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Thread: Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood - 碧血洗银枪 - Gu Long

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    I finally caught up to this story and really like it. It's a great mystery and very intriguing.

    Much thanks to you kaister! Your translation is amazing! Looking forward to more updates soon.

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    Any kind soul can point me to the rest of the story?
    Much appreciated.

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    This is a very intriguing novel, no doubt but unfortunately no further translation exists.. there are remaining 5-10 chapters.. but if you have come thro' this much.. it won't be difficult to understand the novel via half baked translation.. ( this is how i understood the complete novel) - hope this helps..

    Half baked translation available at

    other half baked translations at

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleli View Post
    This is a very intriguing novel, no doubt but unfortunately no further translation exists.. there are remaining 5-10 chapters.. but if you have come thro' this much.. it won't be difficult to understand the novel via half baked translation.. ( this is how i understood the complete novel) - hope this helps..

    Half baked translation available at

    other half baked translations at
    Could not access the 2nd link but got the doc file from the 1st link.
    Man, it is really half baked but can guess at the meaning tho...

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    Pleasure is mine..

    just visit and navigate if 2nd link is notworking..

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    kudos to Kaister for giving us a great story heres's the rest of 'half baked "plot..just hoping someone joins in on the effort*my englesh and chinese are poor*

    31th chapter Mysterious tailor

      As soon as careful looked, this person indeed is a tailor, again carefully has a look, you can think, his anything looks like, is casual you said he does any, all cannot some people suspect. Each profession all has he such person, ordinary appearance, ordinary attire, polite smiling face.
      I am a good tailor, neighbor in several hundred miles, absolutely cannot have this I better tailor. He micro said with a smile, I do clothes, guaranteed the model is novel, moreover tailors good-fitting. The good tailor is originally everybody all welcome, but this tailor is actually an exception, this place does not have a person to welcome him absolutely.
      Da Wan smiled reluctantly, I can see, you are a good tailor, but, no matter the good tailor, does not have the cotton material also not to be able to make clothes. Clothes completed, Wu ShiSan cannot let they calm and steady delaying in here. She hoped this tailor cannot make clothes, she cannot see on his body to bring the dress material.
      This tailor said actually, I already have brought a moment ago, guaranteed all was the best clothing material, the color is good, the pattern is new, the material is noble, moreover discoloration."
    "you bring clothing material in there?
      on in here.
      Who also cant see the dress material which he brings in there, as soon as but he turns around, in the hand on left two c bolts of cloth v0572 silk fabrics suddenly, above a c bolts of cloth v0572 scarlet silk fabric is also embroidering the artificial flower with gold-foil peony. Each people all 怔. Who also cant see him is with any method, takes from any place these two c bolts of cloth v0572 silk fabrics. Then he looked like the magic tricks to be same, changes large package rouge sesame oil pollen. Who also cant see on his body has any place to be able to hide under many things such.
      Tie ZhenTian sigh, could not think our these worldly-wise people all looked has been mistaken, could not think this friend is unexpectedly position person of high skill.
    The tailor smiles shakes the head. I am not the person of high skill, my is not all high, you are long are higher than me, a higher person puts on clothes more to have the appearance, more attractive. His everyone sizes up Tie ZhenTian, was only a pity your this body clothes do are not good, next time will have the opportunity, certainly will have to let me make two sets for you."
    " I resembled a moment ago heard, you also brought to go against the decorated sedan chair to come.
      time one, the decorated sedan chair naturally can come. The tailor said with a smile:The bridegroom brides are not all anxious, each why worries. As soon as "" bridegroom bride " these four characters say, each person's complexion all changed.
      They have not really guessed wrong, Wu ShiSan ambitions not to be really small, if he really can marry " jasper mountain village " the young lady, not only jasper madame must irritate, Da Wan also takes one 撞死.
      Tie ZhenTian ask suddenly Da Wan, can we let him for Xie Gu guzuo the clothes?" cannot.
      Tie ZhenTian: Does The world have the tailor who cannot make clothes?
    "resembles only then one kind of.
      that kind of tailor cannot make clothes?
      dead tailor.
      This tailor resembles unexpectedly cannot listen to their meaning, unexpectedly also is smiling. I am not a dead tailor, I am the good tailor."
    "was only a pity the tailor also can turn the dead tailor, Tie ZhenTian sneer, slowly extends got rid of. His wound quick has already been good, his tacks in the sole of a shoe stretches out, whole body joint storm sound, dense like firecracker.
      This tailor really is a fool, now also understood his meaning, suddenly called out, wait for a moment, I also have the speech said."
    " You say it.
      I must say speech, also only can to Ma Rulong a person say.
      he does not want to listen, Tie ZhenTian one to approach step by step, I knew he does not want to listen to.
    Ma Rulong approaches suddenly. this you mistakenly,. Ma Rulong said " he also is the person, he said why the speech don't I want to listen to?. Ma Rulong led the tailor to walk, nobody prevented, also nobody opposition. So long as is the matter which Ma Rulong decided, nobody opposition. Actually does this tailor have what secret to want to tell Ma Rulong? Only is why willing to tell him individual? The nobody knew, also the nobody wants to know. Everybody trusts Ma Rulong, resembles believed they are same. Nobody knew this kind of situation is any time starts, but present situation already this appearance.
      After a very long time very long, Ma Rulong only then comes back, is a person comes back, Da Wan asks him immediately.
      that tailor?
      in behind room for Xie Yulun quantity upper and lower garments.
      Why do you let him go to?
      Because he is a tailor, he is originally must come to measure the upper and lower garments,. Ma Rulong said,In The world is not only then a his tailor, I do not let him go, other tailor could come. His solution Ze really cannot let the person be satisfied, now they most need to strive for are the time, strives for a quarter, many extension telephone meeting. This truth Ma Rulong should understand obviously, what a pity he does not understand, inside the grocery store people cannot bear want to sigh, outside the grocery store non- 13 suddenly laughs actually.
      I already had for a very long time have not admired others, Wu ShiSan, actually has no alternative but to admire you now."
    "you admire me?. Ma Rulong asked unexpectedly, Why do you want to admire me?
    Because I knew you are that Ma Rulong, these people all all are originally your opponent and foe, already should has buried alive you, Wu ShiSan, But they each personally resembled now have all taken you, had any secret all only to be willing to tell you individual, even if thought you did the matter was a little stupid, also the nobody opposed, looked like your this kind of person, really should not accompany them to wait for death together.
    "How should I manage?. Ma Rulong asked unexpectedly.
      you should come out, met with me, becomes friends.
      Ma Rulong immediately complies the road unexpectedly, good, I exit.. He really came out unexpectedly. Regardless of everybody could not think he can exit, Wu ShiSan own all certainly not to be able to think. But he had a dream others company the matter which could not think to do unexpectedly. Does he really want to become friends with that lunatic? As soon as doesn't he really know exits possibly to be able to die in that lunatic hand? Is he also a lunatic, with Wu ShiSan same lunatics, usually looked like although is not insane, actually actually is much more insane.
      Saw he shoves open on the shutter a door to walk, each people all are scared, Tie ZhenTian look Da Wan, Da Wan looks Tie ZhenTian. Two people both cannot believe Ma Rulong unexpectedly suddenly turned such a type person.
      was he insane?
      resembles does not have. Most understood Ma Rulong is originally Da Wan, now actually Lian Dawan has not grasped can determine.
      he looks like resembles does not calculate too stupidly.
      he is not stupid.
       Why does that him have to exit?
      god knows. This kind of matter resembles indeed only then the god knows.
      Tie ZhenTian also to ask suddenly, you looked that tailor is a little strange? Not only "" a little strange, moreover is awfully strange. Regardless of who can suddenly change two big silk fabrics from the body to come, all cannot be an ordinary person.
      I knew on the jiang-hu has plants absorbs the plan, can let others natural disposition lose."" really has.
      you looked Ma Rulong with is absorbed by that tailor the plan to charm. Therefore only then can turn this appearance. This idea has the possibility certainly extremely, but also had other one kind of possibility is that tailor already trigged Xie Yulun, coerced Ma Rulong with Xie Yulun.
      Tie ZhenTian and Da Wan already had all thought this point, simultaneously broke in that road to hang the cloth curtain. As soon as flushes, they are surprised, compared to a moment ago saw far Ma Rulong walks when is startled, compared to looked preposterous is startled. The iron shakes the having god-given wisdom Heng Jiang lake for dozens of years, has not always seen the such astonishing matter. He cannot believe own nearly eye. Actually did they see what?

