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Thread: Misguided Anti-Child Pornography Efforts

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    Default Misguided Anti-Child Pornography Efforts
    Man gets arrested for having porn suspected to be child pornography. He is detained for atleast 8 months because authorities refuse to believe evidence over speculation.

    Australia says no to women with tiny boobs.

    What do we make of this. Are they just following the law down to the word, are they being excessive or are they just going about it the wrong way?

    It is popular opinion that child porn is wrong. But how do we enforce this, and when is it going too far and missing the point?

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    well, it means you're only getting porn with only big boobs. as for cup A girls, they must go for boob job to remain employed in adult industry.

    the plastic surgeons might get a few more clients?

    as for those early teens who had developed earlier, some spotting huge boobs by 12 or 13, they may film in porn because by boob-size, they arent children anymore. nobody will suspect shes a kid because she has big boobs.
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    Even if you are 18 years old but you look younger, taking a photograph of your breasts and uploading it to the Internet could land you or someone you know in serious trouble.

    Keep in mind itís highly unlikely that a naked photograph of a 30, 40 or 50 year old woman with small breasts would Ďappearí to be child pornography on the basis of her breast size alone. Small breasts do not automatically mean something will be banned or is illegal.
    Hm. 'Tis true what Lucre points out, there are many minors now who Do NOT look like they are underaged. Conversely, there are also many adults who look very young. Like, oh I don't know, Asians? What if you look young and have small breasts? Better put those saucy pics away!

    The two examples above really make it seem like the enforcement of the law is a tad excessive and unreasonable. Is this how anti-child pornography authorities behave across the board or just exceptions to the norm? Such methods of outright censorship would only push viewers of child pornography underground. Pornographic depiction of children is an abberation...but what about the people who have this "preference"?

    You know, I'm not sure if someone who watches child porn is a complete deviant. What if they just watch it but don't act upon those preferences? What if they just like young looking small breasted women? Or, young looking men? That is not to say that I think child pornography is OK, absolutely not, because children should just not be involved! Correct me if I'm outdated, maybe the authorities need to pay more attention to the pornography industry? I'm not an expert, someone who is should come help enlighten us.
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