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Thread: Wu Lin Wai Shi

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    Quote Originally Posted by tape View Post
    Super interested, will be following!

    Gotta reread the first few chapters though I don't remember much.
    Yeah, it has been a while.

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    Default Chapter 17, Part 2

    Short update this time. Normally I wouldn't post this little at once, but since it's been a couple days and I reached a natural stopping/transition point in the story...At least Zhu Qiqi is reasonable in this scene. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Chapter 17 continued...

    Her anger came and went quickly, she had already forgotten about being mistreated by Shen Lang and she now snuggled up to him, pressed her head close to look at the letter.

    The letter and its envelope were both crude, the ink was light and uneven, the handwriting loose and careless, it was obvious someone had borrowed the paper from someone off the street and hastily written the letter.

    Zhu Qiqi frowned, “This handwriting is like chicken-scratch, I could write better with me feet……Judging from this we can tell the person who wrote the letter was a boorish fellow……”

    She was aware she had been able to observe these things for herself since childhood, and she was proud of herself, but she still waited for Shen Lang to praise her.

    But Shen Lang just said, “A boorish fellow……Not necessarily.”

    Zhu Qiqi glared at him, “Not necessarily……Don’t tell me a cultured person could write like this?”

    Shen Lang said, “Although the writing is crude, yet the sentences are clear and coherent, an unlettered man would never be able to phrase it like this.”

    Zhu Qiqi thought, smiled, “You’re right, if it was a crude fellow he would write ‘I have something important to tell you, wait for me at the third watch, for sure, for sure.’”

    Shen Lang said, “Precisely.”

    Zhu Qiqi frowned again, “But it doesn’t look like it was faked.”

    Shen Lang said, “Look closer, The handwriting has some peculiarities.”

    Zhu Qiqi studied it for a while, then mumbled, “I don’t see anything……Oh, yes, there, every character and line is slanting to the right……It’s like every character was blown crooked by the wind.”

    Shen Lang said, “Precisely.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “So……So what does that mean?”

    Shen Lang said, “So you can tell the person who wrote this letter is left-handed……Most people write with their right hand, though everyone’s handwriting is different, left-handed people’s handwriting looks similar to each other.”

    Zhu Qiqi drooped her head and muttered, “He used his left hand to disguise his handwriting, and had a blind person deliver it so we couldn’t guess who he is……”

    She suddenly raised her head, “From this we can be sure it’s someone we know……We not only know his face, we’d also be able to recognized his handwriting.”

    Shen Lang said, “Sure seems that way.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “Going about it this way, of course this person doesn’t want us to know who he is, but……but at the third watch he wants to meet with us, so why be so mysterious about it?”

    Shen Lang said, “There must be some reason……”

    Zhu Qiqi suddenly clapped her hands, “Right, this must be a ‘gold cicada slips out of its shell’, a feint to get out of a predicament. He’s using this letter to make sure we are there waiting for him, so that he can go off somewhere else to do something.”

    Shen Lang said slowly, “Even if he didn’t write the letter, we wouldn’t go anywhere tonight all the same. Isn’t writing this letter a case of ‘adding legs to a snake’, making an unnecessary, superfluous move.”

    Zhu Qiqi drew a blank for a second, then said, “Yes, this really is making an unnecessary move.”

    She sighed lightly, forced a smile, “I thought I had things figured out, and that my guess couldn’t be far off, yet with just one sentence you’ve made my guess as if I hadn’t guessed at all.”

    Shen Lang smiled, “For things that have already happened it’s not hard to inspect the traces to make a prediction, but for something that hasn’t happened yet, merely guessing based on a few clues, if you’re off by a little you could be wrong by a lot.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “But you said there must be a reason for it.”

    Shen Lang said, “There’s a lot of different ways to look at this situation, we must be careful and seek confirmation, before we have verified anything there’s no way to conclude which guess could be right or wrong.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “So then you must have some other guess?”

    Shen Lang said, “Perhaps this person is being pursued by a formidable foe and doesn’t dare show his face until late at night……Maybe his right hand was injured so he had to use his left to write.”

    Zhu Qiqi was blank for a time, then couldn’t help laughing, “You……You’re mind is quite sharp! What other people wouldn’t dream of you always think of.”