    32th chapter Frightening hand

    Inside in this room situation already and they left when has been different, that all looked like reverent matter Buddha in others 神案 to suspend all year long at the room middle big bed, now has been demolished moves, the ordinary company changed clothes to wash the hands all must pass through Xie Yulun who took the trouble to struggle, now unexpectedly has stood, stood very much straight. This not is lets the iron shake the reason which the day and is startled Da Wan.
      They are startled, because only they saw Ma Rulong, with Da Wan shoulder to shoulder stands in the same place, is not unexpectedly that tailor, but is Ma Rulong. They obviously with own eyes saw Ma Rulong already to walk a moment ago from front, but they obviously with own eyes see Ma Rulong to stand now in front of them.
      Actually they see are not " Ma Rulong ", they two time see all are " Zhang Rongfa ". In theirs impression, Zhang Rongfa " Is Ma Rulong ", two people already turned a person. Here also only then " Zhang Rongfa ", since already walked a moment ago, why this moment also in here, that tailor why instead disappears suspends the big bed place to have nothing now originally all, but Ma Rulong and Xie Yulun resembles actually to it feels interest two individual to stand continuously very much in there, the eye is staring at continuously this open area, saw Da Wan and Tie ZhenTian, Ma Rulong stretches out an index finger to seal up own mouth immediately, was called them not to have to make noise. Da Wan and Tie ZhenTian the person who the day finally is can sink extremely lives was mad, finally has not called. They had not forgotten that lunatic links the poisonous snake copulation, the turtle raw egg sound all can hear!
      Da Wan flushes immediately, usually kept accounts her the words book to take, she replaced her mouth by the words to ask Ma Rulong.
      Who are you?
      Actually couldn't she already distinguish this person was that plays the role of Zhang Rongfa Ma Rulong. This person was Ma Rulong, Xie Yulun also confirmed this point.
      exited a moment ago who was that person?
      is that tailor.
      Da Wan and Tie ZhenTian although had thought this point, not greatly believed actually.
       How can that tailor turn Zhang Rongfa's?
      Ma Rulong smiled, dips the pale ink with the bald writing brush to write in county this broken book, she since can play the role of me Zhang Rongfa the appearance, why cant she turn Zhang Rongfa. Da Wan was stunned, she too is really surprised, really too likes, she really could not think this individual can arrive here. Now she certainly already understood how this was a matter, Tie ZhenTian actually not to understand. You said who this is individual?.
    Da Wan has written this individual name immediately, a mysterious person, a mysterious name:The exquisite white hands Yu LingLong. A surface looks like the extremely complex mystical astonishing matter, if has exposed, the answer instead extremely is often simple. Now Tie ZhenTian also to understand, exquisite white hands Yu LingLong, this name explained all sufficiently. She by superb world Yi Rongzhu, played the role of an elephant appearance to be ordinary, did not direct person Zhuang Yi the tailor, replaced that tailor who Wu ShiSan please do come, mixed here.
      Nobody thought she can come, therefore also nobody can see a her flaw. When she and Ma Rulong alone meets, also uses the appliance and the medicine which she already prepares, played the role of own another Zhang Rongfa.
      Da Wan present only then thought, that tailor " and " Zhang Rongfa " appearance, originally somewhat similarity, so long as passes through her exquisite white hands trueing to modify slightly, very quick may become Zhang Rongfa beautifully. This certainly also is she already plans. Why does she want to do this? Why has to exit by Ma Rulong status to see Wu ShiSan? Da Wan and Tie ZhenTian not to be able to think through.
      Puts the bed originally the place, now what didn't have besides a dust, what Ma Rulong is and Xie Yulun looking at? Why do they want to move out this 大床 demolition?
      Da Wan and Tie ZhenTian also not to be able to think through. They asked Ma Rulong, Ma Rulong only to also smiles, thereupon they also have to accompany him to look like the fool same station in there, looks this basic does not have the open area which any may look. On in them thought oneself unusual fool's time, they are scared suddenly. Because they saw the matter which frightens very much.
      This they see are a hand. In this anything no open area, unexpectedly suddenly some hand from underground has braved. A spacious solid rough powerful hand, likely is a small tree emerges as the times require suddenly, the middle finger little finger and the ring finger extend very much straight, the index finger and the thumb have made a circle. This kind of gesture meaning, usually all is expressed the assorted what is the matter all has solved, the assorted what is the matter all is not a problem.
      Whose hand is this? How can this hand from underground brave? This is certainly live person's hand. Deceased person's hand cannot the goon type. Also has already lived in here for several months, how can this room underground have a live person.
      Sees this regardless of only who sees the hand which can have a scare, Ma Rulong unexpectedly links the appearance which is startled not to have. He also puts out a hand, with finger in on this hand thumb nail light light shell three, has separated one, also shot three, Lian Bindan three. This hand retracted suddenly, shrank underground into.
      On the empty-handed place turns suddenly empty-handed, only many holes. May let a hand extend, also may let the hole which a hand retracts. The hand disappears, hole also in.
      The hand is comes from the hole, how does the hole is come? This place also with earth joint, on this place soil also and other place does not have what differently, perhaps can fresh obtain the vegetation fruit flower tree, cannot baseless give birth a hole actually. Inside can stretch out a hand as necessary the hole.

    In 33th chapter Hole

      Looks Da Wan Tie ZhenTian, Tie ZhenTian look Da Wan, then two people together look at Ma Rulong. They all did not know how this is a matter, but they knew Ma Rulong knew certainly. Ma Rulong has not looked at them, he is concentrating on completely to look at this hole.
      Originally looks like a bowl mouth that big hole, suddenly 变大, nearby the hole stiff mud place, looked like the tide to get up suddenly the wave. The wave more and more is big, moves more and more fiercely, likely is pot water has boiled. The ebullition soil all all stills suddenly falls, a small hole turned a big hole suddenly, compared to tabletop also big hole. One has braved personally from the hole, on the upright face full is the soil, in the eye is shining actually. He smiled to Ma Rulong, to smiled Da Wan, all smiled to each individual. But he does not recognize them, because they do not recognize him. Also all has not always seen him.
      This person has already drilled from the hole, stands nearby this hole which he just drilled, had a look this hole, in the eye to fill the happy self-satisfied appreciation expression, resembled an artist to appreciate they most self-satisfied masterpiece. He looked for a very long time, only then has turned around, to take up that bald writing brush to dip the pale ink, has written four characters in the broken book, asks Mr. to enter hole. This hole resembles deeply good deep. This hole is simply not a hole, but is the tunnel, also deep long tunnel. This tunnel is digs from the very far very far place to here comes, exportation absolutely in outside that piece of already shop full black stone open area. Da Wan finally understood. Each individual had all understood, this tunnel is their only means of livelihood. Therefore each individual all sneaked in this hole.
      The tunnel also must be longer than the imagination in, exportation already outside several streets although in gloomy actually very broad crosscut. Outside the exportation stops one only then in nobility powerful and wealthy others to be able to look obtains the luxurious horse-drawn vehicle, the jet black compartment light may supervise the person. Pulls a cart four horses also county are without doubt experience for a long time the training the good colt. Also some three same horse-drawn vehicles separately stop in the crosscut beginnings and ends, drives a cart has also raised the whip due-out.
      This the black clothing good chap who drills from the hole explained to them, In order to avoid Wu ShiSan tracing, therefore we other have also prepared three vehicles, on the vehicle also similarly has six male female seven people, stays behind wheel rut hoof India approaches to quite same not less than. He said six male female, because only Da Wan men's clothing, he also prepare to have to ride this horse-drawn vehicle.
      we do not need to wait for young lady Yu, she has certainly the method to cope with Wu ShiSan, certainly has the method 全身而退. He looks is not willing to board Ma Rulong, micro said with a smile, she wants me to look after you specially, do not have to wait for her, because she knows your this individual a little stubbornness. Ma Rulong this again has not violated his stubbornness luckily, as soon as he boards, drives a cart raises the whip to beat a horse immediately, 16 healthy horses simultaneously raise the hoof, 32 wheels simultaneously start to roll, on four roads has all left behind similar wheel rut hoof India.
      The black clothing good chap said, these four roads may arrive the white fox hall, may arrive Mt. Songshan, may arrive the jasper mountain village."
      another is Wu ShiSan backgrounds. The black clothing good chap said, may arrive dead valley..
    We walked are that road. Xie Yulun fills hoped, returns to the jasper mountain village to go?" is not?.
    Da Wan said, is certainly not.
      The black clothing good chap said, Because Wu ShiSan can certainly think we most possibly walk this road.
    Xie Yulun sighed, Da Wan said, you prepare to send us to go to dead valley there?
    The black clothing good chap said, Because everybody cannot think we can arrive the dead valley to go to. He supplemented, moreover Young Lady Yu also persisted wants us to walk this said, she also can go to dead valley. No person asked agaIn Why she does want to go to "? Each individual all believed the king young lady such does has certainly the very good reason.
      Car dealership steady rapid, in compartment spacious comfortable, Da Wan is always paying attention to this black clothing good chap, asked suddenly " you are confraternity of beggars disciple?Each people all thought he should be, must complete the so thorough plan, only then the confraternity of beggars that kind of huge manpower physical resource can accomplish, dares to get rid of tube this matter, also only then Chiangnan Yu Wu.
      The black clothing good chap shook the head actually, I am not the confraternity of beggars disciples, he micro say with a smile, I never take a walk radically in the jiang-hu. This replied each people all thought very accidentally, Da Wan also asked, you your surname given name?The black clothing good chap is hesitating, resembles is not willing said own very much name, resembles thought said is a very disgraced matter. Only he finally said. My name am Yu Liu."" Yu Liu?Everybody more accidental, cannot bear must ask:What person is Chiangnan Yu Wu your?" is my five elder brother.
      Chiangnan Yu Wu world-famous, commands the jiang-hu first important goods, the relatives and friends old friends spreads the jiang-hu. His younger brother also should be a very famous person originally, what is strange, nobody has listened to " Yu Liu " this person.
      you did not certainly know Yu Wu has my such type younger brother. Yu Liu, you are certainly strange, have the Chiangnan Yu Wu younger brothers, made why never an appearance in the jiang-hu?" you why?
      Yu Liu forced smiles, had Chiangnan Brother Yu a five such types, what do I also mix in the jiang-hu? Even if mixes again for 100 years, also only is Yu Wu younger brothers. He has a look a oneself pair of spacious knot Jia's rough hand, the slow curtain then said:Moreover my any original story does not have, I only can dig a hole. Ma Rulong looks at him, in the eye reveals color of oneself respect he always to respect the person suddenly who this kind has the spirit, respects this kind of independent personality.
      you said your any original story does not have, only has dug hole. Ma Rulong said, only from four streets, has dug 780 ten feet long holes, moreover calculated the exportation was certainly in that grocery store middle room. He sighed, also said, you said your what original story doesn't have, but can such hole, dig except your also some who obtains?Yu Liu has smiled. Listens to you such said, I resembled also thinks oneself a little original story. He uses to smile is seeing Ma Rulong, I only then understood now, why my five elder brother could such say. What did "" also say?
      he said you biggest advantage, is you always cannot forget others advantage. Yu Liu, he added, looks like in you such person also life to see only two."" that two?
      one is him, Yu Liu smiles, other one is you. He smiles in the eye to fill warm, therefore he also wants me to ask you, is willing the person who only can dig a hole with one to become friends?. Ma Rulong already put out a hand.

    34th chapter Hua Wue night

    Not only Chiangnan Yu Wu is in the jiang-hu famous variant, also is the famous litterateur, the talented person, startled only then certainly colorful, free and easy uninhibited. Yu Liu is actually other one kind of person, looks like, he who he said looked like is truly likely a careless person, is generous thickly the foot, ordinary simple. On a side upright face, does not have including an intelligent appearance, only then is smiling, only then may see to Yu Wu shadows. But present each individual all had the curiosity to him, all thought he does not look like the semblance to look like was that ordinary simple. Each individual all has very many questions to want to ask him, because each individual all wants to know actually he is any type person.
      you have not taken a walk in the jiang-hu? Usually you all are making an assorted what is the matter?
    The assorted what is the matter I all do, Yu Liu replied, only usually I all in build the house for others."
    " you are a bricklayer? Carpenter?
      The bricklayer I also does, the carpentry I also does, Yu Liu, only usually I all am am hitting appearance. Must build the house, certainly must hit first the appearance, also is hits first the graph, the house should Ge Duogao? The roof should have the great ascent? How many weights can withstand? The ground should hit the multi- depth? Each all must calculate extremely precisely, absolutely wrong does not have. So long as has wrong, the house very quick can break down.
      Digs a hole is also same, also needs to calculate, estimated range, 计算力 to, so long as has wrong, exportation not in original plan place. If he digs that typical exportation to the grocery store outside, digs to Wu ShiSan front. Then he was equal to and these people has dug a grave for him.
      Sighed Da Wan. Now I only then knew, why your five elder brother did want to ask you to dig a hole especially. Da Wan said, must dig that a type tunnel, certainly builds the house to be also more difficult than."
    " that tunnel is not, a moment ago sits the person other three horse-drawn vehicles which I can dig come out who walk, all all was my helper. This certainly also was has planned, these people came time helped him to dig the tunnel, walked time might Wu ShiSan tempts into the wrong said, each individual has all displayed the biggest effectiveness.
      they certainly all are your five elder brother send, all is confraternity of beggars's juniors. Each people all think so, Yu Liu smiled actually said with a smile, they are not the confraternity of beggars juniors, he said, they the county is a person who helps me to build the house, therefore they also can dig a hole. Each people very are all accidental. This matter all is you plans?
      Yu Liu smiles, I five elder brother since wants me to make this matter for him, I must certainly for him handle. The so thorough plan, the so huge motion, all is unexpectedly such type " the careless person " management. He looks like although rents thickly dirty dirty stupid, on the hand upper eyelid on clothes on the shoe all is the putty, including the nail seam in all is the putty, but already nobody could think he also was thick dirty also is stupid.
      Only then the person asked, you five elder brother?
      Yu Liu sighed, he gives this matter I, no matter own anything.
    Tie ZhenTian also to sigh suddenly, If I also have your such brothers, I also can look like Yu Wu to be same, anything did not need to worry about. He sighed, the eye is staring at actually Merciless Monk, each individual all knew he has certainly also remembered his brothers Tie QuanYi. His Brother perhaps this not on Brother Yu Wu, but his brothers may do actually obtain the matter which others brothers cannot achieve. His brothers all may die as necessary for him.
      Merciless Monk had not responded. No matter others said any, he all resembles has not heard.


