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Thread: Indoensia-SPCNET

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    Cool Indoensia-SPCNET

    Lovely idea for Indonesia SPCNET site, wonder when there will be malaysia SPCNET? I am just curious. Since everything there is in Indonesian malay, shouldn't the titles of the forums be the same? i do not know how much Malaysian malay and Indonesian malay differs, but I guess a few suggestions here:-

    Film - Filem

    Series - siri

    Comic - komik

    Animation - animasi

    Music - musik

    can't think of anything else. Is SC in charge of this indonesian branch?
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    Funn, the site's maintained by Azalae so contact him if you have feedback. Thought it'd be nice to start a different language site and see where that leads.

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    Well the main reason was not to isolate or restrict visitors. The goal was to make the whole site bi-lingual.

    When forced to choose either Indonesian or English, I would always take English. Indonesians can understand (or at the very least can guess the meaning of) the English words. Unlike the reverse, i.e. English speakers can't guess Indonesian words.

    Unfortunately I don't have too much spare time now to translate the site so the majority is still in English. The good part of the board is already bi-lingual Indo/English though. (Also because i'm coughlazycough. )

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    Well, I think that's a good idea for having INDONESIA-SPCNET

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