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Thread: Lu Xiaofeng Book 4: Silver Hook Casino

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    I for one would have no problemn with a continuation of the LXFs. I saw a crazy movie of the Ghost Villa episode before I knew about wuxia novels, and I cannot wait to have something to compare it to. I will let you finish this before I start cheering for that though.

    Thanks for what you have so far, and thanks to Eliza as well. I know I always forget you, and I apologize for that. Keep it coming.


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    Quote Originally Posted by foxs View Post
    Thanks everybody, for letting me know you are following the story. If there is enough interest, I might consider the rest of LXF as future project. That is, unless Moin or somebody else beat me to it.
    I thought about doing 5, but don't want to upset your momentum. Good work on the translation so far.


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    Default Chapter 8 – Part 6

    The three men’s countenance turned from green to white. They had assumed their given names as surnames, but Lu Xiaofeng was still able to recognize their real identity and origin.

    The hunched body of the white-haired old man slowly straightened up. He cupped his fists and said, “That’s right. I am Hua Shaokun. Please!”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “You want to fight me alone?”

    Hua Shaokun: “If you did not know my real identity, I would definitely join hands with them and battle you together, but now …”

    Suddenly his expression became very solemn as he sternly said, “My own life and death, honor and disgrace, is not worth mentioning; but Huashan Pai’s reputation must not be destroyed in my hands!”

    Although Huashan was not the top or even the second rank Sect of the Wulin world, they were after all, a noble and respectable school. It was very rare that their disciples turned into a scum of the community, it was even rarer that their disciples turned into a coward!

    Lu Xiaofeng’s expression also turned solemn – one who can respect oneself is also worthy of other people’s respect.

    Hua Shaokun: “I have long heard Lu Daxia’s [great hero] special finger skill is number one in the world; coincidentally, Zaixia [humble one, lit. under/below] also trained this kind of skill. I beg Lu Daxia to grant me some pointers!”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “Very well!”

    He took a very deep breath, put the Luocha Tablet securely in his pocket, and lay down the long whip. Suddenly there was a whooshing noise of a sharp gust of wind. Hua Shaokun’s finger, as sharp as a sword, swiftly piercing the ‘jian jing’ [shoulder well] acupoint on Lu Xiaofeng’s shoulders.

    In this one move he had attacked two places, all along his power did not diminish at all, the second attack was as powerful as the first; he was truly worthy to be called a famous school’s disciple.

    But in this one move, although Lu Xiaofeng had to admit that this old man's skill was profound, his style actually lacked variation; his movement seemed to be too old-fashioned and somewhat stiff, which was exactly the shortcoming the famous schools' disciples usually have.

    Although he only looked once, Lu Xiaofeng was confident that in two, three stances he would score a victory.

    Yet he could not help but ask himself in his heart -- Once I make my move, should I defeat him? Should I give him a little more face? -- If one was in love, regardless of whom he loved, he should not be blamed, should he? Especially when he is already old; once he fell down, it would not be easy for him to stand back up.

    While these thoughts flashed in his mind, Hua Shaokun’s fingertip was already less than half a chi from his acupoint. He could feel the strong wind penetrating his clothes; he did not have the luxury of pondering his options away.

    His only option was to make a move, make a move like a lightning, using his own fingertip to meet the old man’s fingertip.

    Hua Shaokun felt a burst of heat from his fingertip spreading into his entire body, while his own force suddenly faded away.

    Huashan’s Dan Zhi Shen Tong [divine flicking finger] was one among the seven major unique skills of the Wulin world, and his mastery of this skill was over forty years of hard training. But right now his strength vanished just like snow and ice melting under the bright sunlight and he was overcome by cold sweats all over his body.

    Who would have thought that Lu Xiaofeng suddenly fell back two steps and said with a bitter smile, “Huashan’s divine finger truly deserves its reputation.”

    Hua Shaokun: “But I … I lost!”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “You did not lose. Although I took your attack, and perhaps my movement was somewhat quicker than yours, your power is actually deeper than mine, why do you bother …”

    He had not finished speaking when suddenly ‘Ding!’ dozens ray of cold stars like rain of flowers filling the sky threatened his back.

    His back did not have eyes, also it did not have any hands.

    Hua Shaokun’s countenance changed from shock, but Chuchu’s eyes actually shone.

    In this split second, Lu Xiaofeng’s body suddenly swiveled on his feet, dozens of cold stars flew very close below his ribs and since Hua Shaokun was standing in front of him, unexpectedly all of the stars landed on Hua Shaokun’s chest.

