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Kenichi Matsuyama
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Thread: Kenichi Matsuyama

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    Default Kenichi Matsuyama

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this actor, since he is pretty famous and popular, and is actually one of the most talented young actors I've seen in current Japanese cinema. I personally like him for many reasons. He's a very versatile actor who can play a wide range of roles from genius to weird to bizarre. As well, he seems to have an affinity for portraying wacky, weird roles, which are very memorable. I have him pegged down as the Japanese Johnny Depp for this reason.

    He is probably most famously known for portraying L Lawliet in the Death Note films. He was also Shin in the first Nana movie. He also played Johannes Krauzer in Detroit Metal City (I have yet to see this movie, but from the trailers and based on the storyline of the original manga, he'd be superb for this role).

    Info from Wikipedia and DramaWiki:
    - Name: Matsuyama Kenichi
    - Profession: Actor
    - Birthdate: 1985-Mar-05
    - Birthplace: Aomori, Japan
    - Height: 180cm
    - Weight: 60kg
    - Star sign: Pisces
    - Blood type: B

    * Winning Pass (2003)
    * Bright Future (2003)
    * Guuzen nimo saiaku na shounen (2003)
    * The Locker 2 (2004) as Yosuke Shinohara
    * Kamachi (2004)
    * The Taste of Tea (2004)
    * Linda Linda Linda (2005) as Makihara
    * Nana (2005) as Shin (Shinichi Okazaki)
    * Furyo shonen no yume (2005)
    * Kasutamu-meido 10.30 (2005)
    * Otoko-tachi no Yamato (2005) as Katsumi Kamio (15 years old)
    * Oyayubi sagashi (2006)
    * Death Note (2006) as L
    * Death Note: The Last Name (2006) as L
    * Sexy Voice and Robo (2006) as Robo
    * Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea (2007) as Juchi
    * Ten Nights of Dream (2007)
    * Shindo (2007)
    * South Bound (2007) as Officer Niigaki
    * Tsubaki Sanjuro (2007) as Iori Isaka
    * Dolphin Blue: Fuji, mou ichido sora e (2007)
    * L: Change the World (2008) as L
    * Don't laugh at my romance (2007-2008) as 19 year old boy
    * Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (2009) as Yuji Miwa
    * kamui gaiden (2009)
    * Kaiji (2009)
    * Ultra Miracle Love Story (2009)
    * Norwegian Wood (2010)

    TV Shows

    * Zeni Geba (NTV, 2009)
    * Sexy Voice and Robo (NTV, 2007)
    * Machiben (NHK, 2006, ep1)
    * Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Live Chat (Fuji TV, 2006)
    * Ichi Litre no Namida (Fuji TV, 2005)
    * Be-Bop High School 2 (TBS, 2005)
    * Division 1 Kareshi Sensei (Fuji TV, 2005)
    * Be-Bop High School (TBS, 2004)
    * Gokusen Special (NTV, 2003)
    * Gokusen (NTV, 2002)

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    I love Kenichi!
    I've just seen Kamui Gaiden and Ultra Miracle Love Story at the cinema!

    I'm also surprised that there hasn't been a thread for him before.

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