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Thread: Request to allow the thread starter to change the topic title.

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    Default Request to allow the thread starter to change the topic title.

    I want to suggest that this forum allow the thread starter to change the topic title. What is the reason for this restriction? I can change the topic title of the thread I started in other forums.

    This is very inconvenience because every time you want to change the topic title, you need to find the moderator or admin to do it.

    Reason for changing topic title:
    - the thread starter might have created the thread and then realise that he has made some mistake in the thread title.
    - Changing of series title and cast list (this is especially true when the thread was created during the development stage of a series where cast, series title etc is not confirmed yet).

    I really want to start a thread in TVB section about a series in development called 'Hongwu 32' (洪武三十二 ). Because this series is still in development stage, TVB has no official english title for it. I was reluctant to start the thread when I think of the hassle of asking the moderator/admin change the topic title).

    I've also seen topic title where the cast list of a certain series is outdated such as this

    'Legend of the Book and Sword '08- George Hu, Adam Cheng'

    George Hu is no longer in the series.
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    Pls allow the thread starter to edit the topic title. I put the name "Yan Kuan" as one of the lead roles for the drama Mei Ren Tia Xia. But he will no longer be in a lead role but a guest role instead. His role will be acted by Zheng Guolin.

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    i support kidd's suggestion
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    I concur with the suggestion. Some other forums have this ability.
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