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Thread: asian series, spoilers in intro song sequence

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    Default asian series, spoilers in intro song sequence

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by spoilers put into montages during the opening and ending song sequences to Asian tv series?

    I just borrowed the Mainland Flying Fox series on DVD, and the opening song pretty much sums up the whole damn series. You already know who dies and who lives just by sitting through the opening song. Zaps most of the fun out of it, for people who donít already know the gist of the story.

    Btw, why isnít Anthony Wong MRF and the other dude HYD? The casting is messed up. Also, they had Ping Ah Si see Tian Gui Nong intercepting HYDís letter to MRF and then killing his friend from the Fan clan, and PAS said nothing to HYD! Insane and stupid revision.
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    I think it speaks to Asian dispositions towards dramatic presentation versus Western dispositions. Western audiences expect surprising twists to plotlines; Asians are already predisposed towards how things are going to turn out, but are more interested in the "hows" of getting there.

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