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Thread: Chu LiuXiang: Legend of the Crescent Moon ( 新月传奇)

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    Into another chapter. Keep it coming!


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    Chapter 3 - Part 2

    Chu Liuxiang laughed, he genuinely laughed. If you had this kind of friend, what will you do? Bite him?

    The girl with doe eyes smiled and said, Dont worry. He does not really want you to kiss his feet. He missed you so much; therefore he invited you to come here with a little trick. His purpose was only to have you to accompany him to drink wine.

    The girl kneeled beside the small table, poured some Nuerhong wine into a jade cup. Her hands were whiter than a white jade and one of her finger wore an emerald ring.

    Chu Liuxiang started to sit down. He stared at that girls hands like some sort of pervert. Whats your name? The girl gave an even sweeter smile. She passed the wine cup to Chu Liuxiang and said, I will tell you once you have finished this wine.

    That wont do, one cup wont be enough. Chu Liuxiang said, At least I have to drink 18 cups. He stretched out his arm, not to receive the cup but to hold that girls smooth and fair hand.

    That girl gave a coquettish smile, you are bad. You are really a bad person.
    I originally am not a good person. Chu Liuxiang gave a cunning smile, I can guarantee that I am 10 times worse than what you can imagine.

    A crack sound was heard. The girls pair of jade-white hands had been twisted until the bones were fractured. The wine cup in her hand was flicked by Chu Liuxiangs finger. The flying cup hit the waist of the slim girl.

    The emerald ring had also been taken of by Chu Liuxiang. With two fingers he flicked that ring towards the doe-eyed girl. It hit her shoulder acupoint. The moment that girl wanted to scream, she was already unable to move.

    Those three girls were shocked mute. They couldnt imagine that the person who looked like someone who adores beauty could inflict this sort of thing on them.

    The last girl who was the gentlest and most petite suddenly brought out a shiny dagger. She placed that dagger across Hu Tiehuas neck.

    Chu Liuxiang, I admire you, you are really great! I really dont know how did you manage to see our trick. She said with hatred, but dont you dare to move, otherwise I will slice his neck.

    Anyone could see that she wasnt giving an empty threat. In this world there is a type of girl, who may look tamer than a kitten, yet if forced by the situation, it will show its claws, and if it is needed it will claw you until you are dead. And there is no mistake that girl was that kind of girl.

    Hu Tiehua, even though he was still smiling but his pace has become pallid. However, Chu Liuxiang was nonchalant about it. Go ahead, do it with whatever method you have. He smiled and said, That neck is not mine, even if you sliced it I wont feel any pain.

    Chu Liuxiang sat again, with an expression similar to the expression of a person who is going to see a performance. You cut, I see, Chu Liuxiang smiled happily, to be able to see a pretty girl like you slicing a persons neck, I bet it will be an interesting sight.

    Hu Tiehua shouted, Interesting? You said interesting? What kind of friend are you?

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    Thanks for your hard work. I do wish we will have complete Chu Liuxiang, starting from Book 1. But ... first thing first: Here is to wish you all the best!

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    Chapter 3 - Part 3

    Chu Liuxiang smiled, The kind of friend like me is indeed rare. It is not easy to find even one. Today you are able to meet one, you are really lucky.

    That petite girl was starting to feel anxious, her pair of eyes which originally full of murderous intent starting to show fear.

    It was not that she was scared to kill Hu Tiehua, instead she was scared about what would happen after she had killed him. Would she be killed in the same way or in an even more gruesome way?

    Chu Liuxiang didnt say such things. He had never said something like that. That kind of thing was not able to be said by Chu Liuxiang. However, he was always able to let others to fantasize it themselves.

    The shiny dagger was still next to Hu Tiehuas neck. However, the hand which held the dagger had begun to show tremor.

    If you are not in a hurry to kill him, I will also take my own sweet time. Chu Liuxiang said, It is comfortable to sit here and moreover I am not an impatient person.

    He sighed, Too bad all the wines here cant be drunk. Because once you have drunk it, you will be like this Mr. Hu, sapped of strength.

    The hand which held the dagger shook incorrigibly. Will this situation continue? If it will, then until when? Suddenly she felt that this situation was not enjoyable at all.

    Chu Liuxiang seemed to know what she was thinking about. He suddenly gave a suggestion, If you dont want to continue this, I have a way to stop it.

    How? She quickly asked.
    You let me bring this Mr. Hu away, after we have gone, you can also leave. I will not hurt you; you should know that I am a person who always adores beauty.

