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Thread: help identifying movie

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    Default help identifying movie

    i believe stephen chow was the guy but its been awhile i cant remember who was the main guy. The story of the movie was kind of like old/fantasy china and the story went like this

    two couple got married and then some thieves on horses came and killed the couple. the couple had a baby daughter that survived and grew up.. then a long time after that "the main guy" shows up somewhere kinda like in the middle of no where and he kind of did a little countdown with his fingers and flip off one guy... in the story there were 2 girls that liked him.. one is the daughter of the couple (shes a nun now) and one is another girl.. sorry i cant remember much since its been such a long time, but i hope u guys can help me out.. thanks
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    sword of many loves with leon lai

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    i watched this (explicit?) movie very long time ago when i was young, it was about this male demon/vampire (?) who goes around sucking the chastity of women or something, then he tried to do that on the female lead, i think it was the female lead's sister who offered to sleep with him to save the female lead, but that didn't work cos the sister was no longer a virgin. i think the whole family tried to marry off the female lead asap so that the male demon would no longer bother her...

    anyone knows what this movie is???

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    I just remembered an old Chinese movie that I watched when I was young but I cant remember what it's called.
    There may be many movies that sound like this but just tell me all of them!

    There are 2 twin sisters that get separated when they were babies.
    One grows up rich with her true family and the other grows up learning kungfu. Somehow they both end up meeting with each other.
    They're both very beautiful girls and they both end up falling in love with the same guy. The rich sister actually falls in love with the main guy first and the other sister only meets the main guy because rich sister told kung fu sister to pretend to be her. So, the main guy thinks that there's only one of them and he only loves the rich sister.
    In the end the rich sister dies.

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    i am looking for this

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