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Thread: Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu | The Wanderer chronicles

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    Thanks Abhay! This story is getting good. Looking forward to reading more.

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    He fished out a Korean ginseng, cuts the lower half with the knife, puts in his mouth and let him eat it. He wanted the Korean ginseng to restore his vital energy so he can hang to his life, it seems like Zhou Jian wanted him to borrow strength of medicine and at least give some opportunity to survive for some time.

    At this time, they heard that the sound of the fight was getting slow and slow from all four sides. Suddenly they heard a loud sound echoing in the valley from one side, the neighing of the warhorses and a booming victory cry of a group of people.

    Zhou Jian took his broadsword out and said with a smile: “It’s still not dawn and we have managed to annihilate the Mongolians on one side. Yun Lei you may know now why I have plundered he soldier's rations and pay and my original intention?”

    A’Lei thought for a while clapped her hands and said with a smile: “Granduncle, this was a good idea! You plundered the soldier's rations and pay, the entire soldiers of the Yanmen pass will naturally listen to you. The Mongolians wanted to ally with the Yanmen pass troops to destroy you but you wanted them to hold their troops. In the mean time you, hid your people and waited for the enemy to attack. The marching formation was all disrupted, naturally you will win!”

    Zhou Jian gave a self-satisfied smile and said: “Commander Ding has actually not calculated this situation thoroughly. It was actually turning out to be really bad, the imperial government wanted him to encircle this village but his military strength was insufficient, therefore he and the Mongolians ganged up. Once I knew about it, I plundered his soldier's rations and pay and went up to meet him and asked if he is willing to remain hungry and fight a war against us or stand aside and let us handle the Mongolians. He weighed the importance and it was no surprise that he listened to my words.” As he said these words, he couldn’t restrain himself from laughing.

    Yun Lei said: “What are you laughing at granduncle?”

    Zhou Jian said: “That Commander Ding is usually a scholarly kind of person; at first he actually called me “Golden swordsman thief”. I stared at him as he said those words, afterwards for the entire duration of meeting he kept me calling senior boss!”

    Yun Lei cannot restrain her smile and asked: “He might not have recognized that you are in fact his senior boss?”

    Zhou Jian said: “He is the person who by my side for such a long time, the moment he saw me pull up my golden broadsword, he might have guessed that I am Zhou Jian but he deliberately feigned ignorance. Earlier when I opposed the enemy with the government troops, I always wore a mask so that the government troops won’t know about me.”

    Yun Lei asked: “Why?”

    Zhou Jian said: “If these soldiers at the Yanmen pass know that I am n fact their senior troop commander, then more than 50% will throw their arm and desert the pass. Yanmen pass is border area strategic place; it must have the government troops for defense. Therefore I don’t accept the government troops in my group.”

    Yun Lei was young, usually she didn’t think of these questions, when she listened to these words then only she understood the deep thinking and patriotism of her granduncle.

    Suddenly she heard Zhou Jian saying: “Good, finally he is awake”.
    She saw that person opening his eyes and looking at them. He asked in a weak voice: “Who are you?

    Zhou Jian held him in his arm and said: “I am called Golden swordsman.”
    That person said: “Do you know the whereabouts of Yun lei; she is the granddaughter of Yun Jing?”

    Yun Lei was startled and said: “I am Yun Lei!”

    That person turned his head quickly and said: “You are Yun Lei, good….extremely good! Then at least my death is not in vain. Your elder brother is still alive, he is in the capital and going to take the imperial test; you should go and look for him in a hurry.”

    Yun Lei was startled; she had an elder brother who was named Yun Zhong, when he was five years old, her father Yun Cheng delivered him to his to senior fellow disciple to foster. This matter was afterwards told by her master.

    Originally her grand-master Xuanzi Yishi had a total of five disciples, besides their father Yun Cheng, who have not completed his apprenticeship and have arrived in Mongolia alone to save his father, other four fellow disciple of his each learned different set of martial art skill. The Buddhist priest Chao Yin was second disciple, Xuanzi Yishi passed on the magic wand skill to him and he was famous in the martial art for this skill. Xie Tianhua was the third and Flying dragon Ye Yingying was the fourth disciple and were passed the sword skills.

    The senior disciple was called Dong Yue and Xuanzi passed on the palm skills called “Diamond hands eagle claws”. Yun Cheng actually gave his son Yun Zhong to Dong Yue to teach and foster. Dong Yue arrived recently at Mongolia (he was traveling far in Tibet for more than 10 years), he did not know about the death of Yun Zhong or any other incidents earlier.
    When Yun Lei heard him about this, she was really happy as he hasn’t met her brother. She was pleasantly surprised and asked hurriedly: “Who are you?”

    That person said: “I am your elder brother's fellow apprentice.”

    Yun Lei said: “Then you are also my fellow apprentices.”

    She wanted to ask more information about her brother but that injured person flinched his eyebrows in deep pain and said in a hissing sound: “Also there is one more critical matter, the Mongolian are coming to besiege your village and break those embankments.”

    Zhou Jian said: “This is already known to us. You can still hear some sound of fight from here. We have won against those Mongols.”
    That person smiled a bit and said in a stuttering voice: “They will also dispatch troops to attack Ming Empire. You must try to tell the emperor. I…I have a letter in my cloths for you?”

    The sound was getting low as he spoke further but after saying these words, he was relived in his heart and not worried any more. He died with a smile on his face.

    Zhou Jian sighed, extracted the letter and scratched the flint to burn. He looked at the letter and asked: “It seems that it is written by your teacher's older fellow disciple.”

    The handwriting was pretty sloppy and looked as if it was written in hurry. Zhou Jian opened the letter and started reading it: “You’re a mountain person or from plains, an ordinary man residing temporarily outside desert or some muck nobility fighting over wine, I always do not hate but I hate that I have not made acquaintance with you but I am sure that I will be pleased to meet you.”

    Zhou Jian said: “This Dong Yue fellow is quite interesting.” He continued to say again: “Although gentleman and I have never met before however Yu Tianhua in my worthy brother and he knows the chivalrous gentleman and proclaimed that your sense of justice and righteousness is like a fresh breath of air in the martial art realm; although the gentleman occupies the independence of mountains and resist both the anti-people Chinese and the barbarian Mongols. The royal government has treated you unkindly however I know the gentleman will not be willing to see the foreigner coming south even if the herd of horses will be a change of sight in the area south of Yellow River.”

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    Zhou Jian sighed: “By heaven, this person is actually my friend!”

    Zhou Jian continued to read: “After the Khan died, his son Esen has ascended the throne. He is extremely ambitious person, first he took the prime minister under his control and then he conferred himself the title “teacher of the country”.

    After that he has taken the control over the military administration and its power and authority. He had put the military in full preparedness and aspires to seize the area south of Yellow River. He had sent an edict to summon people and for collection of grain and fodder. The time for dispatching troops into battle is not far. The foreign enemy is currently knocking at the gate but this Ming Empire is resting like an old man still in his drunk dream, Dong Yue can only sigh at the seriousness of this situation!”

    Zhou Jian too sighed and said: “Old man in his drunken dreams…If only this was only a dream…that would have been so good.”

    He read again: “Young apprentice Yun Zhong cherishes his father’s enmity and had returned back to china to follow his father’s footsteps. The young men are shallow in knowledge but eager to prove themselves, how can he face the powerful ministers and officials. I am also looking for a young female called Yun Lei; if the gentleman knows his whereabouts then please let her know about the news of her brother.

