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Thread: Chu LiuXiang: Legend of the Crescent Moon ( 新月传奇)

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    Chapter 6 - Part 3

    She was stark naked, there was no place on her body to hide even a piece of needle let alone a place to hide a weapon. Therefore, whoever was going to embrace her would feel very safe, as safe as lying inside a coffin and be buried inside the earth.

    Those men who had ever embraced her were probably resting in peace inside the earth as well. But in a beautiful springs night like this, how many men could renounce the joy of embracing a beautiful lady who was willing to be hold.

    Chu Liuxiang knew at least there were two men who could. Aside from him there was one other person.

    Because he had seen Miss Yingzi was thrown away. Apparently the young master Xue had slapped her using the back of his hand.

    Actually Xue Chuanxin enjoyed and tempted by Yingzis seduction, and Yingzi was also aware of this fact and she also knew that Xue Chuanxin was reacting in accordance to her wish. Hence, she couldnt comprehend it when Xue Chuanxin slapped her instead.

    I was treating you nicely, why did you hit me?

    When that lady was bathing, why did you put her into a chest and took it away? Xua Chuanxin sighed, That is the thing that should be done by the people like me, why do you have to compete with me?

    You came here because of her? Yingzi seemed to be angrier than when she was slapped by Xue Chuanxin. In what way do I lose to her?

    There is only one
    She has taken a bath and therefore she is cleaner than you.

    Chu Liuxiang bit by bit started to understand.

    Xue Chuanxin pursued this ninja because of another girl. That girl was kidnapped and put into the chest when she was bathing.

    But then, why did Yingzi came here from a faraway place just to kidnap a lady who was bathing?

    Chu Liuxiang did not understand. And precisely because he didnt understand, he felt that this matter was really intriguing.

    He really wanted to know was there really a chest inside the tavern. And was there really a lady inside the chest? What was the reason for this whole antic?

    Chu Liuxiang agreed with Xue Chuanxin.

    Putting a naked lady into a chest, to be taken away afterward was not something that should be done by a woman.

    Even for a man like Xue Chuanxin, this will not be done often.

    This deed was not a grand deed and not many who could do it. But unexpectedly, the poise fragrant commander Chu could also do it.

    He had always had a fortuitous life and this time too was no exception. In a short moment Chu Liuxiang had found the chest and inside the chest indeed there was a naked lady.

    He carried the chest away, the chest together with its content. How could he do this? What was so special about that lady?


    Originally Chu Liuxiang didnt see the chest; he was helped by Yingzi.

    Yingzi suddenly changed her approach.

    You are right, she was cleaner than me, but are you sure that right now she is still cleaner than me?

    She said it while emolliating her swollen cheek. If you slapped me again, then when you find her it is very possible that she would have changed into the dirtiest woman in the world!

    Xue Chuanxin snared at her coldly, but her glare was even more freezing.

    If you killed me, I will make sure that you will find a dead dirty woman.

    Looking at Xue Chuanxins expression, Chu Liuxiang knew that Yingzi tactic was working,

    Against a man like Xue Chuanxin, tricking, flirting, fighting and begging will get you nowhere. The only way was to find his weakness and use it against him.

    This Japanese woman had a good instinct. She was able to understand men well like how an animal understands a hunter. Not many women have this kind of instinct.

    Xue Chuanxins attitude changed, He said No one would benefit from two dead women

    He smiled, I really wish that both of you will live peacefully to old ripe age.

    A smile made his face more attractive, Yingzis attitude changed too. She said Do you want me to lead you to where she is?


    Then what will happen afterwards?

    Suddenly, Xue Chuanxins smile looked sly, he embraced Yigzis waist and whispered to her ears, After that you will find out what kind of a man I am.

    Yingzi was not a stupid woman; neither was she a young girl who would be bewitched by some handsome face.

    Only with this one sentence, theres no way she would give her allegiance.

    She was the only one who knew where the chest was, thats the only effective weapon she had to fight against Xue Chuanxin.

    Surely she needed a better guarantee or giving more terms and when these terms had all been fulfilled then she would bring him to find that lady.

    But she didnt do such thing.

    No term, no guarantee, she seemed to be entirely enamored by this mans one sentence.

    If Hu Tiehua was with Chu Liuxiang, he would definitely jump down and gave her two or three slaps to inject some sense to her.

    Luckily Chu Liuxiang was not Hu Tiehua.

    Chu Liuxiang understood the real reason; Yingzi did that in order to lure Xue Chuanxin away from her room.

    Why did she try so hard to lure Xue Chuanxin away from her room? Was it because she didnt like his presence inside her room?

    When she left the room, she didnt even lock the door.

    When Chu Liuxiang saw it, his eyes were immediately shining. The chest must be inside the room. If there was anyone who dares to bet with him, whatever the bet was, Chu Liuxiang would definitely follow it because he surely would win.


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    it's been quite sometime since my last post.

    not trying to be cliche but yes, there are many things, which i consider to be having higher priority, require my undivided attention in these past few weeks.

    for those who are still following the story, rest assured, i am still translating it though i won't make any promise on how fast i can finish it.


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    Thank you for the translation

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Chapter 6 - Part 4

    The chest was there, hidden behind the bed.

