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Thread: Do you make a point of not buying the products of companies whose ads annoy you?

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    Default Do you make a point of not buying the products of companies whose ads annoy you?

    Advertisements are made for the purpose of encouraging consumers to buy products. Companies would not spend millions of dollars every year on advertising campaigns if they didn't believe that the ads would attract buyers.

    Some ads, however, are simply annoying. I'm not necessarily referring to the ads' content (which is a related, but separate matter), but just the fact that the ads get IN YOUR FACE. For example, you're looking at a website and an annoying pop up appears to hawk some product, and getting rid of the pop up is easier said than done. Conversely, you want to watch a DVD, but you can't get to the content without having to first sit through ten minutes of non-skippable ads.

    In those cases, do you actually make a point of NOT buying the company's product just as small way of protesting or "getting back" at the company in question?

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    Yep, most ads deter me from whatever they're advertising.

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    If I get too annoyed, then maybe "yes".

    But I usually don't depend on ads... most times it's the service attitude or if I find the brand too disappointing.
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    Well, I don't care too much about advertisement as they neither persuade nor deter me from buying the product.

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    Rather no. I agree with Guo Xiang - It's more the attitude of the salespeople on whether I will patronize the stall again. For example, some weeks ago, I was buying apples at stall A. One apple has a small part "rotten". As such, I asked it to be changed. The salesperson refused. So I walked off to the next stall B. I heard the salesperson saying, "Such a stingy person. Eating this apple will not die". Now, I am only patronizing stall B.

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