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Thread: TVB Parodies You've Noticed

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    Default TVB Parodies You've Noticed

    What are some famous parodies you've noticed in TVB series?

    Being a Wong Kar Wai fan, I've noticed TVB has made many parodies in reference to his movie "2046".

    A lot of times when a man is involved in some sort of scandalous relationship, it usually takes place in hotel room #2046. For instance:

    -In VOH2, Bondy Chui (I believe) caught a couple having an affair in room 2046 (or she thought her husband was having an affair with a woman in the room, I can't remember).
    -In DIE, Roger thought his sister was tricked by a man into sleeping with her in room 2046, when she was actually secretly seeing his co-worker in the adjacent room 2047 (which is conveniently the room # in which Tony Leung's character took refuge in "2046").
    -In You're Hired, Dayo Wong whispers his secret into a hole in a tree, a theme which had originated in WKW's "In the Mood for Love", and revisited extensively in its "2046" sequel.
    -In another "You're Hired" episode, Charmaine and Dayo recreate a scene played by Faye Wong and Takuya Kimura in "2046" where the former acts as a tree so the latter could reveal his secret.

    Then of course there are the famous "Matrix" bullet dodging parody scenes that are so widely used, they're probably not worth mentioning.

    I also remember there being an "Infernal Affair" parody wherein the two characters face-off on the roof, but I can't recall exactly which TVB series it was in.

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    Rm 2046 was also the room in which Wayne and Florence had an affair in within Ben's (Geoffrey Wong) daydream for "Off Pedder".
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    WoW i never realised these small intricate details. Hmm.. ive only seen DIE from the ones you mentioned.
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    I'm a Wong Kar Wai fan too. It's been awhile but I seem to remember a parody or joke in Burning Flame about Happy Together.

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