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[Upcoming] Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei- 春光燦爛豬九妹
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Thread: [Upcoming] Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei- 春光燦爛豬九妹

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    Default [Upcoming] Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei- 春光燦爛豬九妹

    Title: 春光燦爛豬九妹
    Pinyin Title: Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei
    Date of Filming: April 18th, 2010
    Country: China
    Director: Fan Xiao Tian
    Assistant Director: Jing Tong
    Screen Play: Wang Yuan
    Martial Arts Director: Kou Zhan Wen

    Chen Qiao En as Zhu Jiu Mei
    Qiao Ren Liang as Monkey King
    Xu Yao as Sha Wu Jing
    Liu Xiao Feng

    credit: by lēfiry@af

    link info

    SYNOPSIS & CHARACTER (need someone to translate)

    The shooting is already finished and now in the post-production stage.
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    More pics

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    0.o Is this supposed to be an adaptation of a Japanese Manga, Saiyuki, or a warped up version of Journey to the West?

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    From the name of characters, i think it's a warped up version of Journey to the West

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    No offense, but this has gotten to be the worse costumes I have ever seen in a Chinese drama

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    i think it's a warped up version of Journey to the West pandora glass beads moncler jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibao View Post
    No offense, but this has gotten to be the worse costumes I have ever seen in a Chinese drama
    I agreed, the costumes are horrible. It's like they didn't even care rather it looks ancient or not. I understand it's suppose to be a parody or watever it is but still...
    I don't make my decisions fearing fate, Fate makes his.

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    finally i can watch this series and i'm still in the beginning of it. It's a lil comedic tho but so far i think it's okay ^^

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    rough translation of character info
    Pig Jiu Mei

      Female, eighteen years old. Although extremely intelligent, reading never forget, but often because of dissatisfaction with their parents "has been applied in unto the people" of education, rebellious by nature, pretending illiterate.

      Jiu Mei childhood, her daughter is not red, and fond of dance bars get the gun, trained to have a style and no substance (martial arts to be beautiful, fun to watch - fashion), and the boys hang out together all day, drinking fighting, nothing is dare. Her generous attempts man, dare dare, simple, feel very good, the boss has the same OCD complex, big and small red in front, monsters have to first stand up, therefore so many years, men did not know her brother is Nver Shen. She was helpless parents, wanted to marry her so wrong, but each sister in the back who had been hit was a miserable Zile her, even her pro-uncle was not spared.

      Juling Shen said that was heaven pig Jiu Mei heroic war will Pig Genius, is his drinking mistake made by western Lancaster Faye Wong fooled by dark magic, the Pig, Goku, Sanzo and the Wu Jing four warriors West beyond redemption into hell. Pig reincarnation mistakenly cast of female fetuses has become a member of pigs outside the city of Luoyang daughter. Pfister contradict the original East-West peace contract amendment passed in the West wantonly dark magic, and Suzhou in the east created a dark world, the implementation of large and sinister plot. Ju Lingshen to lobby to stop, but suffered a crushing defeat, desperation, only to find his four warriors, until the city of Luoyang Jiu Mei met pigs. Genius Black God to change at the cost of pigs, so Jiu Mei believe she is reborn Pig, and the "sky is falling down," the disaster. Once again a big drink of pigs Jiu Mei determined to make up the zenith!

      Jian Ming Xia Zhao arched cream, autumn cursory out Luoyang. Genius Black God "to work hard love," the spirit of the flu has been dyed pig Jiu Mei, with a long latent in my mind "hero" complex, Jiu Mei dashing high spirits to set foot on the muddle, muddle-headed road expedition . She bravely look for other Genius war will take to save the world crisis, the seemingly impossible task.

      Expedition on the road, find a pig Jiu Mei sell umbrellas Monkey King, a singer of the Monk, as well as one of the cold-blooded killer to kill Monk Tripitaka. Jiu Mei these people, like all of them have "rotten" putting the word: Jiu Mei simply reckless, drinking villain; Wukong timid as a mouse, depending on the financial, such as life; Monk known as the "Sword Lake Boy", often entangled in children And as long; Sanzo simple-minded, cruel bloodthirsty.

