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    Default Need Recommendations

    alright, so i'm out of light novels to read, can you recommend me some pretty good? better if they have a lot of chapters translated so i can at least spend a few days reading through them....

    here's a list of the ones i'm currently reading -tho have reached the latest updates....

    kill no more (finished it, hated the ending)
    legendary moonlight sculptor
    only sense online
    douluo dalu
    coiling dragon
    stellar transformation
    swallowed star
    zhan long
    xian ni
    battle through the heaven
    legendary thief
    the desolate era
    and shadow rogue

    i am mostly interested in fantasy stuff, not so much into historical themed... love great storyline, awesome and well developed characters, and the more awe-striking fighting scenes the better.

    thanks, and if they are in another website, can you link me the website?

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    This is some of the other novel I also read:
    They are all fantasy and I like them so give a few chapters a try before deciding if you want to continue, especially Law of the devil, the first few chapter are confusing and weird
    Law of the devil: https://bluesilvertranslations.wordp...f-the-devil-2/

    Zombie knight:

    Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku :
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