    Fine, I trust you She said, I know Chu Liuxiang always keep his promise.
    The girl with the broken wrist, who all the while was enduring the pain suddenly shouted, We didnt do any mistake, and this Mr. Hu was also very obedient, he did whatever we instructed him to do. Hence, how could you know there is sedative inside the wine?

    Chu Liuxiang smiled and then he poured a cup of wine for that girl. I will tell you once you have finished this cup of wine.

    The wine must not be drunk. Therefore, they forever would not know how did Chu Liuxiang manage to uncover their secret.

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    Chapter 3 - Part 4

    Tall mountain,
    Flowing water.

    There was spring water which streamed down from that tall mountain, creating a small river with clear sparkling water.

    Hu Tiehua was still wearing the extravagant clothes. He was soaking himself in that river, fully dressed. That was because Chu Liuxiang insisted that by doing so he would be able to sober from the influence of the sedative agent faster. Hu Tiehua had no choice but to do it.

    He could only stare at Chu Liuxiang. He stared at him for quite some time and then he sighed. You are great! Not only you are suave and classy, you are also very smart! A genius like you, in this world there wont be another person who can match you! His voice became louder, If you consider yourself as world number 2, there will be no one who dares to claim to be the number 1.

    Chu Liuxiang was lying supine on a big rock at the riverside. His face showed happiness and content. I like to hear this kind of sentences. Please tell me some more.

    Of course I will continue saying it. But unfortunately, it was not meant for you.
    Not me? Then for whom?

    Me, myself. Hu Tiehua said, I said it for myself. Because, I am really smart and full of grandeur, to the point that I couldnt help but idolize myself.

    Once Chu Liuxiang was lying down, there were not many people who were able to make him to get up. But at that point of time, he immediately sprung up and looked at Hu Tiehua like he was seeing a ghost.

    Are you really admiring yourself? Do I hear it right?
    Yes, you hear it right. Your ears are definitely better than your nose, how could you hear it wrong then?

    I have saved you from a dangerous situation, to the point that others will admire me. You did not thank me, did not admire me, instead you were boasting about yourself. Chu Liuxiang shook his head and took a deep breath, In this case I think I should also admire you.

    Of course you should, Hu Tiehua said, If there was no me, how could you save me?

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    haha. . Hu Tiehua said true things.

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    Chapter 3 - Part 5

    Chu Liuxiang was dumbfounded.

    He had always known that Hu Tiehua had a thick skin but he never realized that it was that thick.

    However, Hu Tiehua had his own reasoning, We have been friends for as long as I could remember. Now I ask you, how many times have you seen me take a bath?

    Very seldom Chu Liuxiang tried to recall, Perhaps once or twice.

    Is it a difficult task to make me take a bath?

    Not really, just a little bit more difficult than to make a dog stop eating shit.

    Then, how about asking me to stop drinking?

    This one is really difficult. Chu Liuxiang took a deep breath, This is even more difficult than stopping you from touching a woman.

    In that kennel there was so much good wine, so many beautiful girls. But, when you found me, I was totally sober; I was so clean, even cleaner than the nascent you. Therefore, even a pig would be able to know there was something amiss. Hu Tiehua opened up his big mouth and smiled, And moreover you are slightly cleverer than a pig.

    Chu Liuxiang was at loss for words. Suddenly he felt that Hu Tiehua words were reasonable, very reasonable indeed.

    He only asked one question. A genius like you, how come you can be subjugated by 4 little girls?

    Hu Tiehuas answer was even more eccentric. Its precisely because they were 4 little girls. If they were 4 old men, theres no way I would be subdued.

    It sounds logical

    Seeing 4 beautiful girls like them, even though I was aware that there was sedative inside the wine, I would still drink the wine. Hu Tiehua bitterly smiled, Unfortunately, once I had drunk it all my strength was drained away.

    In that situation, how did you manage to run to the kennel?

    Of course I was the one who asked them to bring me there.

    Why did they agree to do so?

    Because of you. Hu Tiehua explained, I knew that they were also looking for you, but could not find you. So why didnt I show them the way.

    What way?
    The way to trick a dog to enter its house.

    Chu Liuxiang bitterly smiled. Now I know you are indeed a very good friend! Your expertise in involving others in your problem is also no. 1 in the world.

    If I didnt drag you, then who should I drag? If you didnt help me, then who will? Hu Tiehua opened wide his eyes, Furthermore, I did that to make you happy.

