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    Default Looking for anime

    well i've watched alot of anime, im looking for some more good ones to watch, i like ones with lots of fan service and ones with some romance and also that doesnt censor every little thing out, so no evil steam from a hotspring that hides everything, but i do not want some hardcore hentai either, kinda like elfen lied it showed nudity and nipples but wasn't some hardcore sex anime, i like stuff like "history's strongest disciple kenichi", "bleach", "naruto", "needless", "to aru no index", "koi hime", "kanokon", stuff like that,

    i dont want hardcore sex scenes but if like they get romantically involved and have sex thats fine, but i dont want an anime all about sex, also i like "fairy tale", "hitman reborn", "asura cryin", i love " sora no otoshimono", "nogizaka haruka no himitsu", "death note", Magikano" stuff like those, i love harems like "tenchi muyo" and "hanakyo maid tai" and "green green" so anime like thos with fanservice, nudity, a lil blood n gore wouldnt hurt, or harem and love/romance etc. it could even be a hentai so long as it isnt some super sex thing like a porno or anything i just want good anime with fanservice and not all about sex

    so whatever you guys can recomend would be most appreciated

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    I was going to suggest Chobits by Clamp and Love Hina but that doesnt exactly fit your criteria.

    Perhaps you'd be better off asking on the Madman forums. ^_^

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