      Pfister For lost souls so that they become a UFO, then set the four fall into the bottomless pit of conspiracy in the dark world. The beginning of Jiu Mei et al unaware, immersed in greed and the pleasure of being occupied, until the hatred, greed and jealousy born because of love filled with their team, they suddenly realized. Battle Master Joint Dark Pfister Ebola plague panic, people will drive east into the dark continent of the world, infinite nature of the release of the greed of their hearts, and hatred turn them into slaves of money, completely subject to the Dark the world and become lost soul UFO. Ju Lingshen paid with their lives, and ultimately awaken the hearts of true Jiu Mei et al divinity. Four such as wake up a sleeping lion, under the leadership of the pigs Jiu Mei, work together, and smashed the conspiracy Pfister, Pfister and Ebola fit with Diablo Kage made a desperate start to fight in Las ... ...

      After a temper, pigs Jiu Mei gradually regain her nature, and love Jiu Mei Wu Kong also initiation, this pair of quarrelsome lovers experienced slapstick, conflict and even hostility, and finally understand the true feelings of their home.


      Male, eighteen years old. Formerly known as Sun Xiaoer, Suzhou, an umbrella peddlers selling umbrellas, empty childhood worship of Sun Wu-only. His clever idea very much, great economic minds, run fast, people get the nickname "the world to Yumian small dragon can not." POSS love his swing, whether or running in the martial arts can be stopped suddenly and wantonly "My Show," a family of pure chic.

      Wukong good, hard working, but lack of ambition, the greatest ideal is to save enough money, married Linjiaxiaomei Jingjing wife. Character weakness, extreme timidity is his Achilles heel, and thus were all once despised. But his heart always has a grand dream, looking forward to one day become the Monkey King as a great hero of indomitable spirit, this mom made specially for him as a tight collar and the Monkey King. One day, like a pig Jiu Mei, like mental illness does not make sense to fly in front of him, somehow told him: "You are past life of the Genius warrior the Monkey King," and showy led to his dismal business. Wukong were forced, unwittingly embarked on the road to save Oolong heaven.

      The hard way, so that has been at the sidelines of the Monkey King points out countless times to baggage, to disband run, but looking at his pile of pig Jiu Mei Da calls the IOU, he was reluctant to leave empty-handed, had a hard the scalp, teeth stuck with it. Monkey King by timid, opportunistic illnesses often become Jiu Mei bad people punching bag and get a flat package. As the saying goes, playing a pro, yelled at love, do not fight do not criticize minutes faster, in this slapstick being invisible, Goku finds himself on the savage comrades have not even implicit goodwill, but also often on the Jiu Mei Sanzo made a good and jealous.

      Dark world, quite the economic mind of the Monkey King themselves, and soon found a way of making money. He passed Daomaidaomai, earning numerous virtual currency, and find the channel back on the floor, lavishly, only to lead to world financial panic, inadvertently led to the annexation of world conspiracy ... Devil ...

      Afraid to face emotional and pig Jiu Mei Monkey King, to escape, secretly left the team back to Suzhou. However, when the Monkey King face Jingjing really aware of their loved ones are not Jingjing, who often beat him but call him, always dissatisfied with the pigs on his Jiu Mei. Monkey decisions and Jingjing it all, and then return to the dark world of their own courage to be truly happy ... ...

      Fortune experienced by the civilian traders rich → → → true faith believers grow soldiers, return to the team of the Monkey King has been a qualitative leap in growth for the partners can trust and rely on the Djinn warriors. Battle with the Devil, the Monkey King to achieve self-sublimation, Nirvana, rebirth, and ultimately turn the tide their collaborative Jiu Mei, defeated Kage Las, really be as indomitable as the Monkey King character.

      Sha Monk:

      Male, the age of nineteen, sincere kindness, jade tree, handsome can not be stopped. He loves opera music, the famous singer known as the Orient, "Jian Lang Lake." Exceeded the maximum feature is a good sense of self, always wins Pan obsession with their appearance, unparalleled in the world, the sorts of stuff as poss put their own lives, and even being kicked in the air, we must reluctantly pursue beauty.

