wife”

    The Fox's character a combination of The Wolf and The Sheep. From Big Brother, Yang Li flawlessly imitating and copying Roguishness. From Second Sibling, he no problem learning plus mastering Calm.
    “I have neither wish playing Rich hostess nor dream marrying into Nobility!” waspish air and sharp retort.
    “Meant no disrespect, but one word from me describing the birth mark or intimate tattoo on your right thigh, enough interest others and generally attracting rests, if not public uproar or traditional furore ”

    In Kingdom, a maiden's Modesty important, regardless birth or origin, and intrusion of Privacy strictly forbidden. If there open Knowledge or secret Leakage, girl not only suffer Embarrassment but Harassment as well. Worst for Upper Class Daughter or Noble Bred Lady, where Victim either banished far away or cloistered within Nunnery. Usually, cases are these Maidens ended marrying Whomever concerned, saving Family honor while rescuing own Dignity.
    You. Wouldn't” she hissed but smilingly done, in order not to draw Crowd, which seeming closer and getting curiouser.
    Shall. We?” he grinned and she imagined Picture of Fox with Two legs instead of Four. Presently, Man gestured gallantly and Crowd awed by Chivalry. Such Gesture, is common yet coming from one young and tall, also handsome, oh so charming and my, very pleasing. Perceiving public intrusion and sensing male advantage, Fan Lihua complied because in a way, she did owe him. Despite Persistence and Insistence, at least keeping respectable distance. However she refused taking his hand, but dumping the latter her baggages, which amused Onlookers. The guy said nothing, merely with their flow and just take in stride, as though all in day's job.


    As she gets to know him better, notices something else altogether. He paid court to her through decent communication and via agreeable conversation. And boy, Jiang Feng does speak well and talk maturely. Where most Gentlemen bragging nonsense and boasting proudly, his word fluent while speech scholarly. At times flowery but that, she supposed being thoroughly Educated and is purely Literate. From past experience, many Blokes by now wooing handily or seizing liberty but Jiang Feng didn't attempt touching. Not even trying to brush against her. By time parting company and their interaction coming end, she Persuaded by Personality, but not Lured into Love.

    “I have to go now. Promise you wait for me”
    “Where is your Home?”
    “I have none yet. Like studying freely and according to mood”
    “You saved me and I returned favor. We owe each other nothing. None in The Kingdom can limit my Freedom or deny my Independence, except Lord Yang”
    “Make no mistake, if I come back and find you pledged to another, the Match as good as Void, gone case under My Degree if not The Decree. Since you refused to Swear, then this my Promise to you, dear”


    Strangely, she misses him and delighted when he came week later. Their friendship progressed gradually if not romantically. After all, Girl still Underage while Guy conducted properly and dated befittingly, not aggressively or amorously. Then Autumn Season and Fan Lihua received offers of Proposals and visits from Matchmakers. She dallied not because Fickleness or Indecisiveness but Heart belonged to Him. The couple's Relationship deepened lately and compromised recently. Thus one day, Demand for her Hand in Marriage unnerving, when Proposer happened to be the Lad of Kingdom's highest District Officer. Father and Son turned up formally, with entourages bearing gifts and packages. Same time, Yang Li showed face and interrupted the Process.

    “Who are you?! How dare you!! Father... !!!” Junior bellowed but Yang Li ignored him blatantly and approached Senior silently. The Officer almost didn't know him but fully recognized Mark when the latter discreetly yet purposely flashing to the front. A Subject must know when shutting up and backing off, when his Lordship's third Child and last Scion delivered unspoken warning. Though lacking priority and lesser influence, still Yang Li's authority unchallenged and station superior than many Noble born, surpassed most Titled men, “Sir, if the lady continuously saying no, a Gentleman of Status in Kingdom and as Ranking Subject of the Court, shouldn't impose further”

    The Officer smart not to anger Lord Yang's son who despite underage, formidable bearing and intimidating figure. Telling Junior to leave, who protesting, Senior inserted command before excusing himself and removing all. Once alone, Fan Lihua asked quietly, “Jiang Feng, who are you exactly”
    “Why such question out of blue, dear?”
    “I may be a Commoner, but please do not insult my intelligence. That family from prestigious line, if not directly noble status. A poor scholar cannot dismissing The Privileged or Upper Class like what you did”

    Aside from first impression and physical attraction, he likes accomplishment and admires her intellect. There moments, sporting and funny but currently no time for comic relief or cracking jape.