    To make me happy? Chu Liuxiang couldnt comprehend it, What was the happy thing for me?

    To be able to save a good friend like me from others hand, dont tell me that you are not happy. Hu Tiehua sternly said, If I didnt do that, how could you go to the kennel to look for me? And how could you save me in the end?

    Chu Liuxiang rubbed his nose and thought for a long time. Finally he admitted, That sounds logical. How come all your sentences are pretty logical?

    Suddenly Chu Liuxiang asked Hu Tiehua, Have you ever thought that perhaps they had no malicious intent against you. Maybe they just wanted to take you to their home to meet their parents?

    Chu Liuxiang himself represented Hu Tiehua to answer, I bet you have ever thought about it. Because your skill in daydreaming is unrivaled in this world.

    I dont have to daydream. Hu Tiehua said, A person like me, who is handsome, witty, brave and mature is indeed every girls dream man. I only need to flirt a little and if they were not madly in love with me afterwards then its a strange thing.

    And then why didnt you make them madly in love with you? Why did you need me to rescue you?

    Because, right now I have no time to play around. Suddenly Hu Tiehuas expression became solemn and mysterious. Right now I have a big matter I have to attend. I have to finish this task otherwise there will be chaos on earth and there would be a lot of people die.

    His tone was serious. Chu Liuxiang looked at him for a long time. There was not any trace of joking on Hu Tiehuas face.

    What is the big thing that you have to do?

    Hu Tiehua lowered his voice, I am going to help a friend to escort his daughter to get married to someone.

    Chu Liuxiang was almost angered to death, This kind of thing is also a big matter?

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    Default Thnx

    thanks for the translation.
    plz keep them coming.
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    Chapter 3 - Part 6

    Of course it is a big matter. If you knew who that friend of mine is, you will understand how important this thing is.

    Then who is that friend of yours?

    Right now Im not at liberty to tell you who he is. Hu Tiehua seriously said, I can only tell, in Jiang Hu he may not be as famous as you, but his social status is far higher than you. His daughter, not only she is famous for being extremely beautiful, she is also a princess. Her title was personally conferred by the emperor, definitely not a fake one.

    To whom are you going to escort this princess?

    This person, in terms of name he is not less famous than you. I think you have heard about Shi Tianwang, the Tianzheng general whose name has shaken the world for these last few years.

    Chu Liuxiangs countenance changed

    It seems that there are many people in Jiang Hu who oppose to this marriage. Therefore, I have to escort that princess. In fact it was her butler who personally invited me to do this task. Hu Tiehua said, Hence, unless Shi Tianwang suddenly dies, no one could preclude this marriage.

    Chu Liuxiang suddenly remembered something and he shouted; Now I know why was that auntie looking for some people to do some errand for her.

    Which auntie? Hu Tiehua asked, Who are those people?

    The auntie is the noodle seller, and those people are the people who went to her noodle stall to eat noodle the night before.

    Hu Tiehua was an eccentric person. He often said something whimsical which sometimes even Chu Liuxiang couldnt comprehend it. But at this time it was Hu Tiehua who couldnt understand what Chu Liuxiang was saying.

    What did you say earlier? He deliberately asked, Do you have an aunt who is a noodle seller and her stall is patronized by so many people to the point that there are still customers who will come in the middle of the night just to eat the noodle?

    Hu Tiehua was trying to contain his laughter and seriously said, Your aunt is so great! I really dont know that you have such a great noodle-seller auntie.

    Even though what she was selling was not beef noodle, but her skill is indeed something not to be trifled with. Chu Liuxiang took a deep breath, If she really was my aunt, I will definitely feel flattered. Unfortunately, she isnt.

    Then, whose aunt is she? Hu Tiehua asked.

    Of course she is not your aunt, Chu Liuxiang said, She is your mom.

    My mom? Hu Tiehua then shouted, Do you mean the aunt Hua who likes to kill people?

    Can it be that you have more than one mother? I only know that you have only one mom and that is her.

    Hu Tiehua was still shouting, Hasnt she found an unlucky guy who didnt mind to marry her? Then why doesnt she spend her days happily instead of reappearing in Jiang Hu.

    Chu Liuxiang was looking at Hu Tiehua, smilingly he said, Perhaps after pondering for quite some time she finally realized that you are still better than that unlucky guy. Therefore, she is looking for you now.

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    Chapter 3 - Part 7

    Hu Tiehua felt like someone had stuffed dog’s shit into her mouth while Chu Liu xiang gloated over his misfortune.