    Hua Shaokun’s eyes bulged out, staring at Hu Xin while step by step he walked over to him.

    Hu Xin’s countenance also changed, as step by step he withdrew backward.

    Hua Shaokun only managed to take two steps forward, when suddenly blood simultaneously gushing out from the corners of his eyes, his nostrils, and the corners of his mouth.

    Hu Xin seemed to feel relieved, “I …”

    He only said one word when blood suddenly gushed out from the pit of his stomach; along with the blood, the tip of a sword appeared.

    With eyes full of shock Hu Xin looked at the tip of the sword protruding out from his chest, as if he could not believe it was really happening. Blood also gushed out from between his lips and then with a loud roar he fell forward, no longer moving.

    It was not until after he collapsed that everybody could see Du Bai standing behind him with a sword held tight in his hand; blood was still dripping from the tip of his sword.

    Looking at him, Hua Shaokun struggled hard to smile: “Thank you.”

    Du Bai also forced a smile, but did not say anything.

    Hua Shaokun turned toward Lu Xiaofeng, word by word he said, “Thank you even more!”

    Du Bai avenged him, Lu Xiaofeng preserved his reputation. These were exactly the two most cherished believe in the Wulin world.

    Hua Shaokun closed his eyes. The corners of his mouth seemed to show a smile; his last smile.

    The wind blew in through the window, the nip in the air felt as if it was creeping into the bottom of their hearts.

    After a long time, Lu Xiaofeng finally heaved a sigh while muttered softly, “Why? What are all these for …?”

    Du Bai’s face was expressionless. He slowly said, “You should know what are all these for. I also know!”


    Greed over money, greed over power, greed over fame, and greed over sex!

    Isn’t it a fact that all misery and disaster humankind are going through are all because of this greed?

    Lu Xiaofeng could not help but heave a deep sigh again. He turned toward Du Bai and said, “You …”

    Du Bai coldly said, “I am not your match!”

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed, a very hollow laugh. “In that case, you may leave,” he said, waving his hand.

    The blood at the tip of the sword was dry. Du Bai slowly withdrew his sword. As the sword entered its sheathe, he was already standing in front of Chuchu. “Let’s go!” he said.

    Chuchu: “Go? You want me to come with you?”

    Du Bai: “Yes, I want you to come with me!”

    Suddenly Chuchu laughed, she doubled over in laughter, she laughed so hard that tears seemed to flow from her eyes.

    Seeing Chen Jingjing laugh, Lu Xiaofeng only then knew that laughing is sometimes more painful than crying. Seeing Chuchu laugh, Lu Xiaofeng only then knew that sometimes laughter can hurt people more than the sharp blade of a sword.

    It was as if blood was completely drained from Du Bai’s face. His pair of originally very calm and steady hands trembled continuously. Yet he was unwilling to give up his hope; he asked again, “You don’t want to go?”

    Chuchu’s laughter stopped abruptly. With cold eyes she looked at him, as if she did not recognize this man at all. After a long time she finally said with a frosty voice, “Get lost!”

    These words were like a strip of merciless whip; a whip which cut through Du Bai’s skin and bones, split him in halves, and ripped his heart away, and tossed it in front of him, letting him trample it with his own feet.

    Without saying anything he turned around to leave. But Chuchu suddenly leaped, pulled the sword hanging on his back, flew high and made a somersault, while throwing the sword backhandedly toward the middle of his back.

    Du Bai did not evade, he let this sword penetrate his heart.

    But he did not collapse; instead, he turned around to face Chuchu, and looked at her coldly.

    Chuchu’s countenance also changed; forcing a laugh she said, “I know you cannot live without me, so I might as well let you die and that’s the end of it.”

    Blood also gushed out of the corner of Du Bai’s mouth; he slowly nodded his head, “Good, very good …”

    As the second ‘good’ came out of his mouth, suddenly he lunged forward and embraced Chuchu tightly, so tight that even in his death he did not let go.

    The sword in his chest also pierced Chuchu’s chest. The blood from his chest also flowed into Chuchu’s chest.

    Chuchu’s head hang on his shoulder, her eyes gradually bulged out, while her breathing was growing harder. She felt the body embracing her own was growing colder; growing colder and stiffer, but the arms still did not relax.

    Then her own body also started to feel cold, so cold that it penetrated her bones and marrows, but her eyes actually shone brighter. Suddenly she turned toward Lu Xiaofeng and laughed, “Why didn’t you rape me? Why …?”

