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Thread: Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu | The Wanderer chronicles

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    Thanks for amazing translation..

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    The double sword combining and complementing one another were too powerful for Black Maha and White Maha, their coordination and strategy was disrupted unexpectedly and they were forced to walk out of the Eight trigrams' position. The two brothers were now fighting shoulder to shoulder; swords were flying around them now. The attacks were coming towards them like waves of mighty ocean…sometime high, sometimes low, sometimes converging and sometimes the double sword propelling at them, although both brothers have been experienced in technique in China and West, they never ever encountered this kind of strange and different sword technique without virtually not a single opening or flaw and they were left to stare at their defeat!

    They fought for about ten-twenty moves again, finally White and Black Maha jumped out of the fight. Black Maha heaved a deep sigh and said: “We mistook you for baby…you are at least 80-year-old grandpa!” he left the place saying: “You have won, this place is yours now!” he yelled aloud. White Maha too left with their wife and those four jewelry merchant without saying a word.

      Zhang Dan Feng smiled and said: “These two brothers are strange people, but cannot be regarded as chivalrous hero. Little brother…” he wanted to ask Yun Lei but suddenly he heard the sound of horses from the other side of the door and soon he was able to see his White horse coming inside and Yun lei’s red warhorse following it.

    Black and White Maha kept their side of bargain, cured both the horses and released them. The white horse felt his master rubbing him and neighed resembling unlimited delight. Yun Lei also went forward to embrace the red horse and said: “Horse, these strange people really made you miserable. Elder brother…” She wanted to inquire about the origin of his sword skills but suddenly felt a deep pain in her chest and couldn’t say any word.

    Zhang Danfeng looked at Yun Lei and called out in alarm suddenly: “Little brother, you have been hit by White Maha’s palm, do not speak ......”

    Yun Lei nodded, Zhang Danfeng said: “You are lucky the injury hasn’t acted as yet. Let me help you…you have some internal injury”

    He puts out his hand and moved towards her however Yun Lei shook her head and turned away from him. She fell to ground, spitted some blood and said: “Don’t come near me.”

    Zhang Danfeng stopped for a moment, smiled suddenly and said: “Little brother, you evade even at this time? Let me look.”
    Yun Lei blushed from one ear to another, removed her blue silk kerchief, uncovered her hairs and said bashfully: “I should not persist with the deception elder brother, I am a woman.”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “What does friendship has to do with male or female. What’s difference if you are a man or woman? Little brother, you shouldn’t constrict yourselves with such common-place point of view?”

    Yun Lei saw him talking with a deep and clear voice and the free and easy speaking vulgar personality suddenly disappeared unconsciously, he was showing propriety as between a man and woman. She showed a faint smile and said: “But we even don’t know the origins of each other!”

    Zhang Danfeng smiled at her and waved his hand to dismiss her and said: “Little brother, I know you have a lot of suspicion in your heart and I too have many questions, but your injury is really severe and practically it is not suitable for you to speak much. We will talk once you are well, is that fine?”

    Yun Lei nodded but did not say a word, Zhang Danfeng smiled faintly and said: “Little brother, I will help you to cure this internal, are you willing?”

    Yun Lei revealed a smile, nodded and said in her heart: “This elder brother is actually saying correct but why is he smiling this way?”

    She only heard Zhang Danfeng saying: “I think that this injury was caused when White Maha hit you during that first move. He has hit your spinal acupuncture point and because of his palm strength, the flow of your internal energy is impeded. Your internal energy is pent-up and cannot diverge, therefore your heart is dry and hot and your countenance is turning red, if I did not treat early, the damage will be inevitable and great and you can either die or will turn disabled. It is good that the foundation in your internal strength is strong and I can help you to clear the energy flow through the meridians between the three Yang acupuncture points (Yanming, Taiyang and Shao yang meridians). We will try to link the five viscera and six bowels of traditional Chinese medicine through the energy flow; once we are able to achieve it then you will be fine.”

    As per ancient Chinese ancient medicine, the meridian through which vital internal energy circulates like the blood circulatory system. There are twelve regular meridians and if the energy flow is unimpeded across the meridians then human body vitality will be maintained. The Nanjing traditional Chinese medicine college is having a "Traditional Chinese medicine Introduction" book, in it, two chapters of discuss the "Twelve classics Meridians" and "Eight Extraordinary meridians", is really exhaustive. In ancient times every martial art expert had good understanding of these concepts.

    Yun Lei listened to him to discuss the medical principles incessantly, in her heart she smiled and secretly said: “This elder brother is really interesting, earlier he was singing and crying and then laughing immediately without the end, only said that he is an unconventional person, now he is sitting respectfully and discussing medical ethics and actually resembled a learned scholar and physician.”

    Zhang Danfeng was talking about the medical principles, she suddenly stopped and smiled, he said: “But we only have talk about your particular condition!”

    Yun Lei said in a low voice: “As elder brother say”

    Zhang Danfeng smiled and said: “Little brother, I will treat you; however you must forget that I am a man and I too will forget that you are a woman, can you do this?”

    After Yun Lei revealed her, Zhang Danfeng still kept on proclaiming her as “Little brother”, he felt it natural and already his hesitation was disappearing.

    Yun Lei was an innocent girl, free of evil intention, when she saw him feeling relaxed, she thought in her heart: “If he is able to treat my internal injuries by clearing the meridian then only I will be able to recover. It is an unavoidable situation and I have already sworn brotherhood with him.” She showed him a faint smiled, nodded and looked up at Zhang Danfeng, as their eyes met, her heart fluttered unconsciously and a blush appeared on her face.

    Zhang Danfeng looked around and said: “This is tomb but is actually a very good place for you too convalesce from this injury. Only we can’t keep our horses inside while treatment.” He murmured at his white horse and stroked him out of the cave. Yun lei too directed her red horse and it ran out the cave.

    Zhang Danfeng closed the tomb gate and sealed the path leading to the tomb. He started carefully examining the walls of that tomb. This was a tomb of a prince from ancient times and has used the natural cavity of the mountain. He struck all the four walls of the hall and searching of something. After some time he heard a distinct sound and said with a smile: “There is a secret room in here.”

    He started looking more closely at the wall and at the corner of the room, he found a loose stone and removed it and found a small switch, he revolved that and suddenly a secret door appeared from the wall. In ancient times, the emperors and other nobilities normally kept a secret room in “the underground palace”. When Zhang Danfeng saw that the door and the entire hall was symmetrical and doesn’t have even have a bulge although this tomb was created inside some kind of mountain cave, he expected some hidden room in the tomb. The stone on both sides was slightly extended and originally a lotus petal was inscribed in the middle. He opened the door and looked inside the room. He held Yun Lei and entered the room, the room was unusually bright and several jade stones and different types of precious gems were sparkling and piles of gold ornaments were stacked along walls.

    Zhang Danfeng frowned and swept the jewels, he brushed away the gold ornaments and kicked them all to a corner and said: “Don’t let these nuisance hinder the place.”

    He held Yun Lei and asked her to sit down on the jade stone and said: “This ancient jade is cool; it may help you as body is painfully hot.”

    He pulled up Yun Lei’s right hand gently; he started massaging her hand along the index finger and along the index finger's thumb side and through the first and second metacarpal bone moving towards the wrist between the thumb and then the acupressure point. This is the meridians through which the internal energy circulates and passes through the Yan Ming meridian. Yun Lei felt as if a stream of energy is flowing across her heart and although it felt strange but constriction in her heart was gradually reduced and she felt a coolness run across all her body.

    Zhang Danfeng let loose her hand and said: “Your Yanming meridian is clear now and internal energy is circulating fine, your luck is good and also you have a solid internal energy foundation so it was not that difficult. Tomorrow I will try to regulate the energy flow through the Taiyang meridian.”

    In the secret room, he was able to find some good wine and dried meat left by the Black and White Maha. Zhang Danfeng drank wine and chewed the meat; he cleared his throat and started singing: (this is very loose translation):
    “Young married woman wait with broken heart looking towards north,
    Tax collector looks at the uncultivated land with anger,
    As ordinary peasant have gone to fight a war,
    All the kings will turn in to dust, who in the world is immortal!”

    The singing invoked all kinds of emotions, a smile, sadness, disgust and remorse.

    Yun Lei listened to this song and shook her head, her mount flushed unconsciously as she said: “War is a pitiful matter, but we have been hit by the Mongolian, no matter if we are male or female, old or young, everyone should hold arms and stand to defend his country. A person, who does a great merit for the country, is an immortal person.”

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    Finally..after two years or so I am able to complete this chapter

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    Zhang Danfeng trembled slightly, he sprinkled some wine from his glass and turned his head to say: “Little brother, please concentrate and do not speak. I was unconventional for a while and started singing my heart's content once I am drunk and disturbed you needlessly.”

    Yun Lei aspirated and asked obstinately: “the song…are you saying that my words are not correct….isn’t it?”

    Zhang Danfeng drank a mouthful and said: “No! Actually the people who go in wars are common people. The king proclaims oneself as emperor and competes for the land with others, how can this be good? Little brother, we will discuss this later, you should meditate with single-hearted devotion and don’t divert your mind to other things.”

    Yun Lei by nature was unable to lie flat or sit at one place for long time. She thought in her heart: “this elder brother’s manner is very good, however as soon as he talks about the war between Mongolian and China, he finds this subject very painful, what’s the reason? What’s the reason? ......” the question kept on coming back to her mind but she didn’t ask.

    Zhang Danfeng arrived in front of her and said slowly: “Little brother, you need to recover before you start worrying about other things. My first desire is that you recover first however looking at you it seems you are not able to concentrate properly.”
    Yun Lei said in a low voice: “No…”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “but your injury, it is not really suitable to lose concentration and to speak at all. You need a peaceful mind to convalesce. Right now you should meditate with total concentration and once you had your dinner, I will tell you a story, you must eat one time every day and by my estimation, after you third dinner you will be fine and if you behave then I will tell you one story every day. If you recover on your fourth day then we will tell each other about our entire life experiences and origin. Little brother, if you are not obedient, then I won’t tell you any story and you will just keep on meditation.”

    This decision of Zhang Danfeng had a kind of compulsive strength. Yun Lei remembered from her childhood days. Her mother used to sing Mongolian lullabies every night in her bedside. She was filled with tender feelings. The stern voice of Zhang Danfeng somehow reminded of her mother however there was a subtle difference. She remembered her grandfather, each time he taught her, he was very strict and she realized that he reminded more of her grandfather in the way she was saying to her. This is not only the affection but also a deep attachment and overwhelming closeness to another person. Unconsciously Yun Lei calmed down and as if in a hypnotic state and started meditating and felt tranquility.

    This ancient tomb was created in a mountain cave, the wall of this secret room was a rock, smooth like mirror, and in the roof there were a couple of cracks in a rock for ventilation purpose. Also a bronze mirror was set inside this secret room in such a position that any person from inside can see outside person but no one from outside can look inside.