    A big bed, with silvery-white bed curtain, behind the bed there was an empty space.

    Not only it could accommodate a urine pot, it had big enough room for a large wooden chest.

    Inside the chest indeed there was a lady, a lady who recently took a bath, beautiful, fragrant, and unconscious.

    A pink silk towel covered her otherwise naked body. And the towel was not good enough to hide all those curves that could make any mans heart to palpitate.

    Chu Liuxiangs heart was also beating a few times faster.

    Not because of her pretty face, not because of her smooth and tender shoulder, and also not because of her beautiful pair of legs which were covered inadequately by the towel.

    He did not pay attention to these parts of her body, because from the beginning he happened to see something that took all his attention away.

    He saw a crescent moon.

    A crimson crescent moon, on top of one of that ladys immaculately white breast.

    Chu Liuxiang remembered Jiao Lin, remembered the handkerchief given by Jiao Lin, and he also remembered the carefully hand-weaved red crescent moon on the handkerchief.

    He closed the chests lid. And in a second, the chest was no longer inside the room.


    A big and heavy wooden chest, inside it there was a half-naked unconscious lady. Where could he bring it to? And what worse was he had heard that Hu Tiehua was in imminent danger. He couldnt ignore Hu Tiehua; he also could not ignore this lady. He had to fight Hu Tiehuas enemies and also both Yingzi and Xue Chuanxin.

    If someone else was in this kind of situation, he must be confused as to what he should do. Fortunately, he was not someone else, he knew what to do. That was because he was Chu Liuxiang.


    Among those armed-escort people who were drunk dead, there were some who were only half-dunk. And usually when a person is half-drunk, it is the moment when he will think that he is really sober.

    Indeed there was one person who believed that he saw someone came in carrying a big chest. Was this man a crazy man?

    This person immediately jumped up and wanted to kick that guys *** until he rolled out. But suddenly that guy who looked like an honest businessman touched his face and morphed into the most respected good friend.

    Fragrant commander Chu He shouted How did you come here?

    Chu Liuxiang did not offer any explanation.

    He had used the most effective way to divulge his identity.

    He took that bodyguard to an empty room, and then he passed the chest and the silk handkerchief to him.

    When the person inside the chest has regained her consciousness, show this handkerchief to her and tell her that you are Jiao Lins friend and Jiao Lin is her biological father. She has to wait here until I return.

    That bodyguard, who felt that he was still sober, suddenly felt that he was not sober at all. Because he could not understand a thing of what Chu Liuxiang had asked him to do.

    The only thing that he trusted was the person in front of him was Chu Liuxiang and whatever Chu Liuxiang asked him to do there would definitely nothing wrong with it.

    Therefore he immediately consented. Alright. I will wait for you; I will sit on top of this chest and wait for your return. But you have to come back fast because me and my friends would like to drink wine with you.


    Chu Liuxiang returned quickly. Once he saw Bai Yunsheng left and aunt Hua appeared, he immediately went back. But when he reached the yard, there werent any person to drink wine with him.

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    Chapter 6 - Part 5

    In this world there are many people who indulge in alcohol, and on the other hand there are also plenty who do not drink at all.

    Among those who do not drink, the reasons are varied. Some do not like to drink, some do not enjoy it, and some do not have excess money to buy it. There are also those who do not drink because they are afraid, afraid of getting illnesses, afraid of being condemned by their spouses and families for that matter.

    However, there are actually only two types of people who cant drink alcohol. The first one is the dead people and the second one is the unconscious drunkards who have drunk too much alcohol.


    When Chu Liuxiang returned, the only thing left in that yard was these two types of people.

    Some were dead, the rest were drunken-dead. In short, everyone was lying on the floor and didnt move.

    Only one person was not lying on the floor. The chest was still there.
    This person was sitting straight on top of the chest. Unfortunately this person was not the friend who wanted to have a drink with Chu Liuxiang.

    Once Chu Liuxiang saw her silver night outfit, he felt uneasy.

    He was not afraid of that person, but he was not happy to meet him too, perhaps as unhappy as when he met a porcupine.

    On the other hand, Xue Chuanxin seemed happy to meet Chu Liuxiang.

    Its really you. And now you are here. He smilingly said, This time Im right on the mark.

    So you have figured out it was me?

    Once I left the room, I have guessed that the chest was most probably hidden inside the room. I immediately went back but then the chest was nowhere to be found. Aside from fragrant commander Chu, who else has such an excellent speed?

    His smile became brighter, And luckily I also know that commander Chu has a good relationship with Chang Sheng agency. Thats why I came here to look for you. Otherwise I would not be able to have the chance to meet you today.

    Chu Liuxiang smiled bitterly and said, Next time if you meet this kind of thing again, please forget about me.

    I will definitely do that Xue Chuanxin sincerely said, Unfortunately there are people who are unforgotten.

    He suddenly let out a long sigh, Especially friends from Chang Sheng, maybe after today they will keep remembering about you.


    Why? Do you really dont know? If you didnt bring the chest here, right now perhaps they would still drink wine beatifically instead of being killed mercilessly by other?

    Killed by other? You were not the one who killed them?

