12-29-09 11:55 PM

Taiwanese artiste Godfrey Gao appeared bemused when he cleared the air on his alleged May-December relationship with Jolin Tsai and said that the rumours were "rather hilarious". The 26-year-old artiste was recently in town to participate in a Channel 8 variety programme, 3 Plus 1 and appeared to be troubled by his alleged relationship with Jolin.

"I am not really familiar with her! We were introduced by friends .We were out with a group of friends that day, we were not dating! There is no relationship!"

He further clarified his stance and said, "Nobody shot [photographs of] the both of us being alone too."

Apart from his refutations, the 1.94m-tall actor praised Jolin for being a very professional singer with a serious working attitude and gave her the nickname, "Taiwan's Diva". When the reporter asked if he was a fan of Jolin, he obligingly replied, "She can be counted as my idol. She is really very charming."

Godfrey shared that it was Taiwanese artist, Lee Wei, and his co-artist from the same company, Peach, who introduced him to the pop princess, who is four years his senior.

"That is a misunderstanding. It was a group of people who went, nobody took photographs of the both of them being together alone," said Peach, who was also present at the filming of 3 Plus 1.

She further explained, "Godfrey and I belong to the same management company and Lee Wei knows Jolin. As it was a gathering between a group of friends, we did not have the intention of introducing them to each other."

Perplexed at the ongoing speculations, Godfrey said in resignation, "These are all rumours. I feel that they are a little silly."

Despite the rumours, the good-looking one does not plan to stop his partying ways. Strongly influenced by the western culture due to his upbringing in Canada, he said, "I love the feel of going to parties. You can go there to socialize and get to know many people. It might even help you in your career, and may clinch you a good job."

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