    By now the sunlight passed from the crack in a rock and it seemed as if it is already afternoon. They suddenly heard some sounds from the outside as if some people are digging at the gate. At last the outside tomb gate opened and two people came inside. Actually when Zhang Danfeng opened the gate last night, he had damaged the locking mechanism so the stones he used to seal the gate couldn’t withstand once the person dug out some of the loose soil and shoved it open.

    That luster of the bronze mirror and the wall luster was the same; Yun Lei carefully looked at the fuzzy shadow of the person and unexpectedly found a familiar young girl. The young girl moves in and now she was able to see that person clearly. Yun Lei was surprised as this girl was daughter of Shi “Thunder’ Ying, Shi Cuifeng. She saw Shi Cuifeng moving inside and calling: “Master Yun, Master Yun!”

    Yun Lei laughed and thought in her heart: “We were `husband and wife' for half a night and she is missing me so much that she is searching me.”

    There was little light in the hall and the atmosphere was a little gloomy, Shi Cuifeng moved around the hall and ignited a flint to see 12 butter candles place around the hall. She lighted them all and now the room was bright as in daytime. In the secret room, Yun Lei was able to clearly see Shi Cuifeng from the bronze mirror, the moment see saw her facial features, she was startled and thought: “I haven’t seen her for past few days but never thought she will be so thin and pale in such a short time!

    Shi Cuifeng kept on looking for signs and suddenly she squats suddenly in ground and cried: “Aahhh…” Actually she found some spots of dried blood on the ground. This was the blood from White Maha’s sword but she thought that it is Yun Lei’s. Black and white Maha were her father's old customer, she was aware that they are both very fierce and wouldn’t hesitate to harm someone. She imagined in her mind that Master Yun might have some argument with Black and White Maha and might be injured or even dead.

    She started weeping in deep sorrow. When Yun Lei saw this, she couldn’t endure it and wanted to move immediately and console her and tell her the truth however Zhang Danfeng held down her and said: “No matter what happens outside, do not make any noise.”

    Yun Lei looked at Shi Cuifeng, she was trying to pull out a coral from the bosom, it was the same gift, she gave to her when she was pretending as her bridegroom.
    Shi Cuifeng looked at the gift and called out in deep sorrow: “Younger brother, younger brother, my fate is so cruel.”

    Yun Lei called out repeatedly in her heart: “Elder sister, I have not died, I have not died!”

    Shi Cuifeng suddenly drew out her sword, raises the sword and called out: “Master Yun, younger brother, no matter how fierce those two devils are, I will ask father to revenge for you!” He moved out still looking for some clue, walked several steps then again squatted down suddenly and picked up two flake gold links from the ground. These were the golden links worn by Black Maha and were truncated by Zhang Danfeng in their fierce contest in the morning.

    Shi Cuifeng mutters: “Well, haven't these two devils trying to deceive me?”

    She tossed the two flake gold links and was lost in thought. Actually when Yun Lei left him, Shi Cuifeng was looking for her. She met Black and White Maha on the road and asked them if she has seen Yun Lei and gave the description of good-looking young man.

    Black and White Maha sneered as they heard about this young man’s description and asked: “why are you looking for this person?”

    Shi Cuifeng told them truthfully about the situation.
    Black Maha made a “humph” a sound and said: “Good niece, you have matched with a good husband, this is really good!”

    Shi Cuifeng was startled and asked: “how do you know?”

    Black Maha calmed down and said: “he has won big pile of jewelries for you; I have lost it to him.” He rumbled on about how good a son-in-law he will be and that he was glad to get rid of jewelries he really doesn’t need.”

    Shi Cuifeng was startled and said: “what…have you met with him?”

    White Maha gave an angry glare at Black Maha to shut him up however Shi Cuifeng was in a different state of mind and paid no attention does not answer. Shi Cuifeng knew that black and white Maha had a secret hideout in the tomb so she rushed to this tomb in hurry. She couldn’t even in her dream think that Yun Lei will defeat black and white Maha but once they told him that Yun Lei was in in the Tomb then she moved to this place even though she had doubts.

    She muttered: “These two devils black and white Maha has such great ability, they were lying about losing to Yun Lei. However someone with reputation of black and white Maha will not lie, how can be this true. IS that really the blood of Yun Lei?”

    She was thinking about all these doubts when suddenly she heard the sound of another horse outside, She saw a young man on a horse and coming towards the tomb. This horse was precisely the red warhorse of Yun Lei.

    That person cam inside the tomb, as soon as Yun Lei saw this person, she nearly shouted. This youth was no one else but son of Golden swordsman Zhou Jian, Zhou Shanmin.

    Actually Zhou Jian was mountain person and didn’t have much dealing but Shanmin was the person who entered the pass and handled matters of outside world. He was keeping a watch on Yun Lei’s trail. As he came across this place, he suddenly saw the red horse of Yun Lei and recognized it. The red lead him to this tomb pit. That red horse was elated and neighed as if hinting that his master is inside the tomb.

    Zhou Shanmin was delighted and secretly expressed his admiration to the horse, however he knew that this was secret hideout of black and white Maha and also knew about their reputation so was circumspect as he entered the Tomb. Once he came inside he saw that the hall was brilliantly illuminated but not a single person was in sight. He was startled and was just going to call out when suddenly he saw a young woman with disheveled appearance leaping from the corner hidden place and brandishing a blade.

    Originally Shi Cuifeng was crying for half of the day and her mind was already in a state of confusion. When she saw the red warhorse of Yun Lei, she recognized immediately and though that this person might be conspiring against her and captured her horse,

    The oncoming force of Shi Cuifeng’s blade was really fierce, it scared Zhou Shanmin for a moment, he anxiously moved away. The second blow followed him soon however Shanmin immediately took out his sword and defended himself. He only saw Shi Cuifeng moving towards him like a crazy person and kept on attacking. The third and fourth blows followed him as quickly.

    Shanmin defended and called out: “We do not have any enmity, In the name of justice, tell me why you are attacking me?”

    Shi Cuifeng wanted to attack more however she suddenly thought: “The martial art skills of this person are similar to me, how can he be Yun lei’s match?”

    She stepped back and asked: “Tell me quickly and speak the truth, this red warhorse, where did you get it?”

    As soon as Shanmin heard her, he moved towards the horse and caressed the red horse and said: “this red warhorse, it is actually from my stable. Why do want to know?”

    That red horse kept standing beside Shanmin and behaved as if he was well familiar with him and confirming whatever he said.
    Shi Cuifeng shook her blade and saw the situation and though in her heart: “this red warhorse is the fierce by nature; he is standing there willingly….but why?”

    Suddenly Shanmin looked at the coral which Cuifeng has left on a stone tablet earlier and his facial expression changed. He jumped quickly and puts out a hand to take it. He felt the blade of Cuifeng slashing towards him.

    Cuifeng shook her blade and stepped between coral and Shanmin and said why are you taking this.

    Shanmin said in anger: “where did you get this?”

    Shi Cuifeng sneered and said: “is it possible that this coral is also yours?”

    Shanmin smiled and said: “Frankly this coral was mine only!”
    He changed his intonation and asked fiercely: “You look like a young married woman from good family, tell me quickly, from where you have obtained this coral?”

    This coral originally was with Zhou Jian and he gave this to Yun Lei. When Shanmin saw this coral then he was cannot help but felt anxiousness about Yun Lei.

    Shi Cuifeng was also angry and this person was holding his sword and was impolite. She took out her blade and attacked Shanmin. Shi Cuifeng was elegant and flexible and her moves were graceful however Shanmin was strong and skillful too and he retaliated. Shi Cuifeng kept on moving and attacked Shanmin from different directions and soon they were sucked in a mighty duel.

    Yun Lei looked at both people fighting fiercely from her secret room and was extremely worried. She was on the verge of standing and moving towards them however Zhang Danfeng moved his both palm towards her and said in a low voice: “You should not be anxious, I don’t see anyone winning here. That man…do you know him?”

    Yun Lei nodded and stared at Zhang Danfeng who had a strange expression on his face. Shanmin and Shi Cuifeng has now fought over 350 moves, still there was no signs of any victory for either of them. Shi Cuifeng withdrew her blade for a moment and shouted suddenly: “you said that the coral is yours, what symbol it has?”

    As soon as Zhou Shanmin heard this, he smiled and said: “What kind of a thief are you? Look at this coral and there is a character “Zhou” inscribed on it?”

    Shi Cuifeng looked at the coral and thought about the owner of this object and held the coral with more appreciation. She saw a character “Zhou”. She was surprised and thought that why Yun Lei would give her a gift to from bridegroom's family to bride's family which has someone else’s surname engraved on it.
    She looked at Zhou Shanmin and suddenly remembered something and asked: “Are you elder brother of Yun Lei?”

    Shanmin was startled for a moment and sheathed his sword and said: “How do you know that I am Yun Lei’s elder brother and how did you get this this coral that I gave it to her?”

    Shi Cuifeng remembered that late night nuptial chamber circumstance, Yun Lei mentioned something about her elder brother. She unconsciously stared at Shanmin and thought that although this person is inferior to Yun Lei in martial arts but he is vigorous and exudes masculinity compared to Yun Lei is who is a bit delicate. By now he was also looking at her. Unconsciously her face turned red and she couldn’t say anything.

    Zhou Shanmin said: “It looks like as this female thief has really stolen this thing?”

    Shi Cuifeng said in anger: “what your thing? This coral was given to me by master Yun Lei as a betrothal gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family. You were not the elder brother of Master Yun then this blade would have been inside you by now!”

    Shanmin was surprised for a moment and asked: “what gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family? Who is Yun Lei to you?”

    Shi Cuifeng said: “He is my husband; I don’t think you are listening to me properly.”

    Shanmin was on the brink of laughing out loud but he controlled himself and thought: “Yun Lei is masquerading as she is going to the capital alone, who would have thought that she will experience such a thing. I don’t know this person yet so I should conceal her identity for her, I should not reveal her appearance.”

    He controlled his laughter and asked: “girl, what is your name? When were you betrothed to Yun Lei?”

    Shi Cuifeng was extremely angry seeing that he is laughing in such a contemptuous manner and her hand pressed the hilt and she said: “My father is Shi “Thunder” Ying and we got married a few days back. What are you laughing at; your younger brother can’t be married to me?”

    Shanmin understood that she is taking this badly and said in respectful manner: “Younger sister-in-law, please don’t be angry, I didn’t mean to ridicule you. I hope that the old hero is good?”

    Shi Cuifeng replied in indignation: “he is good!”
    Shanmin said: “you got married recently, is he in black stone mansion then?”
    Cuifeng thought about that he is asking about the nuptial chamber situation and got embarrassed and said: “He is pursuing a white horse thief in the evening; I don’t have any news about him.”

    Shanmin too was looking for that person, the moment he heard “the white horse thief”, he immediately asked: “is this person with a scholar appearance riding on a white horse?”

    Shi Cuifeng said: “I have not seen his appearance.”