    “Help me! Don’t let her find me! I still want to keep my life to drink wine with you for a few more years.”

    Chu Liuxiang saw his gloomy face, he sighed, “Do you really think that you are the suave guy whom was the object of affection from all of the women in this world? Do you really think that all women will fall for you and without you they will die one by one? Although her reappearance is really for looking for person but unfortunately that person isn’t you!”

    “Not me?” Hu Tiehua couldn’t believe it, “She is not looking for me? Then who is she looking for?”

    “I don’t know how many people she is looking for. I only know that she has found three people.”

    Hu Tiehua shouted again, his voice was even louder, “She has found three guys, this women is really too much! But who are those people?”

    “I only recognize two of them, one is the sickly Huang whose price is thirty-thousands tael and the other one is the black bamboo pole whose price is a hundred –thousands tael.”

    Hu Tiehua was suddenly angry, “I have never asked her even for a cent, so on what basis could those people ask for so much?”

    Of course Hu Tiehua was not really angry, although he felt a little bit jealous and disappointed. He was not a stupid person who only knew to daydream. He knew the occupation of those people and the reason aunt Hua was looking for them.

    Because there was only one reason, to kill a particular person and furthermore that person was not easy to be killed.

    In this kind of age-old cruel profession, sickly Huang and black bamboo pole were first class assassins. That’s why their price was so high.

    Especially the black bamboo pole, his price was the third most expensive among the top ten highly paid assassins.

    This was because he was really reliable. He could be trusted, his mouth was fully sealed, he would not reveal anything about the buyer. Even if you chopped one of his limbs, you won’t be able to extract a single word from him mouth.

    And of course the one that was most significant was the sword hidden inside the bamboo pole. That sword almost never failed to do its task.
    “I know that aunt Hua has no money, she spend money like water” Hu Tiehua finally said something seriously, “Although she may want to kill a person, she definitely won’t be able to provide so much money to hire both sickly Huang and black bamboo pole.”

    “Perhaps she is not the one who pays them, she is only the middleman.” Chu Liuxiang said, “For this kind of job no one is more suitable than her.”

    “There is one person who is more suitable.”



    Hu Tiehua started to smile again. He was the kind of person who could easily forget all those things that could make him angry, annoyed, sad and disappointed.

    “Sometimes I am really fond of her.” He asked Chu Liuxiang, “Do you know what is the reason?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Because, in many aspects she resembles you a lot.” Hu Tiehua smiled happily, “Sometimes she is clever, other times she is stupid. Sometimes she could deceive people but other times she’s the one who is being deceived. She knows more people than anyone else do. She loves to poke her nose into other people’s businesses. Sometimes I almost think that she is you and you are her.”

    Chu Liuxiang almost punched Hu Tiehua’s nose.

    Because his nose was not punched, Hu Tiehua continued talking. “Her character is also similar to you, as hard and smelly as the stone inside the toilet. Therefore how could she work for somebody else?”

    “Because, she doesn’t want an ******* to escort the princess to get married to a chimpanzee.”

    Hu Tiehua could not smile anymore. He stared at Chu Liuxiang for quite some time and then carefully said, “I don’t care what others think about it. I only want to know do you consent to this marriage?”

    Chu Liuxiang also carefully said, “I could only tell you that I have never consented to murder. However, if this time they succeed to kill that chimp, I really will kiss their feet.”

    Hu Tiehua looked at Chu Liuxiang for a long time and then he suddenly jumped out from the water.

    “Let’s go”

    “Go?” Chu Liuxiang asked, “Go where?”

    “Go looking for the parent of that princess, that friend of mine”

    “Why do I have to go with you?”

    “Because you have to protect me, escort me there; don’t let me die in the middle of the road.” Hu Tiehua said, “Because I want him to talk to you personally. After the talk perhaps you might want to change your mind.”

    “If I don’t want to talk with him?

    Hu Tiehua glared at Chu Liuxiang and talked loudly, “I ask you, when you wanted to go to that terrifying desert, who accompanied you to go there? Every time you were surrounded by your enemies, who stood by your side? Every time you couldn’t sleep at night, who drank wine with you until daybreak?”

    Chu Liuxiang took a deep breath, “Alright, let’s go. But I have a condition.”

    “What is it?”

    “I will definitely escort you, but we will keep our distance and in no situation you should divulge my identity.” Chu Liuxiang frowned, “If you do not agree then I will not go. If you agree but somehow break the rule, I will suddenly ‘disappear’.”