      Wu Jing is also handsome Toshihaya shell wrapped in a soft heart. He was born a woman has a strange sense of intimacy, as quite a ladies man like yu was a woman like it, kindly care to women. It seems that only the woman from the ambiguous and attentive in order to get a tremendous pleasure and satisfaction, it is always being mistaken for a super pervert.

      Monk drew thousands of fans as the singer in hot pursuit, just as fame, he was obsessed with beautiful homes to escape the magic Xiaoyu supernatural temptation to risk being cut off the tongue Pfister. Although pigs Jiu Mei and the Monkey King had to help, lucky to escape the clutches, but is also scared of consciousness disorder, Banfeng half epilepsy, sleepwalk embarked on a expedition road with them.

      Pfister men fleeing the road kill, Wu Jing elegant, dashing and handsome qualities brought him in open meeting, but also often make it limited to no meaning. His "provoke grass flower twist" to the pig Jiu Mei and the Monkey King Tim countless troubles, but he's just like children from time to time showing the lovely character of love can not wait for him letting Jiu Mei. Suzhou city, Sha Monk Lianxiangxiyu flying and memory disorder is the first encounter of a sudden, a big joke, donkey lips of the horses mouth, speak the same language, they are mistaken for each other is the past life of the couple, performed a spectacular farce.

      Into the dark world, the Sha Monk is still charming, how beautiful where there will be him, there is beauty, he will be very HIGH, like to teach people to sing popular opera. Pfister grabbed his weakness, Serena Williams dispatched How to make honey trap, into their internal team, gather intelligence, so that expedition team confusion, divided almost collapse into the collapse of irreversible situation ... ...

      Recover past life memories of flying in retaliation for Sanzo's unsympathetic, stubbornly close to the Sha Monk, to stimulate Zang, allows the vaunted million flowers over leaves no Zhanshen the Sha Monk, into a panic and helpless situation. Flying Heart his mercy, but a loss of their comrades in arms ... ...

      After a collision all the way, misunderstandings and coincidences, Sha Monk ultimately self-awareness, determination to abandon the former Hunhunee, prodigal son, self change, efforts to integrate into the team. Sha Monk shown determination and dedication to Jiu Mei, Goku and Sanzo really them as brothers. They decided to give more understanding of the Monk and tolerance, so they dismiss them from the beginning of his fellows into the sympathetic.

      And completely Sha Monk and partners, all the way through the clutter and successfully smashed the Devil's plot, and get him the respect of everyone.

      Male, three years old. Faye Wong is the arch-villain Diablo young orphans Manchester, the first hospital in Suzhou magic supernatural killer. Cold killer, quiet, arrogant, to resist a thousand miles away, only knew the gang loyal to complete the task. (A bit like "Slam Dunk" in the Liu Chuanfeng. Man's cool is another chic.) Sha Monk is recaptured complex life, he followed a line Jiu Mei pigs, unknowingly been involved in the expedition trip. And Suzhou, the three major sects in a desperate battle, he entered the Council forbidden, forbidden to see a dense maze of walls inlaid with many people's relief, and that he was also impressively! Jiu Mei doubt he is looking for his fourth Genius warrior, several rounds of test, but also the real life experience of his three baskets Dunsheng doubts.  

      Past lovers reunited Tripitaka Islamic Umatilla Flying Queen, but he has been forbidden bands UFO Pfister, together with the Flying past life had been lost, meet the opposite did not know, I just feel an indescribable heartache heart , straight people Ganchangcunduan! The Flying more wrong as the past life lovers Sha Monk, has been deep resentment towards Sanzo, they do not know, all have is our destiny doomed: Sanzo was in love with flying in the Islamic Umatilla, and With little Emmy love crystal. But contrary to the heaven, they were not only curse the East, but also constitute Juling Shen taken in the West fell into trouble four warriors direct cause of hell.