    And those were the last words she ever said.

    End of Chapter 8.

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    Default Rant ....

    Ali, thanks for the link. I felt like I was reading the synopsis of Tolkien's Lord of The Ring ... with dragon, knights, etc.

    Wilyone, most people do not realize (or they do realize, but decide not to do anything ... I am as guilty as the next person) that readers' comment is the only reward we, as the translators, will ever get. Will I quit if only a couple of you following the story? Probably not, because I also want to know the end of the story. But I will certainly feel better if there are more than a couple people enjoy my work. Don't you think?

    Slim and Junny, I read LXF .. oh, I don't know, eons ago ... I don't remember the details anymore, but I do remember my feeling while reading it, and yes, I think I remember that Book 5 was a bit more exciting than Book 4.

    In my opinion, Book 4 is kind of 'detached' from the previous ones, the main character is only LXF, with cameo appearances of Sikong Zhaixing and ... (I won't spoil it for you), but what I am saying is: even if you don't read Book 4 but skip to Book 5, I don't think you'll miss a lot.

    I love wuxia, and I love translating and sharing it with you, but I only have so much time. By my rough estimate, this book will be finished in a couple of months, give or take a couple weeks or so. After this, I am going to work on White Hair Demoness. I promised our bold and fearless moderator, Han Solo ... My point is: it will probably be next year, if not later, that I can start on Book 5. So to answer Junny, honestly, yes, I would love to keep my 'momentum' on LXF, familiar character, familiar style; hence, it will be better if you can find another book to translate. But ... if Book 5 is the only book you'd consider translating, I would rather you translate this Book 5 than not at all. We need more translators ...

    Anyway, if you decide to translate Book 5, would you kindly let me know? The reason is because sometimes I need distraction to keep my interest. For example, I start working on WHD in the midst of LXF Book 4. Not much, just a page here, another half a page there, before I know it, one chapter is done. I am thinking of doing the same thing: start working on another LXF book in the midst of WHD.

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    thank you for the help in translating. I love the character LXF. Can't wait for your translation in WHD. I was always a fan of WHD but Zhou YiHang does not deserve her.


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    Yes, I know exactly how you feel, foxs! I've been quietly reading all along for some time now; keep it up!
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    Default wow

    how can your diying words be "why dident u rape me" lol

    hmmm yerh but foxes our dragons much more scary then british dragons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxs View Post
    In my opinion, Book 4 is kind of 'detached' from the previous ones, the main character is only LXF, with cameo appearances of Sikong Zhaixing and ... (I won't spoil it for you), but what I am saying is: even if you don't read Book 4 but skip to Book 5, I don't think you'll miss a lot.
    The ending to Book 4 sets up and leads into the start of Book 5 very nicely though, else the start of Book 5 is a bit sudden.

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    I adore LXF and totally dig this story.
    Keep it up, foxs... And many thanks for your hard work.
    太阳 我在这里

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    i found something strange, why did chuchu keep asking LXF why didn't he 'rape' her. why not make to her or have sex with her. she keeps using the word 'rape'. it's like she's reveling some hidden trauma.
    he's the strongest in history but he's the disciple.

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    Default shes got 4 boyfriends

    she got 4 guys banging her every night... i guess its kinda rape ?
    i hope banging dosent upset hans

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyss of the sword View Post
    i found something strange, why did chuchu keep asking LXF why didn't he 'rape' her. why not make to her or have sex with her. she keeps using the word 'rape'. it's like she's reveling some hidden trauma.
    Obviously her personality involves servitude and also a hint of masochism- hence the emphasis on "raping"

    Han SOlo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Default Chapter 9 - Part 1

    Chapter 9 – The Panic-Stricken Powerful Enemy
    (Translated by Foxs, Edited by Eliza Bennet)

    Chen Jingjing did not die. Not only she did not die, her mind was very clear.

    Under these circumstances, clear-headed in itself was a pain that was truly hard to endure; it was as if in the dark, there truly was a divine being who administer justice for the common people, who was deliberately tormenting her.

    By this time Lu Xiaofeng had already carried her to the other room and lay her down quietly on the bed, but her pain had not diminished, perhaps only death would be able to free her from this suffering.

    When the pain became intolerable, death suddenly became not in the least terrifying.

    She wished to die. She really wished she could die, she only wished Lu Xiaofeng would give her a quick relief, but she would never make her desire known; because when she was very young, she received a very valuable lesson: The more you want to die, the more others would let you live, the more you want to live, the more others would want to kill you.