    Shanmin said: “His white horse is unusual, isn’t it?”
    Shi Cuifeng said: “Yes it is good, even the best horse of our black stone mansion was not able to pursue it.”

    Shanmin: “you get me to see the old hero Shi Ying quickly; we need to pass this information quickly in “Jiang Hu”. Oh…I hope Yun Lei is not murdered by this traitor deceitfully!”

    Inside and outside the secret room, both Yun Lei and Shi Cuifeng were startled, she only heard Shi Cuifeng asking: “what traitor? I only thought that he is one who stole something valuable from black stone mansion but my father actually said that he is not a thief. When I asked my father about him, he was not willing to say anything about the conversation, the father instead probably held him with respect… that was really surprising.”

    Shanmin said: “He…” Suddenly the tomb door vibrated open and one person entered and Shanmin stopped speaking. As soon as Yun Lei saw this person she was greatly surprised. This was the same person she fought outside the ancient temple, the disciple of Tantai Meiming! She saw Shanmin brandishing his sword and scolding loudly: “Bold Non-han traitor, how do you dare to enter China!”

    Actually once when Tantai Meiming attacked with his troops and his apprentices, Shanmin had fought with this person. This person was named Hada Lai, as soon as he entered the tomb gate, he loudly to call out: “Young boy….!”

    He saw Shanmin moving his sword suddenly and pulled out his double hook to resist anxiously and asked: “Is it you who had broken open this door?”

    Shanmin said: “I will tear to shreds you too!” As soon as he said these words, he brandished his sword with enormous strength. Hada Lai moved his double hook vertically and horizontally and made a strategic move with countless changes to not only deflect his attack but also to kills Shanmin. Shi Cuifeng saw that Shanmin might not be able to defeat this person alone and thought: “Although this person is impolite but still I should help him.”

    She too extracted her blade and moved forward to attack from both sides. Shi Cuifeng’s attack were lithe, however the greater physical strength of Hada Lai was reciprocated by strong attacks from Zhou Shanmin. The two people were evenly matched with that person fighting alone. The blade of Cuifeng moved coiling and twisting along with the proud sword of Shanmin like a dragon suppressing an ominous flame and counter-attacking bit by bit. Hade Lai moved with extreme quickness and his double hooks were flying at angles to deflect the attack from the two attackers. Soon he was feeling the pressure of defending from two sides and was compelled to withdraw. He made a strong attack at Cuifeng and fled. The two of them looked at him furiously and ran after him immediately. Shanmin lead the chase and Cuifeng followed him anxiously in pursuit. A moment later, the sound of fighting of the three people receded.

    In the secret room, Yun Lei was surprised and also confused. She looked up at and saw Zhang Danfeng looking at her with a sad smile as he was saying: “you look at me as a traitor?”

    Yun Lei believed in the Zhou father and son but she heard Shanmin referring Zhang Danfeng as “the traitor”, She was confused if she should draw her sword and stab him or not but in her heart, she had just the opposite thoughts. She knew that Shanmin won’t slander any other person carelessly but Zhang Danfeng absolutely did not resemble a traitor.

    [End of Chapter – 6]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhay View Post
    Finally..after two years or so I am able to complete this chapter
    may ..have a clue , apparently...seems.. discovered something even better than 1000 yr old ginseng ........ desi Zandu Chyawanprash methinks ....whatever...just glad for the updates

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    Chapter – 7

    第七回 一片血书深仇谁可解 十分心事无语独思量

    As soon as Yun Lei raised her eyes and looked at Zhang Danfeng, he said: “Let me tell you the first story. Once upon a time, there were two distressed people. Originally they worked on the farms of a landlord however afterwards because of some natural and man-made calamities, one was forced to become a beggar and the other started to transport the illegal salt. The beggar and the illegal salt peddler had brotherly ties and the beggar called the salt peddler as elder brother.

    China was ruled at that time by the foreign race, the righteous people among the common people thought about the rebellion. These two brothers were broad-minded and had high aims and inspired by the legends of ancient times of Chen Sheng and, Wu Guangyu who conspired rebellion against the Qin, they too swore: “If we manage to obtain riches and honor, we will not forget each other!”

    Once they met a Buddhist priest; his age was same compared to these people however he was skilled in martial arts. He taught these two brothers some martial art skills so both brothers politely called him master. All the successive dynasties of past and present had monopoly on the salt trading and if anyone is caught in illegal salt trading then the punishment were immediate execution for the person and all associated people. The illegal salt peddler was elder brother so the beggar too did not dare to take risk and enter a temple in fear that he might implicate the entire temple if his elder brother is caught.

    The illegal salt peddler earned a lot of wealth with his smuggling activity and gave alms to the Buddhist temple his younger brother was associated with. However the beggar moved on and started roaming across the country and begging for food.

    Afterward the master of the two brothers held the banner of righteousness against the foreign rule and the beggar joined his armies and battled along with him. After the war, that Buddhist priest did not know the whereabouts of the beggar. Some people said he has died in battle, still after some people said that he was missing, some said that he is hiding as a Buddhist priest, however nobody knew the truth.

    That illegal salt peddler sold the salt and moved away from the north of the Yangtze River area and assembled several hundred people and started dispatching his troops into battles and became a warlord. Several years passed away, the influence of that illegal salt peddler has now gradually increased and he proclaimed himself as emperor in Suzhou and several Yangtze River provinces came under his control. He still searched for his younger brother in all directions but was not able to find him.

    By now there were numerous independent warlords across the country. This included some influential sect and a sect called “Red Turban” was the strongest and most influential among them. The leader of the red turban sect died two years back and he was succeeded by a young hero. He used to attack a city to plunder and steadily his influence extended to south of Yangtze River.

    As soon as the illegal salt peddler heard about this person he inquired that this young leader and was told that he was originally a Buddhist priest. He again inquired and asked for more details. Unexpectedly this person was actually his younger brother; the beggar. Also some people said that this beggar went in the war against the imperial forces along with senior Buddhist priest, however once the senior Buddhist priest was defeated, he sold his secrets to the government authorities and pretended as a good person and afterwards started commanding the sub-ordinates of the senior Buddhist priest. After some time he joined the Red turban sect along with his followers. Slowly he gained position as a chieftain in the Red turban sect and after the demise of their old leader he was promoted as the new leader of the sect.

    The salt peddler turned emperor did not believe this fable but he sent some people to confirm the identity of the person. Once he knew for sure that this person was his younger brother, he sent a messenger to this person with message: “Younger brother, I was looking for you for such a long time. Your elder brother has some influence in area along the Yangtze River. I invite you to come across the river and meet me so we can share our experiences. Later we can decide on the idea of the alliance and how to resists these foreign people together.

    Unexpectedly that younger brother actually tore the correspondence, he didn’t agreed to cross the river but also sheared the messenger's ear and dispatched him back to report: “A day cannot have two sun, the people cannot have two kings, you and I are present age hero, we can’t co-exist, If you don’t die then I will perish!” “

    The elder brother was extremely livid once he got this message and both brother were attacked each other and tried to kill one another and thus tangled in warfare for several years.

    At last on the shore of Yangtze River they fought a decisive battle and the younger brother won. When the captured elder brother was bought in front of younger brother, he asked him to bow before him and profess allegiance, the elder brother was not willing and laughed and said: “I will prefer to die rather than grovel before you”.

    The younger brother immediately got him killed and sank his corpse in the Yangtze River! After removing his elder brother, he proclaimed himself emperor immediately. Moreover after several years he also expelled the foreign non-Han rulers from the China and suppressed all the independent warlords to unify the country.

    Now little brother, tell me if this emperor is a bad person or a good person?”

    Yun Lei said: “This younger brother did not give a thought to the relation of brotherhood and killed his elder brother, this is really bad however he was able to drive out the foreign race and united the country, he can be considered a hero.”

    The facial expression of Zhang Danfeng changed slightly and he said: “My worthy brother, you are saying so? After that beggar became emperor, he ruthlessly killed people who have rendered meritorious service. He was not even willing to let go of his elder brother even after his death. He sent scouts after all the loyal ministers and descendants of his elder brother and killed them. Ah…you have finished eating the gruel, good… very good, anyway this was the first story.”

    Yun Lei looked at him and suddenly said: “Elder brother, you said this is a story but I think have guessed it correctly. In your story the younger brother who was a beggar was actually the founder of the Ming Empire Zhu Yuanzhang, that illegal salt peddler, the elder brother who proclaimed himself emperor was Zhang Shicheng! However I haven’t heard that they had sworn brotherhood. I don’t think it is mentioned such in any of the history books. In all the books, it is mentioned that Zhang Shicheng was originally the villain and the great Emperor had him killed”

    Zhang Danfeng sneered and said: “This might make it right. The defeated will be the invader and the villain…this is the way of us humans from start. Do not say that they didn’t swear brotherhood…the historians won’t dare to write such a matter in books. That Zhu Yuanzhang is the emperor, he was a beggar and was roaming the four corners of the world but the official; change the history book and don’t mention it in the books. He was actually a beggar, a poor Buddhist priest and he killed thousands of people to satisfy his paranoia, he is a disgrace on his ancestors!”

    Ming founder Zhu Yuanzhang was a beggar and a Buddhist priest in Huangjue Temple; however it became a taboo for him. If someone mentions the same then he would get him killed. A government official once in his congratulatory address mentioned: “gives the knowledge with the wisdom”. He was sentenced to death as the same four characters in these words were used for the character “the priest”. Zhu Yuanzhang suspected that government official was borrowing word and scolding him as a Buddhist priest.

    There were several such kinds of incidents and some sycophantic officials used this to get an edict to kill some of their rivals. This “joke” was spread in secret among all the government officials and everybody knew.

    Yun Lei also listened to her grandfather saying such kind of things and remembered that her own grandfather was lost his life in similar manner. She wanted to say that: “This emperor is not a good person, no matter if it is Zhu Yuanzhang or Zhang Shicheng…they are all the same but elder brother asked me about the meaning of this story? Why does have he such hate against the Ming founder and the emperor?”

    Zhang Danfeng didn’t say anything after that and gently massaged her hand. Yun Lei devoted her time on meditating and her vitality has not yet restored so she did not take the trouble to ponder and slept.

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    On the second day, she saw Zhang Danfeng sitting on the side; the clothes were in disarray and slight swelling in both eyes as if he had cried last night. Yun Lei felt grateful and the same time pitied him. She thought in her heart: “He has treated me so well and is treating my injury. I surely must give him some comfort.”

    Zhang Danfeng saw her waking and asked with a smile: “Good sleep?”

    Yun Lei replied: “Yes…good sleep however elder brother you didn’t have good rest last night!”

    Zhang Danfeng says with a smile: “Sometimes I sleep and rest for several days and sometime don’t, it’s normal for me. Don’t worry about me. Come stretch out your foot to me.”

    Yun Lei stretched out the left leg, Zhang Danfeng said: “No, this not the right foot.”

