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Thread: Why would two Jin princes and a Great spend the night at Iron Spear Temple?

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    Default Why would two Jin princes and a Great spend the night at Iron Spear Temple?

    The events at Iron Spear Temple in Ga Hing during LOCH led to the demise of Yeung Hong, but one has to wonder: why would two Jin princes and a Great of wulin need to spend the night in the ruins of an old temple of all places? With their power, fame, and wealth, how hard would it have been for them to find a nice inn in Ga Hing to spend the night?

    If this merry party had spent that fateful night at a nice inn like they easily could have afforded, Yeung Hong might not have died that night.

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    They were travelling on foot, so they may have been between towns and in the countryside, and the temple was the best place in the area for their party to stay. Also, it was a sizeable party of thirty or forty people, which may have slowed the journey down even further. Remember also that they had previously stayed in the abandoned Ox Village, so they may have been trying to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves where possible.

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    Don't think they had a choice.
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    No hotels around

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    I've always assumed that it was the best available spot at the time, and that Wanyan Honglie was trying to keep his activities somewhat secret - hard to do with such a big group, admittedly, but even harder to do if one takes over an entire inn and behaves ostentatiously.

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