    Furthermore about ten years ago, fellow-disciple Tianhua went in Mongolia to kill that Mongol Prime Minister Zhang Zongzhou, we have no information of his whereabouts. It is a rumor that he was caught in some violent treachery by those thieves. I am going to look for him but I think I won’t be able to rescue him alone without knowing where to begin. Please pass on this message to Brother Chao Yin and younger fellow disciple Ye Yingying and ask them to come to Mongolia. I do not dare to say thanks.”

    After Zhou Jian reads off the letter; he heaved a sigh. Yun Lei said: “Such being the case, then I should go to the capital to look for elder brother first.”

    Zhou Jian looked at her pensively; he didn’t utter a word for a long time and then finally said: “Fine!!” Yun Lei looked at his facial expression and found it strange.

    Zhou Jian said: “I heard that the emperor has issued an imperial order to look for people of extraordinary ability. This autumn, the imperial examinations are a bit unusual; they are considering the academic achievements of the person only for the preliminary test. The second examination will be totally based on testing the martial art skills of a person.

    I think your elder brother is thinking that he passes this examination in these circumstances and can use his position to take advantage of the royal government military strength and can fulfill your grandfather's big enmity. However this royal government announcement is because of the danger in border area, even if he manages to make an exception and get selected still although his intention is good but I fear that powerful ministers and officials dominate the court and his power will be nominal.”

    He looked up in the sky to look up towards the pole star, suddenly he asked: “A’Lei, have you read that article about Li Ling and Su Wu?”

    [Su Wu (140 BC - 60 BC) was a diplomat and statesman during China's Han Dynasty and was kept captive for 19 years for his refusal to surrender. ]

    A’Lei had some recollection of the story her grandfather told him, comparing himself to Su Wu therefore she learnt all about Su Wu. Her master also encouraged her to learn and read so she was aware of this article. She nodded immediately.

    Zhou Jian said: “This Li Ling was a general in Han dynasty, he took only a meager 5000 soldiers to face the 100,000 armed forces of Xiongnu. They fought for several days, thousands of soldiers perished but he did not give up and fought till the last. At last when only a few soldiers were left they decide to retreat however the enemy were in hot pursuit.

    They were outnumbered and taken as prisoners of war. Although Li ling was an enemy but the opponents recognized his potential achievement and loyalty and treated him well. But the Han emperor did not forgive him and killed his entire family unexpectedly. Therefore Li Ling felt betrayed by his people and turned over his heart against the Hans.

    Su Wu was another Han diplomat who was imprisoned in Xiongnu and was later forced to herd goats for 20 years. Actually Li ling was sent by Xiongnu’s emperor to persuade Su Wu to defect too as both were friend earlier in Han court but Su Wu refused. Su Wu wrote in his letter about the Li Ling: “His old mother and wife were innocent, and so was his entire clan, they served the country graciously with their blood but the world had turned upside down, glory has turned in to shame, he will remained insulted for the rest of his life…why!”

    These words were said in extreme sorrow. Although Zhou Jian was telling her about a story but actually he was treating himself as Li Ling and Yun Jing as Su Wu in this story. The situation was really pitiful! He said these words and sighed.

    Yun Lei said: “Granduncle, you are resisting against these Mongols, how can you be compared to Li Ling?”

    Zhou Jian said: “When you were seven years old, you listened to a story from your grandfather; actually I too have my story, listen to it. I guarded this border pass in years past, I thwarted each of the attack of these foreigners but the emperor believed in some slanderous talk unexpectedly and a bootlicker was appointed over me in the Yanmen pass; Although it is not a fair comparison but your grandfather can be compared to Su Wu any day. He herded horses in the cold northern deserts for 20 years, compared to Su Wu actually he lived a bitter life and was more miserable in the sense that he was forced to suicide by the emperor unexpectedly, where is the justice in this world?

    I actually got indignant and left the Yanmen pass and imperial troops, at that time I have not joined the rebels in these mountains and had no such intention too but afterward the Ming emperor did exactly what the Han Emperor did to Li Ling. He confiscated and beheaded my whole families, Xing Kao a faithful old servant managed to rescue my youngest son, he was the person who met you the day before yesterday and made you come out of the valley.”

    Yun Lei put her hand to wipe the tears drops from her face and looked at Zhou Jian. The face of Zhou Jian has lost its color and he could not speak. He only saw her pointing his sword on that mountain top where the double flag were making a flapping noise in the cold and said: “This is now my banner flag and I don’t serve anyone!”

    Yun Lei looked that pair of flags, it was fluttering in the breeze, on the one hand the red glowing sun, on the other hand the new moon, he could easily see the word “Ming” (Ming: Brightness/light) coming to her heart, she said: “Granduncle too has suffered great injustice but still you have forgotten Ming Dynasty.”

    Zhou Jian said: “You… if you find your elder brother then ask him not to take the test and instead come her and meet me. I too have need for people of extraordinary military skills. The royal government treats unkindly; we saw the example of your grandfather, isn't he fearful?”
    Yun Lei said: “I will do that.”

    Zhou Jian turns up the letter to put in the bosom and said: “The elder fellow-disciple of your master Xie Tianhua is a heroic and gallant person with chivalrous frame of mind. I really admire him and remember him from that incident ten years ago, he and Buddhist monk Chao Yin came to agreement that Chao Yin will look after you and Xie Tianhua will go and take revenge for your grandfather. After wards Chao Yin took you to your master and Xie Tianhua left for Mongolia but up to this day the entire matter is still unclear.”

    Yun Lei said: “The letter also asked us to notify the master and his fellow disciple so they can all go to Mongolia.”

    Zhou Jian said: “You have one person, how can you give your attention at two matters? You should go and look for your elder brother; I will inform your master for you.”

    Yun Lei said: “That is indeed good, I will leave tomorrow.”

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    Just wanted to express my thanks for your translation.

    Thank Abhay :-)

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    Zhou Jian smiled, said: “You have to delay your journey for several days. I am inferior to you in martial arts but I still have a lot to teach you.”

    By now the sound of weapons had entirely ceased from the eastern side. Zhou Jian and Yun Lei moved in all direction and helped wherever needed and shortly before noon, all the four groups of ambushers announced a victory. It was a complete victory and they utterly routed the Mongolian soldiers and captured innumerable troops. Zhou Jian issued an order for gratuity and was busy for half of the day in directing the affairs of the group. After he finished his work, he smiled to Yun Lei and said: “You, although excel in skill in martial art but are not familiar with the customs of the martial art realm, I will call Shanmin to teach you.”

    For about three weeks, each day Zhou Shanmin came and shared his knowledge of the martial art world on each kind of sects, factions and taboo, as well as the famous personality of each sect and schools, their origin, disputes, gratitude and grudges and so on in detail. Yun Lei was really intelligent and her memory was extremely good and after studying for three weeks, she knew the entire information of martial art from start to end.

    Zhou Jian also feared that her experience is still insufficient and his acquaintances were infinite so he delivered a pair of his banner flag and said to her: “In the northern five provinces, if you show this banner then sect or group will yield mutually. If you encounter the danger, you can take out this flag but do not use it casually.”

    Yun Lei said: “I can make a living as a wandering fortune-teller now, I am so much informed and experienced, I won’t have to use the banner protection, isn’t it?” However she said this word with a smile and his granduncle understood her good intention.

      Zhou Jian took out several sets of male upper and lower garments as well as the gold, silver and jewelry and said with a smile: “An unmarried young girl, all alone in the capital might attract attention, you have to change your cloths and keep these jewelry.”

    Yun Lei disguised herself as a male and changed her upper and lower garments and kept her jewelry. She took her leave to descend the mountain.

    Zhou Jian said: “Shanmin, go and see her off.” They left the village and exchanged the fast horse and shortly before noon crossed the Yanmen pass and stepped on the main road going towards the capital.
    Yun Lei said: “Uncle you can go back now.”

