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Thread: The Deer and The Cauldron

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    Well, it seems that officially the whole translation is completed.
    Actually I'm someone who love the whole thing in it's original form.... errors / mistakes together as part and parcel of a translation.

    To have a perfect translated without grammar errors is tough as it's translation if to perfect english will loose some of the beauty of Chinese language....( IMHO )

    Anyway I wish I could help but I really do not know how and where I can do it... I'm lazy and indisciplined and will loose interest after a short span of time and will only come back when the interest reignite....anyway my command of English is also at doubt.

    Well I suppose they are all lousy excuses. If some one were to give me some tips as what needs to be done, I might try out....heh heh heh.

    Again Thanks to all, especially Foxs, and all the regulars, I really enjoyed the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxs View Post
    Unabridged is starting. I can't promise it will be quick, but I'll try to post at least one chapter per day. (I don't know what happened, suddenly I cannot 'paste from MS-Word' like before. I swear I did not mess any settings, either the setting of this forum or my computer setting. It happened only this morning.)
    Some older Skype software & some utilities such as Advanced Systems Care will interfere w/ copy & paste operations. Uninstalling them may bring back functionality. It is wise to have a "ghost/acronis" image of a good configuration at hand on a usb thumb drive... Badly written software can corrupt system files or the registry causing loss of functionality. It often takes me less than a few minutes to restore a badly mangled / virus / spyware infected system from my known good system restore points.

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    It's finished... and i'm late for the party too....Its sad that XB can't stay at Kangxi side but at least he remembered his mother and brought her with him.

    Thanks Foxs, I can't thank you enough for all the translations and it has been a great experience going through the translations with you. I hope you have a good rest and hopefully there would be more translations from you???

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    I don't post much, more of a lurker, but thanks for a great translation fox. It has been a great ride.

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    Congratulations FoxS, you have put in a monumental effort to bring this to everyone.

    I don't think I can express how grateful I am, that you sacrificed your time to make it available.

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    Jack, thanks for your effort in converting it into 'mobile version'. I included the link you sent me to the index of the unabridged thread. Wes, no promise ... I want to do other things first, and do not wish to 'invade' other people's work. Crazee, thanks for keeping me company in this long journey.

    Szfong, I can't say that I understand the complexity of web programming, but I found that using my computer at work is different than my home computer, while I never mess with the setting of spcnet. I have a question: how do you make the image appear on the post? I have seen people did just that. But when I 'insert image', it appears as 'hyperlink' that you need to click to view (if you haven't done so, please see the unabridged thread).

    OwlHoot, I will be back with more translations ... someday ... Soifuron, indeed, it was a great ride. Readers like all of you are my reward and my motivation to continue.

    Grundle, hopefully you can find time in your busy schedule to continue your work.

    The Undabridged Thread is complete. I also included some other links you might want to check. I still need to find a home for the pdf version.

    Last but not least, Ali, if you are still around, last time you asked me about the ending, and I replied with this:

    Chen Jinnan would die, betrayed by his wife. He left his martial art manual, which Wei Xiaobao found. WXB became the leader of Tian Di Hui, continuing their fight against the Manchus. In the end he married a Manchu princess, while Xiao Junzhu sailed away, broken hearted.

    Well, one, Chen Jinnan did die, and his daughter died too, betrayed by his in-laws (Zheng Keshuang and his mother; remember that his daughter married ZKS's stepbrother). Two, he did leave his martial art manual to WXB, but he never learned it. WXB was officially asked to be the leader of Tian Di Hui (heck, he was even asked to be the emperor) in their continuing effort to fight the Manchus. Three, he did marry a Manchu princess (although her mother was a fake). Four, Xiao Junzhu did sail away, but not broken hearted. So you see, it was not totally off, was it?

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    Congratulations on finishing this translation foxs!!! Another tremendous job on your part. Sorry I wasn't able to tag along for the entire ride on this one and many thanks for emailing me the file. I haven't gotten the time to finish reading this story yet but hopefully I will soon. Once again, thank you for sharing this great novel with us. Looking forward to your next project.

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    Thank you for finishing the translation.

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