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Thread: Teen Gang Kills Friend For Gossiping...

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    Default Teen Gang Kills Friend For Gossiping...

    Hm. Well....

    JoongAng Daily
    June 23, 2010

    Teen gang kills friend for gossiping
    A gang of teenage dropouts took ruthless revenge on a member who gossiped, holding her hostage for four days as they beat her to death - all while the kidnapped girl’s parents made no effort to locate her.

    The blanket-wrapped body of the 15-year-old, identified only by her surname, Kim, floated to the surface of the Han River last Thursday, eight days after police say her friends locked her inside a house and began their onslaught.

    Police have arrested the leaders of the mob, a boy named Jung and a girl named Choi. Warrants have been issued for three others involved in the attack, as well as a 19-year-old man surnamed Lee who allegedly helped dispose of the girl’s body after it had been drained of blood to make it lighter to carry. All of the suspects except Lee are 15 years old.

    The motive, police said: teenage gossip.

    Police said Kim talked to other friends about Jung’s “very bad behavior.” In retaliation, he and four other teens took Kim to the home of Choi’s parents, who were away on a business trip, and began beating her.

    “Choi’s parents were away for more than a month,” said an officer. “The family and society’s negligence led to this outrageously hideous crime.”

    Police said the teens did not intend to kill Kim and, after she died, enlisted help from Lee, the boyfriend of one of the gang members. He allegedly suggested they drain Kim’s blood, telling them that he’d gotten the idea from “Case Closed,” a popular manga detective series. The gang consulted the Internet for tips on corpse disposal.

    On the morning of June 13, the sextet allegedly wrapped Kim’s corpse in a blanket and hired a taxi to take them to the Han River. They told the taxi driver that they were carrying a statue that had been assigned for school, police said.

    At the river’s edge, they reportedly weighted down the blanket with bricks and pieces of concrete. They burned toothpicks in place of incense as a ritual send-off for the dead, adding a few 10 won pieces to the blanket’s load “as pocket money for Kim,” police said. Then they dumped her body in the river.

    Kim surfaced four days later. Police didn’t release a cause of death.

    All six teens accused of Kim’s death are middle- or high-school dropouts, and Jung and the victim had criminal records. Police said all of them live either with a single parent or grandparents. The parents of neither the victim nor the suspects had reported their children missing during the span from June 9 to 13.

    By Kim Hyo-eun [[email protected]]
    Really? I mean REALLY? The motive was terribly superficial. I think these kids had no idea how serious the crime was and the tragedy and suffering that they subjected the victim to. If there are SIX teenagers who are involved in the crime, then there's no reason why they had to drain that girl's blood to make it lighter. It seems just more heinous to think that they were capable of draining her blood after kidnapping and torturing her for FOUR days. What an atrocity. Come on kiddies! Yes, blame the PARENTS! AND society! and COMICS!

    Actually, I have no idea who's at fault here 'cept for obviously the murders...but they were so young too. It's obvious by the way they sent her off that they had some remorse for their actions or at least were scared of some sort of supernatural retributive justice. Who knows?
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    If you are 18 you are a boy, if you are 19 you are a man. Just feel funny reading this line 'as well as a 19-year-old man surnamed Lee'.

    I hope they don't ban the manga. It's not the manga's fault. The way the dispose the corpse was a horrendous. But, the girl was already dead by then. So, it's not the manga's fault that the girl was dead.

    The parents of the victim was negligent. How come your girl missing for 8 days also you made no effort to look for her?

    But, I really can't put a finger on who is at fault to make the kids become like that. But, I think it's kinda tradition. School bullying is also very rampant in Japanese schools. I guess the condition also same in Korea? It has been a long going thing. I guess society don't think much of it because maybe most of them experience it and thought it would be a phase that will past like growing pains.
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    All these kids were 15 or older, hence, not really kids. They knew what they were doing when they kidnapped the girl and held her hostage for 4 days (while beating her the whole time). Hence, even if this is manslaughter, they all still deserved capital punishment.

    Also, why bring the manga into this? It is in no way any comic book/manga/tv/movies/video game/etc..'s fault. It is these kids own fault. Even if these kids got the idea of kidnapping and assault from a media source, it is not the norm, but the exception. Stop blaming everything on everything else and start blaming it on the people themselves. It's these kids fault that a young girl died and they should answer for it. I hope they all get the firing squad.
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