    Zhou Shanmin looked at her and said with a sigh: “Yes, you can go now too!” he still rode abreast her as if he was reluctant to part.

    Yun Lei said with a smile: “Uncle, many thank you. You can go back.”
    Zhou Shanmin appeared to blush and said suddenly with a smile: “Although actually our families are acquainted with each other for several years and we had a long-standing and deep-rooted friendship with your family from previous generation but we are not blood relatives. If we go by our age then it will be more suitable if we can call each other brother and sister.”

    Yun Lei quite felt strange but remembered that Shanmin has been very concerned about her in previous week and thought in her heart: “The manners of my uncle are good but his words are a little strange.”

    Yun Lei was young and did not understood his intention and said: “You disliked that I call you uncle, do you feel old? When I will come back then I will ask granduncle about it and then will call you something else.”

    Zhou Shanmin blushed from one ear to another, Yun Lei smiled as he moved ahead. When she turned to look back then she saw Shanmin still looking at crazily and grinning like an idiot.

    Along the way, on the third day, she arrived at Yangqu. This place was famous for collection and distribution of fen wine. She entered the city and saw that everywhere there were banners of wine shops fluttering. She was hungry and thirsty, she thought in her heart: “For a long time I have heard the reputation of Shanxi Fen liquor, today I can drink till I an full.”

    She saw a white horse on left side of the door of a wine shop. The four hooves of the horse were like snow and it looked a very elegant steed. Yun Lei looked at the wine shop and her curiosity got up, she stepped inside the restaurant and only saw a scholar sitting near the window drinking wine alone in the south side. She saw another two people sitting on the east side, one was fat and another thin, they were sitting on a mat with legs outstretched and playing some kind of a game and engaging in a drunken brawl. Yun Lei saw that both of them looked clear-headed and both were actually making an appearance of drunken brawl but were actually looking at that scholar with corner of the eye.

    The clothing of scholar was magnificent and expensive and it seems he was from a wealthy family, he was drinking alone and turning the wine cup around and his body was shaky. It seemed that he was feeling tipsy and recited loudly: (looks like some kind of a poem…literal translation) “I am inborn talented, the girls are waiting with their arms open, a feast is waiting for me but I must first drink 300 cups.”

    He shook his head, suddenly felt as if he was going to vomit. Yun Lei thought: “This scholar really does not know the ways of the world are hard and dangerous, the robber watch him from the side and he is still singing his heart out.”

    The thin man sitting on mat called out: “Drinking 300 cups, this is good! Brother, others are drinking 300 cups and you have not even managed to finish these three glasses of wine?”

    His companion jumped up and called out: “Nonsense, you drink only a cup and want me to drink three cups!”

    The thin man said: “Your stature is bigger, almost three times than me; if I drink a cup then you must drink three cups.”

    The fat person got angry: “Breaks wind, I won’t drink!”

    That thin shouted: “You won’t drink?” He took the wine pot and pressed towards the fat person and made him angrier, he made an effort to push and drenched him with that Fen wine; two people hit each other and staggered along. They hit that scholar’s body all of a sudden.

    That scholar got angry and shouted: “This is absurd!” Suddenly in this entire ruckus the embroidered purse of that scholar fell to the ground and several small gold ingots and a pearl rolled on the ground. , That pearl looked absolutely priceless, although it was daytime and a cloudless sunny day, it cannot cover that extraordinary confounding pearly luster.

    That scholar immediately bent to pick up the purse and collect the scattered gold ingots and pearl and yelled: “Do you want to snatch this thing?”

    Those two men stopped swiftly and one of them said to him in a loud voice: “Who is snatching your thing? You dare to point finger at me, I have not collided with you; this person have.”

    He pointed to the other person; the other person backed off immediately and started apologizing.

    Yun Lei laughed in her heart and thought: “These two men are clearly the informers to some robbers, they are taking advantage of engaging in a drunken brawl for the name and just investigating the actual amount of money this scholar has. I am here; I won’t let them achieve their wishes.”

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    Yun Lei also walked past them and pushed them with her palms and said: “How dare you engage in a drunken brawl and disturbing other people?”

    She was able to conveniently trace the silver coins of these people. The skills of Yun lei were light and lively, she immediately stole the silvers from both these person and those two people had no idea about it. As soon as she pushed both of them, they felt an acute pain in their chest and were startled.

    They did not dare to be noisy and whispered: “Who wants to hit other person, why will I steal from others?” The other person urged: “it is good, it is good. You hit others and blame on me. Get out of this place and then talk.”

    That scholar held his wine cup and raised it and said to Yun lei: “Brother, don’t bother; let us drink.”

    Yun Lei said: “Many thanks.” She returned to her seat and looked at those two men.

    Those two men stared at Yun Lei and called out: “Storekeeper, we are paying up!” That thin man put his hand to take money but he didn’t have any now and his face turned pale. The fat man was surprised and he put out a hand to trace his own purse and his money too have disappears. Two people look at each other in blank dismay and did not make any sound.

    These two people robbed others, stole chickens, ate in the hotels and left without paying. They now were well aware that Yun lei had took their money but they were actually afraid of her and did not dare to accuse her. The storekeepers walked to them and asked for money. The facial complexion of both people changed and they were in a really awkward situation. The storekeeper again said: “both gentlemen has enjoyed the wine, please pay.”

    The thin man spoke haltingly: “can you put in somebody's account for the time being?”

    The Storekeeper's facial color changed and he sneered and said: “How can I put in on somebody's account, what kind of person am I?” he called other people for help.

    The attendant came and said: “You intentionally were noisy for this time and were fighting and hitting other people but you now want free drinks. Take off your clothes.”

    It was fun for other people as they too said that these two men are not right and forced them to reluctantly take off clothes.

    The wine shop attendant said: “These two long unlined gowns are insufficient.” He put out a hand and also took out their two hats and said: “We are still not even, it is such a bad luck…fine…run away…get out!” the two man were only wearing their undershirt, quickly they came out of the shop and fled like a scared rat in the cold wind.

    Yun Lei was very happy, she sat alone and drunk two cups. She saw that scholar was still drinking and remembered that these two men were actually people of extremely low skills. They might have run away quietly but they might go back and tell their bandit chief inevitably. She was afraid that these money and jewelry were not safe. Therefore she stood and called out: “Storekeeper, paying up!” She decided to go and track these two robber people.

    The Storekeeper saw that the attire of Yun lei was good, she looked like a playboy. He looked at her and smiled and told her the amount of money she owed him. Yun Lei puts out a hand to take out her purse. Zhou Jian gave her gold, silver and jewelry for the journey. It had disappears unexpectedly and she cannot help but was surprised. She again looked at her pocket but the money she stole from those two people had also disappeared.

    She was shocked as this was no small matter, although the cold weather was bone-chilling but volumes of beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Storekeeper was suspicious now as he saw that Yun lei was wearing magnificent cloths but did not have money. He asked in a doubtful tone: “You…haven’t you misplaced your silver? You still might have gold, we can exchanges gold with silver and will not deceive you.”

    Yun Lei was worried now and afraid that they might take off her clothes; this might be a very embarrassing situation!

    The Storekeepers saw her still hesitating and his facial color changed. He sneered and said: “Sir, what is up?”

    That scholar swaggered suddenly and recited: “Within the four seas all are friend, the thing which have been misplaced will also return. I will pay up the accounts for this little brother.” he fished out some silver ingots and threw at the storekeeper and said: “keep the rest off it!” The storekeeper was delighted and said many thanks again and again.

    Yun Lei blushed from one ear to another; she expressed gratitude in a low voice. That scholar said: “For what? I will teach you a secret my friend, next time when you are going to drink wine then put on two set of cloths. This way you won’t be afraid about giving away your cloths.” He moved away, burped and paid no attention to Yun Lei and went outside.