    When I came, those who were supposed to be drunk were drunk and those who were supposed to be dead were dead.

    Xue Chuanxin sighed, The one who did it has awesome speed, luckily I know that commander Chu has never taken someones life, otherwise I would think that it was your deed.

    Chu Liuxiang didnt rub his nose. His nose was cold, his fingers were also cold. Xue Chuanxin suddenly asked, Dont you want to see the chests content?

    How is she?

    Nothing special, dead without knowing the reason.

    Chu Liuxiangs nose let out cold sweat, his countenance changed, even his oldest friends seldom saw Chu Liuxiang showed this kind of great sadness.

    Even though Chu Liuxiang was facing off a life and death situation with little or no hope, he wouldnt be this sad.

    That was because he remembered about Jiao Lin, a friend who had nothing else in the world, who deeply trusted and respected him. And to let the daughter of a friend like this to die while she was inside the chest, Chu Liuxiang felt that whatever he had done in his life, all of them was a pile of rubbish.

    Xue Chuanxin stood up and opened the chest.

    The first thing Chu Liuxiang saw was the yellowish silk handkerchief.

    The crescent moon was still as crimson as blood, but next to it there were two lines of blood-written words

    Chu Liuxiang was nosey. He Yulin died unpeacefully.

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    Thanks for continuing. I thought you left ... I wish you a good stamina to finish this story.

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    Chapter 6 - Part 6

    He Yulin was the friend who previously sat on top of the chest waiting for Chu Liuxiang to be back and with whom Chu Liuxiang was going to drink wine afterwards.

    The one inside the chest apparently was not Jiao Lins daughter, but He Yulin.

    Where did Jiao Lins daughter go?

    Xue Chuanxin closed the lid slowly, and then he looked at Chu Liuxiang sympathetically.

    Being nosey is not a bad thing. A busybody is usually someone who has the capability to be so. Unfortunately when a person is too nosey, sometimes it could bring harm to him and also to those around him.

    Xue Chuanxin stretched his body and said, Perhaps this is the dead end. I believe both of us do not know what has really happened here earlier. If you like this chest, you can have it and of course that includes the person who is in it. Farewell.

    He smiled at Chu Liuxiang and then his body shot like a silver arrow, passed through the window towards the front yard.

    Unfortunately, when he landed he saw Chu Liuxiang had already been waiting for him there.

    Xue Chuanxin sighed and said, Today I do not want to accompany you to drink wine, and also do not have the mood to fight with you. So why do you have to follow me?

    I only want to ask, where did Yingzi kidnapped that lady from? What is her name? Where does she live? What does she do? Why are there so many people who want to kidnap her, even a ninja who came from faraway Japan also wants to have her?

    Xue Chuanxin looked befuddled.

    You dont know all of these things? He said, You dont even know who she is?


    So why do you put your nose into this matter?

    Accidentally I recognized her as the daughter of a friend of mine who had been missing for years.

    Xue Chuanxin was startled and after a while he then said, I can answer your questions but first I would like you to tell me who is that friend of yours?

    He is just a moneyless vagrant, even if I told you his name, you will not know about him.

    Xue Chuanxin stayed silent for a long time and suddenly he asked, Is he Jiao Lin?

    Now it was Chu Liuxiangs turn to be startled, How do you know that he is Jiao Lin? Do you know Jiao Lin?

    Suddenly Xue Chuanxin smiled. It seemed that he liked to smile as well. And his smile was really charming, enough to charm both men and women.

    When he was smiling, from his waistband a myriad of silver beams was shot, his body flitted towards Chu Liuxiang. His palm attacked Chu Liuxiangs throat and his right hand boxed Chu Liuxiangs ribs.

    All three attacks were fatal moves and done within such a short time. Only someone who is facing against strong adversary with abysmal hatred will resort to such attack.

    However between Chu Liuxiang and him there was no such deep grudge. So why was he so bent to silence Chu Liuxiang?

    Chu Liuxiang fell, fell straight. Just before his body touched the ground, it darted away. Thirteen silver darts whose size was slightly bigger that a needle missed their mark, the same happened to the palm and the fist attack.

    Chu Liuxiang almost hit the wall from the ongoing force he exerted earlier, but just before he hit the wall, his body sprung up and he was standing on top of the wall.

    Xue Chuanxins face was wan, he took off his waistband and from it he unsheathed a golden sword which emanating silver rays.

    The swords light flashed and the sword was stabbing towards the neck like a viper.

    Xue Chuanxin own throat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxs View Post
    Thanks for continuing. I thought you left ... I wish you a good stamina to finish this story.

    yea, still here, dislike leaving unfinished work.
    thanks for the well wishes
    good luck to you too

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    Good story, with great fight scenes. The only thing with such an invincible hero is that I find myself wanting to worry about him a bit more. Does anyone else find this?

    Thanks s182t!

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    Thank you for the translation.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year,

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    Chapter 6 - Part 7

    However, Chu Liuxiangs reaction was even faster. A pebble hit Xue Chuanxin's arm joint, causing his arm to lose its strength.

    He then heard Chu Liuxiang asked, Why did you do that? Why did you choose to die?

