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Thread: Books about 20th century Chinese history

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    Default Books about 20th century Chinese history

    Hi, I'm looking for books that detail any number of key events that took place in the last 100 years or so of Chinese history. The book could deal with the entire century, or focus on a specific part.

    I'm especially interested in stories of specific key people. Do you have any recommendation?
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    Jonathan Spence probably has some you might find interesting. I read Gate of Heavenly Peace for college and liked it. I donít do much leisurely reading (too tired from computer work all day) and have better things to do otherwise, so dunno about books.
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    改革历程 by Zhao ziyang is highly recommended. the book sheds light into the darkest corners of one of the darkest chapters in china's history, that is the Tian an men incident. (free pdf copies are ample on the internet)

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