    Yun Lei was quite angry and thought in her heart: “Good; so this is what one gets for politeness. This person is crazy; if I have not saved him a moment ago then they would have already snatched his purse.”

    Yun lei looked, the shop was full of alcoholics, she could not see that who might be that person and she wondered in her heart that she came across some skilled artist here. She left the wine shop and stepped up on the horseback and continued to hurry along to the capital. As she went out of the town, she saw that scholar riding that white horse in front of her.

    Yun Lei moved towards him and thought: “Is it possible that is this scholar is not good enough!” She urged her horse to catch up with that white horse. She moved her whip to hit the horse and went close to him. She feigned to catch up with the horse and threw the whip at the scholar acting as if has slipped from her hand towards his acupuncture point.
    In reality Yun lei only wanted to measure the martial art skills of that scholar; even if he has grown up reading classic and literature, still he might be able to avoid this attack. If he has some martial arts accomplishment then he will try to block this attack.

    Who would imagine that scholar did not even fend off the whip unexpectedly. It connected with him and hung up in his upper and lower garments, although the power applied by Yun lei was not very strong still it was a fierce attack. That person looked extremely incapable and shook in pain as he was hit and almost fall down from the horseback.

    Yun Lei was quite surprised and immediately called out: “It just slipped from my hand, I apologize to you!”

    The scholar looked at her in shock and called out: “You eat without paying! Do not think that I have a lot of money so you can entangle me; my money is for people who are in good terms, looks like you have drunk and are now hitting other people just like that. I may not dare to ask for advice!”

    Yun Lei found him really funny; she said: “Aren’t you also drunk?”
    That scholar recited (again a literal translation for poetics): “One can draw a sword cut to off the water supply but how can a sword stop the flow of water, raise the glass to drown the sorrow and worries of life, I am alive today, tomorrow morning will be a new day! I do not drink with you, I do not want to drink with you!”

    Yun lei thought that he was still drunk and wanted to hold him but saw that both of his legs clamped suddenly and that white horse fled like a wind. Yun Lei followed him with her horse; her horse too was a Mongolian warhorse which he chosen in the village but still was not able to catch up with him.

    Yun Lei said: “This person does not have skills in martial art but his horse is really extraordinary!”

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    Thanks Abhay.

    This is no mere scholar. Yun Lei better watch out!

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    She has lost the silver coins and was pretty depressed and urged the horse to continue.

    He moved along steadily for half a day and covered a lot of ground. The sun was setting now and she was able to see the smoke coming out of kitchen chimneys rising from all directions. She wanted to go to some peasant family and ask for lodging but she had no money in her bag now. Suddenly she head the sound of a horse neighing and she went ahead and found a monastery in the forest. She also saw the white horse grazing outside the monastery.

    Yun Lei said: “Oh, so he is already here. The Buddhist priests are quite considerate; they might give me lodging for one night.”

    She left her horse outside the monastery and pushed the gate to enter and only saw that scholar sitting near a fire under the porch and was simmering some sweet potato. He looked at Yun Lei and said: “Heavens, is their no place in this country where one can go and not bump in to you.”
    Yun Lei looked at him and said: “So…You are sober now?”

    That scholar said: “When did I get drunk? I recognize you…you are the same person who ate the food for free.”

    Yun Lei said in anger: “What do you know? Some thieves were trying to steal your money!”

    That scholar jumped up and said: “What…Thieves? In this monastery there are only Buddhist priests, if some thieves or robbers come then they will be in trouble. This is not good. Fine….I will not stay here.”

    Yun Lei found him really funny and said: “Where would you go to? If they find you outside that then they will rob you and nobody can rescue you. At least I am here and can protect you.”

    That scholar looked at her for a moment and suddenly started laughing at her and said: “You have such big skills; you can only eat without paying others?”

    Yun Lei said: “My money was stolen by some thief.”

    That scholar was now laughing hard and was almost out of his breath, he pointed at Yun Lei and said: “You are ready to save me from robbers but your money is stolen by the thieves. Ha, you are such a liar but I won’t be deceived by your story.”

    He looked at her and then sat down and said: “I won’t listen to your lie again, there is such peace and tranquility in this place, where are the robbers and thieves?” he again stared to simmer the sweet potato languidly.

    Yun Lei said in a spiteful manner: “You do not want to believe me then don’t…who wants you to believe me!” the fragrance of sweet potatoes was greeting her nostrils. Yun Lei was also riding for a day and she was really hungry, she swallowed the saliva and was actually embarrassed in front of this scholar. She looked around and saw that this monastery was an uncultivated area doesn’t even have some fruit so that she can appease her hunger.

    That scholar nipped a sweet potato, shook his head and said in a loud voice: “that yellow wine was good, that fen wine too was not bad. The fish I ate was really firm and delicious but this sweet potato is also amazing…oh it has a good fragrance too…really delicious!”

    Yun Lei looked at him but did not stared at him eating and turned her head away. That scholar called out: ““Person who eats without paying”, I give you a sweet potato.” He threw that roasted the ripe sweet potato at her.
    Yun Lei said: “Who wants to eat your sweet potatoes!” She swallowed the saliva and sat cross-legged on the ground and looked at the other sides, after some time she started to inhale and exhale and with great difficulty suppressed the hunger. The base of internal strength of Yun Lei was good and she had cultivated good internal energy and soon felt comfortable.

    She opened her eye and saw that scholar sleeping soundly and snoring now; several roasted sweet potato were rolled everywhere. Yun Lei sticks out her tongue and wanted to put out a hand but suddenly saw that scholar turning his body.

    Yun Lei wanted to say spitefully: “I can stay hungry for one day, I won’t die!”

    The thunderous snoring of that scholar didn’t let her sleep. Yun Lei was lying but not able to sleep and suddenly wanted to say: “The clothes of this scholar are magnificent and expensive, he is also carrying a very expensive treasure, how is that he doesn’t have any bodyguard? He also dares to lodge on a barren monastery in the forest and is eating ordinary roasted sweet potato? He cannot pretend to have good martial art skills? But his attire is really expensive!”

    She stood up quietly and wanted to search his body, suddenly that scholar turned his body. Yun Lei thought: “how could it not be, that if he awakens to think that I wanted to steal his things?” She moved ahead with hesitation, she went forward three steps and then withdrew two steps. Suddenly she heard some strange sound from outside. Yun Lei looked at that scholar and saw him sleeping soundly and sneered. She thought: “You didn’t believe me earlier and look how pitiful is your condition. It is your good luck that I will keep off these robbers from you.” He immediately jumped out of the Buddhist monastery and climbed up on a tree.

    She only saw two people wearing masks, looking like robbers coming straight at the monastery. One of them said: “You looked at that white horse; I am thinking that this is it.”

    Another person said: “Fine, but is he willing to comply?”

    The first person replied: “Perhaps we have to sever his head if he doesn’t.” the other person said: “Do we have to do that, perhaps we can just hang him.”

    Yun Lei heard these words and was really angry at them and thought in her heart: “fine ruthless robbers, you wanted to seize the money and also to murder!”

    Suddenly one of them called out: “There is a person on that tree!”

    Yun lei shot two butterfly darts from the tree, the two masked men moved vigorously and flashed out of the way. Yun Lei took out her sword and executed a move “huge roc seizing the nine heavens”; she jumped high up in the air and swiped the sword that these two people with great strength. The two people wearing mask retaliated immediately, one of them took out an iron cane and another person took out a pair of hooks. A bright spark was created as the sword pounded that iron cane. The iron cane was truncated from the point of impact but the double hooks were able to hold sword at his girdle.