    “I believe you heard me, saying thing correctly and quoting stuff brilliantly. Poor Scholar might be, but an established Officer like him shouldn't use Position to buy my betrothed for his useless brat”
    “We are not betrothed”
    “Err, yeah right, so we getting married straightaway”
    “I am not yet Sixteen!”
    “Who cares, I don't say and You don't tell”
    “Don't joke!”
    “Hey, am adult and grownup Don't. Joke on this”
    “The Peoples aware and Neighbors know...” Fan Lihua reasoned seriously only to have Yang Li announced solemnly “We wed in The Temple where holy Monks and Divine Statues as our Witnesses. I get us a new Home”
    “But...!” she tried again and is cut by “No buts, dear. What we did perhaps little scandalous but non criminal. The Temple Seal legal and our Marriage valid. Besides, Matrimony your best Solution against unwanted Proposition”

    She hesitated on and he applied ruthlessness, “Please don't keep me waiting any more, dear. I have no qualm spilling the beans you Rightfully belongs to me”


    That evening, he went to see Officer and if news broke out to the Parents “Yes, my lord, perfectly”
    “Miss Fan also under my Protection, and her Reputation not for Speculation. Is that clear?”
    “Don't worry my lord. Neither Rumor encouraged nor Gossip exchanged. Myself personally see to it”

    Same evening, he arranged their Wedding and meantime, overseeing new Residence. Well, with private account, no hassle procuring or struggle paying whatever. Xinjiang estate not as magnificent as Jiangnan or as grand as Xiangyang but Income superb nonetheless. Slight complication as his wife exclaimed, “You want me to leave Business and Property behind and staying somewhere that took days to reach Hometown?! Also since when, you have a Mansion?!”
    “Listen, entrust Business to loyal Caretaker and leave transaction to honest Bookkeeper. Ask them to send you the Account weekly. As long producing original papers and having unamended documents, Property always belonging to Owner. Your place is beside your husband. As for the Mansion, I bought over from a distant relation, ready to serve our Marital Home. Am not a guy depending on the wife, be finances or it expenses”
    “Mansion is not cheap and where you got Money?”
    “My family savings, accumulated since young for Study and generated throughout these years. Not much, but my spending thriftiness plus your commercial background, we can live decently and affording basic comfort”


    They lived ordinarily enough with adequate Staff but enjoyed luxury of privacy, which somewhat odd and somehow unreal place but why complaining Peace or suspecting Else? After noisy streets and populated locations, this Tranquillity almost Heaven. Her husband absent quite often, normally short term but sometimes longer period but didn't bother her because rather used to it during Courtship. Besides, she full time Mistress busily with daily chore. Upon Pregnancy, slowing down accordingly and blissfully awaiting Birthing. During her eighth month, one morning he returned and after greeting joyfully, is being told they leaving for Capital.

    “For what?”
    “Seeing another Midwife”
    “The maids told me the fainting spells while both Cook and Caretaker informed weak conditions. Your poor health worrying me”
    “All pregnant women fragile and delicate”
    “Yes, but I need to check my Examination day and detail anyway. So why not seek good nurturing care and best medical check”


    She slept all the ways and snoozes between stops. Reaching Capital after what seems days or weeks, Fan Lihua woke up dizzily and very hungrily. Got biggest Shock in life and to her greatest Disbelief, finding herself inside Palace and realized Jiang Feng no poor Scholar but is Yang Li of The Kingdom.


    Once the Shock passed, she blamed herself too trusting and so forgiving. The Man not only lied about his Identity but hiding Age as well. No wonder Parents pissed and Palace piqued. But then again, Husband didn't cheat Wife's Feeling, only Legitimacy. He disguises are but rebellious act, not treacherous deed. Despite the Deception and regardless their Reception, Fan Lihua failed hating Man for herself consensual partner. Thus courageously facing adversity and dealing all bitterness, privately. Although husband the same, nevertheless is powerless if Father issued Annulment and Mother forced Separation. Another predicament, Pressure. On positive note, the latter able to raise own Child sufficiently, alone without Support. Since unwelcome by Parents and Palace, she adapted low profile one step at a time. However, his Siblings the Heir and the Spare, are kind and both amicable, which makes Fate acceptable and tolerable. As for their Wives, the Bride is terribly ill while the Consort horribly under control. Time passes and Hours nears, Fan Lihua waiting not Labor Day but Divorce Proceeding, since Yang Li still underage but neither Parents nor Husband brought up Issue. Even Palace mysteriously mum hence Future hazy and Destiny vague.