    Because I want you to die! Xue Chuanxins tone was still sounding haughty and cold. If you want others to die, you have to prepare to die as well.

    In your hand there was still a sword, why didnt you try to attack once again?

    A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Once you have lost, there is no need to try again.

    Xue Chuanxin ostentatiously said, I have roamed Jianghu for years, have experienced countless carnal pleasure activities, have lived for long enough, then why do I have to endure the shame just to prolong my life? I have killed countless people; it is only natural if one day I have to die in others hand as well.

    What if I dont want to kill you?

    Xue Chuanxin snickered, Chu Liuxiang, I know you have high martial arts prowess, but if you think that there is nothing in this world that you cant do, then you are mistaken.

    Xue Chuanxin shouted, This is one of the things you cant do!

    His right arm could not move, but he still had his left hand and this hand was also wielding a morbid weapon.

    A 3 inches poisonous needle, when he grasped his left fist tightly, this needle will protrude out from a silver ring worn on his ring finger.

    Chu Liuxiang, if you want to save life, save someone elses life, farewell!

    One he lifted his hand; the needle was only a few inches away from his forehead. However, out of a sudden this hand could not move any further.

    Thats because Chu Liuxiang had grasped his wrist, with a power that only Chu Liuxiang knew its limit.

    Xue Chuanxin was consternated. He glared at Chu Liuxiang, I am not you friend, if I was stronger than you, you would have died under my hand! Why do you insist to not letting me die?

    I also dont know the reason. Chu Liuxiang placidly said, Maybe because I have started to like you.

    Do you really want me to live?

    I guess so.

    Xue Chuanxin sighed and with a weird tone he said, If that is the case then perhaps you will be the one who is going to die.

    When he exhaled, a tenuous smoke came out from inside his mouth and the smoke spread over Chu Liuxiangs face.

    Chu Liuxiangs face was contracting. He stared at Xue Chuanxin, wanted to speak but no voice came out from his mouth. His hand lost its strength and he slowly fell on to the ground.

    Xue Chuanxin coldly said, I didnt ask you to save me, you did it on your own volition. Therefore, I owe you nothing.


    end of chapter 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by disrupt View Post
    Good story, with great fight scenes. The only thing with such an invincible hero is that I find myself wanting to worry about him a bit more. Does anyone else find this?

    Thanks s182t!

    you're welcome.
    honestly, i do want to see clx suffers a crushing defeat once lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Han Solo View Post
    Thank you for the translation.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year,

    Han Solo

    thanks. happy holidays to you too.

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    Hey guys, we're now voting for our favourite novel over at the Wuxia Fiction forum!

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    Chapter 7 The Highest Bid

    Aunt Hua kept smiling; she kept looking at Hu Tiehua with a sweet smile on her face.

    Her smile was extolled by others. To say that her smile was able to entice all the people inside a room was really not a presumptuous saying. That was because there was only one person inside the room aside from her.

    The hole in the wall had been temporarily closed with a wooden board. Black bamboo pole was listlessly sleeping inside the other room. On the table the food and wine were left intact.

    Hu Tiehua had been having a headache because of Aunt Huas smile. He barely could sit straight because of it.

    Why did you ask black bamboo pole and his friends to kill Shi Tianwang? Hu Tiehua asked Aunt Hua.

    Who asked you to do that? Why do you want to do it?

    Because I do not want to see a beautiful flower being thrown into a pile of cow dung.

    You also do not consent to this marriage?

    Hu Tiehua appeared to be a little bit dismayed. He then asked, It was butler Hua who asked me to send Yujian princess to Shi Tianwang. He told me that he is your second brother, and yet you sent people to kill the groom?

    Because if the groom suddenly died, then the marriage will be annulled. And then many people will feel exulted and there will be no more turmoil in Jianghu.

    Hu Tiehua frowned, You second brother is the butler from Yujian village. Are you Mr. Dus disciple?

    Can be said so, but that is not entirely true as well.

    Then to whom are you pledging your allegiance?

    That is not something you need to ask, you know very well that I have always belong to a particular person. Aunt Hua smiled enchantingly, I have always been yours, in the past and also in the present.

    Hu Tiehua wanted to scream for help. He knew that Chu Liuxiang was in the proximity, he saw him a while ago. And right now Hu Tiehua really wished that Chu Liuxiang still had a little bit of compassion left in his heart and come into the room to drink wine with them. That little deed would definitely save his life. Because he knew that the frivolous Aunt Hua could do anything once she had been intoxicated by the wine.

    Goodness, Hu Tiehua screamed, A proverb says, A hero uses his mouth not his hand, how could you turn out to be like this?

    I originally am not a hero, Im your mother. Aunt Hua giggled incessantly, Arent you my sweet boy?

    No, I am not.

    Apparently Chu Liuxiang still had some conscience and he came to help Hu Tiehua. Although the voice of this person was slightly different than that of Chu Liuxiangs, thats not entirely strange because Chu Liuxiang could camouflage his real voice as easy as a prostitute can put whatever expressions her patrons want to see.

    He wore a tight silver outfit. Ostentatious and lewd expressions were shown on his pallid yet handsome face. He acted like he was the most handsome guy in the world and every woman all around the world would kneel down and beg him to let them to wash his feet. And he carried a big wooden chest which looked heavy.