      Midnight. They board when the day completely has already been black, now only walked more than two time. Each people all thought Yu Liu can certainly hurry along at the same night, but each people all thought mistakenly.
      They just 走入 a very big small town, just passed through a very broad avenue. Looks from the window vehicle, although both sides the street shop all took a break, may be able to see this small town the prosperity to be lively. Looked in them toward outside, the carriages and horses changed over to a blind alley suddenly.
      The lane terminus place does not have the said, only then household others, looked like without doubt is a rich person. The vermilion gate wealthy and powerful family, outside the gate is squatting two very big stone lions, but also has the strip to be possible to accommodate the traffic lane which the horse-drawn vehicle drives. The red lacquer front door is Guan Zhuo, their carriages and horses, reach this traffic lane actually. Resembled already had to hit on the front door. On at this time, the red lacquer front door opens wide suddenly, the carriages and horses reach enter, stop very in a big way, in the very big in one courtyard. As soon as the carriages and horses drive into, the front door has closed, the vehicle door has been shoved open actually by Yu Liu.
      everybody please alight.
      alights? What alights does?
      tonight, we keep here!
       Why does have to keep here?
      Yu Liu smiled, Because Wu ShiSan certainly also thought we can hurry along at the same night. Each people all thought he wants to hurry along at the same night, therefore he must keep here.
    Tie ZhenTian also to smile suddenly, this is great idea!
      The courtyard is very big, the room very is also big, daytime vulture Liang, newly pastes up snow white 窗纸, in the dim light of night looked like is white shines. But in the room anything does not have, nobody, does not have the furniture, does not have the furniture, also does not have the light. Although has not saved the lights, has the star light moonlight actually. Although has the star light moonlight, actually sets off Hua Wugeng who this does not have a thing in the world lonely miserable.
      Yu Liu explained, this was I a house which covered for the person, 屋主 was recently the position retired sends Shi the senior official, when the next month only then could bring in. Now the gibbous moon also high hangs in the space, therefore here links people not to have.
      opened the door a moment ago who was the person?
      also is the person who helps me to build the house, Yu Liu, I guaranteed he cannot reveal our secret. This person, cannot certainly reveal anybody secret. This person's is a deaf person, not only deaf, moreover mute, also deaf also is mute is lame also the camel also to be old, to the life, already completely did not have the desire, in the world already not to have the assorted what is the matter to be able to move him.
      A melia japonica empty China room, a slow ugly disabled person, a gloomy worn-out lantern, a month cold wind chilly spring night, seven flee the person, the worn-out lantern sways in the wind, as soon as the ugly hunchback, raises the lantern to be lame guides in front, others are not willing to see his face, he is not willing to let others see him.
      He has led separately seven people four vacant rooms. Ma Rulong and Yu Liu, Da Wan and Xie Yulun, Tie ZhenTian and Wang WanWu, Merciless Monk alone lives one. Nobody is willing to approach him, he is not willing to approach anybody. In a chill in the air in early spring evening, does an elephant such type person, a what alone keep in all no vacant room, when the past past events new enmity lond standing grudge well ups together, he how from place?
      Each people all thought has been very weary, is extremely extremely weary, but can fall asleep the person are not actually many. Xie Yulun has not fallen asleep. On makes a bed the straw mat, she rests on the straw mat, outside the window rumor like resentment woman sobs lowly.
      you have fallen asleep?
      does not have. Da Wan has not fallen asleep.
      Why cant you fall asleep? What in your heart is thinking?Xie Yulun also asks her.
      I anything had not thought,. Da Wan said, I only want well sleeping.
    Xie Yulun smiled suddenly, you have no need for deceive me, I knew in your heart is thinking any."
      you are thinking Ma Rulong, Xie Yulun said, I knew you very much like his.
    Da Wan already did not acknowledge, also has not denied, asks in reply actually, Why don't you rest? What in your heart is also thinking?
    As soon as Xie Yulun reply can cause each people without doubt all to eat is startled.
      I am also same with you, I was also thinking Ma Rulong, she is sighing the said, these months, his every evening all rests with me in a room, every evening I all may hear his 呼吸声, now how do I meet do not think him? How can be able to fall asleep?.
    Da Wan again has not said any, suddenly has stood actually, arrives the window, shoves open the window. In this night of depth like water evening, looks like she such girl, if were touched by the person the concern, what she also can say?
      Xie Yulun resembles actually also has very many speeches to need said.
      I do not have the sisters, my this closest person is you for a lifetime, Xie Yulun said, I had not thought you can harm me, when that day you suddenly get rid of the spot lives my acupuncture point, I was really startled. She sighed, now I although already understood you that do were a good intention, but actually really was startled at that time!.
    Da Wan has not turned head, also has not opened the mouth.
      Xie Yulun also said, If I already the complete corona confused at that time on the contrary many, I unexpectedly also very was what a pity sober, you each matter which did to me, I all knew, Xie Yulun the slow curtain then said, these matters I this for a lifetime cannot forget. She also sighed, you lead me to that yamen in, closes me in between a small house, removes completely my clothes, lets me lie down in on a Leng Youying plank bed, but also led a man to come to see my body, each matter I all knew.
    Da Wan also sighed suddenly, that time I thought you had fainted, therefore ...
    Xie Yulun has not let her say, asks her suddenly, did you know that time what am I in the heart feel?Xie Yulun asked, did you know a girl first time looked at by the man, what in the heart is felt?
    "I do not know.
      you cannot certainly know, Xie Yulun said, Because you have not been removed completely by the person clothes, but also has not looked by the man. She smiled suddenly, But I guaranteed you very quick could know.
    Da Wan complexion has changed, the body leaps suddenly, the arrow flees generally toward the window outside, what a pity she late step. On 窜起 when her body, Xie Yulun already from her gets rid of, the spot had lived her acupuncture point.
      Xie Yulun needs to retaliate. Da Wan already had the vigilance, therefore already prepared to run away. This idea certainly absolutely fair, but you if such thought, You are mistaken, completely have been wrong.
      Da Wan changed color a moment ago leaps, was not because she has fainted from fear to Xie Yulun can get rid of. She simply has not heard Xie Yulun said any. She changed color a moment ago leaps, wanted 窜出 outside the window, because only she saw to an extremely alarmed fearful matter. She has a dream all had not thought she meets after the wedding the matter which sees shortly.
      If she can say, later will not be able to have these fearful matters to occur. What a pity she could not say. As soon as Xie Yulun got rid of has selected her 6-7 acupuncture points, has been blocked all including hers mute hole. A her character could not say.
      If Xie Yulun knew she saw any, certainly also can be surprised, what a pity Xie Yulun did not know, therefore she is also smiling, smiles very much happily.
      you very quick can know now at that time in my heart was any feeling, Xie Yulun eats saying with a smile, Because I also must use you to cope with my method to cope with you, also must let Ma Rulong come to see you. Ma Rulong has not rested. He wants to ask Yu Liu to chat, what a pity Yu 61 pours on the straw mat has fallen asleep. Yu Liu is not 江湖人, is not the martial arts world famous variants, also is not the family background aristocratic family's famous sons, he does not have the celebrity honor, also does not have the celebrity worry. Ma Rulong in the heart in sighed, he also hoped can be Yu Liu such 平凡人, as soon as every day pours on the bed can fall asleep. What a pity he is Ma Rulong.
      Window ajar ajar, the wind chants in a low voice outside the window, he sees outside the window to have a person suddenly to beckon to him. Is Xie Yulun in beckons to him, wants him to exit.
      I must lead you to look at a sample the thing, Xie Yulun eye shine, said, I guaranteed, you are certainly sure to like looking at. She smiles happily also is mystical, Ma Rulong cannot certainly bear must go with her. They return to Xie Yulun and in Da Wan that house, on has two straw mats. She places Da Wan on a straw mat, covers with other straw mat.
      you raise the straw mat have a look, Xie Yulun said, looked first this head, then looks at that head. She wants Ma Rulong to look first Da Wan foot, then looks at Da Wan face. Ma Rulong did according to hers speech. He looks first this head, the complexion changed, then looks that head, on the face expression resembled has been chopped suddenly by the person a knife.
      Xie Yulun has smiled, eats is smiling the said, I thought originally you cannot such be startled, because you also should want to obtain, I can certainly retaliate.
    Ma Rulong complexion looked like fearfully, after a very long time has been able to open the mouth to ask: Who do you want to retaliate are?
    "is certainly Da Wan, Xie Yulun smilingly said, before how does she to me, I have now how to her."
    " before how did she to you, you have how to her,. Ma Rulong also to duplicate now these two speeches, the sound has sounded also likely is has been chopped by the person a knife.
      you also are occupied by hers acupuncture point spot? Placed her under this straw mat?Xie Yulun nods, at the same time nods, at the same time smiles.
    Ma Rulong any speech does not have said again, suddenly has raised actually an above straw mat.
    Xie Yulun could not smile suddenly, on the face expression also changed likely is has been chopped suddenly by the person a knife, maliciously has chopped a knife. She obviously was a moment ago places Da Wan here, covers with this straw mat, but under the present straw mat this individual is not unexpectedly Da Wan, under the straw mat this individual unexpectedly is impressively that also is mute the hunchbacked old disabled person.