    Gave birth to healthy Boy and strong Son. Exact replica of his Sire and conveniently resembling the Grandfather Yang. From then onwards, officially styled and titled Lady Fan of Kingdom. After confinement period over, relaxed with beloved hubby and mothering precious babe. When their little tot fell asleep, Yang Li gestured the maids to take over from his Lady. They complied and left the couple alone. Fan Lihua suddenly commented, “I wish meeting Sisters and hope gathering with Them”
    “Both are indisposed”
    “Thanks to who else but One's insatiability and Another's virility”
    “Excuse me!”
    “Oh honestly, surely with Big Bro Manner and Appetite, of course the Bride in bad shape sooner or later. If you following Second Bro Nature and Attitude, why even me can conk out anytime”
    “Where the...?! How you....?!”
    “Heh, here walls could whisper. The corners would echo”
    “Whatever but dear, do remember my brothers are married men. Of course, they not living like a Monk or sleeping like the Priest”
    “Heck.. are you telling me, they a Virgin before until Union?” she asked the question pointedly, resulting Yang Li opening and closing mouth, without an answer. Lady Fan burst out merrily and her laughter though unladylike, is delightful to hear.
    “For Kingdom and Almighty sake, my Brothers' sex life not for Discussion!”
    “Fine, but how about ours frankly, are you Virgin before Marriage, hmmm?”

    Very put off question yet absolutely turn on line, instead of replying Yang Li reached out for Fan Lihua, who knew him by now. She laughed again and jumped up, running away to escape his Intention. “Hey...!” He is vex but perceiving potential fun, went after her. Attendants gaped and Workers blinked at their boisterousness. Maids and Guards gawked while Residents agog but the Couple are kids, really. His informality and her exhilaration, extremely refreshing then and there. His Lordship and her Ladyship said nothing when the two giggling on and running past them without stopping or greeting. Fan Lihua only halted when The Heir came to view with his Bride and Yang Li almost slammed into his wife, due sudden Break or emergency Brake. Then the Spare stepped out too, with his Consort. Hua Mulan both thin and pale while Mu Guiying off color, because morning sickness. The former recovering from Affliction, the latter entering midterm Pregnancy.

    “My Sisters!” Lady Fan addressed breathlessly and curtsied spontaneously. To Yang Xiao's bafflement and Yang Yong's amazement, while own husband off guard, the two acknowledged her mutually if not so equally, “Sister” causing jaws dropping and eyes popping, including Patriarch's set and Matriarch's pair, who arrived ceremoniously so all couples observed protocol.

    The Duo are cool towards family members including their husband. But as they sit down together, Fan Lihua heartily winning Hua Mulan over and bringing smile to Mu Guiying just by tender compliment. She scoring Skyhigh and stealing Limelight, when Lord Yang chuckled at Jokes that silly yet witty while Mother in Law humored by Daughter in Law's pretty jest. That instant, Warmth found and Happiness spread, and felt by All in Western Household, including Kitchen Cooks and Hound Trainers. Never Father and Sons known to banter, but are doing openly now. Never the Ladies discoursing freely before, let alone animatedly. The Little Mermaid soon Favorite among The Yangs, not only in First Family and this Generation but by Palace and Next, as well.


    As himself shouldering heavy and major responsibilities, the wife coping maternal and additional duties. During tasking period and amidst growing brood, the Heir together with the Spare ascended to Power as Lord Yang and Steward Yang, of Kingdom while Yang Li to assume the post of General respectively. The brothers joined efforts restructuring Hierarchy and reshaping Nobility, in order improving Dynasty. Peoples and Pugilists found Yang Xiao's new Rule much systematic and fresh Reign more competent, than Forefathers. Meanwhile, Natives appreciated Yang Yong's neat Administration and Foreigners admired the latter's efficient Governing. Security issue and Military wise, General Yang's base strong and defense solid. The latter also traveled all over Kingdom presiding Justice and prosecuting Crime assisted by an Officer named Bao Zheng (later Judge Bao of Kingdom), on behalf of The Lord. But the Trio lifetime Achievement and Lifelong Success, is Leading By Example - balancing Political role setting Domestic obligation, plus uncorrupted Being. If there something missing or wanting, perhaps girlish bickering or lassie squabbling but These Yangs have no Daughters. The Little Mermaid gave birth to Seven Lads with masculine pair of leg, and not scaly tail or flurry paw.


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    Very cute story. Seven children! Goodness! If each child is full term, that is an estimated 7 x 40 weeks = 280 weeks (or about 5 years) of being pregnant!

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