      Dark world, hard hit by the flying in retaliation for Sanzo's unsympathetic, kept close to the beginning to stimulate the Sanzo Sha Monk, and protection of Tripitaka has been quietly flying. In order to save the flying into a strange long-haired, time and again suffered heavy losses but also no regrets, Flying also greatly moved by this. Recovery of consciousness of flying, describing the front to find Sanzo, he was flying lost memory Tripitaka rejected. Flying the nonsense, so deep inside the bloodthirsty nature of the Tripitaka no longer difficult to control, slaughter, became the feared dark world of bloodthirsty murderers. When Tripitaka will not control their own completely, completely lost in the hatred and killing in the time, awakened the flying stand out, with the power of love to quell the bloodthirsty hearts desire Tripitaka (- when he was in love in the , deceived into Western hell, and love children were never separated, although it is the afterlife, but the pain and hate, but it continues to this day)

      Identify themselves as soldiers Genius, the Tripitaka hesitate to join the team, along with the pig Jiu Mei and others, hard work, love, struggle, mutual trust, active cooperation, completed a series of impossible tasks. Together to overcome the devil Kage all Las final, saved the world ... ...

      When Sanzo recovered memories, final and flying together. Devil's plot foiled after Sanzo accompanied flying back to Islamic Umatilla, rebuild their homes ... ...

      Juling Shen:

      Male, forty years old. Originally the most courageous and competent Genius heaven god of war, five hundred years ago, because alcohol makes a botch, the treacherous in the Pfister, the men's four war will Pig, Monkey King, Wu Jing and the Tripitaka into the West beyond redemption hell. After sober extreme regret, remorse then went to drink, do a vicious cycle of depressive symptoms increasingly important ... he ...

      He has been a great ambition, but his head is always filled with the paste as (perhaps with his alcohol related), which among our father, mother, teacher or leader, as my heart filled with longing, but never do anything. (Comic way he can, playing the local scene sketches, comic monologues, etc., plus rap tone, both move people, but also a contemporary.) Emotion Shigeyoshi but he always confused, often think of their own soldiers to Genius Hell's fault damage to the West to Xinrudaoge, drinking to forget, intoxicate themselves. Eventually become a heaven in the most barbarous recognized, do not fly in bad God. He often talks about the "love of hard work" is falling into a laughing stock.

      Pfister and Ebola task to prevent a crushing defeat, so that more and more serious depression Genius Black God vowed to do genuine work, love and struggle. He decided to turn over a repentant soldiers to find the reincarnation of Genius, a plot to destroy the Devil. Genius in the four soldiers have been found after the Super Black God also committed to resume the habit: while busy, and the illusion of their own struggle from time to time, while a few people trying to lead the right path pig Jiu Mei, while Sanzo earnestly carried out again counsel, while another tried to persuade Pfister restart the peace road map. He was always extremely busy, but never nothing. Just when he will be completely frustrated, quite unexpectedly discovered the dark secret of the world's great ... ...

      God is such a rotten, in the last critical moment, but still sobering, hesitate to use the dauntless spirit of self-sacrifice, into the dark world, to bring the final four rotten in the spirit of man - with no regrets smile, burned by the raging flames ... ...

      Juling Shen is a unique artistic image! Although he was never really in action ever Jiu Mei effectively help them, but he has been working, has been passed to his soldiers Genius "effort, love and struggle," the spirit. To the end of life even if he did not succeed, but the spiritual strength enough to be called great.

      Pfister: (Feige)

      Male, about forty, the most magical power of Western Devil King Diablo is a dark world after falling into a pedestrian pig Jiu Mei final BOSS. The full vigor surface cool, handsome can not be stopped in the Pfister, but they're almost brutal cold heart. His extreme hatred of beauty and wisdom of the East, although the assembly out of an innocent look silly, but it is a thoroughly practical westerners Devil who bent to the god of Kage Las Devil human reproduction, so that the brilliant shine throughout the Eastern Devil . He has a very high IQ, but evil bunch, profane wisdom to create a huge terror plot.

      Great God in the Devil into eternal slumber Las Kage, the leader in the battle for the Devil, and claims an absolute advantage of Ebola, a time guard against Pfister, Pfister was secretly to betray him to the East to heaven, seal in the Islamic Tila dreams.