    Hu Tiehua groaned inwardly. He really could not fathom why this time Chu Liuxiang emulated someone so annoying.

    Aunt Hua sighed and said, "When you were expected to come, you were nowhere to be seen. But just when you are not expected, here you are. Cant you do something benefitting others at least once in your life?

    "Right now I am doing something good actually. This man smiled.
    I am sure that there will be someone here who will be grateful to me later on.

    Hu Tiehua glared at him then suddenly he jumped and said, "Not right. This man is not Chu Liuxiang, I am sure of it.

    Who said he is Chu Liuxiang? He is not! Aunt Hua said, If he was Chu Liuxiang, I will change my name!

    Who is he?

    My surname is Xue. Xue Chuanxin said, "Even though you do not know me, but I have long admired big hero Hu.

    You know me?"

    Big hero Hu is a scrupulous man, open-minded and heroic. In Jianghu who doesn't know that? He smiled again. Hero Hu liquor tolerance is also very well-known. Thats why I come here to drink a cup or two of wine with you.

    Hu Tiehua suddenly felt that this guy was not that annoying after all. In fact he began to think that this guy was pretty amiable.

    Do you always carry a big chest whenever you go to drink wine with anyone? Hu Tiehua couldn't help but asked, What is it inside the chest? Food or drink?

    If you want to eat it, steam it with some condiments and soy sauce. That may make it edible though I do not know about its taste.

    Can it be eaten as snack while we are drinking wine? Will it taste good?

    That depends, Xue Chuanxin said, That depends on whether you are a cannibal or not.

    Hu Tiehua was flabbergasted. He asked, Inside the chest is a person? Dead person or alive one?

    Up until now he is still alive but can also be considered as dead. In short he is a half dead man.

    Why do you put him into a chest?

    Because I couldnt find anything else big enough to fit this person.

    Hu Tiehua rubbed his nose, after a while he then laughed and tilted his head, I know that there is a big pan in this taverns kitchen. Lets steam this person and later we eat him as a snack. What do you think about this?

    Xue Chuanxin laughed and he laughed even more merrily than Hu Tiehua. if you knew who this person is I bet you will not say such thing.

    Of course Hu Tiehua didn't really plan to eat human. The only 'person' that he can eat is the candy-cane that was shaped like person. He only liked to joke around, especially if the other party said something idiosyncrasy. He would then think of something even more jocular in order to quip him, otherwise he would lose his sleep over that.

    But right now this person words seemed to carry a particular meaning. If he didn't probe until everything's clear, Hu Tiehua definitely wouldn't be able to sleep that night.

    Who is it inside the chest? Someone I know?

    Not only you know this person but you are also very close to him. Xue Chuanxin said, And not only very close but can be said a bosom buddy.

    Hearing Xue Chuanxin used a serious tone, Hu Tiehua was even more curious, I have many fiends, which one are you talking about?

    Who is you best friend?

    Chu Liuxiang.

    Then the one I meant was Chu Liuxiang.

    Hu Tiehua was consternated. He said, Are you saying that the one inside this chest is Chu Liuxiang? Did you put Chu Liuxiang inside this chest?

    Xue Chuanxin breathed deeply, Originally I wanted to kill him, but I didn't have the heart to do so. However, I also did not want to let him go, that's why I put him into this chest. But if there is someone who wants to eat him I won't object to it.

    Hu Tiehua opened wide his eyes and glared at Xue Chuanxin, but suddenly he laughed so hard and said, You are very funny. I had never known that there is someone who is a bigger braggart than me in this world.

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    Chapter 7 - Part 2

    Xue Chuanxin laughingly said, "To tell a believable boast is not easy indeed"

    "Unfortunately this time you are too pompous, Chu Liuxiang was put inside the chest by you?, that's a tad too difficult to believe.

    Once again Xue Chuanxin heaved a sigh, I also know that nobody will believe it.

    Suddenly Hu Tiehua showed an angry face and he said, "If you've already known that Chu Liuxiang is my best friend, then why did you make a joke out of him? Dont you know that this is not funny at all?

    You are right, Xue Chuanxin consented, This joke is not funny at all.

    Both of you are not funny! aunt Hua said angrily, If you do not accompany me to drink wine right away, I will chase you out with a broom.

    To be chased away with a broom is not a funny thing, therefore all of them started to drink wine, too bad there was not much wine left and the time was getting very late.

    Aunt Hua shook the wine jar and said, It seems like each of us will have no more than 3 cups of wine left to drink. Afterwards each of us will go on our separate way to find a place to spend the night and to clear up our mind.

    Wrong, totally wrong! Hu Tiehua yelled while slamming the table, We have drunk until this stage and if suddenly we have to stop drinking that's worse than being beheaded!

    I also know that this is not nice at all but at this hour where could we find wine to drink?

    Of course there are still some places at which we could buy wine even at this hour.

    There are? But who can find such places?


    For this kind of thing, Hu Tiehua indeed was unparalleled. In fact if in the world there was only one jar of wine left, the one who could find that jar of wine would definitely be Hu Tiehua.