    He took off her shoe, the finger pressed against the sole of her right foot. He massaged the oversized semicircle bone gently along the acupuncture point. Yun Lei felt an itching sensation as Danfeng kept on massaging the foot. Suddenly she felt as if her internal energy was running mad and she was not able to control it however after some time she felt a relaxed feeling all over her body and she felt exceptionally better.

    Zhang Danfeng said: “This is good, tomorrow I will make the final connection and all three yang passages through which internal energy circulates will be cleared and your injury will be cured. You have to meditate and regulate the internal energy flow today diligently.”

    He left Yun Lei to sit on the ground and took out the painting from his bosom. She saw him taking the candlestick and examining the painting carefully with rapt attention. He looked for a long time, as if he was searching something in the picture.

    Yun Lei has done meditation for half a day and it was afternoon, suddenly she sounds from outside and some footsteps, Zhang Danfeng sighed, he looked at the picture once more and said: “why are all the people hell-bent on coming to this tomb, can’t a person sit back without any disturbance?”

    He shook his head and motioned at Yun Lei to keep quiet no matter what she saw. The person on the other side of the tomb gate struck the gate. Although the soil has earlier been excavated, they heard a loud “bang” sound and the gate was shoved open. They assumed that the physical strength of the person on the other side the door is really not small. Five people came inside gate and walked in the hall. Yun Lei looked and saw that they are the same four jewelry merchant who was with Black and White Maha and Shi “Thunder” Ying along with them.

    Yun Lei was very startled and thought in her heart: “these four jewelry merchant, they must know about the secret room. If Shi Ying came inside then what will I do?”

    She only heard one of the jewelry merchants taking lead and saying: “I think they are hiding here only, Manor master Shi, you take responsibility for us.”

    Black and white Maha left from this place in anger earlier and leaving all the stockpile of jewelries in the tomb. They had dispatched the four merchants to take care of these jewelries but now these four people didn’t know how to obtain the jewelries back. They themselves didn’t have the ability to get it back. These four jewelry merchants bumped into Shi Ying by chance on the road; he was searching for his daughter. They begged him to help them. They thought that Zhang Danfeng had stolen the treasure from Black stone mansion; although the ability of Shi Ying is not comparable to the Maha brothers he was a prominent personality in the martial community of Shanxi. All the martial art exponents of Shanxi region will all listen to his verbal command and if he is able to mobilize them to their side.

    The original incident with Zhang Danfeng was already big, also inserts the problem with his missing son-in-law, Shi Ying was more interested in his problem. He insincerely consented with the four jewelry merchants to get to this place.

    One of the merchants called out loudly: “Young fellow, you dared to break through the black stone mansion, come out quickly!”

    Shi Ying stopped hurriedly, he bowed with hands clasped and said: “open the door son, please come out, the old man longs to see you, we can resolve the enmities for you!”

    Four jewelry merchants saw him to be so respectful and were stunned greatly, he came closer to Shi Ying and said in a low voice nearby his ear: “Mansion master Shi, please do not worry. They are no match to us five people. If only your son-in-law has been not been injured by White Maha, he was not our match. Yes…old hero Shi, your son-in-law is injured but we can easily cure it as soon as that boy on white horse returns our jewelry.”

    These four jewelry merchant formerly feared that Shi Ying will be offended and did not dare to mention his injury and also thought that if he is afraid that the rival is too strong then would not dare to oppose Zhang Danfeng but once he was in tomb then they were compelled to say the truth.

    Shi Ying heard that Yun Lei is injured, in the heart he was greatly anxious and called out: “open the door son, please come out, my son-in-law affronted you in ignorance; please…you should not be offended.”

    In the secret room Zhang Danfeng still did not made any sound, the merchant said: “Good, if you do not come out, we will come inside!”

    He moved towards the secret opening in the wall and started to invoke the mechanism to open the secret door. Zhang Danfeng saw that they are on verge of opening the secret door, he quickly told Yun Lei to move to the other side of room along the wall. As soon as the secret door opened, he immediately moved quickly and jumped out of the room conveniently covering the door of the secret room. That jewelry merchant was making an effort to turn the switch forcibly to open the door, suddenly Danfeng jumped out of the room so he lost his balance and tumbled on the floor. He only saw Zhang Danfeng waving his fan lightly and some trace of gold on it. They have seen this person fighting with Black Maha and were afraid about his ability. He quickly jumped on his foot and four jewelry merchants hurriedly moved and tried to encircle him with Shi Ying directly facing him.

    Under the candlelight, Zhang Danfeng stood with a formidable aura. He shook his fan and said with a smile: “Manor master Shi, you have showed benevolence for dozens of years, gratitude and thanks from my ancestors.”

    Shi Ying looked at him, made an Ah sound and suddenly hits the ground and knelt in front of him. He knocked his head four times and said: “few, few - -”

    Zhang Danfeng waved his hand, and hinted him to not say anything about his status. He waited for him to knock four times and then bowed immediately as if returning the salutations, although he was respectful but did not kneel down to return salute and treated as him he was the boss to subordinate's etiquette.

    This action of Shi Ying was perplexing and was cause of surprise both inside and outside the secret room. Inside the secret room, Yun Lei was startled and thought in her heart: “elder brother is really not an unprincipled person, however old hero Shi Ying has respected him, why is he impolite. There is such a great difference between their ages, how can it be that old hero Shi is bending his knees?”

    That four jewelry merchant were actually more and more startled, they could not now rely on this old person who is now kowtowing the enemy. They only saw Zhang Danfeng showing a faint smile and saying: “Manor master Shi, you think that I greedy for money and will rob someone else’s treasure?”

    Four jewelry merchants hurriedly bowed with hands clasped and said repeatedly: “do not dare, do not dare!”

    As soon as Zhang Danfeng saw this, he smiles and said: “you were waiting, black and white Maha left this treasure here for me but I don’t have any heart to take this.”

    He pulled open the secret room door slightly and went inside. The secret room was really big and Yun Lei sat in the corner so none from outside can see her. The jewelry merchant and Shi Ying did not dare to extend their neck to look around. They only saw Zhang Danfeng to grasp the broom; he moved towards the corner of room towards the big pile of antique jewelry and swept it outside as if he was sweeping trash.

    He laughed and said: “Common people are partial to the treasures but I only care about people. Come, come…take this and go.”

    Four jewelry merchants were delighted, they picked up the antique jewelry and put it in the backpack, Zhang Danfeng said: “Pick it up and leave, my business with the black and white Maha is finished now.”

    Four jewelry merchant said: “Yes…yes!”
    One of them said: “your friend’s injury? We can cure.”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “You can cure? I have already cured him, I don’t need your loquacity, move on…quick!”

    Four jewelry merchants said in unison: “Yes…yes!”

    A group bowed and went outside the tomb. Zhang Danfeng laughed and said: “These things needed cleaning out, I am happy now! The ill-gotten wealth…I am afraid can’t buy you happiness but I guess one has to do what works for him…isn’t it old hero Shi?”

    Shi Ying bowed and said: “I will remember it.”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “Good….you have met me, now you can leave too.”

    Shi Ying said: “I will like to inquire about my son-in-law.”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “your daughter's good luck is that she is married with Yun Lei, you do not need to worry, you have got a good son-in-law, I don’t think that you should remain here, you can go now!”

    The way he spoke him to “go” as if he is issuing a decree.

    Shi Ying bowed and said: “Young master, I am moving now, please let me know what my further orders are?”

    Yun Lei heard this and was astonished and thought in her heart: “Shi Ying is a senior martial art figure in Shanxi province, his martial art is surely not less than Zhang Danfeng, but why is he so respectful and if he is afraid of him. He keeps on proclaiming him as if he is a family's servant of elder brother?”

    She only heard Zhang Danfeng saying: “nothing now!”

    Shi Ying said: “Young master, if you need, I can bring the entire martial art community of these two provinces, please give me some face.”

    As soon as Zhang Danfeng heard this, he smiled and said: “The human affair is always beyond expectation; I only fear that when one really needs it, he won’t get help!”

    The facial color changed and Shi Ying said awkwardly: “Although this old person is incompetent, if the young master orders then I will go through fire or water but will not refuse under any circumstances.”

    Zhang Danfeng waved his hand and said in dejected tone: “your intention is good but I decline with thanks, leave!”

    Shi Ying executed a ritual and went out in pensive mood.

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    Yun Lei’s heart was troubled, she waited for Zhang Danfeng to enter the secret room and asked: “Elder brother, old hero Shi Ying asked you to help, why didn’t you seize the opportunity to tell about that incident?”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “what incident?”

    The Yun Lei said in slow speech: “I am asking about the situation with that young man who went together with Shi Cuifeng, why didn’t you mention this to old hero Shi Ying?”

    Zhang Danfeng laughed and said: “you are talking about the son of Golden swordsman Zhou Jian who resides outside the Yanmen pass? Both father and son are considered quite a character in martial art world. He wants to combine with Shi Ying and mobilize the martial art expert from this region…this does not worry me much. I am not used to asking others for help from my childhood and moreover taking advantage of the influence of others sounds dull.

    To be honest, if I feared that they will all combine against me then I would have left but since you are injured, let them try. Shi Cuifeng and Zhou Shanmin are good; you might have left quite an impression in your nuptial chamber.”

    Yun Lei thought in her heart: “he already had known originally about the Zhou Shanmin and Zhou Jian still he was making fun of her earlier.” However she still worried and hoped that there is no misunderstanding between him and the Zhou father and son.

    Zhang Danfeng looked at her, and said with smile: “your facial expression looks much better now; it seems you were regulating your internal energy with single-hearted devotion. Fine, let’s have the dinner, I will tell you the second story after that.”

    The foundation of internal energy of Yun Lei was really good. He was feeling much better now. She ate some plain rice. On the other side Zhang Danfeng also finished his food and then started the story: “A long time ago, there was a country, in the country, there was loyal minister, I don’t recall the name correctly, maybe it was Yi, perhaps it was Li or perhaps he was surnamed Yun ......”

    There as another country neighboring with this country, these two countries often go to war, sometimes one country invaded the other country, sometimes the other country invaded that country, no matter but whichever country triumphed, the hardships was suffered by the common people.

    This story occurs when the country of this loyal minister was more powerful. It wanted that it’s neighboring country to present tribute year after year. The other country refused to accept this. The other country treated scholars and talented people with courtesy and gathered a lot of talented people. The national strength was also gradually increased. The first country sent this loyal minster as an envoy to go abroad on a diplomatic mission to its neighboring country and at the same time secretly asked him to inquire and estimate the actual strength of the other country. Unexpectedly this loyal minister was gone for 20 years. Little brother, can you believe he was gone for 20 years? Originally ......little brother, Yun lei!

    Zhang Danfeng suddenly saw that the facial color of Yun Lei was not right as soon as he spoke “twenty years”, he saw a big change in her and her face turned pale.

    Zhang Danfeng was astonished; he hurriedly went by her side and puts out a hand to hold her. He only heard Yun Lei to say: “you said that he was gone for 20 years? Originally he was detained for these twenty years in the world of ice and snow to herd the horses! Elder brother, please do not tell this story… I do not want to listen!”

