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Thread: Violent Protests

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    Default Violent Protests

    Violent protests occur throughout history in almost all parts of the world. They often beating innocent people, burning down public and private properties. Are they justisfiable? What is the best method to stop violent protests? I personally support non-violent or peaceful protests but against violent protest. I support martial law in case of violent protest. Violent protesters deserve what they get, even death. They abuse human rights.

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    Situational. Non-violent protests are good in general, but depending on the situation, can be useless.

    Or, to put it another way, Hitler's Germany would have eaten a Jewish Martin Luther King type figure alive.

    That being said, violent protests which involve large-scale attacks on civilians or civilian property (as opposed to the instruments of a state) are not protests, but riots, which I fully agree need to be cracked down on ruthlessly.
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    Tiananmen Square was peaceful but the ccp turned it into chaos.

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