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Thread: What if North Beggar Hung 7 Gung had named Gwok Jing as next Beggar's Union Chief?

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    Default What if North Beggar Hung 7 Gung had named Gwok Jing as next Beggar's Union Chief?

    When North Beggar Hung 7 Gung named Wong Yung as his successor as Chief of the Beggar's Union, he picked her because he felt she was capable of leading the Union, but also because she was the only person around. At the time, Hung 7 Gung thought that Gwok Jing was dead.

    As it turned out, Wong Yung was a very good Chief for the Beggar's Union. It wasn't always smooth, however, especially at first: many of the senior beggars were not content to follow the orders of a teenaged girl (especially the daughter of the infamous East Heretic Wong Yerk See), at least until she proved herself.

    What if Hung 7 Gung had named Gwok Jing as the next Beggar's Union Chief, however? Would it have worked out better? Granted, Gwok Jing would still be relying on Wong Yung's brains to plan things out, but would having him as the "face" of the Union have gone over better with the rank and file beggars?

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    Not sure how charismatic and famous GJ at the time of LOCH, but Beggar clan will mostly see him as moral leader base on his character and obey when come to wuxia skill. Then when it goes to leadership maybe he is inferior than Huang Rong. But base on the story in ROCH, GJ will be a success Beggar clan leader.

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    GJ eventually grew into a general that not just the wulin respected but the commoners as well. I think he would do great as the BEggar Sect leader.

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