    The facial color of Zhang Danfeng all of a sudden becomes pale, he frowned and resembled as if he was looking for something and has suddenly awakened from a nightmare, he looked at Yun Lei and said: “Little brother, this story you already know it seems! Then tomorrow evening, I will tell you the third story and you will understand everything. Please calm down and don’t ask anything now. This is not the correct time. I have still do clear the three meridians fully. This is not the time for emotional instability, please concentrate and regulate your breathing.”

    The two palms touched the palms of Yun Lei and he felt as if her palms were on fire and she looked troubled, Zhang Danfeng said: “Little brother, you are worried in your heart, regulate your breathing and calm down.”

    After some time he put aside the palm and walks back and forth in the room. He knew that the cure is at a very critical juncture and if she is not able to calm down then extent of her illness will be serious. Yun Lei saw him circling the room, moving back and forth and knew in the heart that he is anxious. Although she was anxious and wanted to ask many questions, she did not press him. She smiled slightly and said: “Elder brother, you should rest too, I will be patient and wait till tomorrow for you to tell the story.”

    She had obviously calmed down now. Zhang Danfeng showed a faint smile, picked up the Chinese violin and started to sing.

    It was an old folk from Song Dynasty and was about the charming voices of young women describing spring day scenery.

    It was a very cheerful song sung in joyous tone, it resembled as if a spring breeze was blowing off the on heart's haze. Yun Lei forgot the sad past gradually. She only saw Zhang Danfeng to lay down the Chinese violin and approached her and then caressed her hair and said gently: “Sleep and rest!”

    Yun Lei felt as if she was in hypnosis and her eyelids went heavy and soon she slept.

    Next day, she woke up early in the morning, because of good sleep good, her spirit was really high and she was feeling a lot better.
    Zhang Danfeng said to her: “Little brother, you sit in for meditation again today first, once you are able to recover, not only you won’t lose any internal energy but in fact you will be more powerful than in the past.”

    He sat with her and worked on regulating the internal energy through her three yang meridians. He was able to clear the impeded meridians for all three meridians one by one. The facial color of Yun Lei gradually changed and Zhang Danfeng happily said: “Little brother, your advancement is really quick and is better than expected and you will be fully cured.”

    Yun lei again sat down and started meditation. Zhang Danfeng alone sat on one side and looked at the picture. After a long time they again heard some sound from the other side of the door suddenly.

    Zhang Danfeng knits his brows and said: “Some people won’t stop harassing!”

    They didn’t hear sound of any person but the loud neighing sound of Zhang Danfeng’s white horse. It was struggling and making a hissing sound. Suddenly with a bang sound, the door flew away along with dust and sand. The white horse carrying a person his back entered the hall! Although the tomb gate was already opened and supporting pine and soil were already dug out but this person simply blasted door out of its hinges so obviously the strength of such solid and sufficiently terrible. What was more astounding that he was able to do so while controlling the precious white horse of Zhang Danfeng. The horse was very difficult to master and was not willing to obey anyone however unexpectedly this person in military uniform was able to do so. In the secret room, the facial expression of both the people changed. They saw the white horse coming inside the hall and that person shouted in a loud voice: “Zhang Danfeng, Zhang Danfeng!”

    In mirror they were clearly able to see that person, he was one else but Mongol Commander Tantai Mieming. Yun Lei was startled, this was no small matter, she wanted to scream and jump up. However suddenly she felt Zhang Danfeng locking her acupuncture point on her waist and saying slowly in her ear: “little brother, you cannot act rashly, mediate diligently. I will and try to come back faster, wait for me; I have to tell you the third story.”

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    Thank you, Abhay. Great speed of translation.
    Hmm, Zhang Zongzhou, Zang Danfeng and Zhang Shicheng all have the same surname. But it looks like it never occured to Yun Lei, that they might belong to the same family. Strange, after her grandfather wanted her so much to kill every member of Zhang Zongzhou's clan- one would expect she would be alert every time she hears the surname Zhang.

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    Outside Tantai Mieming called out: “Zhang Danfeng, who is with you inside?”

    In the light of butter candles, Yun Lei was able to see what is happening outside and also hear their conversation. She saw the White horse standing alongside Tantai Mieming.

    Zhang Danfeng opened the secret room door and leapt out and heard Tantai Mieming saying: “Zhang Danfeng, the master - -”

    Zhang Danfeng make an ‘Sshh’ sound and shook his head slightly and Tantai Mieming changed his statement and said: “your father is calling you to come back!”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “General Tantai, I am tired of replying, I have already left Mongolia, now I will live forever in China and won’t go back!”

    Tantai Mieming said: “you do not consider for your father but he must consider for you. You ride and cross the pass, enter area south of Yellow River as a hero but you know in your heart that you won’t be forgiven by these people.”

    Zhang Danfeng said in a low voice: “Even if I am torn to shreds, I will prefer to be buried in my native land, to be buried in a foreign land will really stink. I am tired of you, turn around and leave, take care of yourself.”

    Yun Lei was surprised but could not decide; she thought: “he…he is familiar with Tantai Mieming, the way they are talking it seems they have warm cordial relationship. How could this be…? Is he…”

    She heard Tantai Mieming calling out loud: “seriously, you are not willing to come back along with me?”

    Zhang Danfeng clasped his fist in one hand and said in mournful tone: “General Tantai, why are you compelling me in this difficult situation?”

    Tantai Mieming moved towards him with great speed and tried to strike his heart with fist. Zhang Danfeng lifted his arm to defend, Tantai Mieming changed the move altogether and turned his fist into palm and swiped towards his neck and executed a deadly move.

    Yun Lei was utterly confused now; she was pleasantly surprised but still not clear about the situation. When Tantai Mieming got angry, he looked even fiercer than the black and white Maha. She was obviously happy that Zhang Danfeng is fighting with Tantai Mieming and they are not on same side however she was still anxious and afraid if Danfeng can handle Tantai Mieming or not.

    She only saw Zhang Danfeng resisting furiously, the person's was at times vertical, at times horizontal and fist wind vibrated the wall. The movement of Tantai Mieming resembled apes and monkeys, he was fighting like a brave fighter, the strength was exceptional in each strike and the changes were highly unorthodox. Zhang Danfeng retroceded step by step. Yun Lei wished to leap at once and helps him out but she couldn’t move. She hoped that her acupuncture point is quickly unlocked and she tried to vehemently regulate her internal energy to unlock it. Suddenly she was startled and also alarmed at same time, she saw Tantai Mieming grabbing Zhang Danfeng in the air and throwing towards ground and said in a loud voice
    : “Got you!”

    Zhang Danfeng flew in the air with like a curled ball and Yun Lei closed her eye so she can’t see him hitting the ground. She heard an “Ahh” sound and opened the eye and only saw Zhang Danfeng standing in good condition on ground and didn’t look injured. Originally it seemed that the way which Tantai Mieming threw him that he will collide with ground with great force but Zhang Danfeng turned and somersaulted in midair and controlled his fall. Yun was amazed as well but she found it strange.

    She only saw Tantai Mieming moving towards him with a smile and said: “Zhang Danfeng, it seems your master’s effort are not in vain, your martial art skills are really original, you are able to take more than 50 moves unexpectedly, I might better make a living as a wandering fortune-teller from now on. You do what you have to but be careful. I will talk to your father; you do not need to worry about that.”

    Zhang Danfeng knew that Tantai Mieming has good intention that is why he went easy just a while back and he was able to avoid injury. Zhang Danfeng bowed with hands clasped, said: “General Tantai, this is all I ask from you.”

    Tantai Mieming asked suddenly: “who in that room?”

    Zhang Danfeng said: “A friend, he is not willing to meet you, I ask you to do the same.”

    Tantai Mieming said: “I would like to see but since you are reluctant, in October…”

    Zhang Danfeng made a ‘Shhh’ sound and Tantai Mieming stopped immediately and said with a smile: “we don’t know when we will meet in the future; you and I need to discuss something, come with me outside for a while.”

    He rashly held Zhang Danfeng on the horseback and went outside. Yun Lei breathed out, it felt as if thousand catty stone is pressing her heart. She focused on the locked acupuncture point. If a master locks an acupuncture point, it is not easy to unlock it voluntarily; Yun Lei regulated her internal energy towards the locked acupuncture point and after three revolutions, unexpectedly as if by accident she was successful. She didn’t wait and stood up urgently and thought in her heart: “He asked me to wait and today he is going to tell me about his life.”

    She looked over a wide area and in all directions; she saw that the precious sword of Zhang Danfeng was still kept in the room. As soon as she took up and looked, she saw the words inscribed on the sword hilt “White cloud”. Blue deep, White cloud is the profound sword skill developed by Grand-master Xuanji Yishi. He has passed this skill to third master Xie Tianhua.

    As soon as she saw these words Yun Lei couldn’t refrain herself and said: “Is it possible that this sword is third master. Is he third master’s apprentice?”

    She examined the sword carefully again, she saw some other words also inscribed on the sword in the jade engraved along the hilt of the sword. Yun Lei carefully read the characters carefully repeatedly and was able to read the four characters inscribed: “From Right prime minister”. Also some line of small characters which said: “Bestowed to Feng’er, my son”.

    Yun Lei trembled as if her knee had turned water; she understood why Zhang Danfeng has left in secret with Tantai Mieming outside the cave. Zhang Danfeng was unexpectedly the son of that traitor Zhang Zongzhou, Yun Lei’s biggest personal enemy!

    Yun Lei suddenly felt as her mind went blank and she was unconsciously touching a small piece of hard object, which was precisely the sheepskin letter written in blood which Yun Lei’s grandfather had written ten years back. In the letter written in blood, he wrote: “Every Yun descendant, if ever he bumps in to Zhang Zongzhou or his descendants, no matter if he is male and female, child or old, just kill them….massacre them! Although they have separated for ten years, but Yun Lei can still smells the rank smell of blood on the sheepskin letter!

    Yun Lei felt as chill in the air and it passed through the heart and she was afraid now. That letter written in blood seems a piece of cold ice and resembled the order which she could not resist. The sound of white horse neighing came and Zhang Danfeng came back. Yun Lei calmed herself sat back in her original position pretending to be meditating and lowered her head so that Zhang Danfeng cannot see her pale facial color.

    After coming inside Zhang Danfeng shoved open the door gently, walked in and said with a smile: “I guess I have to tell you the third story ahead of time. Little brother, how are you?”

    He moved in front of the bronze mirror and started reorganizing his disorderly hair. Suddenly in mirror, he saw Yun Lei opening her eyes and taking up the sword to stab him! As her hand came closer, she shivered and the sword leaned slightly and moved close to his neck and broke the bronze mirror.

    Zhang Danfeng turned his head quickly and said: “Little brother, little brother, you listened to me saying that ......”