    35th chapter Wicked night of fright

       Now this disabled person's already and other person not any different, because he already died. Each person can die, the deceased people all are same, regardless of he before death is the hero is also good, was the beautiful woman is also good, after has died turns same, only was a deceased person. This deceased person and other deceased person only different place is, although his person has died, both hands tight are grasping actually, resembles a miser to grasp own Purse. What in his hand is grasping?
      Ma Rulong the switchroom his hand, on the face expression has resembled has been chopped by the person a knife. In this disabled hand grips is only a stone, also the circle shines black stone, only then in the dead valley only then has this kind of black stone.
      Xie Yulun loses one's voice calls out in alarm, Wu ShiSan!
      If Wu ShiSan has really come, went Da Wan to there? This question Ma Rulong and Xie Yulun all cannot reply, even wants all not to dare to think. Also has other question is: Are Yu Liu plans thorough, what method Wu ShiSan are absolutely found here with to come?
      Tie ZhenTian fall asleep. Looks like he such worldly-wise person, when has the opportunity can go to sleep, usually always can fall asleep, he also thought Yu Liu plans are very thorough, this place is very safe.
      But, looks like he such worldly-wise person, also is awakened very easily. He is awakened, wakes when the Wang WanWu by one kind of very strange sound already not in the room, Lian Pu also disappears on place that straw mat.
      In the room an only gate and both sides window tie up actually well, he has not heard the Wang WanWu sudden breakings up of frozen rivers gates to open the window the sound, moreover the windows and doors all are tie up from inside, after Wang WanWu exits, is impossible to tie up again the windows and doors from inside. But the present windows and doors hitch has not moved obviously, Wang WanWuque disappears. How does he leave this room?
      The only explanation is in this room other also has the secret the exportation. The rich person lives place, originally on common typical darkroom duplicate wall, moreover this room also is Yu Liu covers.
      Tie ZhenTian not to be able to find this export actually. Therefore he is stranger, Wang WanWuye is same with him, is first time comes to here, he cannot find the exportation, Wang WanWuzen can not be able to find? Moreover certainly also has other question. Why does Wang WanWu not well sleep in the room? Why has quietly slipping out? Even if he must exit, also does not need to walk from the tunnel.
      These question iron shake the day not to have to think, cannot think through the matter, he ever not thought, he already started to take action. He opens the door, is precisely Xie Yulun calls Ma Rulong, Tie ZhenTian see they, has not stopped by calling out them actually.
      In a night of cool like water evening, a young man and a young woman wants quietly to talk openly, why does he want to disturb? He never hope the matter which makes this kind to spoil the fun, he only wants to find the king military ten thousand.
      They live the place is in outside a cross courtyard theater box, outside is the occupying a land area of enormous back garden. The garden has also not passed through the arrangement, in thwas silent spring night, appears cannot say gloomily bleak, he passes through one the small shore which becomes with the boulder shop, after hears the rockery some people to groan suddenly. Who cant he listen is in groans, can hear this person in the sound to fill the pain actually.
      After the rockery is only the lotus pond basin, although does not have the lotus, pool of water actually already from underground introduction. A person naked drills from the basin, pours in 池畔 the muddy land, but whole body already because of pain convulsion. This person is not Wang WanWu. This person is impressively Merciless Monk.
      Tie ZhenTian 怔 to live. He never thought Merciless Monk can turn this appearance, but did he very quick see Merciless Monk is why painful.
      Merciless Monk also is a person, also has the desire, also has by desire suffering time, cannot look like others actually to seek equally gives vent, only then when midnight nobody, a person secretly slides, causes with cold water oneself to get down coldly. Tie ZhenTian discover suddenly he is a poor man, his callousness and biased, only is his many years mortification of the flesh life result. Merciless Monk has been alarmed, gets up suddenly, puts on 僧袍, is startled looks Tie ZhenTian.
      Tie ZhenTian sigh, you have no need for feared I tell others, tonight I see the matter, cannot have the third party to know.
    Merciless Monk is frightened, shames the anger, lamented, feels helpless, said suddenly, did you know Tie QuanYi has died?
    Tie ZhenTian grasp lifts the double fist, was you has killed his?
       Who no matter were has killed him, you had to revenge for him, now on might as well gets rid of.
    Tie ZhenTian look at him, not only has not gotten rid of, instead also sighed, I cannot kill you now."
      Because he only then pities the sympathy now to Merciless Monk, does not have the murderous intention. These speech Tie ZhenTian not said, has heard an incisive calling out in alarm. The call is precisely Xie Yulun sees time that disabled corpse sends.
      On the corpse does not have the bloodstain, also does not have the wound, the fatal reason is his heart arteries is held by the person with in family the strength to shake breaks. One kind of extremely outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted in family holds the strength, after shakes breaks the will of the people arteries, does not remain is in charge the trace slightly. The when Tie ZhenTian catches up with, Yu Liu also comes. But appears is frightened angry.
      is who has killed him?Yu Liu asked, Why does have to come to kill pitiful disabled person?
    Tie ZhenTian also similar anger, that murderer must kill people always has no need for looks for the reason."
    " you said are Wu ShiSan?
      except his also some who?
      Yu Liu more surprised, How can he find here to come? Does my plan have what loophole?This question each people all have thought.
      Xie Yulun said suddenly, I have understood.
       What has understood?
      The that devil turtle raw egg sound all can hear continually, how can not be able to hear you to dig tunnel?Xie Yulun said, he certainly already waits in outside that tunnel exportation, continuously all is staring at we."
    " is not right, Yu Liu said very much definitely, he does not hear me to dig the tunnel absolutely."
    " why?
      If he pastes the ear on the place, willful listens, perhaps can be able to hear, Yu Liu, he certainly also is hears the turtle raw egg with this method sound. Moreover The turtle lays an egg " this speech, also only does not meet is the kind described traces words and phrases which narrates. The turtle raw egg has the sound? Nobody has heard, nobody knew.
      I dig the tunnel time, he pays attention only is in that grocery store sound, how can hear distant place underground sound?Yu Liu guaranteed, our motion extremely is all careful, nearly links a sound not to have. He has the confidence to oneself, others also have the confidence to him, therefore the question returns to the original starting point.
      If Wu ShiSan has not heard to excavate the tunnel the sound, this plan also does not have the loophole, how did he in quite a while between find this place to come?Tie ZhenTian said suddenly, this plan only then loophole.
      loophole in there?
      on Wang WanWushen.
      Yu Liu said immediately, you thought he is thin? Has made the secret marks on the said, lets Wu ShiSan pursues to here comes. This question itself is an answer. Besides Wang WanWu, here second person possibly has not been able to do thin, if not thin, does not have not Wu ShiSan impossibly pursue to here.
      Wang WanWu person in there?
      his person already disappeared, Tie ZhenTian:When I wake, he has disappeared.
    " How can you awake?
      is awakened by one kind of very strange sound, Tie ZhenTian, is original, I also cannot branch out that am any sound, now only then thought, very possibly is operates the tunnel sound.
    Yu Liu confirmed this point immediately, that room is originally prepares to take responsibility person's studio, he reigns when certainly has offended some people, therefore especially must in there make strip Secret road. Tie ZhenTian, But I continuously cannot find.
      Yu Liu constructions Secret said, others cannot certainly find, he are luckily can certainly not be able to find.
      Since that side building prepares to make master's studio originally, certainly cannot too be small. Wang WanWu rests originally in depends on the window in a quoin.
      A Secret entrance, under the place which he rests, as soon as so long as the institution news opens, he may from " which opens on vane " slide, Tie ZhenTian not to be able to find the vane " Niu ", because only that machine Niu only is on a carving flower window relief pattern.
      As soon as Yu Liu will carve decorative patterns pulls, the vane will turn, the typical entrance appeared.
      In tunnel gloomy moist, exports in a well. This well certainly also does not have the water the well. Although does not have the water, has the person actually.
      Some deceased person, the deceased person who wraps with the straw mat, the straw mat is the most inexpensive straw mat which they rest, the deceased person is Wang WanWu.