    End of chapter 3
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    Another chapter completed. That is a quarter of the book. Congratulations.

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    Chapter 4 Rouge, Face blush, Perfume

    Small town, Long street.

    The springs sun was like the face of a young girl. Shyly revealing itself amidst the moving clouds; warmly casting its light upon that long street full of people.

    Man and woman, old and young, have abandoned their winter clothes. They had started to wear spring vesture full of lucrative colors, basked gloriously under the sunlight letting others to admire.

    Children were playing happily on the street. The blue sky was full of colorful kites with various shapes. Even an old grandpa could be seen stealthily enjoying osmanthus candy.

    Long winter had finally passed away. Everyone was ready to embrace the gaiety of spring.


    Hu Tiehua was brimming with joy. He pointed at a street-side small tea stall which also sold steamed bun and confectionary and said, Why dont we sit there?

    Alright, Chu Liuxiang instantly agreed, You go there first.

    How about you?

    I want to go to that beauty salon over there first.


    In front of the tea stall indeed there was a small beauty salon. On its front door there was a sign made from white wood. Madam Cui beauty salon. Selling rouge, face blush and high quality perfume. Welcoming female patrons for facial, haircut, etc. Price is 20 cents for any kind of services. were the words written on top of the sign.

    Hu Tiehua was a little bit taken aback when he saw Chu Liuxiang really entered the salon.

    What kind of mischievous thing is this old imp going to do?

    The weirder thing was Chu Liuxiang did not only enter the salon, he also entered a back door whose window was covered by a layer of cloth curtain.

    Hu Tiehua had eaten twenty freshly fried steamed buns, some snacks and drank two pots of tea. However, there was still no sign of Chu Liuxiang coming out from the salon.

    However, there was an old man coming out from there. His face was full of white beard and yet it was a pleasant face to look at. That old man was using a long cane to assist him in walking. He directly walked towards Hu Tiehua and sat next to him with no hesitation at all. Furthermore, he then ordered a big bowl of ham, twenty pieces of toasts and two plates of fried snacks and subsequently ate them voraciously.

    Hu Tiehua was startled.

    Luckily he was not an idiot and therefore he could guess that the old man who sat next to him was Chu Liuxiang.

    You bas****! Why do you make yourself this ugly?

    Chu Liuxiang ignored him, after he had finished eating, he stood up, wiped his mouth and went away.

    Hu Tiehua quickly stood up too in order to follow him. However, the waiter who was holding a big teapot stood in his way. That waiter stared at him with disdain look and said, Sir, in this kind of eating places those guests who have eaten the food should pay first before they leave, am I right?

    Of course he was right. You have to settle your bill! And it has to be paid with cash. Unfortunately, our Mr. Hu did not have the habit to carry any money with him.

    If Hu Tiehua wanted to leave without paying, he could definitely do so. Because, let alone that one waiter, even though there were 10 of him, they still would not be able to stop Hu Tiehua.

    Too bad our Mr. Hus face was not that thick yet.

    Therefore, he was forced to sit down again. As long as he stayed, he did not have to hurry to pay. In this kind of eating places, you can choose to sit as long as you want, if you want to sit from dawn to dusk it is also up to you.

    That waiter could not do anything anymore, but wherever he walked, his disdain gaze kept fixing on Hu Tiehua.

    When Hu Tiehua was contemplating for a way out of his problem, suddenly a person who could help him pay his tab entered the tea stall.

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    Default i like these updates...

    this story is nice and easy to read. and your regular updates make it nice to folow. keep up the good work and thanks. with jean doing her charity work and grundle working 3 jobs... this story gets me through my day.

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    Chapter 4 - Part 2

    She was a slender and beautiful girl in simple dressing. Her pretty face was void of face powder. Inside her eyes, a deep sorrow could be seen. Any man who had looked into those pair of eyes would definitely give their sympathy for her.

    Every pair of eyes inside that tea stall was directed to her and all of them felt that their hearts started to beat up faster.

    But who could guess, a flower as beautiful as that simply fell on a pile of cow dung.

    The one she was looking for was none other than the “thick skin” who wanted to run away without paying.

    Of course Hu Tiehua knew what the others thought, since he once fell into a trap in a manner similar to this. Only after the girl had put a knife across his neck, he then realized that the gentle and quiet girl was actually more ferocious than anyone else.

    That girl had sit next to his side, looked at him intently, her gaze was full of longing and sadness. She spoke with a barely audible voice, “I will pay your tab, you come with me.”