    Aunt Hua giggled, If you can find some wine and bring it here, then I will acknowledge that you are the most filial son in this entire world.

    Being a pious son is a choice but without wine is not a choice. Therefore Hu Tiehua went out lightning fast, faster than when he had to run for his life.

    When his shadow had been engulfed by the darkness, aunt Hua's smile subsided; she stared at Xue Chuanxin and asked, What is the thing inside that chest, actually?

    Xue Chuanxin ignored her, as if he didn't hear her query. Furthermore, he even asked a question that shouldn't be asked at that time, Do you think my earlier joke was funny or not?"

    "Not at all"

    "I thought so too, and Hu Tiehua definitely also thought the same. Xue Chuanxin said But there is one more person who feels that it really was not funny at all.

    Chu Liuxiang.
    Because the person inside the chest is him.

    Aunt Hua looked at Xue Chuanxin as if he had engendered extra 18 heads with 36 horns.

    Did you really put Chu Liuxiang into that chest?


    Why did you do that?

    Because he seemed to know something he shouldnt know. Furthermore, he has some kind of relationship with Jiao Lin.

    Aunt Hua countenance changed abruptly, she then asked with a low voice, How much does he know about this matter?

    I dont know, but I cant take the risk. I cant let him to thwart our plan.

    Then what do you plan to do next?

    I will bring him home and incarcerate him until this whole matter has passed away.

    How long can you imprison him? Can you guarantee that he will not run away?
    Aunt Hua said, He can free himself from a place that even a fly will not be able to get out. As long as he is still alive, there is no guarantee that he will not run away.

    What is your suggestion?

    The only way to imprison someone like Chu Liuxiang is by killing him. Only dead person will not be able to run away.

    Do you want me to kill him?

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    Chapter 7 - Part 3

    “It’s already too late to back off, since you have started it then why not see it to the very end?”

    Xue Chuanxin looked at her while shaking his head, he wryly smiled, “The cruellest thing in this world is a woman’s heart, and apparently this aphorism is 100% true.”

    Aunt Hua coldly smiled, “You can’t do it? Don’t tell me that you are a scrupulous person.”

    “I am not a scrupulous person; I am a sly, dangerous and cruel person.” Xue Chuanxin proclaimed it haughtily. “However, in this case I can't proceed with your suggestion.”


    “Do you know how did I subjugate him? He fell into my trap because he wanted to help me! If he had wanted to kill me, my demise was certain! There is no denying that I am a cruel and evil person but I am definitely not a despicable scum!”

    Aunt Hua heaved a sigh, “Alright, I concede that you are a man of principle, a stalwart person, but I am not. What you can’t do, I can do it.”

    “I guarantee that you also can’t do it.” Xue Chuanxin coldly said, “Because I won’t let you to do it.”

    “If I insist on doing it, what can you do?”

    “Nothing.” A gentle smile was again shown on Xue Chuanxin’s face. “There is nothing I can do unto you. At most I can only maim your hands lightly. Once you touch that chest, I will take your smooth white hands and put them into a nice box and bring them home as a memento.”

    Aunt Hua’s face became pale. She gazed on Xue Chuanxin and after quite some time then she started to smile again.

    “Calm down, I will not touch the chest. Beside Chu Liuxiang is not the kind of person that someone can just put him into a chest.” She giggled, “I surmise the one inside the chest is not Chu Liuxiang but a young woman who was bewitched by your flowery words.”

    Suddenly Xue Chuanxin clasped his hands and said, “This time what you’re saying is true, perhaps there is no human inside the chest, just a pile of worthless bricks.” He let out a foxy laugh. “But on the other hand we also couldn’t dismiss the possibility that Chu Liuxiang is indeed inside that chest.”

    He looked at aunt Hua with sparkling eyes, “Do you want to know the real content of that chest?”


    “Then why don’t you offer a price to buy this chest. Once it is yours, you can do as you like and I will not interfere.”

    Aunt Hua stared into Xue Chuanxin’s foxy eyes and she asked, “How much do you want for that chest?”

    “100,000 tael. I know that right now you have at least 100,000 tael with you.”

    Aunt Hua was shocked, “100,000 tael! You asked me to pay 100,000 tael for a chest?”

    “If Chu Liuxiang is really inside the chest, I think that price can be considered inexpensive.”

    “What if there’s only brick inside the chest? How do you ask me to answer to Mr. Du?”

    Xue Chuanxin smiled, “That’s your business, not mine.”

    Aunt Hua stared at him for a long time, and then she clasped her hands and uttered, “Alright! I’ll buy it.”

    However, this transaction was not completed as right before Xue Chuanxin was going to receive the cheque, someone shouted, “I will pay 110,000 tael!”

    Apparently, Yingzi was not dead yet, and right now she came wearing lustrous apparels which made her looked even more beautiful than when she was not wearing anything, just like a fully bloomed cherry blossom.

    Aunt Hua had never been polite towards women especially those who were younger and prettier than her. Therefore she didn’t even spare a glance and directly asked Xue Chuanxin, “This Japanese woman, where does she come from?”

    “Japanese woman definitely comes from Japan.”

    “What thing is she?”