    She also remembered that lesson today, because she had seen too many people who did not want to die died in front of her; she had also seen too many people who should not have lived, but clearly they were alive. After all, she grew up in a hard life.

    Although Lu Xiaofeng was standing quietly by the bed, she could see clearly that his mind was not peaceful at all. Whoever had seen an extremely disturbing, tragic and shocking incidence like that, definitely would not feel good in his heart.

    Suddenly Chen Jingjing forced herself to laugh. "I did not expect you would come, but I am sure you have already found out it was me all along."

    Lu Xiaofeng did not deny.

    Chen Jingjing: "I always thought that I have prepared everything meticulously. If Chuchu was more careful and not letting the rocks inside the chest spilled out, perhaps you would not suspect me.

    Lu Xiaofeng was silent for a long time. Finally he slowly said, "That the chest contained rocks yet you accepted it; that Chuchu and you had known each other since childhood, yet the two of you pretended not to know each other, although those two facts indeed made me very suspicious, they were not the most important clue at all!"

    Chen Jingjing: "What was the most important clue?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "The black bear!"

    Chen Jingjing: "The black bear?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Leng Hong'er thought she saw a black bear, while in fact it was nothing more than someone wearing black bearskin. Because this person was doing something very secretive, while her appearance was very easy to be recognized by others, she wore the bearskin to deceive other people's eyes and ears. Whoever saw a black bear would certainly run away from it, he would not dare to come closer to look carefully."

    Chen Jingjing: “And you think that person was me?”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “Mmm.”

    Chen Jingjing: “Because you saw a bearskin in my room.”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “Naturally you did not expect I would enter your room; it was simply a lucky coincidence!”

    Chen Jingjing sighed, “Indeed nobody else has ever entered into my room; on this point you are not wrong at all.”

    Chen Jingjing continued, “You can go into my room, not because fortunately I was fainting; because that day I did not faint at all!”

    Although her voice was weak, but each word was very clear, owing to the fact that she had always exercised a very good control on herself. Perhaps very few people in the world could be compared to her in term of self-control.

    She added, “I let you go into my room, because when you carried me, suddenly I had a feeling I have never experienced before, I … I also did not think that Li Shentong would suddenly break into my room.”

    Lu Xiaofeng also forced a laugh. “If I were him, I would also break into your room suddenly!”

    Chen Jingjing: "Originally, there were two identical bearskins; the other one belonged to Li Xia!"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "When the two of you buried the Luocha Tablet that night, were you both wearing the bearskins?"

    Chen Jingjing: "It was very late at night, we did not expect Hong'er would still be sitting on the shore, busy with her thoughts. When I saw her, I do not doubt that she also saw me!"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "But she did not see clearly, she thought you were a real black bear!"

    With a bitter smile Chen Jingjing said, "Yet I was very worried; women are usually overly suspicious!"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Therefore, when you found out that she was there last night, you killed her to shut her mouth."

    Surprisingly, Chen Jingjing did not deny at all. "Ding Xiangyi always said I am the most ruthless person alive!"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Although she did not know your secret, when you made your move to kill her, she finally recognized you."

    Chen Jingjing sighed: "I am afraid I won't be able to forget her look when she saw my face for as long as I live!"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "That time you were unavoidably a bit afraid, hence you left as soon as you strike went well."

    Chen Jingjing: "Because I was confident her death was imminent."

    Lu Xiaofeng: "But you did not think that when someone is at the death's door, oftentimes it is also the time when his mind was the clearest."

    Chen Jingjing did not reply, her heart felt sour, because she realized her mind was very clear.

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Therefore, before her death, she finally realized that the black bear must be you. She also realized that you must be burying the Luocha Tablet. That's why she exhausted her last ounce of strength to crawl toward the place you appeared that night."

    Chen Jingjing: "And thus you knew the place where we hid the Luocha Tablet."

    Lu Xiaofeng: "That's right!"

    Chen Jingjing suddenly sneered, "That being the case, her death was advantageous to you; why are you grieved?"

    Lu Xiaofeng wanted to say something, but in the end he kept silent.

    Chen Jingjing: "You are grieving over matters that you should not grieve, but you are very happy over matters that you should be grieving."

    Lu Xiaofeng stayed silent, waiting for her to continue.

    Chen Jingjing: "When I looked for you that day, it was not because I wanted to deliver food and wine to you, or even because I care about you or because I like you. I looked for you, only because I had to hold you back, to give Li Shentong the time so that he could freeze Li Xia's body in the ice, that's why I steeled myself to endure your humiliation, while actually each time you touch me, I wanted to throw up!"

