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huang jin yi ♥ XiaoXun ♥
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Thread: huang jin yi ♥ XiaoXun ♥

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    Post huang jin yi ♥ XiaoXun ♥

    Stage name: Xiao Xun [小薰]
    Real Name: 黃瀞怡 [Huang Jin Yi]
    DO: 1989-02-27
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Blood Type: O
    Job : Artists and Nurse
    Education Level: High School
    Specialty: Playing piano, Giving injection

    My intoduction about Xun♥

    im a filipino girl, im a die hard fan of xiao xun since last year, when i first saw her in BSM..i like hey girl, but my most favorite is XIAO XUN..i really really really love her, because out the meimeis, she's very natural,,she don't shy in front of the camera even if sometimes her actions is not good, but she's only true to herself! and i like what she is..
    she is a very talented in hey girl,
    she can sing, dance, and act, and now? she's a host in one show in china..i really love XUN very much, actually i like her with wangzi, because wangzi is my most favorite in lollipop, and accidentally they become a couple in a drama so im very very happy, because i'd never expect that my two favorite in the group become the pairing..
    if you like xiao xun also, your always welcome here, actually i want to find some xiao xun fans so that we can share some info about her..if you are a wangxun fans, it's really good to know because im a loyal wangxun fans also..=)
    thank you very much, hopefully i find those people who also like or a die hard fan of xiao xun here in this site..=)
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