    “She is not a thing; she is a woman, just like you.” Xue Chuanxin smiled, “And she is more generous than you.”
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    Classic GL line which has been used in other novels.

    “What thing is she?”

    “She is not a thing; she is a woman"

    Thanks for translation.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Hey everyone
    I was wondering if anyone is taking on this project? The story is getting to an interesting part so I can't wait to find out what happens next. :-)

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    Chapter 7 - Part 4

    “She only pays 10,000 tael more and you are going to sell the chest to her?”

    “10,000 tael is also money and with it I can buy many things, I could buy more women or perhaps even more men.”

    Yingzi laughed mellifluously.

    No one knew how she managed to free herself from Xue Chuanxin, but for a beautiful woman who had been trained in Ninjutsu for the last 17 years of her life; to escape from a man’s hand shouldn’t be a difficult thing.

    Furthermore, Xue Chuanxin’s target was not her.

    Aunt Hua finally turned her face; she gawked at Yingzi and asked, “Why do you want to pay 110,000 tael for a chest?”

    Yingzi ignored her, she asked Xue Chuanxin, “Young master Xue, may I be honest? Do you think after listening to what I am going to say this old lady will get angry?

    “She won’t.” Xue Chuanxin chuckled and said, “How could an old lady get angry over a child’s remark?”

    “If that so, please tell her that there are three reasons why I want to buy that chest.”

    “What are they?”

    “First, because I have the money; second, because I like it; and third, it’s none of her business.”

    Xue Chuanxin laughed loudly. Outside, somebody was also laughing, and his laughter was even louder. That person was Hu Tiehua and he carries with him two wine-jars. It seems that he had been eavesdropping for quite some time.

    He was an alcoholic but was not the kind of alcoholic who cares for nothing but drinking. If he was that kind of alcoholic, he would have lost his life a long time ago.

    “Now I may believe that inside this chest there is Chu Liuxiang. But there is also a possibility that nothing is inside this chest. Thus, whoever wants to buy this chest has to gamble with his luck.” Hu Tiehua jestingly said. “Whoever gives the highest bid, he will be the new owner of this chest. But if after spending so much money and yet there is nothing inside the chest, I bet that person will not die in peace.”

    Xue Chuanxin said, “So, are you also going to bet?”

    “It just happens that I am not only a drunkard but also a gambler as well.”

    “Right now there is a person who is willing to pay 110,000 tael, so what would be your bid then?”

    “Of course I have to bid slightly higher,” Hu Tiehua said without blinking his eyes, “I will pay 200,000 tael.”

    “200,000 tael?” Xue Chuanxin asked in disbelieve. “Do you have 200,000 tael with you right now?”

    “No, I don’t even have 1 tael. But I do have two jars of wine.” Hu Tiehua nonchalantly said, “At this kind of moment, 100,000 tael for a jar of wine can be considered a good bargain. If you were in a desert where there is nothing there, not even a hare’s urine, even if you had 1 million tael, you would not be able to buy a jar of wine.”


    Not only aunt Hua did not get angry, she even smiled sweetly, “If there is a person who disagrees, I will help him pay the 200,000 tael.”

    Yingzi also consented, “at this late, 100,000 tael for a jar of wine is indeed reasonable.” She gently said, “Young master Xue, let’s consider those jars of wine as 200,000 tael.”

    “Ok.” Xue Chuanxin smiled, “as you wish then.”

    “Can we raise the price by a little?”

    “I think we can’t.”

    Yingzi’s voice was getting more melodious, “In case I could pay a higher price, can I do so?”

    “Of course you can.” Xue Chuanxin joyfully replied.

    “It doesn’t matter how high you are going to bet, I will not object to it.”

    “I bet 300,000 tael then.”

    “Good, very good,” Xue Chuanxin laughed, “very good indeed.”

    It has to be paid in cash but If there’s no cash the cheque was also accepted. Of course the cheque that can be liquidated anywhere.

    Aunt Hua and Hu Tiehua looked at each other. Both persons didn’t have that much of money. Therefore, even though they had a different plan they could do nothing but to be the spectators only.

    But this deal was not the final deal as well, because Yingzi was not the highest bidder. There was another person who gave a higher bid.

    “Three hundreds thousands taels is still not high enough.”

    Someone was suddenly heard saying, “in order to buy Chu Liuxiang, Three hundreds thousands taels is not enough. Even three millions taels is still not enough!”

    No one could figure out where did the voice come from, suddenly the chest that they wanted to purchase was opened from inside. Someone was slowly getting up from inside the chest. He rubbed his nose and said, “I will pay thirty millions taels.”

    Xue Chuanxin was not someone who showcased his emotion. People even believed that he might not show any emotion even if he witnessed his wife fell into a river. But right now his expression was like if someone had cut off his ear and forced him to eat it.

    It was trenchant that Chu Liuxiang fell into his trick and he himself had closed three main accupoints in Chu Liuxiang’s body subsequently. Chu Liuxiang was not supposed to be moving within at least three days.

    Xue Chuanxin had always had tremendous faith in his anaesthetic fragrance and his accupoint sealing technique. But right now Chu Liuxing was standing in the chest, like a person who had finished bathing and emerged from the bathtub; clean, vivacious, rapture and extremely sober.