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed suddenly. "I understand now!"

    Chen Jingjing: "Understand what?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "You want to die."

    Chen Jingjing: "Why do you think I want to die?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Because you deliberately want to infuriate me, you want me to kill you."

    With a cold laugh Chen Jingjing said, "I know you won't dare, you can only watch other people in action, but you simply have never had the nerve to kill anybody!"

    Lu Xiaofeng only laughed. Suddenly he turned around and walked away.

    Chen Jingjing called out loudly, "Where are you going?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "To prepare the carriage!"

    Chen Jingjing: "Why do you want to prepare the carriage now?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Because you cannot ride a horse, and you cannot walk!"

    Chen Jingjing: "You ... you want to take me away?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Although I cannot take the secret projectile buried inside your acupoint, I know someone who can do it."

    Chen Jingjing: "You ... you ... why don't you just let me die?"

    Lu Xiaofeng matter-of-factly said, "Because the number of people who has died today is simply too many."

    He left without even looking back.

    Looking at his back as he left, tears started to flow down from Chen Jingjing's eyes, until finally she wept bitterly. But nobody knows whether it was tears of sorrow? Or was it tears of remorse? Or was it tears of gratitude?

    Whatever it was, if anybody wanted to cry, it would be best if he was left alone to weep freely, as much as he wanted.

    Naturally Lu Xiaofeng heard her cry. He did wish that she could cry, that she could cry out the sorrow, pain and remorse filling her heart. Perhaps after crying she would not wish to die anymore.

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    Default Chapter 9 – Part 2

    The sun had already disappeared, the wind blew colder. The foolish-looking and filthy kid was still standing there with snooty nose, grinning foolishly at him. It looked like the tragic incident just a moment ago did not affect him in the least.

    "Other people might laugh at his foolishness, but perhaps his life is somewhat happier than most people would ever live."

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed inwardly. He smiled and patted the kid on his head, while saying, "Take a good care of that Auntie inside for me. She has a lot of money, she may buy you some candy!" Unexpectedly the foolish-looking kid understood what he said, jumping for joy he ran inside: "I love eating candy, lots and lots of candy!"

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed again. He had just stepped outside the door, an extended hand had already met him.

    He was not surprised, he knew early on that Sui Han San You must be waiting for him outside.

    Mr. Gu Song: "Give it to me."

    Lu Xiaofeng blinked his eyes, "Do you want money? Or do you want rice?"

    Mr. Gu Song's face turned green from anger, he coldly replied, "Perhaps this time I want your life!"

    Lu Xiaofeng chuckled, "I don't have either money or rice, but life? I have one."

    Mr. Gu Song indignantly said, "Do you really want me to break your legs first before you are willing to give the Luocha Tablet to me?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Even if you break my legs, I am not going to give the Luocha Tablet to you."

    Mr. Gu Song's countenance changed. "What do you want?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Let me ask you first: what do you want? When did I ever say that I am going to give the Luocha Tablet to you?"

    In stern voice Mr. Gu Song asked, "To whom are you going to give the Luocha Tablet?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "The Blue Beard."

    Mr. Gu Song: "Must you give it to him?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "I must."

    Mr. Gu Song: "Why?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Because I want to exchange it with something!"

    Mr. Gu Song: "What thing?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "My innocence."

    Mr. Gu Song stared at him. He slowly said, "Are you telling me you have never thought of taking possession of the Luocha Tablet yourself?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "I have."

    Mr. Gu Song: "And do you still want it now?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "I do."

    Mr. Gu Song's countenance changed again.

    But Lu Xiaofeng unenthusiastically continued, "The things that I want are simply too many. Sometimes I want to be the Emperor, but I am afraid I would be lonely. Sometimes I want to be the Prime Minister, but I am afraid I would be too busy. Sometimes I want to get rich, but I am afraid someone might steal everything. Sometimes I want to take a wife, but I am afraid it would be too troublesome. Sometimes I want to grill steak, but don't want to wash the pot. Sometimes I want to slap your face, but I am afraid I will only court disaster!"

    He had not finished speaking, Mr. Gu Song already could not restrain from laughing, but in an instant his face turned wooden again. "Therefore, although what you want is many, actually you have not done a single one of them."

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed. With a bitter smile he said, “Those who think a lot but do a little in this world can’t be only me.”