    Yun Lei said: “These two robbers have hard hands!”

    That two people in mask were startled; they wanted to ask some questions but Yun Lei was attacking furiously and the sword moved unceasingly like a rainstorm. This sword skill of Yun lei was of the Yin-yang double sword technique created by Xuanzi Yishi and called “blue deep”.
    A cross section of the iron cane was already cut off in the first attack only. Although they were fighting and fending her off but did not dare to take on the sword head on. The double hook skill used by one was them was extraordinary but he was more interested in deflecting her attack then actually attack her as he too did not wanted a head on collision with her sword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyWalker View Post
    Thanks Abhay.

    This is no mere scholar. Yun Lei better watch out!
    Looks like the "hero" of the story...actually I am around half way down the fourth chapter and he is not introduced yet....pretty late entry of a hero by wuxia standards.

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    Keep up the good work Abhay. This is a very interesting story.

    BTW Jin Yong has been known to introduce his main characters much later in the story (i.e. Zhang Wu Ji, Xu Zhu, Ling Hu Chong and even Guo Jing).

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    Check your personal message please.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Yun lei put forth the plum blossom shaped dart at the person with the double hooks. He moved his double hooks to deflect the darts. She took advantage of this small opening and moved in a circular manner and attacked him. It looked as if the sword light was moving like illuminating flow of mercury rolling ad flowing swiftly and then suddenly it turned in to a bright rain of light falling in a riotous manner, those two people were skilled but they didn’t had any other option but to retrocede step by step.

    The person using the iron cane was using hard strength, on the other hand the person with double hook was nimble and both of them worked in tandem to resist her attack. Yun Lei was not able to find any opening and they were totally intent on defending. When things were looking a bit better for those two robbers, suddenly Yu Lei closed her sword bottom and splayed the top, instantly the robber with the double hook cried out in pain and he got injured in his hand.
    She suppressed her disgust for those two robbers and regardless of this injury she kept on attacking both of them. Actually she could have taken advantage of this situation to make some fatal move on them but she didn’t want to kill these people. She was in a kind of stalemate situation so she made another exquisite move to change the flow of this fight.
      Who would imagine as her sword moved towards the left hook of the robber, suddenly the right hook moved upwards towards Yun Lei and almost made her to let go her sword. Yun Lei was surprised; this move was actually used by Tantai Mieming when she fought with him.

    She hurriedly turned around, the sword front revolution compelled the person with the iron cane to move back but Yun lei realized that this person was actually trying to sneak attack as she was involved with the double hook. She raises her sword and shouted: “So you two are the disciples of Tantai Mieming?”

    That person with the double hook jumped fiercely and shouted: “You have already seen through my origin, next year this day will be your death anniversary!”

    The double hook collided with the sword, the attack was ferocious and he was now fighting for his life. Yun Lei also attacked with vigor and scolded: “Bold barbarian, you dare to steal into the border pass unexpectedly, you are still nobody in china?”

    He made a feint and attacked north but suddenly changed his move; the attack was not forgiving now as the fight moved on the attack got more ruthless. If one compares the martial art skills of both these people, Yun lei was easily better than the disciple of Tantai Mieming but the enemy side was also supported by the person with iron cane so it was more of an even fight now.

    As the fight continued, Yun Lei was in disadvantage as her physical strength was obviously dwindling. They had now fought about 100 moves; Yun Lei was drenched with sweat and still resisted but her strength was gradually seeping. The double hook turned, attacked more tightly, Yun Lei was stranded and in critical situation.

    The person with iron cane turned and said: “the sword of this boy is really good, wait for a while; then will you let me take his sword?” The other person said: “Good, I will let you take it. When we will seize this person, perhaps you can ask yourself.”

    Two people asked question and answered as if the defeat of Yun lei was a certainty without a doubt. Yun Lei got angry and made a move “flying waterfall natural flow”, turned towards the person with iron cane and stabbed at him. He turned upwards expecting the sword and wanted to tuck it in. However Yun lei saw that suddenly his hand hanged down, Yun lei was already in her move and the put her sword through the throat and executed him.

    She quickly turned towards the person with double hook. He was now frightened to stay and fight her. Yun Lei backhanded a sword and cut into his left hook and flew off in the air. The person was afraid and ran to get away from her. Yun Lei raised her hand to throw three “plum blossom butterfly dart” as he rushed away from her. The dart were on the way to hit him but suddenly she saw that something hit the darts and they fell on the ground and in an instant, the enemy has run without a trace.
    Yun Lei was shocked and felt emptiness inside her! She had just punctured the throat of a person a moment ago. Actually she expected him to easily deflect this attack with his iron cane but unexpectedly suddenly she saw his hand going down instead of going up to meet the sword. It resembled some strange happenings and she had no idea about it.
    Yun Lei also wondered in her heart: “Is it possible that some person is trying to help me but is not coming out? But how those three butterfly dart also suddenly fell to the ground, this person who is in dark is highly skilled but he is helping me and also helping the enemy? This can’t be the true, who is behind all this?”

    Yun Lei bowed her head to look at that dead robber lying on the ground, she used her sword to take off his mask; he was indeed a foreigner. Yun Lei was surprised but could not decide if this person was an ordinary robber who wanted to plunder money. Yun Lei gathered her courage and searched his body, besides some silver and a few package of dry rations, there was nothing at all on the body.

    Yun Lei said with a smile: “This is just right for me to use.” She chewed the dry rations and kept the money in her bosom.

    Suddenly she heard a different sound coming from the nearby forest, she saw two people wearing mask; looking like some robbers rushing towards her. One person said in a loud voice: “having a feast my friend; let everyone enjoy the windfall.” What that person in fact meant that we are you are both people of same belief (as if in robbery), you have plundered the belongings of this person but you now have to share it with us.
    Yun Lei said in anger: “Good, you people have arrived. Come and eat…”

    she actually wanted to say: “Come and eat a girl’s sword”, but suddenly realized that she was in disguise so she swallowed the last two words.
    Those two robbers laughed and said: “This is a good friend, everybody should share and eat.” They walked in and put out a hand.

    Yun Lei sneered and took out her sword and attacked. That two robbers were also ready immediately, one of them took out a single tool and other remained s empty handed. Yun Lei moved her sword to stab them but only felt as if she was sucked in by a breeze; the robber who was fighting empty-handed turned unexpectedly and tried to snatch her sword. Yun lei actually took these people very casually and almost got sucked in the trap of a strategic move. She was startled and now did not dare to be negligent. The sword moved swiftly and attacked at person with single tool. He blocked her attack and called out immediately: “The power behind the sword his enormous!”

    The sword of Yun lei again moved, the move was also quite fierce, she moved around them in circular manner and attacked them from all sides. Both the robbers were now trying to dodge her attacks and tried to be on away from her direct range.

      Although these two robbers were not untalented or unskilled people but the swordsmanship of Yun was both exquisite and quick, the sword light moved and fluttered and then suddenly shot at them. The two people were in grave danger and both thought as if the enemy is specifically attacking only them and not the other person. They have fought f0r about 350 moves, the person who was empty-handed called out: “Good, you can have the sole possession of this loot, we don’t want anything and are leaving; perhaps it will be better if we can become friends!”

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    Thanks Abhay for the update. Can't wait till the scholar reveals his true identity.

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    Yun Lei said: “using force to rob the belongings of other person is a big crime, not only you are robbing some one but also hurting them, this akin betraying your country. Who wants to become friends with you?”

    She executed a move called “a flower stroking willow tree” quickly, the sword moves towards left but the sword wind gave resembled as if moved towards right. This move had the two people perplexed, one of them got hit and cried out loudly as the next move came instantly and that person had to let go his single tool and it flew off in oblivion. That robber fighting empty handed was slippery fellow; he shrank his body and evaded her attack. Yun lei didn’t relented and made a series of strategic moves one after another, a sword stabbed from above, feinted as if she has withdrawn but then kept on coming unceasingly.

