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Thread: Forum pages not loading/reply nonfunctional

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    Since yesterday afternoon (GMT) I've been unable to access the site at all. The browser kept continuously loading but the index never appears.

    Everything else seems fine right now, though a bit slower sometimes.
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    Default what's happening here? We've been down for at least the past six hours.

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    None of the profile pages for anyone on the forum board is working.
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    Thanks for catching that. It should be fixed now. We're looking into stability issues on the forums. Keep posting or email us when you see any issues.

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    Seems to have difficulty loading the main page, like the connection suddenly dropped or something. Needs to refresh all the time. But it's in better condition than a couple of days ago when it's simply dead most of the times.
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    I've been getting random error messages today.

    "This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in XX seconds."

    Despite being me having posting anything for like 30 mins, and I only clicked 'submit reply' once.

    p.s. The reply was actually successful, so I end up double posting - twice.
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