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Thread: Who should get more credit?

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    Default Who should get more credit?

    Let's say there is currently a well-accepted idea. It was developed by person #1, but it was person #2 who popularized it.

    For example, Six Sigma has been a hot topic for large corporations for several years. It was conceived at Motorola, but GE was most famous for making ppl realize its benefit.

    So, the question is, who should get more credit?

    1. The person/entity who conceived the idea; maybe they did a lot of innovative research and experiments to make it possible.


    2. The person/entity who popularized the idea; they are the one who convinced the world to adopt the idea.
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    I think most people think the original inventor is more important because they went through the entire process of "giving birth" to a particular new and stellar achievement "baby." However, if no one knows about it, then what's the point? I think it's analogous to when one is smart and highly educated, but doesn't care to or know how to use their skills in a practical or useful what's the point? To say that though would make me a hypocrite because I myself am a believer in doing something for the sake of loving it...but please keep your feet planted firmly on the ground even if your head is in the clouds. In short, don't quite your day job.

    The inventor without the promoter probably wouldn't get too far without the latter's help and expertise. In my experience, most "inventive" or "creative" types are quite socially awkward or just don't know how to play the field. This is where great PR skills are needed. Let's face it, many normal everyday people need to be told what's good and useful for them, and if you can't sell it to them, than they won't buy it. Why this is so..I don't know.

    The person who conceived the idea and the person who popularized it both need to figure out how to agreeably share the "profits" [whether academic, philanthropic, or monetary] before introducing it to the public. Sometimes both groups are together for "the cause," I think this is when life becomes more meaningful.
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    the original innovator, by a teensy.
    they're just creating jobs for the convincer/advertisers without the innovator, where would the idea come from in the first place?
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    without the inventor, there will be no innovator. without the innovator, there will be no promoter. so, inventor first, innovator, promoter.

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