Just wanted to see if anyone here knows about my question. First, some background info. In Windows 7, features now exist to enable data integration. For example, let's say you store pictures on 5 different internal and external hard drives (HD). You're looking for a picture, and you don't remember which HD it's on. No problem in Windows 7. You can designate many folders across HDs as part of a library, and then you can find any file from any of these folders in the library.

Let's go one step further to say that you don't remember what the file name was. No problem again, as in Windows 7 you can tag (or label) pictures with keywords, and then you can easily pull up files by searching these keywords. This is a great new feature for Windows 7. However, it seems that tagging is only available to a small number of file types, such as pictures, music, and Office files.

What about other useful files such as videos? It doesn't seem possible to tag videos or any other file types outside of the small number mentioned above. Why did Microsoft not make this great feature more available?