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Thread: Asians in a not so Asian Industry

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    Default Asians in a not so Asian Industry

    Late last year, I met a friend through work who writes, raps and produces music. I hung out at his house a few times during lunch breaks (because he has a pool table) and ne day he got me to record a chorus to one of his songs he was working on. I dont think very highly about my singing, but he thought my voice matched his music quite well and he got me to record some other songs too. A mutual friend also from work has a good ear for music, and helped us muck around and edit the songs to make them sound better etc. Anyways, one day, my friend sent our songs to Sony BMG (in Australia where I'm current living) and a few months later (3 days ago) they asked us to come in for a meeting and have a chat about ourselves and the music. I was suprised as hell because I didnt think an asian group would even get a reply from such a company. We sent them a cover letter that introduced us and explained that our group consists of a Korean (myself), and Indian and a Lebonese. We were all born and raised in Australia so our english is perfect and were not some semi english speaking band. Our music is sort of rnb/hip-hop-ish.

    Anyways, I'm feeling really insecure, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up about this meeting, maybe they called us in to tell us how much we suck haha but I was wondering, what do people think about our probability to make it even semi-big?

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    If you got the goods, maybe being different is a good sell-point. If they think you can make money for them, they'll hire you.
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    Usually, if they ask to meet with you, it's probably not a bad thing. Just go and show what you're capable of. If they think you got talent or potential, you may get a chance.
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