    Yun Lei thought that these two people and the two robbers who came earlier might be from the same group therefore she was not forgiving. The sword moved like thunder and pinned him down, the sword point has almost touched the enemy when suddenly she felt as if a big ant has nipped at her back and she also heard a “scoffing” sound. She suddenly lost her concentration and lost her aim and the sword slid just past him. The robber took the opportunity to flee for their life and run in the dense jungle and patches of grass.
    Yun Lei called out: “Who is this shameless fellow attacking from the dark!”All around it was total silence and nobody came or left. Yun Lei waited for a moment and when saw that no one is coming out so she moved around looking for her butterfly darts but could not find in dark. Although Yun lei was able to defeat both group of enemies but she didn’t considered them complete victories. She knew that someone else was also there and playing tricks in secret but her she was not sure about it.

    Finally she returned back to the monastery but saw that scholar is still sleeping soundly like dead log and the snoring sound was unceasing.
    Yun Lei called out: “Wake up, there is dead person and you are sleeping merrily!” That scholar turned over and said something incomprehensible but still kept on sleeping.

    Yun Lei called out: “Robbers came!”

    That student had a drowsy look now; he sat languidly and said: “I had a dream just now, it seems it was portent, I always knew.”

    Yun Lei sneered and said: “yes you know everything? The robbers had already arrived!”

    The scholar rubbed his sleepy eyes and said: “you harass a person so late in the night out of his dreams! Little brother; why are you disturbing me every now and then?”

    Yun Lei did not believe his words, instead of thanking; he was blaming her. Yun Lei said in anger: “You do not believe me; go and look outside!”

    The scholar stretched oneself and said with a smile suddenly: “Since they have arrived so; what can I do? Why did you also awake me?”

    Yun Lei was mad in anger by now; she tried to calm down and said: “Actually I killed one of them so they have withdrawn now.”

    That scholar said: “Really? Good …extremely good! You can eat a sweet potato. This is a reward for your good work; take it as a dessert, I will not even say in future that you ate without paying!” he threw a sweet potato at Yun Lei.

    She was angry and threw that sweet potato and said: “Who are still cracking jokes…, tell me you are you…what is your name… where are you coming from?”

    That scholar stared at Yun Lei and looked at her from up to down and said: “Fine, I also ask you, what is your name, where are you coming from?”

    Yun Lei said: “Why?” The scholar said with a smile: “You can interrogate me, can't I interrogate you? What are you…an official appointed to interrogate others since your birth?”

    Yun Lei was stumped; she did not know how to react on this question. She thought in her heart: “He asked me about my origin, how I can say that?” he looked at the scholar with slanting eyes and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Yun Lei thought: “My origin, I cannot say as I don’t know him, he too doesn’t want to say about his origin, what’s the urgency to know about it. Let it leave.” She thought: “Those two foreigners who just came here, is it possible that he is also escaping like my grandfather from Mongolia and have ran away from the Han people?” As this thought came in her mind she had a respect for this scholar unconsciously but she had a look at him and saw him smiling faintly and looking at her in a haughty manner and thought repugnantly. She thought something and took out the double flag which Zhou Jian gave her from her bosom and gave it to him and said: “keep this; you might need it when I am not with you.”

    The student shot a look at it and said: “I am not an actor, why will I need a flag with two sides?”

    Yun Lei said: “You are one person and traveling alone is dangerous, if you show this double flag to robbers then they will not dare to take you by force.”

    The scholar said: “Why, is this flag the imperial decree?”

    Yun Lei said: “Well it is also feared and its strength can be compared to the imperial decree! This is the banner flag of Golden swordsman flag, haven't you been to the northern region or heard about him? The Golden swordsman is the leader of the rebel group in the north and is highly respected in this region, if you show this then no robber will harm you.”

    Yun Lei delivered him this double flag with good intention but unexpectedly the facial complexion of that scholar changed color and took up the double flag, he suddenly sneered and said: “A real man conducts oneself in society, how could one hold to a banner flag of a bandit? Have you read the book of Confucianism?” He ripped the banner flag in four pieces and threw on the ground!

     The facial color of Yun lei turned green, she went mad in anger. This was no small matter and she shouted in anger: “Golden Swordsman is a chivalrous person, a man of indomitable spirit and is a real hero, how can it be that you are disrespecting him!”

    She wanted to slap him on his face and hit him but suddenly thought: “if I hit him on his cheeks then my five fingerprints will be left on his face, he will look really ugly!”

    The palm stopped midway and she said in anger: “I do not lower myself to the same level with pedantic scholars such as you; I forgive your one time. Later if you are killed by some robbers or meet some disaster then manage it yourself!” She turned around like a wind and came out of the monastery quickly. She thought that it was her good intention but he won’t understand, although she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart but she did not turned and looked at that scholar.

    Suddenly she heard a ringing sound and she immediately followed the sound and looked around but saw no one. She again thought of calling that person but sneered suddenly and decided not call.

     Yun Lei progressed in the forest and again heard a ringing sound and felt something moving above her head. Yun Lei called out: “you thief, hiding in the dark and plotting against me, come out.” Suddenly she heard another sound on the branch above a saw it coming down. On the branch, a package was tied up with a small embroidered flower turban.

    Yun Lei was startled, this is precisely her own thing, she untied it hurriedly and saw all the money, silver and jewelry Zhou Jian gave to her, everything was exactly similar to before including the money she stole from those two thugs. Yun Lei jumped to get on the horseback, moved around the treetop and looked far out in all directions but did not see even a sign of anther person.

     Yun Lei sighed and thought: “Really; one should always strive for better, one cannot think of any place as small place, one might bump into a master.” She clamped the horse by her knees and moved out of the forest, outside the grove, it was already dawn by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyWalker View Post
    Thanks Abhay for the update. Can't wait till the scholar reveals his true identity.
    Looks like we have to wait... the guy is left behind!

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    Yun Lei rode in the early morning and continue heading towards west. On the way she saw a lot of people but unexpectedly almost everyone looked from the martial art world or some valiant military person.

    Yun Lei remembered what Shanmin explained to her about the martial art realm. She thought in her heart: “It looks like some sect or a school is having some grand ceremony that is why such a large number of people from martial art realm are seen together.”

    These people progressed to catch up with Yun Lei but no one paid attention to her. Yun Lei walked to an inn and was already hungry and thirsty, she ate full up to her heart until she was content. She looked at that tea stall and said something to smooth things over with that tea stall master: “Today is good to thrive; lots of people hurrying along the way.”
    That tea stall master said with a smile: “Sir, you are also going to Black stone mansion?”

    Yun Lei said: “Black stone mansion?”

    That tea stall master said: “It looks that Sir has come from another place, Master Shi is a great chivalrous person, he has completed his sixty years so he is catching up with his friends and have organized this celebration at Black stone mansion.”

    Yun Lei asked: “Are you talking about old master Shi “Thunder” Ying?”
    The tea stall master said with profound respect: “Yes….are you also a friend of master Shi.”

    Yun Lei said: “Who did not know the reputation of old hero Shi, although I am a person from other province, I have listened to his name.”
    The tea stall master said: “Master Shi is a very affable person and likes making friend, a person from any sect or school, no matter whether he knows him or not can go there, he entertains everyone, it open for everyone in the village too.”