    Yun Lei shut her eye and stabbed at him thrice. Zhang Danfeng jumped aside and only heard Yun Lei crying and saying: “I already know your third story; you did not need to say!”

    He straightened and left the diving posture, brushed his sword aside, sighed and said: “you are Yun Jing’s granddaughter?”

    Yun Lei called out: “you are son of the person who destroyed my family!”

    Before she can raise her sword and stab him Zhang Danfeng called out: “Good… little brother, raise your sword! I do not ask you to forgive!” She scoffed and stabbed towards his right arm and made a small wound and just heard Zhang Danfeng to say: “Little brother, after you have killed me, please do not take offense, you must sit in meditation for some time, there is a small silver bottle on that jade stone, it has some medicine, it will help you to regain vitality! Good, little brother, I do not ask you to forgive, go ahead!”

    Tears were flowing copiously from her eyes now, her hand trembled and she nearly dropped her deep blue treasured sword on ground, she thought about the sheepskin letter written in blood, it seems as if a mountain is pressing her heart and she didn’t want to take revenge! As soon as the sword trembled, Yun Lei called out: “Pick up the sword; I will not kill a weaponless person!”

    She knew perfectly well that martial art skills of Zhang Danfeng is better than her, if they compete in sword then it won’t be Zhang Danfeng but she herself will die. But somehow, she actually wanted Zhang Danfeng to pick up the sword, as if she wanted to die by his sword rather than killing him and obeying her grandfather. Zhang Danfeng stood motionless, he had a sad smile on his face but he did not dare to look at Yun Lei.

    Yun Lei picked up his White cloud sword and threw at him and said: “The deep enmity between our two families is absolutely irreconcilable, is you don’t die then I will perish trying, draw your sword!”

    Zhang Danfeng received the treasured sword, said mournfully: “Little brother, I vow that I won’t fight with you, if you must kill then kill, if you do not begin then I will walk out!”

    Yun Lei shook her sword and opened the secret door. Zhang Danfeng heaved a deep sigh, jumps out of the secret room to step up on the white horse and called out loudly: “Little brother, you still treasure friendship, I am going now!”

    The white horse moved quickly and a moment later, they were outside. Yun Lei stood there like a wooden statue, the sword fell on the ground.

    <End of Chapter – 7>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irwirka View Post
    Thank you, Abhay. Great speed of translation.
    Hmm, Zhang Zongzhou, Zang Danfeng and Zhang Shicheng all have the same surname. But it looks like it never occured to Yun Lei, that they might belong to the same family. Strange, after her grandfather wanted her so much to kill every member of Zhang Zongzhou's clan- one would expect she would be alert every time she hears the surname Zhang.
    Right on mark!

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    update pe update , milord .....naa 1000 yr old ginseng ...naa Zandu ka Chyawanprash.......someone is on fire .... must be petrol..q.e.d.

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    How many chapters are there in total?

    btw, thanks for the efforts, Abhay!

    from the link to the chinese text, it looks like there are '32' chapters...
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    Chapter – 8

    爱恨难明惊传绿林箭 恩仇莫辨愁展紫罗衣

    The sound of the white horse faded gradually, Zhang Danfeng has disappeared from her view now. She hoped that Zhang Danfeng is disappeared for ever and she will never ever listen about him!

    The strange thoughts danced vividly in her mind, how Zhang Danfeng was his companion in this secret room for last three days. Yes…Zhang Danfeng has walked away, Zhang Danfeng has disappeared but has he really disappeared from her thoughts, her life? No… not yet! She closed her eyes and his face appeared in front of him. His shadow inundated her heart but slowly and gently another shadow flashed, of a sheepskin letter written in blood.

    Yun Lei was confused…what is it? Is it hate? Is the love? Is it happiness? Is it sorrow? Without knowing where to begin, the love and hate interweaved. Her feelings for him were killing her. All the thoughts disappeared in her mind for a moment as if all she could see was Zhang Danfeng to come slowly and whispering nearby her ear: “little brother, little brother ......”! His stern stares like grandfather when he was severe, his melancholic songs like her mother! What kind of person has to make such a decision? She hoped that Zhang Danfeng never existed!

    Yun Lei looked at the silver bottle which was left by Zhang Danfeng. In the bottle he has left some medicine for her. She thought: “He is my personal enemy, I could not eat. ......This was left by Zhang Danfeng in good intention; I should not refuse him ......” Two kinds of thoughts ran through her mind and she was confused about what to do. Suddenly she remembered Zhang Danfeng to stare at her lovingly and saying in a low voice nearby the ear: “although little brother, your wound has cured, the vitality has not yet restored, eat, eat ......” She couldn’t resist herself and unconsciously took up the silver bottle and take three grains of red pills.

    She did not know for how long she sat on the ground, it was getting dark now and shadow of the door has lengthened. Suddenly she heard the sound of a horse galloping towards tomb.

    She stood up suddenly and moved outside thinking: “Has he come back?”

    She only saw Zhou Shanmin coming towards her and calling out: “Younger sister Yun, you really are here! Oh…are you injured by that traitor?”

    Yun Lei smiled at him slightly and shook her head.

    Shanmin sat down by her side and looked at her face. She was looking thin and pale and also absentminded in her appearance and was infinitely worried.
    He calmed himself and asked Yun Lei: “Originally you and he were hiding in this tomb, you don’t really owe him. Do you know who he is? He is the big traitor Zhang Zongzhou’s son and is your grandfather's biggest enemy!”

    Shanmin thought that Yun Lei will be surprised and expected some kind of reaction but to his astonishment Yun lei said in a low voice: “I know.”
    Shanmin jumped up in amazement and said: “what? You knew? When do you know?”

    Yun Lei sat motionless, said in a low voice: “I knew when that Tantai Mieming just now came ......”

    Shanmin breathed out and said: “so that's how it is, I know if were aware that he is your personal enemy then how you can act as companion with him? Did you fight? Are you really not injured?”

    Yun Lei said: “I received this injury by White Maha, he cured me.”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “he? Who is he?”

    Yun Lei said: “My grandfather's personal enemy!”

    Zhou Shanmin stopped for a moment and said: “he did not know that you are Yun Jing’s granddaughter?”

    Yun Lei said: “I used the sword to stab him, he knows now!”

    Zhou Shanmin was startled and then he asked: “oh, I knew. At the beginning, this traitor did not know that you are his personal enemy, so he bossed around you. Afterward you drew a sword to stab, he are not your match, therefore ran away. What a pity you were injured and your physical strength has probably not restored, otherwise you would have killed him here only, I did not need to use such a big effort in that case.”

    Yun Lei bowed her head but didn’t say anything about Zhou Shanmin conjectures. She only heard Zhou Shanmin happily saying with a smile: “If I knew that his martial art skills are so sloppy and ordinary, I would not have made a such big effort, I have asked Manor master Shi Ying to hand down the greenwood arrow!”
    Yun Lei was startled, she asked: “what, greenwood arrow?”

    Zhou Shanmin said with a smile: “Your knowledge of martial art world is still shallow, you don’t know about the greenwood arrow? The greenwood arrow is the token which the leader of the martial art world hands down. When the martial art experts saw this token, even if they have to go through fire or water, they won’t dare to ignore it. Younger sister Yun, this is really strange, the son of Zhang Zongzhou dares to roam the Shanxi martial art world unexpectedly; your big enmity will be taken care of surely!”

    The shadow of sheepskin letter written in blood expanded over her heart, Yun Lei didn’t know if she should be happy or sad but she can’t violate grandfather's will. If one can’t kill the person or forgive a person then it’s better that others kill him. As soon as she thought about Zhang Danfeng getting cut by independent warlords, she couldn’t dare to picture and don’t even wanted to think.

    She only listened to Zhou Shanmin saying: “Younger sister, after you left the mountain, I was missing you.”

    The sound was very gentle; Yun Lei lifted her head and said: “Many thanks about your worrying.”

    Zhou Shanmin saw her saying in such a formal tone and was really disappointed really, still downward said: “I always thought of coming after you however but the matters of village around the Yanmen pass were serious and I was busy. Last month, a frontier scout, found out that the son of Zhang Zongzhou has crossed the pass. He is playing the role of a scholar and is riding a white horse, which is an extremely precious horse. My father and other people form the village discussed this matter and thought that the son of Zhang Zongzhou has crossed the border, they can’t have any good intentions; certainly he is plotting some kind of schemes against our country. My father asked me to track this person with the help of local martial art exponents of this area. He asked me to meet the leader of the martial art exponents of Shanxi province and mobilize against him. The martial artist of this area consider manor master Shi Ying as their leader so I looked for him in Blackstone mansion once I came here but was not able to find him. Afterward I met her daughter and then only I came to know that they think of son-in-law of Shi Ying. Miss Shi may really like you!”

    Yun Lei showed a faint smile, said: “How do you look at Miss Shi?”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “her martial art skills are passable...”

    Yun Lei said: “And?”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “I and she were acquainted with one another for half a day, what else?”

    Yun Lei showed a faint smile. Originally she wanted to say again but her heart was set on the matter of “the greenwood arrow”. She wondered if Shi Ying has handed down the greenwood arrow or his respect for Zhang Danfeng was genuine. She was eager to listen about this matter and didn’t pursue him.

    Zhou Shanmin looked downward and said: “That day I pursued that disciple of Tantai Mieming with that Shi girl. The horse he was riding was a very good horse and even after we pursued for a long time we were not able to overtake. His horse ran like a wind and our horses were tired so gave up!”

    Yun Lei asked: “What about the Shi girl?”

    Zhou Shanmin smiled and said: “This madam of yours seems to have some prejudice, all through the road she was bickering and searching for some implied meaning. She speculated if I am your elder brother or not and she seemed unsatisfied by answers?

    Yun Lei remembered that evening of the nuptial chamber and found it really funny.

    She heard Zhou Shanmin making an expression as if he was wronged, shrugged and said: “We could not overtake the enemy, she and I quarreled. I asked her that we must go to her home but she was not willing to lead me to see her father, but also quarreled and wanted that coral, she looked at that coral as if it has her lifeblood.”
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    Yun Lei unconsciously pursed her lips to smile.

    Zhou Shanmin said: “I knew that coral is given to her as gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family, she treasure your memories in this way!”

    Yun Lei smiled and said: “But this time it is you who gave her the gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family, isn’t it.”

    The face of Shanmin turned red and he said mischievously: “you little devil, don’t say anything random or I will rip your mouth.”

    Yun Lei avoided smiling and said: “Fine, that Shi girl was not willing to lead you to see her father, what happened afterwards?”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “by coincidence, after the Shi girl went, I progress to head west and soon met Shi “Thunder” Ying himself. He didn’t know that I have met her daughter earlier. By the time we met, the daughter had already left so they didn’t meet.”

