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    Default Coup De Scorpion

    I know that it sounds a strange translation but this Singapore series was very good, starring Nnadia Chan Chung Ling. If any of you have seen this, can you tell me the names of the two main actors and what happened to them.

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    I believe Christopher Lee and nnadia starred in this. Both dont end with each other, they married someone else.
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    The other male lead was Li Nanxing.

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    And since you now know that Christopher Lee and Nnadia Chan did not end up with each other, you can guess who ended up with the latter.

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    Nnadia ended up Li NanXing
    Chris ended up with Li NanXing's assistant
    Li NanXing's sister is Paralized cause of her husband

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    Default Coup De Scorpion

    I was actually an actor in this film, albeit a small part. Sadly I never saw the finished series. Does anyone know where I could purchase a copy? Working with Li Nanxing and Christopher Lee was great. Very nice people. Nadia was especially nice and very pleasant to talk to.

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