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Thread: 21st Century - The Century of......

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    Default 21st Century - The Century of......

    *Heaven on Earth: People will live happier than ever as science and technology advance significantly. All the sickness and diseases that are incurable now will be curable in a few decades. Famine will be thing of the past as food production will be increased significantly due to improvement of technology. ect....

    *Hell on Earth: Pollution will be skyrocket as every country is building their economy at a very fast pace. Famine is everywhere as the world population is skyrocket but food production is decreasing due to pollution and water shortage. ect... the world is in the chaotic situation.

    *Normal: Nothing change much. Science and technology are getting better but there are still problem. Many disease and sickness still not curable. The population is getting higher but at a much lower pace due to birth control. Natural disasters such as earthquake, huricane, flood and ect. still occur just like we they do today. Nothing change much.


    What do you think?? I think things will be normal in the late 21st century. Nothing change much.

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    You fix one problem, people are gonna come up with new problems in their free time. Bulimia and ADHD are an invention of the 20th century. Who knows what we'll come up with in 100 years time. Life will be different for different people from different cultures and SES and political climates.

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    due to global struggles for fossil fuels and water resources, towards the end of this century, there will possibly be the next world war which will turn many parts of the earth into devastated infernos. hopefully i can live long enough to see that awesomeness happen.

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