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Thread: Who was wealthier - Fok Yau or Seung Gwoon Gum Hung?

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    Default Who was wealthier - Fok Yau or Seung Gwoon Gum Hung?

    Fok Yau from LUK SIU FUNG was infamously rich, but so was the Chief of the Gold and Money Union, Seung Gwoon Gum Hung from SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN, RUTHLESS SWORD. Whom do you think was wealthier?

    These guys were probably the Warren Buffett and Bill Gates of their day.

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    In Wulin Waishi, there was a mention of a Guo family that was the wealthiest family for hundreds of years. Apparently their wealth rivaled that of the whole nation's.

    It's these little, exaggerated (but supposedly true) snippets that makes GL stories so interesting!

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    Huo Xiu had the wealth of the Golden Roc Empire, a small nation.

    The Golden Coin clan controlled over half of China's provinces. I think Huo Xiu had more cash currency, but if you include all the assets then SGJH would be richer.

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