    36th chapter After three

      On the corpse also does not have the bloodstain wound, Wang WanWuye is shaken by that kind of outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted side palm strength breaks the heart arteries to die.
      How can he die?The question person is Xie Yulun, replied the person is Tie ZhenTian.
      he wants certainly to die, Tie ZhenTian, is the thin person. Is originally this kind of fate."
    " you thought is Wu ShiSan kills him to eliminate a potential informant?
      Certainly is. This question itself also is an answer, only one kind of possibility, an only answer. Nobody can reply the question is, Wu ShiSan in there? Da Wan in there? What method Wu ShiSan can use to cope with Da Wan?This question everybody is wants not to dare continually to think.
      The distant place night watchman's drum is knocking three, three when always makes one most be overwhelmed the broken heart time. They have remembered Merciless Monk suddenly.
      Heard Xie Yulun calling out in alarm, Tie ZhenTian flush away, Merciless Monk actually also kept that water 池畔. He and Tie ZhenTian simultaneously to hear that sound to call out in alarm, should know here has already had the fearful matter, should come to look for them. But he has not come.
      Is he also like Wang WanWu, silent is struck by the person kills in this Hua Wuzhong in some gloomy quoin? In the hand is also gripping tightly a black stone.
      This place completely the shadow which died has been covered now, each people all as necessary possibly throw oneself kill. First dies is that disabled person, second Wang WanWu, third is very possibly Merciless Monk. Who next can be one's turn?
      Three just crossed, the dim light of night was deeper, in the after midnight died the person were possibly more, the murder murderer likely was the ghosts and demons swiftly round trip, now on possibly chooses his next object in darkness. Ma Rulong knew the present arrived the time which he should under decide.
      you walk.
      walks?Xie Yulun asked, to there goes to?
      Ma Rulong said, goes casually to there, so long as quickly leaves here."
    "we walk, you?
      I ...
      Xie Yulun loudly said suddenly, I knew you must do any, you must keep here to look Da Wan, cannot find her, you are not willing to walk.
    Ma Rulong acknowledged, I shouldn't look for her?
      you should certainly look for her, Xie Yulun sneers, Why But don't you think? You can not be able to find her? How had found? Can you from not have in Wu ShiSan to rescue her to come out? Did you think Wu ShiSan does not dare to kill you?She more said excitedly, you only want to look for her wholeheartedly, besides her, others all isn't the person? Why don't you think for others, why for you doesn't think? When speaks of finally two speeches, the tear bead, already started in the eye to sway back and forth, possibly fell anytime and anywhere. Each all person can see, Ma Rulong who why she is bursts into tears certainly also should be able to see. But he links a speech all not said actually, does not speak the meaning, was he already all said the speech, no matter how others did say, he had to keep here.
      Xie Yulun is nipping the lip, stamped the feet, is good, you must court death oneself die, we walk. She already was determined obviously walked, links actually step all has not walked. She is stamping the feet, but a her both feet the supple silk which cannot be seen by one has tied up as if, including step is also too busy to leave.
      Ma Rulong finally sighed, supple voice, actually you also this clear, if has been missing is not Da Wan is you, I also equally can remain down looks for you. His speech had not said, Xie Yulun tear has already flowed down.
      Tie ZhenTian face upward suddenly smiles, said, I have also understood.
      What have you understood?
      I always thought originally, does not fear death all is the heartless person, now I only then knew mistakenly, Tie ZhenTian, original 有情人 does not fear death, because in their heart already had the sentiment, already all forgot other matter cleanly. He made an effort to pat the sycophancy like dragon shoulder, also said, you do not walk, we do not walk, did not find Da Wan, everybody cannot walk. But his this speech just said, his body already 窜起, the anxious arrow fled. Ma Rulong and Xie Yulun also 窜出 with him, because simultaneously has also heard a startled hissing sound, is not the person in the startled hissing sound, is the horse in the startled hissing sound.
      The front door has opened wide. But Wen Majing the hissing sound, the wheel rolls, when they catch up with, the carriages and horses have been above mundane thoughts unexpectedly go. Drives a cart the cart driver, fell dead actually in front of the stone steps, hand and foot already ice-cold, in the hand is also gripping tightly a black stone. Is who drives a cart? What person 载走?
      In the night breeze indistinct also has the wheel neighing to transmit, must pursue also not too difficult. Pursues! As soon as Tie ZhenTian double arm to inspire, displays " eight step to catch up with the cicada " 轻功 carriage unexpectedly, transmitted the direction plain past to the carriages and horses sound.
      In the jiang-hu each people all knew this kind of 轻功, each people all listen to " eight step to catch up with cicada " this name. But can 练成 this carriage the person actually far all are moreover than anybody imagination in.
      Ma Rulong " powerful and unconstrained style " also was luckily in the martial arts world enjoys a good reputation already the long 轻功 unique skill, he very quick caught up with Tie ZhenTian. Can with the world-famous Tie ZhenTian shoulder to shoulder together to drive, without doubt is an extremely proud matter. Tie ZhenTian be also arrogant for him, even has also patted his shoulder, indicated commends. But they very quick thought oneself own have not imagined is so proud.
      Because Xie Yulun has also pursued, light following in their one's side, does not completely have the appearance which takes the trouble. Have been treated after by the king young lady's exquisite white hands, her skill already completely restored. Gathers their three person of strength, was already can cope with Wu ShiSan and that draws a sword like the electricity Persian slave?
      轻功 the biggest use is not the attack, but Is draws back ", Is defends ". Regardless of in that one kind of fight, retreats " function matchless " to attack " to be low, needs smooth to transfer the strength is sometimes bigger than the attack. Displays when 轻功 consumes the physical strength physical strength are not less than any kind of wugong. Xie Yulun also can the very calm aperture speak unexpectedly.
      we cannot overtake absolutely, she said, pulls a cart four horses all are the good horses, not only process training, moreover has the endurance very much, I sit on the vehicle the time, had already calculated they run quick. She also needs to breathe heavily the tone to be able then said, starts, we are quicker than them, therefore we resemble now also can pursue come up, after but crosses 35 miles again, we can be gradually slow down, they instead can more run actually quicker. Ma Rulong also knew Xie Yulun is considered as good, but he also must pursue, cannot overtake also must pursue. This is an answer. On because the person has this kind obstinate, but knows perfectly well cannot for be determined for it, therefore the person can the perpetuity.
      They really cannot overtake. The front horse-drawn vehicle is more and more far, could not hear gradually, behind has a horse-drawn vehicle sound to get up actually, more and more near, catches up with the person who the horse pursues is Yu Liu. Starts when although he quite slow, but he already pursued now, rushed for four horses six turns of large carts to catch up with. He let originally far on the person who was quicker than him his horse-drawn vehicle.
      we may certainly pursue, Yu Liu guarantees said, this is the strip enfilade, they only then this road may walk.
    What place Is this road to goes to?
      dead valley.
      Pursues goes after the dead valley how? If they are simply not Wu ShiSan matches, pursued how could it not be also is bring death? This question they want all not to think.
      Now each person resembles is dyed all starts like the dragon temperament, works only 讲原则, disregards all consequences. Their manner may use Xie Yulun to speak showed.
      No matter how, the dead valley isn't always a place which everybody all can go, we can go to have a look also to calculate not easily. Nobody has gone to the dead valley, nobody knew actually the dead valley is how place. But each people all may be able to imagine, there was already not the before that kind of bleak nobody place. Because there already had the gold, the person never vainly hopes for massive golds.
      The gold changed without doubt there all, already had the innumerable healths outstanding young people to attract goes to there, to construct the innumerable gorgeous male wonderful royal palaces. This is their idea, each person can think like this, what a pity also all thought mistakenly.

    37th chapter Dead valley

    The dead valley dead valley, does not have the gold, does not have the royal palace, anything does not have. They trace that horse-drawn vehicle, as soon as enters the dead valley the pass mouth, suddenly mystical was missing.
      Before dawn, the sun raises. The sunlight according to in the bright black stone, is flashing the gold 光采, what a pity black stone or black stone, regardless of what type it does dodge 光采 all is the black stone, is not the gold, the gold?
      If here basic does not have the gold existence, Wu ShiSan buys these people with what? If here really is these golds which has them said, why they do link money granulated substance not to be able to see?
      Ma Rulong cares about is not a gold, is Da Wan, he believed, so long as can find that horse-drawn vehicle, can find Da Wan. - - Went the horse-drawn vehicle to there? - - " Can four horses six turns of large carts, how look like wind to vanish equally suddenly under the sunlight?
      Ma Rulong said suddenly, in under.
      What in under?
      carriages and horses, gold, person, all in under. Ma Rulong said, they certainly in subsurface formation scale very big Secret hole. This is not the fantasy. The gold may destroy the matter which very many is unable to destroy originally, also may achieve the matter which very many cannot achieve originally.
      If here underground really has Secret hole, then only can find the entrance the person is Yu Liu, Yu Liu is shaking the head actually.
      you mistakenly, he said, they not at all in under, they in above. Above ""?
      Ma Rulong has turned head, was looking along Yu Liu vision, saw that handle to insert slanting on the blood red waistband the sickle. That brandishes a sword like the electricity Persian slave station under the sunlight on the danger stone to beckon together nearby the pass mouth to him.
      Ma Rulong! The Persian slave's sound is jerky and is resounding, who is Ma Rulong, you want to look Da Wan, you come with me, to have other person with to come, Da Wan dies. Sky clear blue, the sunlight is bright, the life so 多姿多采, who is willing to die? But in this world has this kind of person, must go to does must refuses stubbornly to be possible the matter. So long as they thought this matter right and wrong does may not, knew perfectly well must die also must go to do.
      Ma Rulong is this kind of person. His slowly turning around, facing his friend, they certainly all understood he is any type person.
      Tie ZhenTian not to want said any originally, regardless of because said anything does not have usefully. But some speeches are 非说不可.
      that person is the lunatic, Tie ZhenTian:The homicide person always all has no need for looks for the reason."
    "I know.
      Moreover he this time has the reason to kill you. Tie ZhenTian, Because you have deceived also one, this he cannot let off you absolutely, after also has killed you, may kill equally Da Wan."
    "I know.
      you must go to?
      Ma Rulong is staring at him, If you are I, you cannot go to?Tie ZhenTian sigh said the gas, I also can go, certainly can go to.
      He walked makes an effort to shake Ma Rulong hand, Yu Liu has also come to grip his another hand, then silent got out of the way. They all knew Xie Yulun certainly also has very many speeches said to him, they all are not willing to listen again, also does not endure to listen again.
      The sunlight shines directly in or on in on Xie Yulun face, the sunlight is so bright, her complexion actually pale like cold month.
      I also knew you can certainly go to. This she has not burst into tears unexpectedly, also smiled unexpectedly, If I fall in their hand, you also certainly can go to. She also said, I only hoped you understand a matter."
    "assorted what is the matter?
      No matter you are die are live, no matter who in your heart likes is, I all already was your person. Xie Yulun smiled, do you have have asked you, besides you, I also can marry to who?.
    Ma Rulong walked, also does not have including a speech said again walked, he cannot answer her question, also does not endure to look at her smiling again. After he walked, sky still clear blue, the sunlight is still bright, on black stone as before is also sparkling the golden light, this world cannot change because of any individual life and death. He went very long all not to come back for a very long time.
      Xie Yulun said suddenly, you walk.
      Tie ZhenTian, you want us to walk? Why wants us to walk?
    Xie Yulun said, you all should know he could not come back, but also what waited in here to do? What wait for gets down also to have to use?
    Yu Liu loudly said suddenly, is useful.
      Xie Yulun asked again, What does have to use?
      Yu Liu, I had already found!
      Xie Yulun said, What had found?
      Yu Liu had not spoken, he moved is reply - - him already to discover the dead valley secret, had already found secret pivot shaft Niu.
      The black stone dodges the light under the sun, a great amount black stone is looking like as if all is same. Actually is actually dissimilar.
      If you also have Yu Liu same experiences and the eyesight, you on the detectable these thousands of black stone in, some 7749 are completely dissimilar. Ma Rulong not wrong. Dead valley secret truly in underground, underground Secret room entrance, in these 49 dissimilar black stones between, Yu Liu already has discovered this secret pivot shaft Niu, was only a pity Ma Rulong already could not see.
      The wild steep mountainous place diameter, 寸草不生. Ma Rulong silently is proceeding with the Persian slaves, also did not know must arrive there, also did not know far. But knew actually they trace continuously carriages and horses in any place. The carriages and horses have already not vanished, also has not entered the valley, has transferred the danger stone actually, spread this mountain path.
      Could not think this since the ancient times the mountain path which walks on the very few some people, the width unexpectedly just allows the carriages and horses 驶过. Trades one way said, that majestic magnificent horse-drawn vehicle can drive this mountain path unexpectedly, also is similarly the matter which makes one not be able to think. This mountain path width slope, resembles all is the process designs specially, is coordinates with the horse-drawn vehicle. That horse-drawn vehicle width, the speed, resembles also passes through designs specially, comes to coordinate with this mountain path.
      But mountain path terminus not magnificent royal palace, even links the house not to have, only then looked like the as if very deep cavern, just also can let the carriages and horses reach enters. The sunlight according to the cavern, Ma Rulong in the also blind cavern situation, only sees not to have 41 people to shoulder both hands, stands in front of the cavern, looked like is as if very leisurely and carefree.
      Now Ma Rulong finally looked at the clear this person. Wu ShiSan also in looks at him, two people face-to-face, mutually stared for a very long time, who Wu ShiSan faces to reveal suddenly plants also not to have the method explanation strangeness