      Juling Shen when he was with a war, was seriously injured. Yu Xiaoyu hidden in a large home in stature due to exposure, and killed her family, taking a big Yu Xiaoyu. In Suzhou, he made dark world - the virtual kingdom of terror is actually a huge conspiracy, if realized, will forfeit the land to the East into his clutches.

      Dark world beginning to take shape, Pfister to the Islamic Umatilla, mass repair spells, ready to wait for an opportunity for chaos. He Chouzhunshiji into the Islamic Umatilla dreams, beat Juling Shen, sealed away by the plague in the dream master of Ebola, he and his joined hands to spread the plague of human labor in order to control the entire East ... ...

      The emergence of porcine Jiu Mei, who caught his attention, Tripitaka on his suspicions to his heart is even more tricks. Unknown to provoke him to kill Monk Tripitaka inside, causing between them kill each other, then make them into the dark world terms, so that they become a loss of self, completely controlled UFO. However, Juling Shen would not let his plot to succeed, four pigs Jiu Mei is not!

      Eastern and Western magic and a fairy duel began for a large ... ...


      Male, 50 years old, the largest dark plague Western Devil King. Insidious, crafty, affable and kind face, the hidden soul of the devil.

      Ebola was the Devil important personalities, Great God in the Devil Kage Las sleeps after dark magic by Faye Wong and fight the Devil in charge of Manchester, is the secret betrayed by the war in fairy magic seal in the Islamic fighters Genius Tila dream. Ebola is Pfister rescued, not willing to become his vassal, disguised as good on the surface of a pacifist, actually waiting for an opportunity to restore the skill of conspiracy to destroy Eastern civilization with pestilence.

      Ebola surface of the affable and kind is blind to deceive the world its best weapon. Nevertheless, he still can not cover the implementation of the eyes when the plague comes out fiercely, which also made him the Mogong can not achieve perfection.

      In order to rapidly improve the skill of Ebola deliberately close "spiritual forces of the body" Little Amy. Amy lives in the small Islamic Umatilla dream, can not grow, there is no contact from the outside world, the world's most pure and full of innocence in the eyes and the eyes of Ebola eat small Amy, you can excel off Shi Mo Gong. With the spirit of the spell control of Ebola little Amy. Amy Pfister before trying to expose the small Ebola true, but has been deceived by the small Amy has simply refused to believe Pfister said.

      The spread of Ebola in the East Room trying all kinds of pestilence, plague most of a panic almost entirely to human panic disorder. Ebola has done so little Amy gradually wake up to the joy of creating the illusion of Ebola, the fairy tale world into Amy again lost ... so small ...

      Flying: (Islamic Tila Queen)

      Female, XXVII-year-old, is the god of Kage Las Devil's daughter. Her amorous stubborn, desperate for love can be, even at the expense of life. That year, the Queen and the Tripitaka at first sight, and gave birth to a son of Amy. Sanzo and the small but sudden disappearance of Amy, so the queen of love and hate into a long and tangled into a deep, never lost her kindness and friendly smile passed.

      Queen of amnesia appeared in a song and dance in flying. In Suzhou, Flying coincidence Sanzo, an instant love-hate mind, mood disorders like strong and yet no name. So, she could not control himself in a revenge mentality to close singer "Sword Lake Lang" (Sha Monk), stimulation of Tripitaka. Fight with the monster in the Tipitaka, she is a monster illegal blood transfusion, whole body covered with that boomerang into a hairy monster. Finally, risk their lives to be saved back Tripitaka.

      Along the way, Jiu Mei and others, courage and justice deeply infected with flying. She began to wake up and the power of love to move closer to the Jiu Mei side, want to help soldiers complete the arduous Genius and great mission.

      But when his father met Flying Las Kage - turned out he had been detained in the dark world Pfister four guards artifact, she hesitated, while his own father, one side is his wife and that she moved Genius of justice fighters, flying to how to choose the? !

