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Thread: XF vs Abbot FZ + Taoist CX + ZLC + YBQ

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    Default XF vs Abbot FZ + Taoist CX + ZLC + YBQ

    Most of us saw how dominating XF was in DGSD '96 when he fought against the trio YTZ + MRF + DCQ and was victorious with the elite dragon palms.
    Although it is largely inaccurate (XF only fought against YTZ + MRF in the novel), it was enjoyable to watch and certainly got me thinking.

    If we are to replace the fighters trying to detain/kill XF at Shaolin Temple with the top 4 fighters (Abbot FZ + Taoist CX + ZLC + YBQ) who were trying to detain RWX at Shaolin Temple, would they, in an all out attack, be able to take out the ferocious XF?

    All fighters would be at their peak level.

    Discuss and don't forget to vote.
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    Perhaps draw since Xiao Feng can handdle at least 4 Duan Yanqing and 4 Duan Yanqing ~/= Fangzheng + Chongxu + ZLC + YBQ

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    My opinion:

    XF will win if it's 1 on 1 in order. He'll destroy ZLC and YBQ easily within 20 blows or less. CX can perhaps last to 50 if he play defensively. FZ is the biggest obstacle with his YJJ internal, but he'll eventually fall to XF dragon blasts.

    XF will most definitely lose if it's 1 vs 4 at the same time.
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