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Thread: Zoe Tay: I'm not afraid of pulling down Chen Hanwei!

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    29 Dec, 2009

    Local artistes Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei will do their part for charity by painting a picture together at the upcoming Ren Ci Charity Show 2010. The actress said that while she is unafraid that she might drag Hanwei, she joked that Hanwei has to rely on her for expertise!

    After 3 years, the Ren Ci Charity Show returns once more to Channel U. Due to telecast on the 24th of January 2010, the show returns with a full force of local and overseas artistes including Zoe Tay, Guo Liang, Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh, Michelle Chong, Michelle Chia and Constance Song.

    Painting within Painting: Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei and 4 other artistes

    Following their Indian dance in the Tai Ho Guan Charity show in 2006, Zoe and Hanwei collaborate once again in this painting segment. Not only they are required to draw on a revolving canvas, they are also going to dance while drawing it. In an interview, Zoe revealed that they are currently practicing individually due to their busy filming schedules and will only practice together next week.

    Hanwei is pretty much known for his artistic skills, so will Zoe be intimidated by him? The actress replied with a laugh, "He is the one that has to rely on me! Without me, he has no way of completing the painting!"

    With a time limit on the painting, Zoe joked that it does not matter that she draws slower, since Hanwei is the better drawer, then he shall take the reigns. She also added that if Hanwei "despised" her, she will just stand at one corner and let him draw.

    The actress admitted that while she was pretty good at drawing during her schooling days, she has a lack of aesthetic skills now. The closest she does to drawing now is when she sits with her son as he draws. Her 'specialties' include houses, trees and mountains etc. She also sends her son for drawing classes and encourages him to use his imagination. However, she said that her son does not have much drawing talent.

    During the practice, the instructor kept on encouraging her and praise Zoe for her drawing abilities. On the actual day, she is supposed to draw from memory and currently, she is still relying on the picture. With a dance segment coming up, she is going to be one busy woman.

    Celebrity imitation: Guo Liang, Michelle Chong, Dennis Chew

    While it is not surprising to see Michelle Chong imitating someone, this time, she takes on the challenge of imitating Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai's concert performance, including a loop suspension segment! As the actress' last brush with dance was when she was 5, she lamented that her stamina, rhythm, figure, age and dancing abilities are a far cry from Jolin's.

    Michelle revealed that as the dance steps are very complicated, one wrong move could result in an injury and that is why the instructor insists that she has to be thoroughly warmed-up. Thus, even before the practice starts, she is already breathless from the warming up sessions. With a laugh, she said, "Hopefully after this performance, I will have 4 pecs!"

    On the other hand, Guo Liang takes on the role of Heavenly King Jacky Cheung. While his vocals are pretty good, he is not spared from dancing either. It is said that when he dressed up as the heavenly king, even his son could not recognize him!

    With a laugh, he said, "I'm doing this for my son. But when I told him that I was dancing, his eyes were bigger than his mouth!"

    Despite not dancing for 10 years, Guo Liang thought that he could handle this segment as he graduated from an arts college. It was only when he started dancing that he realised that he has aged and was breathless. The perfectionist revealed, "Dancing in front of the mirror is very vexing. Unlike the rest, I know that I am bad at dancing, but I just can't seem to improve!" However, he remains optimistic that after numerous practices, it will be ok.

    As for Dennis Chew, he will be putting his best foot forward as Aunty Lucy in a singing and dancing performance.

    Bamboo Dance: Zheng Geping, Michelle Chia, Constance Song, Nick Shen, Nat Ho, Desmond Tan, Koh Yah Hwee, Rebecca Lim

    To increase the difficulty of the dance, the music chosen for the dance will not be the traditional kind and the celebs' hands will also have to be on the floor. Constance revealed that during practice, her feet would constantly get caught between the bamboos and they got hit till they became swollen. As a result, she could not wear her favourite heels and instead wore jogging shoes to the press conference.

    24-beat drumming: Quan Yifeng, Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh

    Other than Guo Liang's imitation performance, the other 3 hosts will bring you a resounding drumming performance. Kym, who is in charge of the western drumming part, lamented that with her vertically-challenge stature and short hands, it would be difficult for her to reach from one drum to another.

    The Butterfly Lovers: Felicia Chin, Elvin Ng, Adrian Pang, and foreign artistes

    MediaCorp prince and princess, Elvin and Felicia will take on the roles of the famous butterfly lovers, Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai, respectively. Under the accompaniment of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the duo will reprise this famous tragic love story in the form of a musical.

    Spinning tops: Chen Liping, Huang Wen Yong, Yvonne Lim, Cai Peixuan

    The main cast of Your Hand in Mine will compete with students to spin tops. It is said that two of the students will be blind-folded and will challenge Liping and Wen Yong. As a finale to the segment, both groups will present a special spinning tops performance with musical accompaniment.

    Other than the above performances, audiences can also expect plenty of traditional locally-composed songs performed by foreign artistes such as Wu Qixian, Yan Li Ming, and Pan Ying etc. Hong Kong artistes Nancy Sit and Lu Liang Wei will be performing a song with a patient, while Wong Hei and Wen Bixia will also be attending the event.


    The Ren Ci Charity Show 2010 is the sixth time that Ren Ci hospital organized a charity show on TV. PM Lee Hsien Loong is the guest-of-honour for this charity show and the organization hopes to raise $400,000. Hotlines are opened from today and the lines are as follow:

    $5: 1900 112 8888 (From today till 31st January)
    $15: 1900 112 8889 (From today till 31st January)
    $30 and above: 6746 1110 (From 21st January till 27th January, 8am till 11pm)

    Each call is $0.20 and all administrative fees are taxed. Those under 18 have to seek parental guidance.

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