    Shen Lang sighed, “But he could be using the letter to make us wait for him so that he can do something before the third watch……Whatever it is, there’s no way to know at the moment.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “Even though we can’t guess, we still have to try.”

    Jin Wuwang was staring at the window. He said coldly, “The third watch is not far off.”

    On a long cold night the watchman’s drum seemed to be slower in coming.

    Jin Wuwang had been watching the window this whole time, not moving. Zhu Qiqi couldn’t help admiring him inwardly——she was already restless.

    Suddenly, outside the window came a ‘whiz’ sound.

    Right after the entire window erupted into flames.

    Among the rising flames in the dark outside the window a human shadow seemed to be standing.

    Shen Lang’s palms shot out, the force of wind from his palms knocking the window out and sending it flying; Jin Wuwang had already grabbed a quilt and was smothering the flames.

    This turn of events was unexpected, yet the two were not flustered, they remained silent and in no time everything was back to normal.

    Shen Lang said gravely, “Qiqi, stay here and look after Bai Feifei, Jin Wuwang and I will go investigate.” He was already out the window as he spoke, and in a wink he was gone.

    Zhu Qiqi stamped her foot, “Again it’s Bai Feifei, whatever it is we can’t forget Bai Feifei, a grown woman like her still needs me to watch her, who’s going to watch me?”

    Just then in the distance the sound of the drums, the second watch had arrived.

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    Default Chapter 17, Part 3

    Chapter 17 continued...

    When the flames started, there was a figure standing in the dark outside the window, but it was gone by the time Shen Lang and Jin Wuwang flew out the window.

    Shen Lang said, “This person is very fast.”

    Jin Wuwang said, “Hmph, after him.”

    One behind the other they sped off after the figure. In the dark of night they couldn’t make out any footprints in the snow nor did they have any time to look for them.

    But this figure’s qinggong was not only superb, but has also apparently left behind an escape route, even though Shen Lang was giving it his all, he didn’t see the figure again.

    Jin Wuwang was still in hot pursuit, but Shen Lang halted, grabbed him, said, “Though we don’t know this person’s purpose for coming, we haven’t suffered the slightest loss, why bother wasting our energy chasing him……” He lowered his voice, “Remember the strategy of provoking the tiger to leave the mountain (lure the enemy away from his base).”

    Jin Wuwang’s eyes flashed, “You’re right, let’s go back.”

    He lowered his voice, “I’ll go back, you pursue.”

    Shen Lang gave a slight nod, shrugged his shoulders lightly, and disappeared into the trees. Jin Wuwang made big strides as he went back, muttering to himself all the while, who knew what he was saying.

    Cold wind like a knife, the still night was silent.

    Shen Lang concentrated his qi, hiding behind a tree, not moving——He determined that the person’s body-movement skill could never be this swift, he must have found a good place to conceal himself and had hidden away. The enemy was hidden but he was out in the open, if Shen Lang went to find him it would not only be difficult, he would also have to be on his guard against a sneak attack. It would be better to reverse positions, so he hid himself until the person couldn’t take it anymore and had to show himself.

    Who knew that though Shen Lang’s plan was really so clever, that person wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t about to follow for Shen Lang’s trick, he still hid himself and didn’t appear.

    Shen Lang kept his composure, that person’s restraint was also great——Shen Lang stayed put for half a watch (one hour) and still had not seen the slightest movement.

    Jin Wuwang hurried back to the inn. The inn was dark and quiet, the only light was that from their own room illuminating the snow in front of their window.

    Zhu Qiqi was on that patch of snow making a snowman.

    When most people made a snowman they made him fat, like Amida Buddha; when Zhu Qiqi made one she made him tall and skinny, if a gust of wind came by it might just knock it over.

    Her face was already flushed from the cold, like an apple; her hands were busy, building the snowman’s head, smacking the snowman’s face.

    She lightly smacked it, cursing under her breath, “You unconscionable……you blackhearted ghost……You remember other people, but never think about me……”

    Jin Wuwang walked up to her, but she hadn’t noticed, she continued scolding, still smacking, but the corners of her mouth and the tips of her eyebrows seemed to be smiling.

    Hitting, scolding, venting the wrath in her heart, but that light trace of smile revealed her heavy tender affection.

    Was it hate? Or love? Even she couldn’t tell.

    Jin Wuwang coughed, “Hey.”