    Yun Lei said: “Shi Ying was with the four jewelry merchants at that time?”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “Yes, he was going to handle some very urgent matter at that time probably and was in a hurry. I introduced myself and asked him about the greenwood arrow thinking that he will ask about the details. However he actually waved his hand saying: “Who is the world doesn’t know about the prestige and chivalry of Golden Swordsman! If he has to capture that person then surely he is extremely evil and doesn’t deserve amnesty. No need of saying anything, take the greenwood arrow! I have an urgent matter to attend and cannot accompany you. Once this matter is brought to completion, please come to Blackstone mansion and we will discuss in detail.”

    He gave me the greenwood arrow and walked immediately with those four jewelry merchant.”

    Yun Lei thought in her heart: “so that's how it is, if Shi Ying asked about the details then he wouldn’t have given the token.”

    Zhou Shanmin continued and said: “I and Shi Ying met nearby the Meng Lian sect and also nearby is the blue sky castle. I have given the greenwood arrow there and the person I met was of the same belief. I awaited the news in his stronghold for a day and the matter went really smoothly. Once my father and Shi Ying both jointly gave the command, there won’t be several martial art people who won’t accede to this command. Sister Yun lei, this person is a big enemy of you family, aren’t you happy?”

    As soon as Yun Lei heard this her face went pale, she forced a smile and said: “I was little uncomfortable, now I am good. I…I am very happy!”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “The greenwood arrow is token all martial art people with follow, no need to worry about the outcome. I remember that day when I left you with this red warhorse and now again I am seeing you, heaven really pities me.”

    Yun Lei kept silent, Zhou Shanmin wanted to say his heartfelt emotion again but suddenly he heard some sound and bent down anxiously in ground with his ears trying to listen something.

    Yun Lei asked: “Who is coming? How can't I hear?”

    Zhou Shanmin stood and said: “Someone is coming outside.”

    He quickly moved outside the gate and put his ears to ground to listen. This ability “kiss the ground to listen the sound” is martial art skill which is not quite uncommon in martial art world but since Yun Lei has mostly studied and practiced her skills in isolation he still was unaware of some practical skills.

    Zhou Shanmin looked at Yun Lei and said with a smile: “you should change your clothes?”

    After Yun Lei had revealed her identity to Zhang Danfeng, she had changed to her female clothing. Now that Zhou Shanmin reminded this, she moves unconsciously towards the secret room and closed the door.

    Zhou Shanmin paced on the other side of the door and thought in her heart: “Is she fine. She has met her biggest personal enemy and unexpectedly spent some time her him still she didn’t capture or kill him once she knew his identity?

    Yun Lei opened her travel bag in the secret room, in the mind unconsciously spilled the words of Zhang Danfeng: “little brother, little brother ......” her soul was in a turbulent state and she felt as this sound of reverberating in her ears. Yun Lei took out the female attire and tore them in to half. She really hated them…she hated these female clothes? She did not know what she wanted and her heart was despondent. The sound of tearing the clothes sounded as if her heart is torn. She wanted to be a man; perhaps if she was man then she didn’t have to worry about this heartbreak. She took out another purple garment and remembered how Zhang Danfeng appreciated her beauty in these clothes. Yun Lei sighed as she looked at that cloth and stroked that soft silk gently and folded that garment cautiously to put it back and didn’t tore any clothes further.

    Outside the secret room she heard the sound of footsteps, Zhou Shanmin was pacing back and forth; Yun Lei was awakened suddenly and thought: “I am standing in a daze in here and Brother Zhou is waiting impatiently!”

    She took the men’s garments and quickly put on the clothes and came out of the secret room in hurry. Zhou Shanmin was standing near the front gate now and said: “Are you able listen to that sound of horse's hoof, that person is within a mile. Someone coming to this wilderness tomb, surely he is not any common person, how are you feeling, can you use your sword?”

    Yun Lei said: “I will manage to cope. Brother Zhou, can you show me that greenwood arrow to me.”

    Zhou Shanmin could not think that she will talk about it at this time and said in surprised tone: “the greenwood arrow…I have already passed it along to other people.”

    Yun Lei asked: “Does this Shanxi province have any fierce martial art experts?”

    Zhou Shanmin said with a smile: “oh, you are worried that you won’t be able to take your revenge? Shanxi Province's martial art exponents are numerous! I also forgot to tell you about the other information, your teacher's older brother has recently returned from Mongolia, I am only afraid he might not come across this news otherwise he will definitely come to help.”

    Yun lei asked: “What? When did he come back from Mongolia? Have you met him?”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “I have not met; I have only listened from other people about this. Now don’t make any sound, that person is outside!”

    As soon as he stopped, they heard someone calling from outside: “Yun Lei, Yun Lei!”

    This was precisely the sound of Shi Cuifeng, Yun Lei for a moment wanted to say: “Do not open the door!” But Zhou Shanmin had had already opened it and Shi Cuifeng ran like a tornado and came inside. As runs as she saw Yun Lei, she was delighted and called out cheerfully: “master Yun, you are really in this place!”

    As she was saying, the drops of tears unconsciously dropped from her eyes even though she was smiling.

    Zhou Shanmin said: “Master Yun was injured earlier, why are you shouting here!”

    Shi Cuifeng then saw Zhou Shanmin also, she frowned and said in angry voice: “It is a matter of us husband and wife, you stay out of it!”

    She came forward to approach Yun Lei and asked in a low voice: “Master Yun, Are you injured by those treacherous White and Black Maha?”

    Yun Lei said: “you do not need to worry, I am fine now”

    She pulled her hand gently and said: “Brother Zhou said well, I want to rest a while, you look tired and it’s already late.”

    Shi Cuifeng the facial color becomes flushed and she thought in her heart: “you are helping you brother and don’t even think about me.”

    She looked at Yun Lei with anger but didn’t say anything. Suddenly Zhou Shanmin tittered in side and smiled. Shi Cuifeng looked at him and said: “why are you laughing?”

    Yun Lei said hurriedly: “I am hungry, Cuifeng, cook me some food. We have some rice and dried meat. I will rest for the time being while you cook and call me once food is ready.”

    She entered the secret room, Zhou Shanmin also wanted to go and have walked only two steps when Shi Cuifeng got angry and called out suddenly: “Where are you going, I need help to make food, come pour that rice!”

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    Zhou Shanmin very awkwardly followed Shi Cuifeng. Yun Lei showed a faint smile as if a child has made a prank is actually self-satisfied.

    Zhou Shanmin kept silent and helped Shi Cuifeng to wash the rice, to light a fire and to cook. Shi Cuifeng also kept silent and did not pay attention to him, obviously also in annoyance.

    Yun Lei alone sat down in the secret room and thought about how to reconcile them. She listened and couldn’t hear both of them not talking to one another and couldn’t help but smile. She thought that Shi Cuifeng is not meeting some enemy but she is angry because she thinks that I am partial to my brother and therefore treats him as an obstruction. She thought that once she will know then both are female then what will happen and couldn’t stop herself to laugh.

    Suddenly she focused on the words “it’s not an enemy, she has met”, she again thought of Zhang Danfeng and sighed gently. Yun Lei indulged herself in flights of fancy and didn’t know how time flew when she heard Shi Cuifeng knocking on a door calling out: “Master Yun, the food is ready!”

    Yun Lei felt as she had awakened from a dream, opened the door and looked awkwardly at Shi Cuifeng and Zhou Shanmin. Both of them didn’t pay any attention to each other but gave her a bright smile together. Shi Cuifeng and Shanmin both snatched a bowl and started filling rice for Yun Lei and offered her at same time. Yun Lei has showed a faint smile and receives the rice bowl from Shi Cuifeng. Zhou Shanmin felt embarrassed and his face turned red.

    Yun Lei said: “Cuifeng, my Brother Zhou is son of Golden swordsman and is very experience and also extremely good person; you can talk to him if you need any advice.”

    Shi Cuifeng said with a “humph” sound: “I know….he is your elder brother and is obviously an extraordinary hero!”

    Zhou Shanmin forced an awkward smile; Yun Lei tried to sort out this awkward situation and said with a smile to Shi Cuifeng: “Brother Zhou said that you left after you were not able to catch that person, how come you are here?”

    Shi Cuifeng said: “After that I went home. Sometime later my father came back. His facial expression was serious and it seems that he has some enormous concern. I asked if he had seen you. He said that he had not seen you but he knows that you are in the tomb of Black and White Maha but because of some person he can’t meet you. I found it very strange.”

    Zhou Shanmin also thought it very strange and cannot bear to stop himself and asked: “your father has an outstanding martial art and is a respectable leader of Shaanxi martial art world, who would dare to stop him?”

    Shi Cuifeng listened to him praising his father and her anger reduced slightly and she replied to Yun Lei: “I asked father over and over, who is that but my father was not willing to say anything. He asked me not to fear and said that if that person says anything then he has no alternative but to listen. He also said that person knew about my relation with Master Yun and has asked me not to be concerned.”

    As she said this, Shi Cuifeng both cheeks turned bright red, she lowered her head and did not dare to look at Yun Lei. In Yun Lei laughed in her heart, but felt sadness too on her condition as she remembered how her father was groveling in front of Zhang Danfeng in veneration; she felt sad of her own condition too, she knew well what Shi Ying was talking about but was not willing to state clearly.

    Shi Cuifeng then said: “For last ten days, my father have handled the affairs very strangely, normally he will tell me about everything but in last few days he is actually hiding truth from me, about the origin of that young thief on white horse, about the origin of that drawing, who as that person and all sorts of strange events, he is not willing to disclose the least bit to me. I am angry but he is not paying any attention and actually wants me to deliver a letter immediately for him.”

    Yun Lei asked: “What letter, and to deliver to whom?”

    Shi Cuifeng showed a faint smile and said: “I have to give this to a prominent martial art figure, he is famous and outstandingly able person, if you are willing to see that outstandingly able person then tomorrow we will go together.”

    Zhou Shanmin said: “What famous outstandingly able person Shanxi Province has? Is it the hero from blue cloud? Is helmsman Hao? Was ......”
    Shi Cuifeng made a “humph” sound and said: “I guess although Golden swordsman is a famous personality but there are still other famous and able people in Shaanxi martial art world.”

    Zhou Shanmin listened to her sharp retort and kept silent, Yun Lei said with a smile: “Leave your bickering for some other time. Tomorrow I will go with Brother Zhou and you. It’s already late, I must rest.”

    She shoved open the door and entered the secret room. Shi Cuifeng too stood up but slightly hesitated and heard Yun Lei saying in a gentle voice: “Elder sister Shi, there is another room on the other side.”

    Shi Cuifeng went mad in shame and wanted to speak but only heard Zhou Shanmin also saying: “Inside this ancient tomb, this is an amazing underground palace, not only this has this hall but also several rooms. This is really too good. You rest in that room and I will rest in the hall and also take the night watch. My worthy brother is just recovering from his serious injury and also wants to convalesce, the more he rests, sooner he will be fine.”

    Shi Cuifeng blushed and moved towards the other room looking at Zhou Shanmin and saw him smiling faintly looking at her and no longer saying a word. Shi Cuifeng wished she can take her blade and cut him in two sections. She too shoved open the door and went inside, panting in indignation, she couldn’t fall asleep the entire night.