    Mr. Gu Song’s eyes suddenly gazed into the distance, seemingly asking himself the question: what have I thought about, and what have I done?

    As long as one lives in this world, one will always suffer some kind of limitation. If everybody is able to do whatever he wants to do, what would this world turn into?

    It was quite a long time later that Mr. Gu Song finally sighed softly, he waved his hand and said, “Just go!”

    Lu Xiaofeng let out a breath and said, “I thought you were not going to let me go this time, I am surprised that you still trust me this much.”

    With a wooden face Gu Song said coldly, “This is the last time!”

    Lu Xiaofeng smiled, “Whenever you want to drink, you may look for me anytime, I will definitely accompany you.”

    He also waved his hand and was about to leave their presence when suddenly Han Mei said, “Wait a moment!”

    Lu Xiaofeng had no choice but stop. “Do you have any other instructions?”

    Han Mei: “I want to have a look at you.”

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed, “You may have as much look at me as you wish, I heard people say that my appearance is not bad.”

    But there was no smile on Han Mei’s face, in fact, his face did not show any emotion as he coldly said, “I want to have a look not at your appearance!”

    Lu Xiaofeng: “What do you want to see, then?”

    Han Mei: “I want to see your martial art skill.”

    Lu Xiaofeng’s smile turned into a bitter smile, “I suggest you’d better have a look at my appearance. I can guarantee that my martial art skill is not as good as my looks.”

    Yet Han Mei did not even cast a glance toward him. Suddenly he turned around and said, “Come with me!”

    Lu Xiaofeng hesitated. He looked at Ku Zhu, and then at Gu Song, but those two men’s faces did not show any emotion either.

    He sighed and had no choice but to follow Han Mei, but his mouth would not stop mumbling, “Where do you want to take me, exactly? Drinking or gambling, I will come with you anytime, but if you want to fight, I’d rather sneak off!”

    Han Mei ignored him completely. Three turns and two blocks later, they were walking along the main street. There was a very big restaurant on the main street, with more than a dozen horse-drawn carriages parked by the front door. A pole with violet satin escort banner was planted at an angle outside the door. The banner fluttered in the wind, it was embroidered with a dragon and a large ‘Zhao’ character, as big as a tray.

    Lu Xiaofeng recognized this banner, it belonged to the ‘Golden Dragon Escort Agency’. Although it operated outside the Great Wall, serving mostly ginseng pickers from the Changbai Mountain area, inside the Great Wall its reputation was also resounding, because this escort agency’s chief, ‘Hei Xuan Tan’ [Black and Mysterious (worship) Altar] Zhao Junwu, was originally a very famous escort of the Central Plains with stellar reputation. It was not too long ago that he was appointed the chief of the ‘Golden Dragon Escort Agency’ over a very generous compensation of his service.

    Right now he happened to drink at this restaurant. A man with his reputation and status, naturally his style was not simple.

    As soon as Han Mei stepped inside the restaurant, he went straight toward Zhao Junwu. He looked at him coldly and asked, “Are you Hei Xuan Tan Zhao Junwu?”

    Zhao Junwu was startled. He looked at Han Mei up and down, sizing this neither a monk nor a priest, yet not uncouth, weird-looking old man. Usually his vision was very good, yet he failed to recognize this old fellow’s origins. Not knowing how to respond differently, he nodded and said, “I am!”

    Han Mei: “Do you know who I am?”

    Zhao Junwu shook his head. “Please advice!”

    Han Mei: “I am Mr. Han Mei of the Kunlun Mountains' Great Brightness Mirror’s Sui Han San You, the Law Protector Elder of the Western Region’s Devil Cult.”

    He pronounced each word very slowly. Hearing the four words Sui Han San You Zhao Junwu's masked-like face suddenly fell; hearing the four words 'Western Region’s Devil Cult', Zhao Junwu's forehead broke in cold sweats.

    Han Mei: "Do you know who I am now?"

    Immediately Zhao Junwu stood up and rushed to bow in respect: "Wanbei [younger generation] has eyes but fails to see, did not know the honorable presence of an immortal ..."

    He was still prattling away all the flattering and polite greetings he could muster when Han Mei turned around back to face Lu Xiaofeng. "Do you know who he is?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "I have heard about him."

    Han Mei: "His reputation is not minor, his martial art skill is also not weak, but when he sees me, he is very respectful. On the contrary, you have never showed respect in our presence."

    Lu Xiaofeng chuckled, "When he was little, his family must have brought him up really well, he is a man with good family education, always rather courteous to everybody."