    Zhu Qiqi spun around in shock, smiled charmingly, “It’s you, you really scared me……”

    She blinked, looked behind her, said, “When did you come back? He……Where is he?”

    Jin Wuwang said, “Still hunting.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “Wrong, he came back long ago.”

    She chuckled and pointed at the snowman. “Look, isn’t he standing right here? He’s been taking my slaps for a while now, but he hasn’t moved a muscle, he just stands there smiling at me.”

    She stared at the snowman for some time, her apple-cheeked smile gradually fading. She hung her head, a faint bitter sigh escaped her, “If only the real Shen Lang were this well-behaved, that would be better.”

    Jin Wuwang stared at her for some time, from his stone-cold face gradually emerged a trace of tenderness, but his voice was still cold, “Has there been any activity here?”

    Zhu Qiqi raised her head, “Nothing at all.”

    All this time you haven’t even checked. If something happened in the room you wouldn’t have heard it, why……why aren’t you standing watch inside?”

    Zhu Qiqi glared at him, “Stand watch for what? Don’t tell me you want me to be Bai Feifei’s servant girl, standing by her bed while she sleeps, and tucking her in?”

    Jin Wuwang said nothing, he just turned away from her.

    Zhu Qiqi said faintly, “Why are you now being so mean to me? Is it because that day……that day I……Ai, I really wronged you……”

    Jin Wuwang didn’t wait for her to finish, he suddenly leapt through the window, leaving Zhu Qiqi standing in the snow lost in a trance, mumbling, “He’s wronged others, why……why am I……why……” A gust of wind blew by and knocked the snowman over.

    Zhu Qiqi’s eyes were streaming tears.

    Suddenly, Jin Wuwang cried out from inside the room, “Oh no.”

    Zhu Qiqi rushed in, “What is it?”

    Jin Wuwang had already pushed open the door to Bai Feifei’s room, his face was ashen, staring into the room. He spoke slowly, “You come look.”

    Inside the small room, on the small bed, the bedding was in disorder and the window by the bed was open, cold wind blowing inside, guttering the flame of the oil lamp on the bed.

    A corner of the quilt had dropped into the brazier under the bed. Inside the small brazier some remaining embers still burned, they were about to light up the quilt. Beside the brazier lay two flaming chopsticks……

    Where was Bai Feifei?

    Zhu Qiqi cried out, “Bai Feifei? She……She……Where did she go?”

    Jin Wuwang said coldly, “I should ask you that.”

    Zhu Qiqi stamped her foot, “That little devil, if she wanted to sneak off somewhere to do something she should at least tell someone……Feifei……Bai Feifei……”

    Jin Wuwang said, “Don’t bother calling, it’s no use.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “If she hears me calling for her, maybe she will……”

    Jin Wuwang said sternly, “Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Look at the window, the bed, the bedding, are you telling me she got up and left on her own?”

    Zhu Qiqi stepped closer to the bed, looked, plopped down on the bed and mumbled, “If she didn’t leave on her own……then she must have fallen into someone else’s hands……But……who tied her up? Why tie her up and take her?”

    Jin Wuwang said nothing, but his sharp eyes swept over the entire room. Though the light was dim, it was still enough for him.

    Zhu Qiqi was stumped, tears flowed down her face, she kept murmuring, “What do we do? What do we do? She’s so delicate, fallen into someone’s hands, and we don’t know who did it……”

    Jin Wuwang said, “Since you’re so worried about it now, why didn’t you treat her better before!”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “I……I……I……I don’t know why. Normally, though I didn’t look at her as much, but now that she’s really been carried off, it’s really pained me.”

    Jin Wuwang was silent for a time, then said slowly, “I told you before, though you’re good at heart, unfortunately……”

    Though his mouth kept talking his eyes were still scanning. Suddenly he went to the bed and grabbed something off it.

    Zhu Qiqi said, “What is it?”

    Jin Wuwang didn’t answer, he was staring at the object in his palm. As he did the look on his face changed to one of gruesome terror. He clenched his fist and cried out, “It’s him.”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “Him? Who’s him?”

    Jin Wuwang’s jaw was cracking as he clenched his teeth, but he managed to squeeze out two words, ”Jin Buhuan.”

    Zhu Qiqi jumped, her face sank. “It’s him? It’s really him?”

    Jin Wuwang held out his hand, still clenched in a fist. He slowly opened his fist, revealing a strand brown ragged cloth.