    Her sentence and her countenance were totally different. Hu Tiehua could not help but laugh.

    “Although I am not going with you, you will still pay my tab,” Hu Tiehua whispered, his foot had stamped the girl’s foot. “I think this time it is your turn to obey my command.”

    That girl looked at him for a long time, suddenly her pearly tears rolled down her cheek.

    “Please, I beg you to go home with me, mother-in-law and the kids are very sick. Don’t you want to see them? Don’t you know that it is really not easy for me to finally find you?”

    Her voice was still very low but this time others who sit close to them could hear it.

    She had not finished her words yet tens of pair of eyes had stared at Hu Tiehua. All of them showed scorn, anger and hatred.

    Hu Tiehua felt like he had become a big rat, fat, dirty and foul. If he didn’t quickly leave, perhaps he would be beaten up by all of the people inside the stall.

    A few tael of silver which was enough to pay for his bill was passed to him from below the table.


    On that long street, a carriage had arrived and it stopped in front of that tea stall.

    Hu Tiehua had no choice but to go with her.

    The other three girls had already been waiting inside the carriage. Hu Tiehua decided to be impudent. He boldly sat in the centre; his hand embraced the waist of the first girl.

    “I have never imagined that you are my wife.” He smilingly said, “My beloved wife, where do you want to bring me to?”

    All of the girls pulled long faces, stared at him icily. Hu Tiehua didn’t care about it.

    Because his strength had returned. He alone could handle those four girls.

    Furthermore, Chu Liuxiang was in close proximity. Even if Chu Liuxiang was sitting on top of the carriage’s roof he would not be surprised. He had always believed in Chu Liuxiang.

    “Actually, you can bring me anywhere you want.” Hu Tiehua said with a serious tone, “Because now you are my wife, a wife will not kill her husband right?”


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    Default wishful thinking

    i loled at this passage. wishful thinking never got any man any where. thanks for the translation.

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    Chapter 4 - Part 3

    That small town was situated near a river.

    The carriage stopped at the riverside.

    At that place wild grass grew. No single person was there.

    The river was misty. At a faraway distance ships canvas could be seen. Indistinct voice of village girls singing their folk song could also be heard.

    Jiang Nan in March, the scent of spring was really thick.

    Hu Tiehua was stretching his waist amidst the spring breeze. He mumbled, Dont know where to get some wine; even if there is sedative in it I will still drink the wine.

    The four girls were glaring at him.

    That time we subdued you using a lowly trick and therefore you will not acknowledge your loss.

    In that kennel the cunning Chu Liuxiang had a little advantage over us. That was because we let our guard down. You surely think that we are easily bullied people.

    This time we will fight you using our martial arts prowess. Hence, after weve defeated you, you will admit your loss wholeheartedly.

    We would like to ask, if we win over you, what will you do?

    All four of them had glib tongues and hearing their exchanges made Hu Tiehua angry.

    If you want to fight me with your real martial arts then I will definitely fight you. He smilingly said, If I lose, I will let you do whatever you want to me. I will definitely honor my words.

    Surely Hu Tiehua will not lose against these four girls. Therefore, he smiled contently.

    In Jiang Hu, no one could refute that Hu Tiehua was a first class martial arts expert. Furthermore, his original creation 72 stances of butterfly flying across flowers could be considered a top skill.

    He was confident that he will not lose against these four girls. He even felt that these four girls didnt think he was happy enough and therefore trying to do something to make him happier.

    Suddenly these four girls took off their clothes, showing their curvy and long legs, and their slim waists.

    Although they did not put any rouge on their face but their whole bodies were covered by a thin layer of skin soothing oil.

    Under the sunlight, it seemed like their skin was as smooth as a piece of expensive silk.

    They had unsheathed their weapons. A saber, a sword, a judge pen, and a pair of Emeis water bisecting short spear.

    All of their weapons are steel tempered but the length was half of those commonly found. Hence, the weapons were like kids toys.

    Hu Tiehua felt that this was fascinating and he secretly hoped Chu Liuxiang would not come so fast.

    The doe-eyes girl seemed to know what was he thinking and she coldly said, You may think that this is interesting, but I can guarantee that you will not be able to enjoy it any moment soon.

    What she said was indeed true. Very soon Hu Tiehua could no longer feel any joy, he was in a grave danger.

    Their weapons might be short and small but their moves were very fast, ferocious and accurate.

    Their waists and limbs were able to move lucidly. Their movement was like the movement of fish in water.