    Han Mei: "And you?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "I am an orphan."

    Han Mei: "And thus you did not have family education?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "No."

    Han Mei: "In that case, you should receive some lessons."

    Suddenly he turned around again. Pointing toward Lu Xiaofeng he asked, "Do you know who this man is?"

    Zhao Junwu shook his head.

    Han Mei: "You don't have to know. I only want you to give him a lesson for me."

    Zhao Junwu's countenance turned awkward, forcing a smile he said, "But Zaixia does not have any grudges with him, how can I ..."

    Han Mei cut him off, he coldly said, "I am not going to force you. You may choose for yourself: do you want to teach him a lesson? Or do you want me to teach you a lesson?"

    While speaking, he picked up a tin wine cup from the table and casually kneaded it in his hand. The wine cup immediately turned into a clump of shapeless tin. Again he casually pulled and the tin clump turned into a tin stick.
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    Thank you foxs and Eliza for this great translation.. you guys are the saviour of ppl who love Wuxia but cant read chinese...

    I am very grateful for time and effort you and Eliza put in to make it possible for ppl like me to enjoy such great book...


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    Awww... Lu Xiao Feng is such a - Lu Xiao Feng...
    太阳 我在这里

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxs View Post
    Lu Xiaofeng chuckled, "When he was little, his family must have brought him up really well, he is a man with good family education, always rather courteous to everybody."
    haha. go LXF, Foxs and Eliza

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    What is so special about taking a tin cup and moulding it into different shapes and sizes? It just shows that you are strong but may not be skillful. I bet LXF with his wonder fingers can do the same or any other guy.

    If he just waved his hand and a few tables collapsed like in Star Wars or what I may be more impressed.

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    Default Chapter 9 – Part 3

    Zhao Junwu"s countenance changed; suddenly, like an arrow he dashed forward, and with the back of his palm he ferociously struck the back of Lu Xiaofeng's head. It was a swift and vicious strike. Unexpectedly, once he made his move, he did not show the least bit of leniency.

    Surprisingly, Lu Xiaofeng did not move at all. He stood on the same place, and let the palm strike land on the back of his neck.

    There is a major artery to the left of the neck, one of the vital points on the human body. Although Zhao Junwu did not practice internal energy cultivation, his pair of hands was callous and hard as a rock. In reality, this strike was not light at all, if Lu Xiaofeng did not die, he should have at least fainted.

    Who would have thought that he was still standing quietly, even his face did not change at all.

    Zhao Junwu's face was sweating instead; suddenly with a balled fist he struck in between Lu Xiaofeng's chest and abdomen as hard as he could.

    Lu Xiaofeng also received this fist quietly, not even batting his eyelids.

    By this time Zhao Junwu was sweating profusely. Twice he had attacked with all his might, and twice his attack did not fail to hit its target, but unfortunately it was as if he was hitting empty air. He felt as if the opponent was an empty space, as he exerted his strength on his palm and fist, it was as if his strength vanished into the thin air.

    He had prepared the third attack, his fist was clenched, but in all honesty he did not know how he was going to attack!

    Probably Lu Xiaofeng was also waiting to take the beating. But after waiting for half a day, suddenly a smile broke out on his face. "Have you given me enough lessons, Sire?" he asked.

    Zhao Junwu also forced a smile, but even if right now there were some gold ingots falling from the sky in front of him, he would not be able to smile.

    Lu Xiaofeng turned around to face Han Mei and said with a laugh, "Can I go now?"

    Han Mei's countenance turned ugly, but before he could open his mouth, Ku Zhu already said, "You may go!"

    Lu Xiaofeng smiled, "Thank you."

    He patted his clothes, and then picked up a wine cup, which had not been flattened, from the table and poured the wine into his mouth, before finally he walked away from Han Mei in big strides.

    But before he reached the stairs, an inn attendant rushed upstairs with a piece of letter in his hand, while shouting loudly, "Which one is Lu Xiaofeng, Lu Daxia [great hero]?"

    Lu Xiaofeng pointed his own nose and laughed, "I am Lu Xiaofeng, but I am not a Daxia. Daxia only knows how to beat people, not to take a beating!"

    There was only smile on his face, not a sign of anger, because he knew that in the world there are many people who take advantage of the weak but is afraid of the wicked. Bullies who were ten times worse than Zhao Junwu were simply more than a few. It was precisely the weakness of mankind.

    He loved mankind deeply, he adored life; usually, it was very easy for him to forgive this kind of matter.