      Williams (large jade), Williams (Xiaoyu):

      Beautiful, two-year-old, enchanting passionate. Great Yu, Xiaoyu have been a favorite of women Pfister, large jade because of a minor slip of the tongue, vicious cruelty offended Pfister, were executed not only made the human bone pipa, also was ordered to work as Griffith Xiaoyu, a tool to blackmail . Xiaoyu Sha Monk, who used the attempted escape, was recaptured furious Pfister, and refined into UFO without a soul, hanging at the altar. Into the dark world, the embodiment of a large National Cheng Kung Wei Yu Xiaoyu Williams, Sha Monk born women using affinity, displaying beautiful design, mixed with pig Jiu Mei's expedition team, sow dissension, so that people fall into chaos ... ...

      Shuai was the dregs dregs:

      Male, about twenty-five years old, native of Suzhou, does not make sense of the small fry, but it can be said to be born handsome bully in watts. Magic Ghost hunting is into the dark world of Hospitals, the day immersed in the pursuit of the four jewels and escape. In the virtual world of this terrible, he is a magician with nonsense style, style of doing things weird. Since the first moment to see the pig Jiu Mei to struggle after the previous regular people, shouting cries of "Nine children younger sister," "Nine children younger sister," so that pigs fly swatter Jiu Mei wait for him as dead. Surface, he actively led the early dark world of Jiu Mei et al leveling, to give every possible care, in fact, he wanted to use the Jiu Mei, who's gifted, faster upgrades. In order to get his dream of the four jewels, and his first on the Jiu Mei subservience, but later at a critical time, with his brother fried rice, on the Jiu Mei launched a fatal blow ... ...

      Egg Fried Rice:

      Male, seventeen years old, handsome dregs dregs of the valet, pure punks. Residue together with the commander of the dregs, the basic is the son of a combination with the nunnery. He timid Ximing, adding insult to injury. Handsome boss day was followed to the dregs dregs Pidianpidian follow the pig Jiu Mei, sometimes play the bad cop, good cop from time to time. Seemingly sincere, real sneaky. But when handsome Tripitaka get the dregs of waste slag was magic, immediately after the turn against a man riding on the handsome lord it over the head was dregs dregs ... ...

      True warriors:

      Man, two teens. Pfister is a confidant of men. Tean by Griffith

      Inserted in the dark world of the undercover. But he undercover do not have the quality of Infernal Affairs.

      His reckless character, good and jealous, when to see the size of the Wei and Sha Monk philandering,

      To the advantage of relying on a level with a harsh blow Sha Monk, and loudly shouting, really

      The warriors dare to face the bleak life, dare to face dripping with the blood ... ...

      Little Amy:

      Male, eight-year-old look, innocent and lovely, innocence. Zang is the Djinn Warrior Queen and the son of Islamic Umatilla, Umatilla has been living in the Islamic dream, the eyes of the world's most beautiful and most pure eyes. To excel Mogong therefore be deceived by the use of Ebola, Ebola has been followed to the Gothic castle.

      Sadly, the spirit of magic used by the control of Ebola little Amy, has been simply to believe that this world is only Ebola is the only good guy.

      Sudan, Myolie yellow, green hawthorn, small blueberry

      Eighteen-year-old, a bunch of fooling around in Luoyang Jiu Mei youth to follow the young pig. Though there are various problems, but all vibrant, Shigeyoshi Emotion, is a pig Jiu Mei green leaves.

      Four in the Fist of the treacherous, hunted into the dark world. During the weak will not arrive because of the temptation to participate Xinshoucun reckless riots, looting shops, be punished outside the village starved to death and resurrection, the resurrection and starved to death. Finally, found the oldest pig Jiu Mei, did not offer much help, but add a lot of chaos ... ...


      Female, the age of nineteen, pure goodness, is the people of Suzhou city, the daughter of a small business. Jingjing and Monkey childhood, Liangxiaowucai, has been unwittingly think that the Monkey King is their future husband. But with Paul's soon fell in love with Ah Yi Xiong, increasingly understand what love, what is treasure. When the Monkey If his own to her that when she dances accepted and encouraged to pursue their own happiness Wukong.

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    Pinyin Title: Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei

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