    On the second day early in the morning, all three people got up. Yun Lei saw that again Shanmin and Shi Cuifeng looked at each other didn’t speak. They made the breakfast and after having eaten moved towards the gate, only hearing the sound of a horse coming towards them.

    Zhou Shanmin said: “This horse is quick!”

    The sound of the horse's hoof was coming more and more near, and also they heard two long hissing sounds, Shi Cuifeng said: “is this that white horse's cry!”

    Yun Lei looked pale and moved but Zhou Shanmin drew out his sword and called out: “Good, he is coming straight to us, we will combine and fight him!”

    Yun Lei puts out a hand to draw the sword but her finger shivered, the treasured sword was in the sheath only when she heard a loud sound and a white horse dashed inside!

    She only heard Zhou Shanmin calling at him immediately and bowing forward to salute him. As soon as Yun Lei fixed her eyes on that person, she immediately moved forward towards him. He was not Zhang Danfeng but actually her senior martial uncle Buddhist priest Chao Yin. She felt some kind of disappointment for a moment and stood before him didn’t say any words.

    Chao Yin looked at Yun Lei for a moment as if trying to recognize the person and suddenly said “Ahh”.

    Zhou Shanmin hurriedly pulled him aside and said something in low vice. After hearing him the Buddhist priest Chao Yin laughed suddenly, looked at Yun Lei and said: “Yun Lei, come to me, let me look at you. I haven’t seen you for several years, you have already grown up!”

    Yun Lei called him “martial uncle” and went forward to salute him. Shi Cuifeng also followed him. Buddhist priest Chao Yin looked at Shi Cuifeng, laughed suddenly and said with a smile: “very pretty girl! Yun Lei, you must not treat her unjustly.”

    Shi Cuifeng gave her regards, Chao Yin suddenly said: “You are extremely beautiful, you know to cook or not?”

    Shi Cuifeng was surprised but Zhou Shanmin immediately said: “Younger sister-in-law is extremely intelligent, not only can she cook but she makes excellent vegetables too”

    Buddhist priest Chao Yin said with a smile: “good extremely, good extremely! I have been travelling for 700-800 miles and am extremely hungry, cook some food for me quickly!”

    Shi Cuifeng wanted to say in consternation: “you are hungry but should not be so impolite; my father has never talked to me in such a tone.”
    The Buddhist priest sat down and said: “Nephew Shanmin, please help this woman to prepare the food. Three catties of rice and six-seven types of vegetables will be enough of me!”

    Buddhist priest Chao Yin ordered them in such a manner, Shi Cuifeng did not know whether to laugh or cry and thought in her heart: “Whether it is this elder brother of Yun Lei or his master’s elder brother, all of them are such unreasonable monsters!” She turned her back and went inside to cook.

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    I hadn't read this before, but I will now. :]. Thanks for the translation thus far!

    *Support-support-support* lool.

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    Zhou Shanmin also followed her blindly, Shi Cuifeng looked angry. She came by his side and asked in anger: “do you want you to help me or not.”

    Zhou Shanmin said with a smile: “Calm down and talk in low voice. You don’t know that Yun Lei’s martial uncle is a famous headstrong Buddhist priest? If you quarrel with me in here, he will know and certainly will call you in front of Yun Lei.”

    Shi Cuifeng really did not dare to rebuke him loudly, puts on a serious face and looked at Shanmin.

    Zhou Shanmin also said with a smile: “The appetite of this Buddhist priest is really big, seven types of vegetables…isn’t it too many, have you ever made that that much food?”

    As soon as Shi Cuifeng thought that this was truth, she got more vexed and looked towards his direction and spat.

    Zhou Shanmin sighed and said a low voice: “Mind your manners and do not disturb them. This Buddhist priest is very impetuous and his temperament is seriously not good, you should be careful.”

    Shi Cuifeng was mad enough to bellow at him but still said in low voice: ' If I ask then Yun Lei will leave with me!”

    Outside they heard the voice of Buddhist priest coughing suddenly, after that Shi Cuifeng did not dare to say anything and started cooking food together with Zhou Shanmin.

    Zhou Shanmin laughed in his heart but he really didn’t have any ill feelings against Shi Cuifeng. He heard the sound of Yun Lei and Chao Yin talking in low voice outside.

    As Shanmin and Cuifeng were cooking inside, Yun Lei related the story of coming to Black stone mansion and the matter with Shi Cuifeng. The Buddhist priest couldn’t stop laughing as he heard the story.

    After smiling, he said suddenly: “you are happily married her and I was getting mad for you in Mongolia and suffering extreme distress!”

    Yun Lei was startled, she only heard Chao Yin saying: “Yun Lei, you remember when your grandfather was returning back to China?”

    Yun Lei said: “Yes.”

    Moist tone channel: “How many years?”

    Yun Lei said: “This year it will be close to ten years.”

    Chao Yin sighed and said: “good…ten years have passed in a blink. Ten years ago, I and your third master uncle Xie Tianhua met outside the Yanmen pass and swore to revenge for your grandfather. I was responsible to bring you back to fourth younger sisters to foster and he was responsible to go to Mongolia and assassinate that traitor Zhang Zongzhou. This matter I think you are already aware of?”

    Yun Lei eyes filled with tears and she replied: “I thank martial uncle and third martial uncle.”

    Chao Yin sighed: “You are saying thanks too early.”

    He said: “I and the third brother had an agreement that we will meet after 10 years outside the Yanmen pass. Unexpectedly the time elapsed but he did not to come. I heard the rumors although one can’t know the amount of truth in them but still that he has been seized by Zhang Zongzhou, therefore I took my horse and went far in to the Mongolia. I thought if my third brother had any mishap then I will revenge this matter for him.”

    Yun Lei said: “My master said that thanks to Grandmaster’s teaching, the martial arts of third master uncle is outstanding, he is also brave and resourceful, I don’t think he would have suffered from some people’s violent treachery?”

    As soon as sound Chao Yin heard that, he cooled down and said: “Xie Tianhua has really outstanding martial art abilities otherwise I would have revenged for you.”

    Yun Lei said in consternation: “I don’t understand….”

    Chao Yin patted her down and said: “I am also very relentless!” He further said with a deep sigh: “I infiltrated deep in outer Mongolia and started gathering information in secret about the whereabouts of Xie Tianhua. I wished to take revenge with that Zhang Zongzhou but Tantai Mieming was protecting him so I didn’t dare to attack him.

    In Mongolia, I experienced one day like a year and was extremely distressed. Last month, I suddenly heard news unexpectedly, it said that Tantai Mieming is not with Zhang Zongzhou and he has sent him somewhere else to handle some matter. I inquired about that and found this true. So I chose a day when a dusty storm had hit the area and went inside the palace of Prime Minister Zhang Zongzhou.”

    “That thief prime minister’s palace was very big. He really knows how to enjoy, a place in the Outer Mongolia is normally bitter cold but unexpectedly he has built up a garden in his palace as if he is in area south of Yangtze River. He also had made two Chinese style tower pavilions naming them Suzhou and Hangzhou. I have entered around midnight and had already inquired that Zhang Zongzhou resides in a building in east side of the garden. I sneaked in near a window and saw that Zhang Zongzhou has unexpectedly not slept yet and was sitting alone in the room writing something, his head tilted downwards and wielding a brush, he didn’t had any clue that I was hovering outside can take his life a blink of eye.

    I had already taken out three wooden darts and without wasting any time continuously threw the darts at his ‘Qiang’, ‘Xuanji’ and ‘Jinquan’ acupressure point. He was sitting at about thirty feet from me and writing with rapt attention, I thought that even if someone who is vastly experience in martial art skill won’t be able to stop these darts without difficulty. Unexpectedly I heard small three sounds and saw the three darts dropping on the ground. I suddenly realized that there was duplicate wall and a secret door, Zhang Zongzhou immediately hid behind the wall. I jumped inside top grasp him but got his lower corner of the shirt, suddenly a palm moved toward me and I had to leave him to defend myself. In the meantime some people came inside the room. Yun lei, can you guess who this person might be?”

    Yun Lei flushed and said: “is it possible that Tantai Mieming had not gone out and they intentionally laid the trap?” After saying, she remembered suddenly that last month itself she herself crossed the Yanmen pass and faced Tantai Mieming along with Golden swordsman Zhou Jian. She then said: “But Tantai Mieming can’t do so many things at different places? But if it was not Tantai Mieming then who has such high skills to force you back?”

    As soon as Buddhist priest Chao Yin heard this, he sighed and said: “if Tantai Mieming would have been there then that is not surprising but actually, this person is actually and my martial brother Xie Tianhua!”

    Yun lei was startled and said: “What…third martial uncle?”

    Chao Yin said: “Yes…it was Xie Tianhua! I almost went mad in extreme distress. I shouted at him asking: “It’s almost ten years now, have you forgotten? You came here to take revenge and end this enmity? '

    He stared at me, made three sword moves in succession and compelled me to come out of that room, others closely tries to pursue us. In terms of martial art ability, his martial art is strong and I knew perfectly well that I am not his match but I hated this situation and went mad and attacked with all my skills! I can blame him for being such a cruel-hearted inside the room but actually outside the room, he evaded my several moves and suddenly said in a low voice: “you know that who Zhang Zongzhou is? “

    I got angry and scolded him: “Depending on your view, I think that Zhang Zongzhou is good person!” I was carrying a short sword for this clandestine activity instead of my monk's staff and feeling inconvenient.

    He brushed aside my sword and said in a low fierce voice: “My good muddle-headed fellow apprentices!” he ran in to me straight suddenly and caught my cloths in one move and carried me. By now in palace already multiple people were all moving here and there in confusion. The warriors who stood as night watch were already startled. He carried me to flee that place. In a few moments we arrived in a remote and quiet corner in the garden, there were several fine horses; he pulled a white horse from the horse stable, unlocked my acupuncture point and said in a low voice: “Brother, you know my manners? Walks quickly, run away!”'

    I was not willing to start and said to him: “you, if do not explain to me, I won’t move from here!

    His facial color changed and he said fierce: “you…if you don’t move then I will take you the palace right now. Not only you will never leave Mongolia but I will make sure that you won’t leave this palace as long as you are alive.”

    I was angry and brandished my sword again but he snatched my sword to break it off and threw me all of sudden on the horseback and shouted: “You really don’t want to go?”

    I could not expect that this heartless person will change his mind so I thought: “He already have abandoned the righteousness, it would be stupid to lose my life for this rebel. I am inferior to him in martial art skills so better to avoid and will resolve this matter later. That white horse was an extraordinary horse. He had very little time as already he was hearing sounds of a lot of people coming towards him. He rode hard and in a little time, he left the Mongol soldiers far behind.

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    I hadn't read this before, but I will now. :]. Thanks for the translation thus far!

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    Gud story but unfortunately stopped halfway..
    Can any1 plzz take up this project.. Its just 30 chapters appx..
    Is abhay around.. if not plzz someone complete

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