    But when he finished reading the letter, he was very angry. Not only furious, he was anxious as well.

    "Dear Xiaofeng Daxia, my brother:

    Previously, about the a**hole you were pleased to bestow on me [see the end of Chapter 4], I am ashamed and dare not to accept, because I do not dare to receive the reward without any merit.

    Presently, about Miss Chen Jingjing, I am concerned that she would inconvenience my brother's journey. Di [younger brother] has also hauled away a few taels of money. This I respectfully inform you.

    Respectfully wishes your well-being!"

    The signature below was Fei Tian Yu Hu!

    When Lu Xiaofeng was reading the letter, Sui Han San You were also reading his expression.

    They were also shocked because they had never expected Lu Xiaofeng's face would become such dreadful.

    Therefore, when Lu Xiaofeng dashed out, they also rushed out behind him, leaving Zhao Junwu standing there in shock; the expression on his face was that of one who wishes he could smash his own head and die immediately.

    Never in his dream would he imagine that the person he had just taught a lesson was precisely the world-famous Lu Xiaofeng.

    Although Lu Xiaofeng had forgiven him, he would never be able to forgive himself. Although Lu Xiaofeng did not move a single muscle, actually it was he who gave him a lesson.

    But Lu Xiaofeng had also made a mistake. He should not have left Chen Jingjing, he should not have left that house at all. By the time he arrived, the house had nearly turned into a blazing inferno.

    Luckily the air was cold and the earth frozen, there were ice and snow everywhere that the fire did not spread too far. Not too many homes were burned down, but unavoidably there were many innocent people who became the victim of this fire.

    Undoubtedly, Chen Jingjing's beautiful and tender body had also been burned like a pile of dry bones, and flew up piece by piece as sparking ashes.

    Lu Xiaofeng had been too late.

    The raging fire roasted his face red, it roasted his eyes red, but his hands and feet were actually icy-cold, his heart was also icy-cold.

    The alley was a mass of confusion; the men were running around, shouting and trying to put out the fire, the women were screaming, and the children were crying. They were simple people, living a simple and tranquil life, they had never harmed anybody; but now, they had to suffer without any cause or reason.

    Lu Xiaofeng turned around suddenly, he stared at Han Mei and sternly said, "Have you seen it?"

    Han Mei: "Have seen what?"

    Lu Xiaofeng: "This disaster is brought by you, can't you see it?"

    Han Mei kept his mouth shut, obviously in his heart he did not feel good at all.

    Lu Xiaofeng: "Do you still want to see my martial art skill now?"

    Han Mei: "I have just seen it a moment ago."

    Lu Xiaofeng: "A moment ago was my taking-a-beating skill. Don't you want to see my punch-someone skill?"

    It was a challenge.

    In all his life, he had never challenged anybody like this. Although his natural disposition was as cool-headed as a rock, this kind of stretched-almost-beyond-the-limit brutality had burned his anger to be more dreadful.

    An extreme calmness; it was actually just another face of anger.

    Han Mei stayed calm and collected. Under the flickering light of the blazing fire, his face seemed to look pale, even his lips were white.

    No one had ever dared to challenge him face to face like this.

    He was not afraid of this young man. Not at all. He had never been afraid of anybody. Yet in this instant, he suddenly felt some kind of nervousness he had never felt before. So nervous that even his breathing seemed to stop.

    Because he had always been standing on the winning side. He was used to oppress other people based on his reputation and status. But actually now was the first time he felt somebody else was oppressing him.

    Lu Xiaofeng’s pressure came again: “Well? Do you or don’t you want to see?”

    Before Han Mei opened his mouth, Ku Zhu suddenly said, “He does not want to!”

    Gu Song immediately caught on: “The only thing he wants to see is the Luocha Tablet, and so do I.”

    He stepped in front of Lu Xiaofeng, giving Ku Zhu the opportunity to pull Han Mei away, and then he slowly continued, “Therefore, you must not disappoint us.”

    He did not turn his body around; still facing Lu Xiaofeng, he walked backwards, and then his long sleeve waved, his shadow flashed, and in an instant he had disappeared.

    Lu Xiaofeng did not move, he did not try to stop them. Only after a long time did he finally exhaled slowly.

    Suddenly he realized that he had yielded toward those three men for too long. Now the time had come that they should step back a bit.

    It was the first time that he counterattacked. They did not fight, and yet he had scored a victory.

    But he also knew that they would not retreat too far; if they were being pushed too far, who knows what the outcome would be?

    Lu Xiaofeng did not want to think that far.
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