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Thread: Which one is harder? Forgiving yourself or forgiving others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkeej View Post
    Maybe, have not experienced those events noted by ByTmE "Greater misdeeds of moral betrayal, i.e. selling out one's kin, putting an innocents' life in danger, or harming another for personal gain"

    Maybe, i am a simple person

    Maybe, i know that we are all guests in Hotel Earth

    Maybe, i love everyone
    right, life on earth is but a pilgrimmage - it is not our final stop anyway.

    as for loving everyone, you are indeed blessed if you could love everyone truthfully.
    o wilku mowa...♪

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    i'm a hash individual, i don't forgive and i don't forget, those have done me wrong know it first hand, i can be real scary, it doesn't help that i'm very good at playing emotion, you do something wrong to me, i'll make you feel guilty for the rest of your life lol. I've made it so people can't even look in my eyes when they see me, i made sure they know what they did was wrong and i don't aprove it.

    That is not a healthy way of living, it brings alot of burden on me, but i can't help it.

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    1) Interesting response to the thread!

    2) I have a question out of curiosity... what if the person who has wronged you doesn't care? So even if you don't forgive him, they never expect you to? Would that just make you more upset??


    @original topic

    It is definitely easier to forgive others. Because ultimately, you know that humans make mistakes and that there is no point in holding something against someone that has already passed. There is no way you can change it, either forgive or forget.

    As for forgiving self, it is very difficult... because sometimes you have internal guilt. And as a person, you had direct control over the situation.

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    When I used to be more self centered, it was harder to forgive others. I judged others with high expectations, while I stripped myself of these expectations. How hypocritical.

    Then, I realized that was no way to live. Now I'm like the majority here: realize all humans make mistake, and not take things too personally.
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