    38th chapter Misgivings layer on layer

    Underground also does not have the gold, does not have the royal palace, that has been missing horse-drawn vehicle not in. The typical entrance constructs although ingenious, under actually far all narrow and small is much cruder than anybody imagination in. In room only then a bed, a table, as soon as publicizes the chair, all is builds with the soil, outside builds a black stone again.
      Is this Wu ShiSan dwelling places? Then type is insufferably arrogant martial arts world strange outstanding, how can live in such the type place? Each people all think very surprisedly, very disappointedly, even cannot believe.
      But they if thinks carefully, can understand this place should be this appearance originally. Here is the dead valley, anything no death valley, Wu ShiSan after all is individual, is not the god, although can use his wisdom to be determined the will skill and a pair of powerful hand construct this kind of ingenious Secret said, absolutely does not have the method baseless to change a bed actually.
      He wants a bed, only then does with the soil and the black stone, because of here only then soil black stone. This point each people all should be able to see, each people all should want to obtain. Makes one not be able to think through is his subordinate these healthy barium is outstanding, how are the well-trained young people can come? Comes from there? Lives in there? Stranger is, although he does not have the method to find a Zhang Zhen bed, also does not have the method to find the genuine furniture, but on the bed has the quilt unexpectedly, on the table has the lamp unexpectedly.
      On the bed is unexpectedly the extremely soft comfortable silk wadding quilt, the quilt cover uses Hunan to embroider makes. On the table lamp is unexpectedly the value most expensive Persia quartz lamp, in the lamp also has the oil unexpectedly. If here really what doesn't have, the lamp is comes from there? Is comes from there?
      Yu Liu used was bringing along with the torch to lighten this crystal lamp, when the lights have illuminated this place time, each people could not bear exhale the sound to come amiablily, including always by the jiang-hu in the person was revealed was shakes the day for the iron core iron gallbladder iron iron not to be able to bear must call out in alarm makes noise. They saw them to link equally have a dream also thought did not attend a meeting the matter which saw.
      They saw a person. In this since the ancient times on under unusual 人迹 death valley land in secret room, unexpectedly also a person.
      On not only the bed has the quilt, impressively also some person, with the silk wadding quilt which embroiders, rests on the bed, obviously has rested very much sinks, comes in including some people not to be able to hear. They also cannot see this person to be long any appearance, only can see him to reveal outside the cotton-wadded quilt, fell on the pillow already the gray hair.
      Tie ZhenTian forestall a step, snatches in Xie Yulun and in front of Yu Liu bodies, shouts a question to fierce:What person are you? He drinks the sound everybody to be able to be able to hear besides the deaf person, even if has fallen asleep the person also should awaken. This person completely had not responded actually. If he is not a deaf person, certainly is a deceased person, this deceased person is pushes? How can here have the deceased person?
      Tie ZhenTian is not the iron hits, but his courage resembles really is actually the iron hits:A his arrow step flees suddenly, raises quilt which got out of bed.
      By in person already cannot be " deceased person ", was already turned by in person a skeleton, besides that gray hair, is only left over a bleached bone, body clothes. The bleached bone acclivity is inserting has sharpened the bamboo, punctures from the behind, penetrates the heart continuously.
      This person is without doubt in sleeping soundly the broken person, completely has not struggled the revolt which plots against from the behind dies, as soon as punctures has been killed violently. Plots against him the person, gets rid of, gets down the stingy, if is not the motion is specially nimble, certainly is he is very familiar, moreover cannot guard against person.
      Who is this person?
      Why Wu ShiSan must remain a deceased person here?
      Xie Yulun said suddenly, this person is Wu ShiSan. Tie ZhenTian, Yu Liu is startled looks at her, cannot believe simply she can say this speech.
      You said this deceased person is Wu ShiSan?
      Absolutely. Xie Yulun tone very definitely.
      How do you look at?
      he to the jasper mountain village has gone to.
      you have been born at that time?
      does not have.
      Tie ZhenTian sigh, forced smile said, you have not been born at that time, how can look obtains his?Yu Liu, you before has seen him, now also did not have the method to recognize. Who also doesn't have the person speaking with a "dialect" accent to judge a person's life experience name origin from a bleached bone. Xie Yulun appears actually has confidence very much.
       Although I have not seen him, also equally can recognize.
      Because my mother's had said to me concerns his very many matters. Xie Yulun said, only depends on matter, I can recognize him."
    " matter?Yu Personwen, that matter?
      is good, tooth, Xie Yulun said, Although a person's appearance can change, the tooth cannot change actually, moreover each person's tooth is long is all dissimilar. The tooth certainly cannot corrupt.
      Xie Yulun said, my mother often said, The world tooth is long the strangeest person, is Wu ShiSan. Yu Liu and Tie ZhenTian all to look this deceased person's tooth, cannot see has any strange place.
      Tie ZhenTian not to be able to bear asking, What strange does his tooth have?
      his tooth compared to others many four, Xie Yulun said, he has 38 toeet, in addition the wisdom tooth is 40. She asked Tie ZhenTian, you before had has seen steadily 40 toeet person?Tie ZhenTian not to see, Yu Liu also does not have. Although they very little note others tooth, but they also know each individual all only then 36 teeth, resembles each individual all to have two eyes to be same. This deceased person has 40 teeth actually.
      I have already counted, has counted twice. Xie Yulun said, therefore I can determine he is Wu ShiSan. Tie ZhenTian 怔 to live, Yu Liu also was stunned, crosses has been very long they to be able to open the mouth.
      If this deceased person is Wu ShiSan. They nearly also asked, Who that Wu ShiSan is?
    "is false.
      Xie Yulun replies, here does not have the gold, Wu ShiSan not impossibly also simply to find that many people for his potency. Therefore that Wu ShiSan is certainly false. She supplemented, Moreover nobody has sees Wu ShiSan, who also cant see him is really a falsehood, each people all may pretend to be him. "
    "Why does have to pretend to be his?
      Xie Yulun has not opened the mouth, suddenly hears the sound which another person speaks. In the room only then their three people, she hear actually are originally the sound which the fourth person speaks, the sound are very light, is as if passes on from the very far very far place, but she hears actually very clearly. She clear hears this person said, we was this play, already should develop?