    The anaesthetic fragrance which cost him three hundreds taels and his accupoint sealing technique that he had trained himself in for the last 17-18 years were useless against Chu Liuxiang.

    Right after he stood up from inside the chest, a wine jar flew toward him. Chu Liuxiang opened the lid, raised the jar, chin up and gulped down the wine. In short time he had drunk two to three pound of wine.

    Hu Tiehua guffawed, “I thought this bastard was really dying, unbelievably he could still drink like a thirsty dog. In few seconds has finished my tens of thousands taels wine without any care to my heart pain.”

    Chu Liuxiang laughed, “it is a shame to waste it. Not everyday you could drink a hundred thousand taels wine.”

    “Why don’t you drink till death then? I want to see it.”

    The happier they laughed, the quieter the rest of the people inside the room.

    “there is something that I don’t understand, and I have to know it.” Hu Tiehua inquired. “Young master Xue is a tight lipped person. but if the opposite party has been subdued and put into a chest, he definitely won’t guard against that person. most of the times the hostage can hear many things that others will not likely to tell in normal condition.”

    “What have you listened to then?” Hu Tiehua asked again, “Have you comprehended the thing that was abstruse to you earlier?”

    “At least I have understood some parts of it.”

    Chu Liuxiang looked at Xue Chuanxin and smiled, “At least I know that you and aunt Hua are Mr. Du’s people. The two of you have been planning something grand for Mr. Du and the key to this plan is Jiao Lin’s daughter. Because I have seen her and know her background, you then attacked me.”

    Even though Xue Chuanxin still was not able to smile, he couldn’t help but asked, “just because you want to know about all of these, you purposely let me to sedate you? What if I didn’t put you into a chest but killed you instead? Weren’t you going to die in vain?”

    “I knew you were not going to kill me, you are not this cruel.” Chu Liuxiang added, “But if you had wanted to kill me, I might not die as well.”

    He caressed his nose again, “To use a fragrance to fight against me is akin to hit a dog using a piece of beef. Not only useless, it is a wasteful thing.”

    “How about the sealed accupoint? I don’t believe that you have no accupoint.”
    “Of course I have. Not even one less.” Chu Liuxiang answered, “it is just that I could change the location of my accupoints by a little bit.”

    This time it was Xue Chuanxin who rubbed his nose.

    “Meeting someone like you perhaps I had done so many wicked deeds in my previous life and have done many bad things in my present life.” Xue Chuanxin bitterly smiled. “Right now I only want to ask you for a little favour.”

    “What is it?”

    “Put me into the chest and throw it into the river.”

    Of course Xue Chuanxin didn’t really mean for Chu Liuxiang to help him, because he can put others into the chest, he can also put himself into it. This is not a difficult thing to do. The chest was wide open, he lifted one of his leg and stepped into the chest. To his surprised the moment he stepped in, the chest made from high quality wood was broken into smithereens.

    “This must be your doing as well; you must have done something on this chest.” Xue Chuan xin looked at Chu Liuxiang while smiling bitterly, “Why did you do this?”

    “Because I find that it is uncomfortable to be inside a chest.” Chu Liuxiang continued, “If I think it is not comfortable, I believe others may find it uncomfortable as well. So why would I let others to do something that is uncomfortable to them?”

    Chu Liuxiang tapped Xue Chuanxin shoulder lightly, “if you don’t want to be in my debt, then you can help me to do something very soon.”

    Xue Chuanxin said, “What do you want me to do? What can I help you?”

    Yingzi had wanted to flee since a long time ago but she dared not to do so. Because she knew that it was almost impossible to run away from these people. She had hoped that Chu Liuxiang put Xue Chuanxin into the chest. She had been waiting for this, because aside from Xue Chuanxin, no one inside the room knew her background. Once Xue Chuanxin had been put into the chest, she could leisurely sauntered off, there’s no need to flee.

    But not in her wildest dream she could imagine that Chu Liuxiang let Xue Chuanxin go. She felt that Chinese people were weird; they could set free the person who tried to wickedly harm them.

    In her country, this thing will never happen. Sometimes, just because of a trivial matter they will slit their guts open with a ‘samurai’. They can’t forgive themselves let alone forgiving another person.

    It’s unperceivable for her, but she found that Chu Liuxiang was smiling at her. A tepid and cordial smile. Out of the blue she felt that her heart was skipping beats. But it was Chu Liuxaing words that startled her.

    “I have seen cheery blossom. In your country, the cherry will blossom once the spring has arrived. I once laid down under a cherry tree, listening to a lady playing ‘samisen’ while singing a love song.” Chu Liuxiang sighed, “Unfortunately that lady was not as pretty as the cherry blossom and her name was not Yingzi.”

    Yingzi remembered that she had used the same sentence earlier but that was when she and Xue Chuanxin were alone. How could others knew about it. She knew about Chu Liuxiang, years ago she had heard there was a titular hero in china who’s enigmatic and romantic.

    The only thing she didn’t guess was that Chu Liuxiang was really this awesome and yet still so young.

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    Just want to say: welcome back! I was afraid you might abandon this story.

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