    Fish has no clothes. What the girls were wearing was only slightly more than a fish. Many parts of their bodies which were not supposed to be seen by others could be seen clearly especially when they jumped and kicked.

    This kind of situation would definitely make mens hearts beat erratically and they wont be able to calm down. And if they were only spectators, it would definitely very entertaining.

    But for the man who had to be in the fight. Whose head might be chopped down or heart might be penetrated by a sword in any moment, the situation was really terrifying.

    Especially for a man like Hu Tiehua. He clearly knew that this situation will endanger his life. But, unfortunately even if he didnt want to see he had to.

    He had to see them. Every movement had to be seen clearly. If not perhaps there would be additional orifice in his neck. Because, in those girls hands, there were deadly weapons not toys.

    But perhaps the most perilous thing was the fact that Hu Tiehua had very good eyesight. He could even see clearly the movement of those girls leg muscles.

    Anyone who saw this kind of scenery would find it hard to resist the temptation and in worst case will have to pay it with their lives.

    Hu Tiehua started to wish again. He wished that Chu Liuxiang will come faster.

    If it was Chu Liuxiang who was fighting the girls, he could leisurely watch them from the side. That would be so enjoyable and he would not get bored watching it for 3 days and 3 nights.

    But even after waiting for quite long, he could not even see Chu Liuxiangs shadow.

    You dont need to wait anymore. The doe-eyes girl said, That Chu Liuxiang who suddenly became an old man wont come!

    Old man? Hu Tiehua apparently could also pretend to be a dolt. Which old man?

    You think we dont know? The girl with the most gorgeous figure sneeringly said, We saw him entering madam Cuis salon with our own eyes. We also saw an old man came out from the salon and then ate together with you, again with our own eyes. Do you think we wont know that he was Chu Liuxiang? Do you think that all of us are pigs?

    Hu Tiehua wished that they talked more, the more the better. Because, whenever a person talks his/her movement will be slower.

    Therefore he asked again, How do you know that the old man will not come?

    Because, we have hired a few people to take care of him. If by now he has not died yet, it can be said that he is a fortunate person.

    Do you want him to die? Hu Tiehua said, If he was not Chu Liuxiang then how?

    Just take it as we have killed a wrong person. The girl who was the gentlest said, To wrongly kill one or two persons, that is a very common thing.

    That is very common thing indeed, then why dont you wrongly kill 70 to 80 people? Hu Tiehua sighed. One day when you think back about this thing, I bet you wont be able to sleep well at night. Because, the malevolent spirits will definitely go after you.

    You dont need to worry. We always sleep well at night.

    Perhaps you are sleeping well and also dream that those spirits are stripping your clothes off.

    You are farting (spouting rubbish)!

    Who is farting? Hu Tiehua said, If theres someone whos farting here, then it wont be me because in all of my life I can never fart.

    Inappropriate, thats really inappropriate. Suddenly someones words could be heard.

    How could a grown up man cheats on a few little girls? It is a well known fact that you fart more than anyone else. How could you claim that you have never farted? If you have never farted then no one in this world has ever farted.

    Hu Tiehua Laughed.

    I knew that you will not die. For the whole of my life I have never seen anyone with better luck than you.

    At the river side there was a big rock. Chu Liuxiang was standing on the rock. He carried with him a few hats, about 6 to 7 hats.

    A moment ago there was no one on top of that rock but then suddenly Chu Liuxiang was there.

    The countenance of those four girls changed. They suddenly gave a brief fierce attack and subsequently started to flee.

    Seize one of them! Chu Liuxiang shouted, Any one of them will do.

    Unfortunately Hu Tiehua didnt manage to catch any of them.

    Originally Hu Tiehua had managed to apprehend the girl with long legs. He had clutched one of her leg but she managed to sneak out.

    Those girls were even slimier than fish. Water splashed. The four girls had dove into the river. In a jiffy their shadows could no longer be seen.

    Hu Tiehua looked at his oil covered hand.

    Such beautiful girls, why do they need to make themselves like oily fried chicken?

    Hu Tiehua sighed, If one day I have a wife, and discover that there is oil on her body, even only for a little bit, I will definitely spank her with a big stick.

    Thats right. There is a person who needs to be spanked and that person is you.

    Yes, I deserve to be spanked because I could not capture any of them! Hu Tiehua angrily said, Then how about you? You also have hands, why didnt you go after them?

    Chu Liuxiang took a deep breath. Why cant you understand, a gentleman like me, how could I anyhow touch a womans leg?