    39th chapter Explanation

    Each people all must breathim, therefore each place room certainly all has the well ventilated place. On because this place room also has the well ventilated place, therefore Wu ShiSan corpses only then to be able to make decent rottenly. Makes a connection a giant bamboo bamboo node, passes down from the ground, is this room ventilating place, they hear the sound, is hands down from generation to generation from the vent.
      Just heard, whose sound couldn't they listen to this were, then, they heard a person to ask with one kind of surprised tone, acts in a play? Who is acting in a play? What develops to play?This person speaks the sound, their each people very are all familiar, listens to him is immediately Ma Rulong. Does he speak with who?
      Certainly both of us is acting in a play.
      You are not Wu ShiSan?
      I am certainly not, this person said with a smile, was obviously you spends 5000 taels to want me to play the role of this role, you also installed any muddled."
    "is I is called you to play the role of Wu ShiSan?. Ma Rulong appears surprised.
      is certainly you.
      Why do I want to make this kind of matter?
      Because you want others all to think you are the unparalleled in the world big good person, therefore wants me to play the role of an unparalleled in the world the big bastard, wants me to kill people, lets you go to 救人, enables others all to see your heroic spirit with own eyes.
    Aren't these people you kill!
      is certainly not me. This person said with a smile: What original story do I have to kill people? Was you has bought their companion, intentionally made first chaotic, let them seize the opportunity in the confusion to get rid of plots against, then let your this Persia slaves seize the opportunity to cut off their head, I was only a puppet."
    "pulls down the house with you these person of?
      they certainly also are your person, the white fox hall are rich and powerful, the assorted what is the matter cannot accomplish?This person said with a smile, I really have no alternative but to admire you, you can forge that a type story unexpectedly, asserted in the dead valley has the gold, you are really talent. Ma Rulong did not speak.
      This person also said with a smile, more wonderful is, in my hand links a strength not to have obviously, you can make one actually to hit the gravel specially the cylinder, is called me to hide in the sleeve, these black stones each one dozen, lets others all think my hand power is very strong. Also crossed very long Ma Rulong only then to ask, Cant you simply wugong? "
    "Although meets, but with your continued proportion all cannot compare.
       How can that you hear us the speech which said in that grocery store?
    What have I heard?This person, you said the speech, my all has not heard."
    "at that time in the outside person is not your?
      is certainly not me.
       Who isn't you is?. Ma Rulong asked.
      How did I know is who? At that time outside nobody has spoken radically. This person, this play all is you arranges, how is ingenious I to be able to know?He sighed: No matter how, this play finally already did develop now, that Da Wan girl and that senior buddhist priests all in the cave, you quickly carried off them, not only first this you might play the role of a time of hero to rescue the beautiful role, could admire you including your enemy senior buddhist priest, felt grateful you for a lifetime. I have only received you 5000, if you have the conscience, should many ... his sound suddenly stop again. On stops identically in his sound in an instant, only listens to " Bo " a sound. Then did not have the sound, any sound did not have.
      In the room also does not have the sound, nobody opens the mouth to speak a speech, a character. Ma Rulong is their friend, now unexpectedly has made this kind of matter, what speech do they also have to be possible said? Also had not known how long, Yu Liu only then long did sigh: could not think he unexpectedly can be such type person. This really is a matter which everybody could not think, if is not because they had found this room, has heard these speeches, they decide however must deceive by him for a lifetime. The justice is inescapable, is luckily sparse and is leakproof, now finally has revealed the truth.
      Tie ZhenTian said suddenly, has a matter I not to understand.
      that matter?
      that pretends Wu ShiSan people already said cannot hear us the speech which said in the grocery store, we heard Wu ShiSan these speeches at that time, was what person said?
    "If I guessed good, certainly is originally on in that grocery store person. Yu Liu is pondering the road.
      But at that time grocery store also nobody aperture.
      some people do not open the mouth also to be possible to speak.
      these people?
      speaks the abdomen language the person, Yu Liu said, I have seen this kind of person.
      good. Tie ZhenTian said suddenly, I have also seen this kind of person, may use the belly to speak, you saw obviously the sound is comes from other place, actually is actually from his belly said. He sighed, no wonder at that time I thought he speaks the sound is very strange, moreover speaks the person resembled nearby my ear is same."
    "Did you guess who obtains this person is?
      Certainly Wang WanWu, Tie ZhenTian, is absolutely him."
      He does not need to go originally to walk into a trap. Tie ZhenTian, goes he to that grocery store, for is must go to be mysterious, lets us believe Wu ShiSan has the inperson institute and magical powers, lets us believe that Wu ShiSan is really Wu ShiSan."
    "Therefore he afterwards only then could 杀人灭口.
      Tie ZhenTian sneer, this kind of person originally should be this kind of fate. What appearance Ma Rulong should obtain the fate?
      Wait for him we to above, Tie ZhenTian get hold of the double fist, we have a look him also to have any speech to be possible said. He wants to pull Yu Liu to walk together, continuously throws Xie Yulun who has has opened the mouth said suddenly, wait for a moment.
    What does also wait for?
      I had a type thing to fall in here. Xie Yulun said, I must certainly find can walk. How can she have the thing to fall in here? What falls is?
      She really has fallen the thing unexpectedly in here, falls is three pearls, resembles is breaks from a string of beads chain falls.
      She found in a gate quoin.
      Tie ZhenTian and Yu Liu all thought very strangely, the county cannot bear must ask, this is your?
      How can your thing fall in here?
      Xie Yulun reply makes one be startled, Because I have come here.
    Tie ZhenTian and Yu Liu all was stunned, 怔 very long, can open the mouth, How can you arrive here to come? What does?
    "looks for my uncle.
      your uncle?Tie ZhenTian lose one's voice asked, How Wu ShiSan can be your uncle?
    "He is my mother's blood relative brothers, how meets is not my uncle?Xie Yulun is sighing, then said, But I have not seen him, because the jasper mountain village always all does not permit the man to stop over, even if is our blood relative flesh and blood is not all exceptional, boy life gets down must by far 送走. Now Tie ZhenTian know why Wu ShiSan must call Wu ShiSan. After he knows own life experience, certainly unavoidable sad angry, therefore calls self without the father does not have the mother, therefore must find the jasper mountain village wholeheartedly to go, struggles the one breath for oneself. Was only a pity he defeated. Now Tie ZhenTian also to understand, why jasper madame did make an exception has left behind his life? How can know he has 40 teeth?
      Xie Yulun said, Although my mother sends into exile him to the dead valley comes, but has not forgotten this brothers, also therefore only then can mention frequently in front of me, therefore I only then decide to have to come to look for him."
    "You since already knew he has already died, certainly also already knew that Wu ShiSan was false."
      Why don't you reveal his plot?
      Because I must ride this opportunity to discover plot against my uncles murderer, Xie Yulun said, this is only opportunity. Only then plots against his the murderer, only then knew he has already died, only then dares to make one to pretend to be him.
      Xie Yulun said, therefore I so long as who can find out this plot is instigates, who could find out the murderer is.
    Yu Liu also is unable to restrain the long sigh, you could not certainly think the murderer is Ma Rulong.
    Xie Yulun uses one kind of strange judgment to stare at suddenly him, crossed very long only then one by one character saying, you were wrong."
    "I was wrong? Assorted what is the matter mistakenly?
      The murderer is not Ma Rulong, Xie Yulun said extremely definitely, No. "
    " Who if it isn't he?
      Xie Yulun stares at him to be very long, in eye unexpectedly as if sufficient pairs grief and indignation hatred, you!
    She is pointing at Yu Liu:The murderer is you!
    Yu Liu has smiled. You are certainly are speaking the joke, this joke all is not what a pity funny."
    "This joke is not certainly funny, because is simply not the joke."
    "You really think I am the murderer?
      Looks also could not think originally is you, Xie Yulun said, I by chance knew luckily others all did not know matter.
    What do you know?
      I knew Yu Wu did not have a younger brother, Xie Yulun said, absolutely does not have. Word-by-word she then said, Because Yu Wu by chance is also my uncle!
    Tie ZhenTian 怔 to live, Yu Liu also is smiling unexpectedly!
      Depends on this point, you can prove I am murderer?
      This cannot, Xie Yulun the said, luckily Da Wan also by chance saw she originally should not see equally matter."
    "Assorted what is the matter?
      She saw you kill Wang WanWu!She saw with her own eyes.
      Yu Liu finally smiles does not leave.
      Xie Yulun said, I have not let her reveal your plot at that time, because that time we did not know who you are. Yu Liu cannot bear asked, The present, you already knew?
      I already knew now, you plan this matter, for only was must fall the person harmful to a group or society like dragon, Xie Yulun the said, Because you knew everybody saw him is gradually any type person, all gradually believed he could not make that kind of matter, therefore you only then found out this plan to frame his. She asked Tie ZhenTian suddenly, did you know who most wants to harm his?
    Tie ZhenTian certainly to know, did not consider replied, Qiu Feng feng."
    "Yes, Xie Yulun said, is certainly Qiu Fengcheng.
      She is pointing at Yu Liu, word by word saying, he is Qiu Fengcheng!
    This Yu Liu smiled unexpectedly.
      you already resembled had all known, I resemble also do not need again to deny. He said unexpectedly, Good, I am Qiu Fengcheng.
    Xie Yulun sighed, this really is but actually one the matter which lets the person not be able to think, including me could not think you such are unexpectedly happy on the acknowledgement."
    "Also has a matter you certainly not to be able to think of.
      assorted what is the matter?
      I am also Wu ShiSans only apprentice.
      He really is. He had the ambition since childhood, dominates the world ambition, but he also knew depends on Qiu Fengcheng silver gun, is has no way to dominate the world. Some he was hearing accidentally has not had 13 stories.
      he really is an outstandingly able person, Qiu Fengcheng said, his life experience is wonderful, the bitter experience is wonderful, I have really been charmed by him, wants thousand strength various schemes, finally to find the dead valley to come, by chance that time, Wu ShiSan also wants to receive an apprentice, for him vents. Wu ShiSan has really received his this apprentice, has all taught a body original story him. Wu ShiSan original stories to continue one kind.
      digs a hole the original story also is he teaches me, Qiu Fengcheng said:The art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible, the news institution, causes easy to accommodate poisonously, these original stories do not have one do not pass, 无一不精. Do "" why you want to kill his?
      I move he everywhere to have to limit, his original story I actually already study entire, Qiu Fengcheng smiled unexpectedly, Who don't I kill homicide? "
    "Not only you have killed his, also has killed Du Qinglian which and you share the honor, Shen HongYe, moreover also introduces Ma Rulong the blind alley, you already should be very satisfied, Xie Yulun also asked, Why do you also want such to do?
    Because you said good, I indeed had detected you ashamed gradually started to trust his. Qiu Fengcheng is also unable to restrain to sigh,. Ma Rulong indeed is a very not simple person.
    The your assorted what is the matter does not need to do actually, we cannot discover your flaw, cannot catch your evidence. Xie Yulun also sighed, was only a pity a your intelligent too point."
    " too was intelligent a point also not to have any not to be good, did you find my evidence to be all same."
    " is same, how can be same?
      Because you all already quickly have died in any case. Qiu Fengcheng asked suddenly, did you know what sound a moment ago a that " Bo " sound was?" resembles is the knife point chops on the neck sound.
       Whose neck Is ? Whose knife?
      Qiu Fengcheng answered this question, If you thought is that adulteration Wu ShiSan necks, you were wrong."
    " oh?
      The neck is Ma Rulong neck, the knife is Peng Tiangao knife. Qiu Feng fengyou explained, Peng Tian takes a higher position is that Persian slaves, also is the Peng Tianba younger brother, his knife skill far is much higher than Peng Tianba, only was a pity he is the multitudious life, her mother is the Persian maidservants, therefore forever all cannot accept five tigers to break the gate knife the Confucian orthodoxy, the Peng Jia's mountain of money, he also only then has a look."
    "therefore he only then can persuade by you, is you the helper, moreover for you has killed Peng Tianba.
    Qiu Fengcheng smiles the nod acknowledgement, actually suddenly changed topic. Wu ShiSan is living time, I have asked him, most wants what was the thing?Qiu Fengcheng said, I really could not think he most wants unexpectedly is a bed cotton-wadded quilt and a lamp."
    "You for him have certainly sent.
      I have sent the best cotton-wadded quilt for him and the best lamp, the wick oil also am best, only then last is an exception.
    What do last you send are?
      Is mixes was fascinated the medicine lamp oil and wick. Qiu Fengcheng said with a smile, confuses the medicine certainly also is best, was you a moment ago in unconsciously also has charmed this kind of. He smiles extremely happily. What a pity smiles is not long.Bit " suddenly a sound, on the table lamp extinguished, outside the gate had an ignition luminous spot to get up actually. Flashes under the flame already appeared individual, he thought already forever could not see person. He saw Ma Rulong.
      Ma Rulong and Da Wan, Merciless Monk, together appears. They have not certainly died, Da Wan being taken prisoner, also is the snare which she and Xie Yulun arranges.
      Xie Yulun finally only then tells Qiu Fengcheng, I to Da Wan said intentionally these speeches, let you hear intentionally, to let you think I must retaliate, she said, I intentionally look certainly for Ma Rulong, for you the opportunity, actually at that time I already untied Da Wan acupuncture point.
    Da Wan light then said, therefore you hear the knife point chops when the neck the sound, the knife truly is the Peng Tiangao knife, the neck is also his neck.

    40th chapter Last act 

    Qiu Fengcheng certainly received his deserved punishment. Merciless Monk went far to Kunlun Mountains to face the wall and think of his faults. After Tie ZhenTian and Ma Rulong had drunk to his heart's content the third time, one felt the urge to go in that cold moon night, leaving without a trace.
    The Chiangnan Yu Wu still led Chiangnans martial arts world, Young Lady Yu as before drifted about from place to place, mysteriously appearing and disappearing. Da Wan and Xie Yulun? What type of conclusion should they and Ma Rulong have?
      After many years, some people have bumped into Ma Rulong in Chiangnan, it was said that at his side there were as many as two pretty as a flower beautiful young women, one was certainly Xie Yulun, but was the other Da Wan? Nobody knew. Why was her charm and Da Wans was so alike?

      --(Entire book)--

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    Hmm...sorry guys. I've finally decided to show up again. I disappeared around the time I was graduating and getting a job. In case anyone is interested, I've been well and working for the past three years. LOL

    I haven't touched anything wuxia-related in the meantime but I started to read again and finally decided to complete what I started nearly four years ago.

    I am currently translating ch. 35, I'll post up my version of ch. 32-34 throughout next week. I like to quickly skim over my translation before posting. This time, I promise I'll finish the entire novel.

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    Thanks kaiser for continuing with the translations. I actually Really like this story. I remember someone posting parts of your story in incomprehensible machine translation mixed in with your translation.

    Can you start a new discussion thread with your translation... from beginning ....

    Thanks again!

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    Ok I see.

    I intend to have a 2nd revision of my translation. Currently on this first revision, I'm just reading the text and translating everything directly line by line. You'll see some inconsistencies on the way I translate some words or even names. I will review the entire translation as a whole and revise it. Hopefully, I'll have this done by the end of the year. I'll create a separate discussion thread for this.

    For now, I'm simply going to post up my chapters on this thread so people will have, you know, a complete story. I've made people waited for far too long. I have eight chapters remaining and an epilogue. I will post about two chapters a week for the next four weeks.

    By the way, is there a moderator for this forum? I'm not really that active so I don't know much people here.

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    Default Chapter 32

    Chapter 32 - Frightening Hand

    The situation inside the room had changed greatly since they were last here. The big bed, that was like pious Buddha in peoples home, arranged in the middle of the room was demolished and removed. Xie Yulun, who normally took struggles and took a great deal of effort to clean and dress, was standing up right now. This was not the reason why Dawan and Tie Zhentian was shocked.