    Zhu Qiqi cried, “Yes, it’s really that rotten bastard, that’s from his clothes, Bai Feifei probably ripped it off in her struggles.”

    Jin Wuwang stared out the window, his eyes bulging as if they might pop out, his teeth making a grinding sound. Zhu Qiqi was about to say something, but when she saw him like this she kept her mouth shut.

    Jin Wuwang said hatefully, “This is all my fault. If I hadn’t spared his life this wouldn’t have happened.”

    Zhu Qiqi stammered, “No, it’s all my fault, If I hadn’t……”

    Jin Wuwang yelled, “Don’t speak.”

    But after a moment Zhu Qiqi couldn’t help it, she said, “You also shouldn’t worry, when Shen Lang comes back we’ll think of a way to rescue Bai Feifei, otherwise……”

    Jin Wuwang said sternly, “This is my affair, why must I wait for Shen Lang? You just tell him that within three days, if I haven’t captured this guy, then I’m not a man.”

    Before his words had died off he was already out the window.

    Zhu Qiqi watched Jin Wuwang leave, she was at a loss, she shouted, “Wait……Come back.”

    She went after him through the window, but Jin Wuwang was nowhere to be seen.

    Zhu Qiqi wanted to go after him, but she stopped, turned and took off in the direction Shen Lang had went, running like mad.

    As she ran she screamed hysterically, “Shen Lang……Shen Lang……”

    “Shen Lang……Shen Lang.”

    Shen Lang still hid behind the tree, not moving except for his eyes, which continued to scan.

    Though he had waited so long, yet he didn’t look anxious or impatient at all, because he firmly believed the one who in the end would not be able to hold out was not him.

    But just then Zhu Qiqi’s voice carried over.

    He heard her shouting, “Shen Lang……Shen Lang, where are you, come back quickly.”

    Shen Lang stamped his foot, facing the darkness, he said under his breath, “All right, friend, today you have escaped. To have this much patience, no matter who you are you have earned my respect.”

    Zhu Qiqi’s shouts were getting closer, she still called out, “Shen Lang, hurry back……”

    Shen Lang sighed, then turned and went toward her.

    Zhu Qiqi would have had a hard time finding Shen Lang, but Shen Lang finding her was quite easy.

    They met and Zhu Qiqi threw herself on him, “Luckily nothing happened to you, luckily you came back……”

    Shen Lang said, “What’s going on?”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “Jin Buhuan, Jin Buhuan, he……he……he……”

    Shen Lang said, “He what? Can it be……”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “He carried Bai Feifei off.”

    Shen Lang’s face dropped. “And Jin Wuwang? Why didn’t he stop him?”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “At that time he hadn’t come back yet.”

    Shen Lang pushed her away forcefully, “And you? Don’t tell me you just stood there and watched with your hands in your sleeves?”

    Zhu Qiqi staggered back several steps from his push, she said hoarsely, “I don’t know, I simply don’t know. I couldn’t just stand by her bed keeping watch over her. I……I……I was in the courtyard at the time.”

    Shen Lang stamped his foot vehemently, and hurried back to the inn.

    Zhu Qiqi followed behind, crying and running.

    Back inside their room at the inn Shen Lang swept the room. “Did Jin Wuwang go after them?”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “En (sound meaning yes).”

    Shen Lang said, “Did he say anything?”

    Zhu Qiqi said, “He said……within three days he would definitely catch Jin Buhuan and bring him back, he……”

    Shen Lang stamped his foot, “Three days, how can we wait three days!”

    He knew full well that Jin Wuwang’s wugong, though better than Jin Buhuan’s, but when it came to treachery and cunning he was no match for Jin Buhuan. Going off by himself after him, it was hard to not be anxious.

    Zhu Qiqi said, “He hasn’t been gone long, maybe……”

    Shen Lang interjected, “Which way did he go?”

    Zhu Qiqi took Shen Lang to the window, pointed left, “There……”

    Before she had finished a figure suddenly appeared, running toward them from the direction she was pointing. Judging from the person’s qinggong, though the person was definitely a first-rate expert of the wulin, it was definitely not Jin Wuwang.

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    Thanks again for the continued translation. I wonder who that person was?

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    whiteskwirl, you are a hero! PPicking so many translations up and reviving the old ones! Thank you so much!

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