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    Default Interesting Stories in Music

    Post random interesting stories in music. Here is one I just read about the band Everclear from wikipedia; I had to chuckle a little - what's with the repeated Throwing of Shoes at this band?

    The band completed a US tour at the end of the year, and started 1998 with a tour of Australia.

    The Australian tour, however, was an unexpected disaster. At a show in Wollongong, someone threw a shoe at Alexakis, knocking loose a few of his teeth. Two nights later in Melbourne, someone threw a lit explosive on stage, which exploded and burned a stagehand. Tensions erupted backstage, with touring guitarist Steve Birch refusing to continue, and Montoya getting into a heated argument with Alexakis. In interviews for VH-1's Behind the Music, the band related that they nearly broke up that night. The band decided to cancel the remainder of their tour following a final show on the Gold Coast, during which Alexakis was hit with a shoe (while the crowd was singing him "Happy Birthday") and Montoya's acoustic bass guitar was stolen. Montoya declined to join the band for the ensuing tour of the United Kingdom, with then-bass-tech David LoPrinzi filling in. To date, Everclear has not returned to Australia.
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    Default Man dies during Madonna Concert set construction

    Wow, that tour was doomed to hell.

    Well while we're on the topic of concert disasters...

    It's worth mentioning that this week, Madonna had to cancel at least one concert in France after a crane fell during set construction. See Two Die During Madonna Concert Preparation. And still recently, Beyonce had a pyrotechnics accident in St. Louis, last Sunday. Two concertgoers got blasted by fireworks and were taken to the hospital, where she actually visited them herself.

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    As for Everclear, what a bunch of sissies (they had one good song, that was about it from what I've heard). If you're going to cancel a tour because someone threw something at you - that's just spineless. Especially for a rock band.

    Rock bands get shit thrown at them all the time, especially when they tour a place for the first time. Take my favourite band for example, Dir en grey got so much crap thrown at them during their initial touring of Europe. Did they stop and refuse to go back? No. They went back with more energy and will, and as a result, got to play main stage at a huge European metal festival.
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    This one is a classic: Paul (McCartney) is dead...

    Many Beatles fans of the late 1960s badly damaged their turntables and albums listening for clues about Paul's apparent demise.

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