    Yun Lei remembered Zhou Shanmin saying her about Shi Ying. He told her that Shi Ying was famous for his martial art skills “Cloud sword, flying locust”. The “Cloud sword” was a hard martial art and famous in martial art circle and the “flying locust” is a hidden weapon throwing skill. These projectiles are like artillery shells and they burst with a loud bang. This why he is called Shi “Thunder” Ying, not only he is acknowledged for his martial art skills but also respected as a chivalrous person who upholds justice however it is said that his temperament is a little strange.

    Yun lei said: “Originally I was leaving this place but now I should also go and pay my respect to old master. Since all the big heroes of the martial art world are coming in so I should also attend this celebration, how can it be that I may miss an opportunity?”

    She got an idea and asked the tea stall master to provide a paper and wrote, it said: “Old master is celebrating his birthday, my greetings. She stepped up on the horseback and arrived at black stone mansion directly.
    The attendant at the gate accepted the congratulatory gift and ushered her in the garden without asking any question. There was a big banquet to entertain the guest. Yun Lei looked around and saw that there were hundreds of bamboo mat were kept. She greeted some of the guests and sat at a corner. Obviously she was not acquainted with the fellow guest so she simply kept on listening to the discussion, some one said: “Not only old hero Shi is celebrating his birth day but I have also heard that he is electing a son-in-law.”

    Another person said: “Old man is going to have a headache, Sha Zhaizhu, Han Daozhu and Lin Zhuangzhu, these three people have proposed together for their sons, how can he decide?”

    Another person said: “master Shi has already found a solution, why are you worried about it.” He puts out a hand and said: “look!”

    Yun Lei and the rest of people looked at one side of the garden and saw that a big arena was put up there, about two ten feet have high.

    That person said with a smile: “I have heard that Master Shi Ying has actually found a straightforward solution, there will be martial arts contest to win the bride's hand, who can win his daughter will be his son-in-law, the close relatives and good friends are not exceptional, those three will readily agree to this.”

    Other people said with a smile: “This looks lively.”

    Yun Lei laughed in her heart: “this is a really unexpected method to choose a son-in-law by this method. If the elected person has a face with pockmarks then….how could one marry his daughter to such a person?”

     It was getting dark now, the sun was setting slowly and she heard sounds of several people congratulating, the full house stood up suddenly. Yun Lei too stood on her tiptoes to look at Shi Ying. She saw the old man coming out on the red carpet with a female and receiving congratulations from the guests and jumped in the arena. That female was really beautiful, her face resembled to a rose, her eyebrows were long. Yun Lei moved forward to look her and only saw her to be graceful and despite being surrounded by entire martial art community, she was not ashamed or afraid at all.

    <End of Chapter -3>

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    Well ...I will be awol for a few days more update

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    Chapter – 4

    鑄錯本無心擂台爭勝 追蹤疑有意錦帳逃人

    Yun Lei heard other people discussing and understood that this red faced old man is in fact the master of this black stone mansion, Shi “Thunder” Ying and that female was his daughter Shi Cuifeng. Yun Lei cheered secretly and thought in her heart: “this is really surprising; this red faced old man with bland features had given birth to such a beautiful daughter.”

    She only Shi Ying hold his one fist in the other hand and came on the stage and said in clear and resonant voice: “All of you people have come to congratulate this ordinary old person, I am extremely grateful to all the elders and brothers who have given me the opportunity to host them and honored me. I pay my respect to everybody and raise these three cups first!” Under the stage, everybody cheered up loudly and raised their wine cup respectively.

    Shi Ying said with a smile: “This Black stone mansion is a remote place and don’t have much to offer in terms of amusement to guests so you might laugh at me. My daughter also has some learnt some ordinary martial art skills and will demonstrate her lowly skills as the guest enjoy their drinks.”

    The people applauded loudly. Shi Ying also said with a smile: “If only one person demonstrate his skills then it isn’t that interesting, this why I dared to call the sons of Sha Zhaizhu, Han Daozhu and Lin Zhuangzhu to give pointers to her and see who is the best. I have invited these people from the younger generation to show their skills.”

    Although he has not spoken about the fact that this martial arts contest is to choose the son-in-law but the people sitting on the mat were actually well aware of his intention.

    He first called the Han Daozhu and Lin Zhuangzhu first. Han Daozhu led his son and jumped in to the arena from the crowd. Sha Zhaizhu slightly hesitated and then he too led his son and took a vertical leap to come on the stage. That arena was about as high as twenty feet, Sha Zhaizhu easily landed on the stage but his son was merely able to touch the tip of the edge and actually fell down dangerously.

    The entire crowd sitting there were amazed greatly. This Sha Zhaizhu was a famous character in martial art realm, his martial art skills were also good and it was known to all that his son had a solid educational foundation received from family elders, the family of his was considered cruel and merciless and is kept on high discipline till they come of age. It was directly related to the prestige of the clan. They all knew about his father and knew that he is a good strategist and had expected that he will ensures his son’s success today but who expected that his son won’t be even able to jump up to the arena. Anyone can see now that he was already inferior to Han Daozhu and his son any day, this was really beyond expectation.

    Sha Zhaizhu wrinkled his eyebrows as his son and did not say anything. That son of Han Daozhu was afraid that the other people might come ahead for fight first so he immediately went forward and bowed with hands clasped and said: “Master Shi, It might be impolite but l am a straightforward person, first let me fight with younger sister for several moves, I hope that younger sister will show mercy!”

    Shi Ying smiled and said: “You are too kind! I like straight forward person. Everybody… no need for small talk and polite courtesy now, how can we see the original skills if one holds back, no need to be lenient, If any one is injured then we are prepared with medicine.”

    That Han fellow immediately complied and greeted her with a double palm and bowed in front of her and made a move “young man does obeisance to the Goddess of Mercy”, the double palm were uneven, not only it was a greeting to all family but also powerful strategic move. Shi Ying said: “good move!”

    Sha Zhaizhu and his son smiled bitterly and wanted to say something but swallowed their words.

    Shi Cuifeng immediately moved her body, turned around in a revolution and went behind that Han person swiftly, that person saw that his first move was avoided and went on a series of move looked almost like an assault but he was not able to even touch a corner of the skirt let alone hurting her.

    Yun Lei thought in her heart: “It looks that the martial art she practices is pretty similar to mine and are based on the Eight Diagrams. She was also using the eight diagrams to revolve and come behind that person. Yun Lei also actually used the technique in the butterfly valley and went around the pine trees.

    Shi Cuifeng moved in circles to play with the opponent. Looking from the outside, each of her moves was pretty clear and graceful. However on the stage, that son of Han Daozhu was all at sea and actually dazzled, he felt as if Shi Cuifeng was running around and he was just chasing the animated shadows.

    Yun Lei looked at him and just laughed in her heart as she saw that Han fellow moving all around Shi Cuifeng in chaotic manner, if he was hit then it would have been less humiliating but he actually was not willing to call a halt.

    Han Daozhu actually knit his brows and shouted to his son: “Stupid boy, you are not the match of this Shi girl, why don’t you draw back quickly?”
    As Han Daozhu shouted these words, Shi Cuifeng actually slightly slowed down; that person immediately thought of taking advantage of this and jumped suddenly to kick her.

    Yun Lei laughed in her heart and thought: “This fellow is really ignorant and doesn’t know the proper action and behaves like a crude and stupid insect and others too don’t let him know.” She only saw Shi Cuifeng dodging slightly and hit at him. That Han fellow went ahead with the momentum and fell like a water buffalo splashing in water.
    Shi Ying immediately hurried up to help him and said: “feng’er, why don’t you come and apologize?”

    That Han fellow said: “I am not injured at all, Miss Shi, you are really good and I… I ......” she stammered and then said: “I won’t dare to marry you!” As he said these words, his father looked at him in anger but did not utter a single word.