    They were shocked because they saw Ma Rulong again. The one standing next to Dawan was not the tailor, but was actually Ma Rulong. They clearly saw Ma Rulong leaving in front of them with their own eyes. However, they also clearly saw Ma Rulong standing right in front of them with their own eyes.

    Actually who they saw was actually not Ma Rulong, who they saw both times was Zhang Rongfa. In their own mind, Zhang Rongfa was Ma Rulong. The two were the same person. In here there was only one Zhang Rongfa, he already left at first, why was he still here? How come tailor, on the other hand, was no where to be seen?

    The big bed that was in the middle of the room was also gone. However Ma Rulong and Xie Yulun seemed to be very interested in it and were standing there. Their eyes were always staring at the empty spot. Seeing Dawan and Tie Zhentian, Ma Rulong lifted his index finger and place it next to his mouth, telling them to be quiet. Dawan and Tie Zhentian were very capable of holding themselves back, they at least did not make any noise. They did not forget that this madman could even hear snakes copulating and turtles laying eggs.

    Dawan immediately blitzed out and grab the accounting book, brush, and ink that she normally used and went back in. She was relying on the brush and ink to communicate with Ma Rulong.

    Who are you?

    She already couldnt tell whether this person was Ma Rulong disguised as Zhang Rongfa. This person was Ma Rulong, Xie Yulun could confirmed this.

    What was the person that left at first?

    It was the tailor.

    Although Dawan and Tie Zhentian already thought of this, but it was still rather hard to believe.

    How did that tailor became Zhang Rongfa?

    Ma Rulong smiled and use the brush and ink and worth on the book: Since she can disguised me as Zhang Rongfa, why wouldnt she be able disguised herself as Zhang Rongfa?

    Dawan frozed. She was too shock and too happy. She couldnt believe that this person would appear. Right now of course she understand what was going on. Tie Zhentian still didnt understand. Who did you say that person was?

    Dawan immediately wrote out that person name, a miraculous person, a miraculous name: Exquisite Jade Hand Yu Linglong.

    A what appeared to be complex and mysterious situations, after being said out the answer was actually really simple. Right now Tie Zhentian already understood, Exquisite Jade Hand Yu Linglong, already said everything. With her brilliant art of disguise, she became a plain looking man that did not catch others attention. Then replaced the tailor sent by No Thirteen and came here.

    No one expected her to come so no one realized this. When she was alone with Ma Rulong, she used the medicine and tools she had prepared and transformed herself to another Zhang Rongfa.

    Dawan right now finally realized that tailor and Zhang Rongfa looked similar. Only with slight alternation by Exquisite Jade Hand, she can very quickly became Zhang Rongfa. Obviously, she already planned all of this. Why did she do this? Why did she have to used Ma Rulongs identity to meet No Thirteen? Dawan and Tie Zhentian still couldnt figure this out.

    The place where there was originally a bed, besides some dust there was nothing else. What was Ma Rulong and Xie Yulun staring at? Why did they dismantled and removed this bed?

    Dawan and Tie Zhentian also couldnt figure this out. They asked Ma Rulong but Ma Rulong only smiled at them, so all they could do was foolishly stood there with them and stared at that the empty spot. Right when they felt really foolish, they were suddenly taken aback. Because they saw something very shocking.

    This time they saw a hand. This empty spot with nothing on it suddenly had a hand popped out from beneath the ground. A rather large, thick and strong hand that looked like a small tree growing from the ground. The middle finger, ring finger, and little finger were extremely straight, where the index finger and thumb formed a circle. This hand gesture usually meant everything had been solved, and there were no problem.

    Whose hand was this? Why did this hand popped out from beneath the ground? Obviously this a living persons hand. A dead persons hand would not make hand signal. They had been living here for several months, why was there a living person underground?

    Looking at this hand wouldve startled anyone, but Ma Rulong actually wasnt a bit surprised. He also reached his hand out and used his finger to flick this hands thumb three times. After a while, another three flicks. He repeated this a total of three times. This hand suddenly retreated back and into the ground.

    The empty spot suddenly became empty again, except for an extra hole. A hole that could have a hand reached out and retreated back in. The hand disappeared but the hole was still here.

    The hand came from within the hole, where did the hole came from? This piece of land was a solid ground. The dirt on this piece of land wasnt different from any other land. It also capable of growing green grass, flower, and tree but would definitely not grow a hole. A hole that could have a hand come out anytime.
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    Wish they'd made a TV series out of this story... I remember seeing a Taiwanese movie w/ Eng dub of this story... It was altered quite a bit... No thirteen was a living vampire and portrayed as having more than 50 bloodsucking teeth... really funny If you look for it, it might still be online somewhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaister View Post
    By the way, is there a moderator for this forum? I'm not really that active so I don't know much people here.
    There are 2. But so far I only see Ren Wo Xing active (in Stellar Transformation thread).

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    Default Chapter 33

    Chapter 33 - 洞中 - Inside the Hole

    Dawan looked at Tie Zhentian, Tie Zhentian looked back at Dawan, and then they both looked at Ma Rulong. They did not understand what was going on but they knew Ma Rulong definitely knew. Ma Rulong did not look at them, he was fully concentrated on staring at this hole.

    What was originally a hole the size of a bowl suddenly became bigger. The hard ground around the hole suddenly rippled like water. The waves became bigger and the shaking became stronger, like a boiling pot of water. Suddenly the frothing soil calmed down. The small hole became a large hole; and even larger than a table surface. A person popped out from the hole. His face was covered in mud but his eyes were shiny. He smiled at Ma Rulong, smiled at Dawan, and smiled at everyone. However he did not recognize them and they did not recognize him. They had never seen him before.

    The person already came out, and stood next to the hole where he came from. He was looking at this hole; his eyes was filled with delight and admiration, like an artist appreciating his own masterpiece. He was looking at it for a while and then turned around, took the brush and ink, and wrote these words on the worn out accounting book: Please enter the hole, sir.

    The hole seemed very, very deep. This hole was not really a hole; it was a tunnel, a deep and long tunnel. The tunnel was dug from a very far away place, the exit was definitely outside of this land filled with black rocks. Dawan finally understood. Everyone understood, this tunnel was their only chance to live. Therefore, everyone entered this hole.

    The tunnel was longer than expected, the exit was already outside several streets at a dim but wide cross alley. At the exit there was a luxurious horse carriage that only the noble, powerful, or rich could get. The jet black carriage compartment was shiny enough to see ones reflection. The fours horses were undoubtedly well-trained colts. There were also three of the exact same horse carriages waiting on both side of the cross lane. The drivers also had his whip ready.

    A man dressed in green clothes came out of the hole and explained to them: To avoid No Thirteens pursuit, we prepared three additional carriages. These carriages also have six males and one female, a total of seven people. The tracks left behind by these carriages would be the exact same. He said six male one female because Dawan was still disguised as a man. He was already prepared to take a seat in this carriage.

    We do not need to wait for Miss Yu. She will have her own way to deal with No Thirteen. She would definitely have a way to withdraw safely.

    He was looking at Ma Rulong, who was hesitant to get on, and smiled: She specifically ordered me to make sure you mustnt wait for her because she knew you are a bit stubborn.

    Fortunately he wasnt very stubborn this time. Once he got on the carriage, the driver immediately whipped the horses. Sixteen horses raised their hooves synchronically; and thirty-two wheels moved at the same time. The carriage tracks left behind on the four roads were identical.

    The man in green clothes said: Among these four roads: one leads to Tianma Tang (Divine Horse Hall), one leads to Songshan (Mt. Song), one leads to Biyu Villa.

    How about the other one?

    The other one is where No Thirteen came from. The man in green cloth said: It leads to Dead Valley.

    Which one are we taking? Xie Yulun was full of hope: Are we returning to Biyu Villa?

    No! Dawan said: Definitely not.


    The man in green clothes said: Because No Thirteen would definitely figure out we would most likely go there.

    Xie Yulun sighed, Dawan said: Where are you planning to send us?

    Dead Valley. The man in green clothes said: Because no one would think we would go to Dead Valley.

    He added: Anyway, Miss Yu insisted we must go this route. She would also go to Dead Valley. No one asked Why does she have to go there? Everyone believed Miss Yu must have her reasons.

    The carriage was moving steady and fast without any trouble. The carriage compartment was spacious and comfortable. Dawan was noticing this man in green cloth and suddenly asked: Are you a disciple of Beggar Clan? Everyone believes he should be. To be able to carry out such a plan, only Beggar Clan had the manpower and resource to accomplish this. Beside only Jiangnan Yu Wu would dare to get involve in this matter.

    The man in green cloth shook his head, I am not a disciple of Beggar Clan, He smiled and said: I actually had never roamed Jianghu.

    The answer surprised everyone. Dawan again asked: What is your name?

    The man in green cloth hesitated, seemed unwilling to reveal his name as if saying it out was an embarrassing matter. However, he still said it out. I am Yu Liu (six). Yu Liu? Everyone was even more surprised and couldnt help but asked: Who is Jiangnan Yu Wu (five) to you?

    Hes my fifth brother.

    Jiangnan Yu Wu was famous throughout the realm, and commanded the worlds number one clan. He had relative, friends, and acquaintances throughout Jianghu. His younger brother should definitely be a very famous figure. The strange thing was, no one ever heard of a person name Yu Liu.

    All of you mustnt have known Yu Wu has a younger brother like me. Yu Liu said: All of you must think its strange. How come Yu Wus younger brother never reveal himself in Jianghu?

    Why didnt you?

    Yu Liu bitterly smiled: With an older brother like Yu Wu, why would I be in Jianghu? Even if I am here for one hundred year, I would still be Yu Wus little brother. He looked at his wide, firm, and rough pair of hand and slowly said: Furthermore, I have no ability. I could only dig holes.

    Ma Rulong looked at him, his eyes revealed a sign of respect. He always respect a person a backbone, respect this independent personality.

    You said you have no ability and could only dig holes. Ma Rulong said: However outside four streets, digging a hole 70-80 zhang long (zhang, approx. 10 ft. or 3.3 m.) and having the exit exactly in the middle of a room inside the general store. He sighed and said: You said you have no ability, but other than you who else could dug out a hole like this?

    Yu Liu laughed. Listening to what you said, it made me feel as if I have a bit of ability. He looked at Ma Rulong with his smiling eyes: Right now I finally understand why fifth brother would say that.

    What did he say?

    He said your strongest point is that you never forget the other peoples good point. Yu Liu said: He also said, he had only seen two people like you.

    Which two?

    One is himself. Yu Liu smiled: And the other is you. His smiling eyes were full of warmth: So he wanted me to ask you, whether you are willing to become friend with a person that can only dig holes? Ma Rulong already reached out his hand.

    [End of Ch. 33]
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