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Thread: Chu LiuXiang: Legend of the Crescent Moon ( 新月传奇)

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    Quote Originally Posted by s182t View Post
    but if i were you, i will just read the book itself because i don't think
    i am doing a good job with the translation (no, i am not being humble or fishing for compliment here )
    Honest, it will take me a lot longer to read the book, since I rely heavily on the dictionary. Funny as it is, (and I am not the only one, another translator said the same thing to me) whenever I want to reread Jin Yong's Trilogy, for example, I would read my own translation ...

    As for compliment, we are partners, aren't we? We are doing this for our love of wuxia. Therefore, keep it up! Don't give up. (so that I can read it later ... Bwa ha ha ...)

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    Chapter 9 - Part 3

    It was not midnight yet but Chu Liuxiang had fallen asleep already. He wasnt sleeping on Xiao Qings bed; he was reposing inside a carriage.

    Chu Liuxiang liked to sleep inside a carriage, when he woke up he would already be in a new place. A place he had never visited before. To him, this was a kind of joy as well.

    To Chu Liuxiang, traveling and sleeping were uninteresting things and also a waste of time. However when they were done simultaneously, they became interesting.

    In this world there are plenty of these kinds of things. In human life, myriads of things are boring and unfortunately unavoidable as well. But for those who strive to enjoy life, they will find a way to ameliorate it.

    The carriage was traveling at high speed yet Chu Liuxiang could still sleep so soundly. Suddenly, the carriage window was opened lightly and someone surreptitiously entered the carriage.

    Her waist was slim and agile. Her pair of legs was limber. After a light maneuver, she sat in front of Chu Liuxiang. She hawked at Chu Liuxiang with her pair of big and clear eyes.

    Chu Liuxiang seemed to be oblivious of his surrounding.

    He slept like a slouchy cat. It is not easy to wake a slouchy cat up but Yingzi seemed to know the trick.

    First she would give the cat slightly the smell of fish. A cat once it has smelled the fish and still not waking up, it is not just a lazy cat but a dead cat instead.

    In the carriage there was no fish then how can there was smell of fish?

    It was Yingzi who became the fish, exactly the type of fish that a cat like Chu Liuxiang was fond of. And indeed Chu Liuxiang was stirred right away.

    Although his eyes were still closed, his hand had grasped the hand of that fish. Dont do that, or I will spank you.

    Yingzi giggled, I knew that you were not really sleeping. But, if you are not going to open your eyes right away, I am going to eat you.

    Cat eats fish, but sometimes it is the other way around.

    Chu Liuxiang sighed, opened his eyes and caressed his nose. Can you tell me, why do you have to disturb my sleep? Why dont you leave me alone?

    I cant sleep; therefore you are also not allowed to sleep.

    Why cant you fall asleep?

    I have my worries.

    You have worries? Chu Liuxiang pretended to be baffled, How could you also have worries?

    Because I have heard something that I shouldnt. Yingzi said, Well, you wont let me to listen to it if not for the fact that you were drunk that night. You drank too merrily which resulted to you lowering your guard. If you remember, I am a ninja. And my specialty is in gathering information.

    Chu Liuxiang had a somber expression, So you have heard everything then.

    Exactly because I have eavesdropped everything that I am puzzled. You had decided to go after Shi Tianwang and when was asked the same thing by Ishida with 1.5 millions of taels of reward, you rejected him instead. Why did you do that? It was 1.5 millions, not only 150 taels. Did you think that he was a nice guy and decided not to take advantage of him?


    In that case why did you extort 300,000 taels from me, a woman that needs to be commiserated?

    You peeped on someone when shes bathing and you also put her into a chest.

    Yingzi looked at him for a long time; she then heaved a sigh and said, I knew youre not telling the truth. You did not accept Ishidas money because you despise people like him and feeling indignant to work for him. Once you dislike a person, you wont work for him not even in exchange for the whole wealth in the world.

    Chu Liuxiang smiled, In that case since I took your money, then that means that I like you.

    Yingzi again stared at him for a long time and finally she said, I like you too, like you more than anyone else, even more than the princess. I also know that you dont really like me but my feeling for you is sincere.

    She held Chu Liuxiangs hand, But I really cant understand your way of thinking. Ishida wants to fight Shi Tianwang because Shi Tianwang took away his beloved concubine. And for what reason you are going to fight Shi Tianwang? Is it really because of that princess?

    Chu Liuxiang didnt answer, instead he asked, Ishidas favorite concubine have been taken away by Shi Tianwang and therefore he asked you to kidnap his future bride. But inside the Jade sword mountain village, there are plenty of first class martial arts master, how was it possible for you to kidnap her?

    Three months ago I supplanted a maid named Xianger whose job was mainly to serve the princess in shower.

    She continued in heartfelt manner, Maybe you dont know about this. The princess is someone who really likes cleanliness. She never wears anything more than once. Hence, every now and then she will give away her clothes, chest after chest to somebody else.

    So at that time, instead of the used clothes, you sent away the person who once used those clothes. Chu Liuxiang took a breathe, Listening to your explanation, things seem to be so simple.

    Yes, that simple. In this world there is plethora of things which look complex and inextricable in the beginning but in actuality are really simple things.

    Her countenance suddenly changed to serious, But it is really not a simple thing to sneak into the Heavenly king, Shi Tianwangs grand ship. Even for you, the invincible fragrant hero, perhaps that is still impossible.

    I see.

    In one month, he will stay there for about 20 odd days. In order to see him, you have to climb the ship. But in order to climb up the ship you have to know where it is. And right know you dont know about it.

    It does make a lot of sense. To do this thing is not simple at all.

    Yingzi smiled again, with the smile that resembled the blossoming flower. Luckily that problem can be rectified. No matter how difficult a problem is, there is always a way to solve it.

    And what is the solution?

    You only need to find someone who can solve it for you.

    Who is that person?


    Yingzi pointed her beautiful tiny nose with her equally beautiful finger. I am the one!

    Chu Liuxiang also smiled, even more heartily, Well if that is so then my luck is not bad at all. Without looking, I can find someone I need.

    I have long heard that you are a very lucky person.

    But why do you want to help me?

    Firstly because I am in good mood, secondly, I want to. Yingzi looked at Chu Liuxiang longingly with her seductive eyes, And lastly because I like you.

    Why do you suddenly like me? Did Ishida give hundreds of thousands of taels to you for this task?

    How could you say that? Yingzi was slightly angry, Why is it that everyone always look down on me. I also have feeling.

    Right, right, I know that you are a sentimental person. I also know that without you I cant find the ship. Chu Liuxiang spoke softly, But do you know what is the thing that I really want to do right now?

    I dont know. Yingzi winked her eyes; her voice became even sweeter, I really dont know.

    I believe that, Chu Liuxiangs voice was getting gentler, I believe that not only you do not know, you also never imagine it!

    Yingzi replied with coy attitude, Maybe I know, maybe I have guessed it.

    She had never guessed it.

    Because once she finished saying that sentence, Chu Liuxiang opened the carriages door and threw her out like a ball.

    End of Chapter 9

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    Don't stop till I get enough! .....

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    Thanks s128t! Like a little drop of honey....
    Man is glue. You are man. How then can you step away from glue?

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    Thanks for the translation.

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    Default Thank you!

    This is captivating.

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    Thread is old, nonetheless I wanted to thank you for the reading thus far!

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