    Hu Tiehua glared at Chu Liuxiang and stared at him for a long time. He then suddenly laughed so hard.

    There is one more reason for you to deserve a spank. Chu Liuxiang said.

    What is it?

    That time when you tricked them to talk with you, you had a few chances to subdue them. At least you could subdue two of them. It was clear that there were flaws in their moves but you didnt see it!

    Of course I saw the flaws. Hu Tiehua said, Although I may not as gentlemanly as you are, I also couldnt anyhow touch those scantily-clad girls bodies.

    He had been laughing hard then suddenly stopped laughing at all.

    He glared at Chu Liuxiang, How did you know that? Have you been here all along?

    If I wasnt here at that time, how could I saw it? Chu Liuxiang leisurely said, If I did not see it, how could I know about it?

    Hu Tiehua kept glaring at Chu Liuxiang like a big cock glaring at a centipede. He sneeringly said, Good! Very good! You actually have been here for a long time, hiding and watching from a distance.

    Hu Tiehua shook his head and angrily said, Your best friend could lose his head anytime and yet you were hiding to peek on womens thighs? Dont you feel ashamed of yourself?

    Yes I did. Of course I felt ashamed of myself. Chu Liuxiang suddenly said,But then I suddenly thought, if you were me, perhaps until now you would still peeking and not showing yourself.

    He happily continued, Once I thought of it, I dont feel any guilt anymore.

    Hu Tiehua sighed, How is it possible that you can understand me so well? Are you really the tape worm inside my intestine?


    The wagon had long gone, gone bringing with it the clothes of the four girls.

    What was the milieu of those girls? Who commanded them? Judging from their wit and skill, it was definite that they had been trained hard since very young.

    The one who could train those 15-16 years old girls to achieve such caliber, that person must be an extraordinary person himself.

    Behind those girls there might be a strong organization which steered and backed them up. And they always never let things ended half way.

    Hu Tiehua sighed, I deserve to be spanked for letting them fled away. But why didnt you capture one or two? Do you really think you could know their background based on these few hats?

    I dont need to ask for their background.


    Because I have recognized them. Chu Liuxiang said, They are the ex-disciples of Mr. Iron sword, kicked out by their own teacher. After a few years travelling in Jiang Hu, their morale has become very low and they do not mind doing anything for money. This time they were paid 10000 silver taels to fight against an old man. But too bad, they didnt know who their opponent was even after they had asserted to the request.

    They didnt know that the old man was Chu Liuxiang?

    I guessed they didnt know. If they did they wouldnt take the job.

    Not long after you came out form Madam Cuis salon they had been able to find people to take care of you. Hu Tiehua took a deep breath, These four girls are indeed formidable.

    Maybe it was not because they were resourceful but it was because there were some of their people in the area. And those people were formidable by themselves. Hence, it was easy for the girls to do anything.

    He patted Hu Tiehua shoulder and said, Therefore we still have to go separately and this time I will go first.


    Because the white bearded old man has already been recognized, so I could not continue disguised as him.

    Are you going back to that Madam Cuis salon? Is she really a disguise artist? How come I have never heard about it?

    The thing that you have never heard is a lot.

    This time whom you will disguise as?

    I cant tell you. Perhaps still an old man, maybe a trader with a bulging tummy, or a handsome man, or a weak scholar. Definitely not the person you have ever seen before. But, I will always be adjacent to you.

    He continued, I do this for your own safety. If even you could not recognize me, then how could others? This way I could protect you better. He sighed, I treat you better than you have treated your mother.

    Hu Tiehua caressed his nose.

    His way in caressing his nose was somehow similar to Chu Liuxiangs.

    The thing is Chu Liuxiang had never laughed while he was caressing his nose but Hu Tiehua suddenly laughed. He laughed so hard till he couldnt stand straight.

    What are you laughing at?

    I suddenly think of a very funny thing. If you disguised as a girl, I believe there will be many guys who will be mesmerized by you. And if one of them is a rapist that would be so very fascinating.

    End of chapter

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    Hu Tiehua kept glaring at Chu Liuxiang like a big cock glaring at a centipede. He sneeringly said, “Good! Very good! You actually have been here for a long time, hiding and watching from a distance.”
    Is the use of the term cock intentional? Why not rooster?

    Thanks for the translation.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    thanks for the translation. I love the friendship these two have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han Solo View Post
    Is the use of the term cock intentional? Why not rooster?

    Thanks for the translation.

    Han Solo

    No, it isn't. Rooster would be good, thanks.

    U're welcome.

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