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Thread: Confession Time: do you have an evil, mean, cruel side to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByTmE View Post
    People make fun of my hidden cruel streak. I guess it's not that well hidden. I have a well established and self acknowledged potential for thinking and saying evil and terrible things. Well...ok, sometimes I say terrible things out loud, too.

    However, more often than not, adjectives such as "sweet" and "kind" and "cheerful" are the ones most commonly attached to my name by most of my colleagues and classmates.

    So, take that as you will, hahahaha.
    Let's just say... you are 'complicated'.
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    I am not intentionally evil, mean or cruel. But if advice is frequently ignored, I can't help but to be brutally honest during assessments and appraisals. That, for the recipient, could be considered mean and/or cruel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucre View Post
    strange is, people seemed to think i would take comfort in others they like to 'cheer me up' by telling me that they are just as bad, or worse off.

    how am i supposed to be happy to know that im not just the one suffering?? its bad that one person suffers...isn't it horrid that more people do?
    It's human nature sometimes to wish that there are others suffering similar fates so you can take comfort in thinking that it was expected in most others so you don't feel so pathetic and left out, instead of thinking to yourself that you suck and you're the only one suffering.
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