    The son Li Zhuangzhu came forward folding his fan, he moved slowly and said: “I also ask for pointers, younger sister, please show mercy!” he said these words with a strange hissing sound coming out of each vowel. He looked mild-mannered and cultivated, the speech also resembled a female however the way he was folding and unfolding his fan looked really ruthless.

    She only saw him folding his fan and then suddenly he unfolded the fan and the fan rushed towards her Ma acupuncture point and forced Shi Cuifeng to step back, Shi Cuifeng put forth her Eight Diagrams technique and moved around him with amazing swiftness. That Lin fellow kept on defending his openings and did not move along with her. Suddenly he made a move and tried to again attack her Ma and Yun acupuncture point but his eye stared at Shi Cuifeng’s body.

    Shi Cuifeng was agitated in her heart and thought: “Look at this fellow's appearance, he is not even a proper person, this eyes are lustful. I am not going to marry such a person.”

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    Thanks Abhay!

    Yun Lei is really ignorant of the martial world. She knows nothing about the scholar yet she's already helping him, even giving him the flag! She's lucky she knows martial arts or else...sigh..

    Hmmm...a martial arts contest to decide the future son in law. Hopefully Yun Lei won't enter and win the contest. Wonder if this Shi Cuifeng and Yun Lei are from the same sect.

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    Shi Cuifeng was not really willing to marry him and kept on attacking more ferociously. The fight was getting more and more tight but the martial art skills of that Lin fellow was not really weak, he was keen on not giving any opening and kept on attacking with his fan. They fought for about 500 moves but Shi Cuifeng did not have anything to show yet.

    If someone asked for the result then people were almost ninety percent sure that she won’t win and many people thought: “It looks like at the end this fight will be decided based on the physical strength, obviously this women will consume her strength in a short time and then its just a matter of time?”

    The folding fan shrinked and then attacked, the wait was only to wear her down and not make any mistake in the time being.
    He tried to bully Shi Cuifeng and moved straight at her with brute strength, suddenly the cherry lips opened, Shi Cuifeng showed a faint smile to him, the teeth were nicely arranged and gave her an inviting smile. That Lin fellow was relieved and thought: “It looks that she is impressed by my moral behavior and martial art skills.”

    He thought that she is admitting defeat, so he held his fan, and smiled at her. Unexpectedly Shi Cuifeng said with a smile suddenly: “Sorry!” She gathered her strength in her hand and pressed his temples gently, that Lin fellow cried loudly, looked at her with surprise and then fainted.

    Lin Zhuangzhu saw with his own eyes that his son failed when success seemed within reach and was quite angry but did not dare to say anything.

    Shi Ying went immediately and pinched at his temple and said: “are you all right, are you fine! Feng’er how can you be so careless and hit at such strategic point!”

    Lin fellow woke and calm down and said with a smile: “Miss Shi, thanks for the pointers.” He and his father both jumped shoulder to shoulder and went out of the arena.

    Shi Ying shook his head and then said with a smile: “My daughter had a good streak of luck and managed to win two fights, this is a time that her elder brother Wuji teaches her a lesson and do not let her be too self-satisfied!”

    Wuji was name of the son of Sha Zhaizhu. Actually out of three people, Shi Ying liked this fellow most however he disliked that he at times used under-hand techniques and was extremely ruthless. He had not yet earned a big reputation in martial art world but Shi Ying thought that in the world it is difficult to find a perfect person, he has to choose someone.

    Shi Ying was aware that the martial art skills of Sha Wuji were above his daughter so he was happy as he invited him. Unexpectedly Sha Wuji wrinkled his eyebrows and forced a smile and said suddenly: “Does not need compared, if we fight then little nephew will be easily defeated. I will simply admit defeat today!”

    Everyone was surprised that he has spoken these words. Shi Ying was angry and said in a disgruntled tone: “How can Master Sha say these words without even fighting a single move?”

    Sha Wuji forced a smile, curls up his sleeves slowly. He showed a scar on his right arm, it was a deep scar and one can even see the bone.
    Shi Ying was startled, he asked: “How did virtuous nephew get this kind of injury?”

    Sha Wuji moved to another side of the stage and said: “Yesterday I came across a robber and….got injured by him.”

    His father Sha Zhaizhu pitched and said: “Yesterday my sub-ordinate Hu Lao’er and he were pursuing a sheep which came from the northern region (in robber’s terminology: a catch), unexpectedly he in secret has actually invited a bodyguard, unfortunately Wuji was pricked in his hand and got injured.”

    Shi Ying was startled, that Hu Lao’er was the deputy of Sha Tao. His martial art skills were above Sha Wuji, these two didn’t manage to defeat one bodyguard; this was highly unexpected and the reality was hard to imagine.

    Sha Tao said suddenly: “Elder brother, you should tell how to manage?”
    Shi Ying said with a smile suddenly: “Such being the case, that bodyguard must also be a capable person. Did you know about the origin of that person? Where can we meet them? I want to meet them and reconcile this situation.”

    The facial complexion of Sha Wuji changed and he said: “Since little nephew has made his debut, I am never insulted; this matter cannot be reconciled.”

    Suddenly they heard a sound from the crowd: “You are person with wolf’s heart and tiger’s skin, you have the courage to come here and talk non-sense.”

    Sha Tao cried out loudly and said: “We Sha father and son will tell you how capable we are….come out of the forward and talk!”

    Suddenly people saw two person's shadows coming out of arena towards the crowd, some one called out: “why are you jumping over the crowd?”

    In the crowd, almost half of the people were acquainted or friend of Sha family. They saw this situation and immediately moved anxiously. In a moment, they saw Sha Tao shooting like an arrow and rushing towards Yun Lei. He moved towards her quickly, his five fingers looked like a hook and hit at her head to grasp it. Yun lei quickly moved to avoid this attack, by now Sha Wuji too have joined and he shamelessly attacked her with a dagger.

    Yun Lei turned on her heels and executed a backhand stroke and said with a smile: “So it was who was wearing a mask last night…young thief!” She saw Sha Wuji coming at her with dagger and easily brushed her away.

    Yun Lei turned around, hit with elbow and then kicked, overturned another person who was rushing to help and leapt to jumps over a table. Sha Tao drew out the saber from his waist and tried to chop her, Yun Lei called out: “You are not concerned about your face, relying on numbers for victory?”

    Yun lei got up on the table and started flicking whatever was kept on the table with her foot. The dishes fluttered and she started kicking them in a chaotic manner at Sha Tao. He moved sideways constantly but was now sprinkled with wine; the chicken soup was dripping from his face. He immediately bent and took out two knives and threw at her. Yun Lei hurriedly drew out the sword agilely and blocked her front. Sha Tao was a man of short stature; he attacked at her with his saber towards her both feet.

    Yun Lei said: “Good ruthless robber!” She executed the moved “swallow flies up at corner” and flew from the table just past the point of his sword. She landed just behind him. He tried to stab her with his sword, she deflected his attack.

    The strength of the sword was more ruthless than the saber. Yun Lei swiped with her sword at him, he was scared and lowered his head hurriedly. He attacked immediately with a fierce move towards her waist, Yun lei met his saber head on and unexpectedly his saber was truncated by the sword of Yun Lei in two sections.

    Actually Yun Lei did not want to offend somebody therefore she only truncated his weapon. Sha Tao actually did not thank her for this kindness and soared above to attack at her and tried to grasp her head. Yun Lei did a revolution and executed a move called “Fought to transfer the star horizontal” and traversed past him.

    They traded several moves in a moment; Yun Lei was not able to compel him to withdraw and also several people were coming forward to help him so Yun lei was not able to display her swordsmanship. Sha Tao shouted loudly and leapt high in the air and attacked with his palm.

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